I notice some authors have posted their odds and ends either as drabbles or as completed one-shots. I wrote this a few years back. I have edited it today, changing grammar only.

This is a stand-alone near drabble scene. After a little internal debate, I decided to post it for comment. It is a crudely written piece, but I do have an outline for an entire story. It might be my 1st story I wrote. The file was dated 2010.

A Start and End

Harry Potter sat in the Minister's Box, watching the World Quidditch Match between Ireland and Bulgaria's National teams. Harry was amazed. He watched the different team members fly as fast as possible and still managed to coordinate the plays. This was the level at which Oliver had tried to get them to play. These teams' play was several orders of magnitude higher than even the Gryffindor team's best effort.

Harry watched as the Seekers flew through the formations, often disrupting plays. As He sat watching a match played this way, he resolved to change the way he played from now on.

As time passed, the score was getting lopsided. It had the appearance the match was going to be a blow-out if nothing changed. Ireland was scoring 3 times as often as the Bulgarian team was scoring.

Finally, in the act of desperation, Krum saw the Snitch and dove for it. In a fast move, he caught the Snitch. The final score, as it was announced, "Krum has the Snitch!" Followed after a second as the announcer double-checked the scoreboard. "Ireland wins by 20 Points!"

The crowd roared!

Taking everything in which had happened, this had been a great summer.

Harry sat back and watched as the crowd slowly started leaving the stadium. Harry thought back and reminisced.

Right after school had let out for the summer recess, Harry had gone to the bank at Sirius Black's insistence. He had his parent's will unsealed and read and executed. He was officially named their heir and had himself declared emancipated after the short legal battle with Dumbledore. A week later, Harry had demanded and got Sirius a trial. The trial was an open and shut case. The will had declared who the real secret keeper had been. It was Peter Pettigrew.

Dumbledore was in trouble because he had been the person to cast the Fidelus charm as well as the witness to his parent's will. Albus Dumbledore was being charged with two counts of Malfeasance in the Office of Cheif Warlock, Criminal neglect of a minor. There was also a possible charge of line theft.

The will mentioned a prophecy, with Sirius free, Harry and Sirius had gone the Department of Mysteries. There they listened to the prophecy. It came down in the end that Tom and himself would fight and end the other.

After hearing about Harry's yearly adventures in school, Sirius decided to train Harry to fight, not duel.

One of the other highlights of the summer happened as he had run into Luna Lovegood. Her father, Xeno Lovegood, was a hunter of lost things. One of the things he mentioned was the Tale of the Three Brothers.

After recounting the tale, He explained why he no longer sought the three hollows. Having them would do no good. The heir today holds the cloak. He could at will summon the other to aid him in a fight. Possessing all three is a vast unknown. But with the wand in his hand, he would unbeatable in a battle.

Returning to the people milling around him, he thought about making his way out of the Top Box and returning to his campsite.

Rumors of whispered warnings to a few families had traveled far and wide. It was widely known that after the World Quidditch Match, something would happen.

Harry scanned the crowd, watching as the known Deatheaters moved their children and Families from the stadium. Rather than those families going to their campsites were located, those families were moving to the Portkey departure sites.

Over the years, Harry had become somewhat knowledgeable about reading body language. When you are abused, knowing your about to be hit is a good thing. Those men were both excited and tense at the same time as they ushered their families away. Yeah, Harry thought to himself, something was up, and it wasn't going to be good.

Harry left the stadium with Sirius and made their way to the tent. Stepping into their tent, Harry made his way to his room and sat in meditation. After an hour, he was ready and made his way into the dining area. Gathering a plate from his House-Elf, Dobby, Harry sat and ate a light meal. He could hear in the distance people partying. Sirius was out there with the others celebrating the winning or losing of the Quidditch match.

At 10pm, the noise suddenly changed from laughter to screams. Harry thought: "It was time to dance. Pulling out his invisibility cloak and holding it, he funneled his magic into the cloak. "I summon!" he called.

Harry spoke the command, "Come, it is the time!" In his hand appear a small black square stone. While in his other hand appeared a wand. The Deathly Hallows, Harry thought.

Tucking the cloak around him, Harry left the tent. Working his way towards the screams, he fought against the tide of people running away from the problem. As he neared the source of the screaming, he heard laughter as he stopped. Standing there was a dozen men in black robes and white masks. Death Eaters!

Harry watched and saw one of them cast a Cruciatus curse on a man. Reacting, he spoke, "Sonorus! Stop!"

As he stepped out of the shadows, with a fire burning behind him. Acting as one, the Death Eaters looked in his direction. Harry commanded the cloak to drop its invisibility and stood outlined by the fires in the background.

One of them spoke, "It's Potter. Get him."

Harry's voice still amplified, "Now that's not nice. You all get to know who I am. Who are you? I want to see who these cowards are. Accio Masks!"

When the masks flew towards Harry, they ripped the flesh away from the faces of the Death Eaters, screams were heard. The Lucius Malfoy, the Death Eater, now exposed, stood with his face damaged and blood running down his face. Angered, Malfoy cast a Killing Curse at Harry.

Harry stood, surprised when the green beam of light hit him. Harry's scar burst open, and a black jet of light streamed from his ruptured scar.

Harry said, "It is time." With the elder wand in one hand and his Holly wand in the other, he cast a cutting curse removing Malfoy's wand hand with his holly wand. Using the Elder Wand, at the same time, he launched a sweeping Cutting Curse just at knee level, removing many of the Death Eaters' legs. They fell like bowling pins screaming in pain.

With the Death Eaters down, Harry turned to the fragment of Tom Marvolo Riddle's soul. Taking the stone from his pocket, he commanded the soul fragment to "Be still!" Concentrating, he summoned the other pieces and commanded as the last fragment arrived, "Join and be whole."

As the Aurors finally made it to the scene of the mayhem. They slid to a stop as the shade of Lord Voldemort stood screaming silently at the tiny glowing figure.

They stood shocked as the young Boy ordered the shade, "Depart this realm, Tom Marvolo Riddle. Your final judgment awaits you."

A rift opened, and a hand-holding scythe reached out. The scythe impaled the spirit and pulled the soul into the rift. The opening snapped shut.

The glow faded from around Harry as he turned to the Death Eaters. Accio Wands! Accio Portkeys. Near 20 wands flew towards the Boy and 30 Portkeys.

The Aurors slowly made their way to the Boy. They stopped when behind the camp in the forest, a light sprang into the Air. At the Dark Mark took shape, a flair of white light burst from Potter's wand and struck the still forming mark. The light running down towards the ground, like lightning, silhouetting a figure standing at the edge of the woods, which screamed and collapsed in pain.

A few Aurors went into the woods, where the figure that cast the Dark Mark had been standing. After a short search in the woods, they came walking back, levitating a body in front of them.

Madam Bones arrived on the scene at that time. She looked at the Boy, the legless bodies lying on the ground, and the body of the person who had just cast the Dark Mark.

"So, young man, do you have an explanation for all this?"

Harry pointed at wands on the ground. "I saw an Unforgivable Curse ing used." He pointed with his finger directly at one wand. "It should have the Cruciatus Curse on it as the last cast." Pointing at another wand with a hand still attached, "That wand has the last curse cast was a Killing Curse. It missed me. I then counterattacked, as it is my right. Those are their masks. They foolishly used Sticking Charms to keep their masks on. Parts of their faces are still attached. I summoned the masks. Proof they are Death Eaters caught in the middle of an act of torturing people, setting fires, creating mayhem. Plus, the Dark Mark all equal Death Eaters."

As far as him, Pointing at the body of the man brought from the woods, "I cast a spell to counter the Dark Mark before it could cause more panic. The Magical backlash knocked him out, is my guess.

Madam Bones stood quietly, assessing his statement.

One of the Aurors reported. "Six people are laying over there. They were all tortured with curses. Four of them will need medical help. Two of them are dead."

Harry felt terrible. He was too late to save them.

Madam Bone stood off to the side. She listened to statements from her Aurors and told Harry he would have to testify at the trials.

Smiling, Harry spoke, "Those Death Eaters won't have a leg to stand on at their trial, will they."

She said, "One of the Aurors mentioned you banishing a ghost. Who was it?"

Harry said, "It was the shade of Tom Riddle. You know him as Voldemort. I will never have to face him again."

"I need you to come into the office and talk to the Unspeakables

about that tomorrow." Stated Madam Bones

Harry agreed as Sirius Black showed up. "I have been helping to put out fires and getting people to the medical stations. There are a few bodies in the ruined tents."

Madam Bones, "I moved to stop the mayhem, not add to it. All actions have results and repercussions. These people are alive." Pointing at the Death Eaters. "because I chose to aim low, not high. I am not going to be their judge or jury."

A short screen. Not much back story. Something I may build on later. I hope it is worth sharing. Please comment.