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Chapter Three- Love

Lily turned away from James, tears streaming from her eyes as she ran with Harry.  Somehow, she could tell that that was the last time she would ever see James.  If they did not kill him, the Death Eaters would surely take him prisoner, to be interrogated and questioned for the whereabouts of his friends.  How long could he possibly live in the Dark Lord's dungeons?

She sped into Harry's nursery, closing the door quietly behind her, in hopes of escaping notice for the time being.  Pulling out her wand, she magically locked herself and Harry in.  It couldn't possibly hold Voldemort for long, but who knew what would happen?  Perhaps help was on the way.

She turned and strode carefully to the center of the room, where she laid Harry in his crib.  Her baby…would he survive the night?  Looking into his face, she vowed that as long as she was alive, no harm would come to him.

Tears blurred her vision as she thought of James.  Harry looked so much like he had as a child.  Lily and James had grown up together, having been born two days apart to parents who were closer than family.  There was not a time Lily could remember, happy or sad, when James had not been there.  True, they had not always been best friends.  The closeness of their childhood years had evaporated in their beginning Hogwarts years, when James had become a completely different person.  His womanizing also did nothing to impress her.  Lily had almost hated him during those years, but the memories from home had always stopped her anger.  She smiled through her tears now, thinking of James as a boy, a boy who had been so full of life and mischief that he could always make her laugh.

Love, it seems like only yesterday

You were just a child at play

She would never forget all the fun they had as children.  Living next door to one another meant that they spent every day together, from sunrise to sunset.  They had learned to roller-skate and ride bikes together.  They had held joint birthday parties, since they had all the same friends.

Lily's smile spread into a grin as she remembered the time they had, without the knowledge or permission of their parents, tried to build a tree house in the huge oak tree situated between their two houses.  Things were going great until…

"Hey Lils, hand me that board, would you?" yelled James from his perch in the tree.

"But James, its practically twice your size!" the tiny redhead protested.

"Don't worry so much!" he laughed, shaking his messy black hair from his eyes as he flashed her the grin that would one day wreck havoc on the heart of any girl nearby.  Lily just looked at him, then shrugged and started passing the plank up to him.  As soon as he grabbed it, though, James slipped, crashing through the branches to break his arm in two places.  Although she felt bad about James getting hurt, Lily could only laugh at his clumsiness, the look he had had on his face as he fell, and, of course, that fact that she had been right.  They had fun no matter what.

Then Lily had gotten her Hogwarts letter.  As excited as she was about being able to go to a school for magic, her happiness was far from complete.  How could she go to a school without James?  There had never been a time when she didn't have him nearby.  He had been a shoulder to cry on when her grandfather died, and had protected her when her older sister Petunia tried to beat her up.  It took all the strength she had not to tell him where she was going, but Lily knew that if the magical world was hidden, it was not up to her to expose it.  In the end, she couldn't even bear to tell James she was going away.

Then came September first, the day she was to leave.  The train was just beginning to pull out of the station as Lily, panting, clambered on board.  Exhausted, she leaned against the wall, thanking God for the kindness of the strangers who had hoisted her trunk onto the train for her, barely keeping her from missing it.  She pulled her trunk down the hall behind her, searching for a compartment with room for her and people that looked nice.  As she passed a compartment where two hulking boys were talking to a smaller, platinum-blond kid with a high-and-mighty expression on his face, Lily finally realized just how little she knew about this place.

"What am I going to do?" she thought in a panic.  "I don't know anybody and I know even less about magic!  The only reason I even got onto the platform was because of luck!  If I hadn't leaned against that barrier to think, I'd still be in the station!"

Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks, all her worried thoughts evaporating.  The compartment she had just reached was almost full, but had room for just one more person.  Inside was a boy with shoulder length black hair and black eyes, his hair tied back to show his silver earring, an Egyptian ankh.  Sitting next to him were two girls with long blond curls and bright blue eyes.  The boy across from them nearest the door had light brown hair and gray eyes, but sitting on his other side…  Lilly would know that messy black mop anywhere.  Her heart leapt as she timidly slid the door open.

"James?" she asked.  He leaned forward in his seat to see who had called him, then stopped and stared at her in shock.

"Lily?  Ho…How…How are you here?  You're a Muggle!"

Now it was Lily's turn to be confused.  "Muggle?" she thought. "What on Earth is a Muggle?"

Before she could speak, though, the black-eyed boy jabbed James in the ribs with his wand.  "Of course she's not a Muggle, you idiot.  If she was non-magic, how could she have gotten onto the train?"

Standing up, he walked over to her and stuck out his hand.  When she reached to shake it, however, he took her hand and raised it to his lips, kissing her fingers.  "Sirius Orion Black at your service Miss…?"

"Lily Evans."

"Well, I would like to say, Miss Lily Evans, that meeting a lady so lovely as yourself has considerably improved what was already turning out to be an excellent day," he stated, grinning mischievously.  "Now, while my dear Jamesy boy recovers, I should like to introduce you to my lovely friends Chelsea and Kelsey McKinnon…"

The two blond girls nodded to her with huge grins.  "Don't worry," laughed one. (Chelsea perhaps?)  "We're not all like him.  Sirius is just…"

"Weird…" inserted the other girl.



"And a major flirt," finished the first.

Sirius fixed them with a haughty glare as he turned the giggling Lily towards the brown haired boy.

"…and this is my friend Remus Lupin, who, as you can see, is not nearly so lovely as the other two."

"It's nice to meet you Lily," Remus said quietly.  "Please try not to be scared off by Sirius.  I need a friend who is at least somewhat sane."

Sirius just smirked.  "Who wants sane friends?" he asked as he plopped back into his seat. "So, Jamesy boy, you better yet?" he continued conversationally.

"I'm fine," James snapped, glaring at him.  He turned to Lily as an injured look came over his face.  "Lils, why didn't you tell me you were coming to Hogwarts?  Were you just going to leave me?"

"Oh, don't look at me like that," she said.  "I didn't tell you for the exact same reason why you didn't tell me.  I thought you were a… what was that word again?"

"Muggle?" supplied Remus.

"Yeah, that one!  I couldn't tell you I was a witch, and I couldn't bear to tell you I was going away."

"Alright, alright," interrupted Sirius.  "Now that that question is out of the way, I have one."

"Why am I not surprised?" muttered one of the twins.

Ignoring her, Sirius plowed on. "Since you're obviously great friends with the lovely Lily here, James, why have I never met her?"

"Really James," Lily chimed in, "how could you not introduce me to someone as incredibly sexy as Sirius here?"

Once the laughter died down, James started to explain.  "Well you see," he began, "Sirius has this little problem.  He can never act like a Muggle.  No matter what, he always ends up bringing up hexes, or vampires, or Quidditch…"

Lily wiped away the tears that had come with the memories.  Those happy days, those carefree times, were gone.  They would never come again, so long as the Dark Lord ran free.

Now you're all grown up inside of me

Oh how fast those moments flee

They had grown up when they were not looking.  It seemed almost as if they had been children one day and adults the next.  Snowball fights had turned into duels, and chasing fireflies was replaced by hunting down spies.  Voldemort had stolen some of the best years of their lives.  When they should have been learning jinxes and charms for pranks, they were instead absorbed in in-depth studies on the Unforgivable Curses and spells for protection against the Dark Arts.

Once we watched a lazy world go by

Now the days seem to fly

Life is brief, but when it's gone

Love goes on and on

When they were children, each day had lasted for a lifetime.  They could spend hours fishing in the creek behind their houses, climbing in trees, or just laying out under the stars.  Time had no meaning; time didn't matter.  There was always enough time for everything.

When they started school, things changed.  Everything followed a schedule, having a certain time slot in which it took place.  Suddenly, there were never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

And now… now it seemed to Lily as if time had run out.   Everyday more people were found dead.  The McKinnons, the twins who had been Lily's best friends since that first day at Hogwarts, had died just a week ago, murdered in the flat that they shared in London.  So many people were gone.

And now… now Voldemort was in Lily's living room, dueling with her husband.  Lily listened desperately, trying to gain some idea of what was going on.  Straining to hear through the muffled shouts, Lily caught only two words, spoken in the high, cruel voice of the Dark Lord.  "Avada Kedavra."

The tears fell again.  He was gone.  Her husband, her love… her James.  Now Harry was all she had left.  She would do anything to protect him.  He was her last living loved one.

Love will live

Love will last

Love goes on and on

Memories began to flood her mind again, and suddenly, in the midst of her grief, Lily realized why she had never hated James during their Hogwarts years.

She had come so close so many times.  He had been so arrogant, so self-centered, so… so… egotistical!  Playing pranks on anyone and everyone, tormenting people who had never done anything to bother him in the first place…  Potter, as she had known him then, would do anything to get attention.  He was always carrying a Snitch around in his pocket, letting it go only to catch it back a second before it escaped.  Potter was a show-off, constantly trying to catch some girl's eye.  And the girls!  Well, they made matters even worse.  James could always be seen snogging some little blond slut, for all of them would have killed to date James Potter.

For some reason, however, he kept asking Lily out, and she kept turning him down flat.  Until seventh year, that is.  That year, James no longer acted like king of the universe.  He was back to being the old James, the sweet, sensitive, caring boy Lily had grown up with.  That was why Lily had never been able to hate him.  She knew deep down that the real James was not the egocentric jerk, but the boy she had fallen in love with years before.  It is hard to hate somebody that you had loved since the day you were born, when your parents laid you side by side in the same crib.

Once we watched a lazy world go by

Now the days seem to fly

As Voldemort burst into the nursery, Lily stood strong, a solid barrier between him and her son, her last reminder of her soul mate and her only child.

"Not Harry! Not Harry!" she screamed.  "Please… I'll do anything…"

"Stand aside. Stand aside girl!" shouted Voldemort as he raised his wand.

No, she couldn't.  She wouldn't.  Lily could not just give up her son, the tiny child that she sang to sleep each night.  The baby boy that had wrapped himself around her heart like his father had.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"

Not Harry… her baby who had lived for barely over a year.  He did not deserve to die now, not when his whole life was still in front of him.  He was to go to Hogwarts, to play Quidditch, to suffer through potions and excel in transfiguration and charms.  He was to get married and to have children, to live with a woman he truly loved.  Lily could not let him die, yet still Voldemort shouted, "Stand aside you silly girl, stand aside now!"

"Not Harry, please no… take me, kill me instead.  Not Harry! Please… have mercy… have mercy…"

Lily was still pleading when the killing curse hit her.

Suddenly, she was off to one side, watching in shock as her lifeless body crumpled to the floor.  Sobbing, she watched Voldemort turn his wand to her son.  Strong arms immediately encircled her waist, drawing her back against a muscular chest.

"Shhhhh Lils," a voice whispered in her ear.  "It'll be ok."

Glancing back, she saw a ghostly James, who just smiled at her.  He gently turned her back to the scene unfolding in front of them.  Together they watched as a bean of green light shot towards Harry.  Lily gasped in amazement when the beam reflected off of him, destroying everything nearby in a great explosion.  The Death Eaters flanking their lord turned to dust as Voldemort disappeared in a burst of green flame.  A thin silver wisp rose from the flames, streaming off into the starry sky with a scream.

"How?" she asked. "How did he do it?"

"It's because you died for him, Lils," James whispered.  "Because you died for love."

Life is brief, but when it's gone

Love goes on and on