AN: Adrien, Nino, and Luka are my favorite characters in the show. I don't really like any of the female characters aside from Sabine. Like get those girls a chill pill! I also like Tom, Marinette's father. Anyway, New York really put a lot of salt on the characters' personalities in my view and it has always bugged me how out of the loop Adrien is. Plus, Nightwing is my favorite superhero and Chat reminds me of him. So, I've decided to help the kid out. Don't how this will go or what pairing there will be. It's a journey into the unknown. IDK how much time passed in canon, so I'm working on my own timeline. I may mention the character's ages later as well. For now, I'm leaving this open ended so I can mold the pot to my tastes.

Also, Alya is okay, but it feels like a betrayal that Marinette fully told someone her identity instead of Chat. But she is always going on about protecting their identities and she just lets it out? She is a hypocrite. Double standards always bug me. Chat has always protected everyone and even sacrificed himself plenty of times for Ladybug. Even outside of his crush, he's always tried to support her as best as he can. If Alya found out on her own, that's fine, but willingly telling her? No.

Also, this is my first salt fic. Please don't leave any reviews salting on my salt (lol). This is just my opinion. I will try to be fair with the salt that goes around.

Adrien was tired. Tired of rules, tired of being left in the dark, tired of being controlled. His father, Master Fu, and Ladybug. They only take and ask/demand but give very little. New York changed his perspective on things. It was time to take backā€¦no. It was time to take control. For the first time in his life, he was going to be in control of himself. No more following orders like a mindless robot. And no putting up with other people's pushy and controlling behavior.

"Plagg." Adrien asked, sitting up in his bed. "We need to talk."

The kwami stopped chewing his food and stared at Adrien for a few moments. The little black, cat swallowed the cheese wedge whole and floated over.

"We've known each other for a long time. We've been through a lot, and I'm hoping I can trust you."

Plagg couldn't deny he felt nervous about where this was going. He knew his kitten had been thinking things over ever since Ladybug berated and blamed him in New York. Not that he approved of the bug's attitude or the blame she unfairly placed on the kid's shoulders. It still hackled him and left a bad taste in his mouth anytime he heard about Ladybug or Marinette. The two may have forgiven each other, but a strike was still a strike. That's not even including what Ladybug told Adrien as Chat Noir tonight. Apparently, a civilian now knew who Ladybug was. Ladybug fully told some her most important secret.

"Why can't Ladybug and I know each other's identities?" Adrien asked. "And don't tell me it's because it could put one of us at risk. That excuse is getting old now."

Plagg floated a small distance away and didn't look at Adrien as he contemplated his answer. Reveals often had mixed results but it was more often good than bad. There had only been one instance of the users trying to kill each other in the past and that was centuries ago when they were revealed to be involved in a family feud. After that, a rule was implemented that reveal would only happen after the users had worked together long enough to develop a deep amount of trust in each other. Ladybug and Chat Noir had been defending Paris for 2 years now, almost 3. They knew each other outside of the masks as well. Enough time had passed that Chat had gotten over his initial infatuation for Ladybug and learned to care for her trueself. Maybe the same could be said for Tikki's bug? He'd have to ask his other half. Plagg explained as much to Adrien, but left out the part about Ladybug having a crush on his civilian self. No need to give that away until he talked to Tikki.

"Do you think we're ready for the reveal?" Adrien asked.

"I don't know about the bug, but I would say that you're ready." Plagg answered.

"Do you think Ladybug trusts me?" Plagg knew this was a loaded question.

"She trusts that you will always have her back in battle. That will never stop saving people." Plagg carefully answered.

Adrien gave him a deadpanned look. "Do you think she trusts me as a person? Outside of battle?"

"I don't know."

"Why did Master Fu show such favoritism towards Ladybug? Why was she made the new guardian? Yes she is capable, but it seemed like such a bombshell to me. I didn't even know that Fu would lose his memories from what happened."

"I don't know." Plagg's ears drooped at the questions he couldn't answer.

"Why did Ladybug suspect my father as Hawkmoth? What evidence did she have?" Adrien pushed.

"That I do know. Ladybug saw the Miraculous book that he had." Plagg finally responded with something different.

"Okay. That at least explains something. But how do you know and since when? Why didn't you tell me before?" Adrien asked with a little anger in his eyes.

"I talked to Ladybug's kwami. She explained to me the bug's reasoning "

Why don't you know the other stuff? If things were explained to me, that would be fine, but I only found out about stuff like this at the last minute. Even then, things were barely explained to me. I don't even know who the temporary holders are aside from Luka! But Hawkmoth and Mayura do!"

"I don't know! Okay!? I'm outside of the loop just like you." The little god exploded. Plagg's ears drooped again. "This stuff has been bothering me too. I just didn't want you to feel so affected by it. It always hurt to see you get so hurt by your father's neglect, but as long as you were distracted from Ladybug and Master Fu's attitude, I thought it would be okay. I hated myself for having to hide, but I just wanted to keep you from feeling hurt by everyone!"

Adrien sat in silence as he processed Plagg's claims. He hadn't had a lot of people care for in a long time. The last time he could remember was when his mother was still around. But now he'd grown. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. He understood things better now. His father always tried to keep Adrien locked away from the world and only let him out on his say-so. To that man, Adrien Agreste was an employee to control exactly as he directed. The only time he ever even saw his father anymore was to be reprimanded, no matter how small the offense. Nathalie may have cared for him to some degree, but it was tempered by the professional line that had been drawn between them years ago. Ladybug's rejection hurt but it was understandable. He couldn't force her to love him. But the way she and Master Fu kept hiding superhero stuff from him without saying anything was out of line. Out of everyone, Plagg seemed like the only one who genuinely acted in his best interests while considering his feelings.

"I think it's time for things to change Plagg. I'm not in control of either of my lives. Not truly. I need to take charge. No more being controlled by Gabriel Agreste and no more of being Ladybug's lapdog! Now, Adrien and Chat Noir are their own person!"

Plagg nodded his head in approval. He didn't know how this would go, but he hoped it ended well for his kitten.