'I love you, Uzumaki Naruto.'

Three words.

Three succinct words were enough to shatter his mind into pieces. Said in the softest tone, those words were everything he had been craving to hear for the longest time. They were something he had thought he would never hear in his entire lifetime.

"W-When?" He murmured, his mind still trying to process everything that had transpired in the span of the last few minutes.

"The moment when we first talked after the war. I fell for you, Naruto. I fell for you hard. In this world, if there's someone whom I love with all my heart then it's you, Uzumaki Naruto. You're my everything and I have sworn to love you till the end of my life, whether you like it or not!" Ino confessed in a quiet tone, her teary eyes glowing under the moonlight as she struggled to maintain an even face in front of him.

During the whole proposal, Ino had prepared herself for every conceivable outcome but somehow the sheer wide-eyed paralysis had failed to enter her imagination, and she had a very good imagination. For a boy whose whole personality was built around shouting, seeing Naruto so silent frightened her. He seemed neither upset nor shocked at the confession.

"If you don't feel-" It all happened in a blur that her wet eyes failed to notice, and soon, Ino found herself sprawling helplessly on the mattress while the boy she had just admitted her love to raided her lips with an incredible desire in his eyes. A delightful moan escaped from her plump rosy lips when Naruto grabbed her head from behind and brought it closer to his face, something that helped him increase the power behind the kiss.

"Ino" He finally let her go but one could still see the unquenchable hunger dancing within his eyes. "I-" His lips fumbled, and his tongue wandered along the edges of his mouth to taste her again. She was delicious, even more than ramen, he concluded. Her lips were like honey, warm and sweet. "I-" He paused again to get a nice view of her face. 'I want to confess too' He groaned within while the thought of doing something stupid haunting his mind every second. He didn't want to ruin it as it was the most precious moment of his life.

"I love you too, Ino" It felt like an enormous pressure was lifted off his shoulders when he somehow managed to utter those words without ruining anything. And when he did, for the first time in his life, Naruto felt complete. He felt like he had finally found the missing part of his heart.

"You know-"

This time it was Ino who initiated the kiss and she immediately let him know the difference between their expertise. Naruto didn't stand a chance against her and couldn't help but feel inferior to the barbarity with which she was ravaging his mouth. She was leagues above him and he felt no shame in accepting that fact. It was his first time and everyone sucks at their first time, but that didn't stop him from trying.

Closing his eyes, he pushed her back onto the mattress and started to nibble her lower lip, biting it gently whenever she tried to overwhelm him. Their game of cat and mouse continued for a while before he finally got a hold of the situation. ''You look beautiful, Ino.'' He whispered, pausing a little to get his breath under control.

"Of course!'' Even in her bewildered and drunken state, Ino didn't leave the chance to laud herself, although her cheeks darkened a little at his sudden confession. ''By the way-"

Her query was cut short when he leaned again, pressing his lips against hers in a rough kiss. The result was instantaneous. Ino's whole body froze, and her mind went blank as Naruto kept assaulting her lips. After a few seconds of play, she noticed he was going to pull back and snapped out of her daze, quickly bringing him closer and sealing their lips once again.

Noticing that she was all into it and there was no going back, Naruto's hands moved as well and began to slither around Ino's curvaceous form. After staying there for a while, he daringly went up, slipping right under the dark violet blouse, and entered the valley hidden beneath it. There he found something amusing. ''You don't wear any bra?'' He asked her, briefly pulling back from the kiss.

"No," Her smile was something one could die for and he was no exception. "But how does that make any difference? You're only interested in kissing right, Naruto?" It wasn't a question. It was more of a suggestion.

Naruto didn't need to be told twice. Hungry as he had never been, he crawled on top of her and lowered his head a little, his lips an inch away from hers. "I'm interested in everything that involves you, Ino."

At first, Ino didn't understand what he meant by that, but when he began to assault her with small kisses, she came to realize what he was doing. From her fleshy lips to the spotless soft skin of her neck, he began to caress her everywhere while she just continued to savor the pleasure.

"Ahh..." Her body shivered with pleasure when his hands began to hike towards her front, looking for the secret treasures that were her huge breasts.

It wasn't long before he finally found what he was looking for, and in a motion, she had no hope of following, he undid the buttons of her favorite purple blouse and cupped her right breast in his palm before it could even come in contact with the air. "Mhmm!" Her lips parted a little to moan loudly when her prodding nipple managed to find some space between his fingers and made contact with the cold air.

As soon as it did, it immediately stiffened, begging for someone to warm it with their hot saliva. Fortunately, it didn't have to wait for too long because Naruto's eager lips enveloped it in their warmth while his right hand began to knead the other one.

Feeling too overwhelmed by the pleasure, Ino began to squirm under him. "N-No, not so hard. It's sensitive." She tried to tell him but Naruto didn't stop. He just continued to ravage her breasts without any care.

Soon, her light squirming advanced into a deeper moan when he abruptly pinched her nipple and squeezed it affectionately between his teeth, something that surprisingly felt good. The thought that she had just confessed to him only turned her on even more. "Ahhh… squeeze them harder!" Her back arched in a beautiful angel when his hands grew more feverish in their groping, much to her delight.

"Ino…" Naruto moaned between his sucking and blushed lightly when she only moaned in return. "I have always wanted to do this to you, especially when I first saw you after that trip with Ero-sennin. You can't imagine how much I wanted to kiss you at that moment." His words only made her hornier as she began to take deep breaths.

Ino gasped in surprise and leaned back so she could meet his gaze, lust and love dancing wildly within her eyes. "Reall?" She asked him and when he nodded his head, the lust inside her doubled. "Then go on. Do whatever you want to do with my body, Naruto. Ravage it. Eat it. Suck it. I don't care. I'm all yours!" The joy in her voice knew no bounds as she stared at the boy with whom she was in love. The fact that he had always desired her only increased the joy further.

Naruto's blush darkened several shades, matching the color of her nipples now. Slowly he gave her breasts another grope, relishing in the cute outcry her mouth released as his fingers toyed with her tits, digging deep into her soft skin.

Finally, after a few more minutes of intense squeezing, he released her breasts, and let his hands drift down her toned abdomen before reaching her skirt. "I will not be backing up now," He warned her, his hand grasping the button of her clothing and letting the beautiful skirt fall slowly to the ground with a quiet sound.

Ino smiled coyly as her lower half was exposed to her lover, but made no move to cover anything. "I don't want you to stop. Instead, I want you to fuck me like it's the last…'' She squealed, her body shaking violently when he slowly brushed a finger along her pussy.

Naruto felt her shiver in his hold for a moment, smiling when she refused to object in any way. "That I will, Ino." He whispered, finishing his sentence by giving her left breast a hard squeeze.

"Agh!" Ino screamed and started to breathe heavily as her lover increased the speed of his ministrations, his finger now an inch deep within her lower folds. "Don't stop!" It was euphoric, way better than what she had read in those stupid magazines. It even exceeded everything she had heard from Anko. Yes her, a lady who assumes that sex is more crucial than breathing itself.

"Hehe.., sure" She heard him whisper, his voice filled with fun and lust.

"Aahhhhh" Another scream echoed in the room when he gently squeezed her clit, sending her over the edge as a massive wave of orgasm departed her lower lips and coated his fingers in her release. "Naru-" She wasn't even allowed to rest. Her body, which was trembling due to the delightful orgasm she just had, tensed when the boy began to violate her lips again while lying perfectly on top of her.


"Haa… haa... haa" She could only moan as beads of sweat began rolling down her beautiful red face. "Dumbass, don't tease me more. Finish it already!" Finally, she managed to form a few words and screamed at him angrily, but that anger didn't last long when Naruto threw his shirt in the dark corner of the room and began to unhook her favorite toad pajamas.

Blushing fiercely, Ino started to ogle his bare chest. Her eyes lit up with lust at the notable pieces of abdominal muscle he'd unveiled, built as lean and attractive as she'd expect from a well-trained shinobi. Shamelessly, her hungry eyes then reached for his well-toned abdomen even before he'd completely discarded the shirt. It was incredible, amazing enough to be whistle-worthy. "My My" She whispered, smiling proudly at the boy who simply looked away from her because of the embarrassment. Her breaths were calming down now, still far from normal but enough to speak without wavering or stuttering. "You proved me wrong, Naruto. I thought you were someone who only liked kissing but damn how wrong I was. I mean, look at them," She pointed at her swollen tits. "You sucked them dry. Although, I don't have any problem with it, next time if you want to suck-" Her long speech came to an abrupt end when Naruto lowered himself on her and smooched her lips again, this time a little lightly.

"Get ready."

She immediately froze at those words. "W-wait," She didn't even have the time to get ready as Naruto dropped his pajamas and boxers in one fell swoop. The sight of his fully erect manhood stunned her silent. His manhood looked furious and eager to go, a vein bulging along its considerable length. The mushroom-shaped tip stared at her, dead in the eye, looking as if it was challenging her to do something.

"You speak a lot sometimes, you know."

"Naruto…" She could have argued back by calling him a hypocrite but chose to remain silent, her eyes still fixed on the monster in front of her. She remained like this for a while, transfixed by the huge pole of meat that was wobbling over her naked abdomen. Straddling her, he laid his naked chest on top of hers, flattening her large breasts as he swooped in for another deep kiss.

In between the passionate kiss, Naruto slowly lowered his hand and squeezed her thick thighs, moaning loudly as his palm caressed her soft and plump flesh. "Hnnn" He let out another moan as he began lining up his cock in front of her folds.


Her eyes widened in shock and pain as her body took his penis with all the warmth it could muster at that moment. Thankfully for her, due to the intense training in the past, she had developed an incredible resistance to pain. So when his length finally tore through her hymn, she was able to ignore the pain for the first few seconds, the fact that he'd gotten her pussy slopping wet from that ridiculous molesting of her breasts only assisted her more in the process.

"Are you ok?"

Her heart bloomed with warmth when she heard him whisper that question. It felt nice. "Y-yeah" She nodded with a small lovely smile on her face.

Naruto didn't take long to smile back. "I love you." Without any hesitation, he spoke those three words as he resumed his thrusting, unhurried, letting her adjust to his size.

Ino's gaze slowly lowered to the chasm where the incredible spectacle of their union was occurring. His girth was parting her pink folds down the middle as he moved up and down along her body. She could feel the heat of his cock overflowing her moist channel with its warmth. She couldn't believe it. She had finally done it. She was having sex with her Naruto.

"Ino..." Naruto groaned and the next thing she knew was that she was hunching on his lap with his palms planted on her huge ass for aid.

A slutty moan escaped her mouth when he gave her ass a tight squeeze, making sure to knead them as hard as he could. As his squeezing increased, her moans became louder, and before she knew it, she went from having gentle sex with him to bouncing up and down on his shaft at every thrust he made, trying to match his rhythm. The room that was completely silent until a few moments ago got filled with loud and obscene sounds of raucous sex. A shrill cry left her swollen lips when his powerful thighs smacked the bottom of her ass, imprinting red on it.

Soon, the thrusts became blurs to the naked eyes as they both got immersed in the most powerful sensation their bodies had ever felt. Ino's pussy began to squelch louder, growing wet from all his aggression and love. Naruto, too, groaned uncontrollably as he encased himself through her tightness.

"Oh my – YES! Ah, Naruto! Naruto!" She cried out in shameless ecstasy as he crashed into her bare ass hard. "I'm- I'm about to cum, Naruto." His thrusts made her boobs bounce uncontrollably, prompting her to cup her own breasts, unconsciously groping them and heightening her pleasure even more.

The sight of her groping and pleasuring herself was incredibly arousing to Naruto. So to elicit more reactions from her, he increased his pace, smiling slightly when her shoulders curled up in pleasure. "Just hold on for a while." He whispered, pulling her hair to keep her awake.

''Mn...! Naruto...!'' Ino whimpered, shoulders curling in on herself as her pelvis burned and tightened. ''I-I can't...!''

Her words withered into a cute groan as a wave of orgasm washed over her voluptuous body. Naruto groaned when he felt her pussy tighten around his cock, his thrusts becoming shorter and faster as his end drew closer by the second.

''A-Ah~! Naruuutoo!'' She cried, gasping and writhing as he continued thrusting. ''I~!''

Naruto moaned, hips clamping from the pleasure. Unable to hold back any longer, a burning rush flowed down his cock before he unloaded ropes of cum into Ino's spasming pussy. The Yamanaka moaned deeply as he came, her mind going blissfully blank from the sensation of him cumming inside her.

"Naruto..." Her half-lidded eyes, filled with love, affection, and satisfaction made him feel truly happy.


"I love you…"

The room went silent, nothing but the sound of panting could be heard. Amidst the silence, Naruto was running those words through his head, again and again, trying to store them in his memory forever. No matter how many times he heard those words, they never failed to bring a smile to his face.

"I love you too, Ino." On getting no reply, he looked down, only to see her softly snoring in his hold, a light chuckle leaving his lips at the scene. "Well Ino, looks like your wish of sleeping with me is going to come true right now."

Chuckling slightly at his little joke, he moved her softly to settle her on the mattress and joined her soon. As soon as he laid down, Ino snuggled closer to him, and the sensation he felt was… oddly fulfilling. Covering them both with the blanket he uttered his last words for the night.

"Good night, Ino.





Obscene sounds of flesh slapping flesh were reverberating throughout the room, polluting the serene morning with their vulgarity.

"Naruto, slow down!" Ino screamed for the thousandth time that morning. It was getting out of her hands. She could feel her mind going numb due to the amount of pleasure that was surging through her sweat-covered body, especially her rosy red ass which was the current victim of his ferocious pounding. Like a preprogrammed tool, her wide hips were moving up and down on the thick shaft of her lover, covering it with the slippery liquid of craving and lust.

Naruto, who was watching each and every movement of her enormous ass growled at the sight in front of him. It was beautiful and equally arousing at the same time. "No!" He responded and abruptly shoved all of his cock deep into her cavity again, eliciting a loud moan from the girl.


Her screams of pleasure were like music to his ears. He growled once again to compliment her whimpers, losing himself even more in the sensations of her tight cunt. Just from seeing the throes of ecstasy that Ino was in, compelled him to give her another hard thrust.

"I want more. Moan harder Ino!" He whispered and lowered himself a little so that his right hand could reach her ponytail while his left could grab the hanging melons of his lover. In a smooth draw, he pulled the enormous orbs of flesh within his palm and began to knead them harshly.

"Oh God," He felt like finishing up at that very moment but controlled himself quickly. It was not the time to quit, he still had a lot of things he needed to do with her. So with newfound vigor, he began to squeeze her tits even harder, all while pounding her gigantic and firm ass with his shaft.

Ino was on her all fours now, her body shaking with nothing but pure pleasure. The position she was in, made her feel like she was some kind of an animal who was receiving the punishment by her master. A part of her mind was very ashamed of everything she was doing but that reasonable fraction was effortlessly being overwhelmed by the immoral part of her sanity, which wanted nothing but to devour this pleasure as much as she could. "Oh yeeess~" She moaned once again when Naruto squeezed her boobs a lot harder than before.

Pulling out from her ass, he then started pounding her pussy furiously. Seeing that she was enjoying the punishment, Naruto let go of her ponytail for a second before pulling it back once again. "You're such a lewd girl, Ino. A few months ago, you didn't even want to talk to me but now, here you are, whimpering and moaning like a bitch under me!"

His words were supposed to make her feel like a pathetic whore but instead, only increased the heat inside her walls. "Hehe, try harder Naruto. Words like these barely affect me." She murmured, her words coming out in fumbles because of the tongue that was hanging out of her mouth, covered with saliva and residue of her lover's sperm.


A very obscene scream left her mouth when Naruto let go of her boobs and abruptly smacked her ass, coloring the already red orbs of flesh in an even darker shade. "Wha-"


She was cut short by another hard slap to her ass. "Ahh!" Her lower lips finally expanded as a medley of his and her love fluids began to seep out of them, covering his shaft with more warmth and lubricant.

It wasn't long before he resumed his ramming again. With one quick, powerful thrust, he buried his hardened cock deep inside of her hungry snatch. "Mmm, Ino, you're so wet. You were really waiting for this, weren't you?" He asked.

Ino somehow managed to nod slowly and began to slowly move back and forth, impaling herself again and again on her boyfriend's cock. "Of course I was! Now shut up and fuck me hard!" She shouted, much to the increased pleasure and pride of Naruto.

With a nod of his head, Naruto began to pound into her harder, increasing his pace bit by bit until he was pounding into her at a nearly blinding pace.

"Shit! Not so fast!" She croaked, her body shivering with a sudden spasm of pleasure.

In answer, Naruto clasped her fat cheeks within his hands and gave them a light squeeze, gleaming madly when he felt the soft flesh try to devour his fingers. "Just a little more." He beseeched as he held her by her waist and increased the speed of his thwacking. Soon, all he could see was her plump hips and wet folds which were wrapped tightly around his fleshy rod.


Naruto closed his eyes as he shoved all of his length inside her. The end was close, he could feel it and wanted to enjoy it to its fullest. "Almost there, Ino!" His face was completely drowned in pleasure now, to such an extent that it was barely recognizable.


Naruto felt his cum bubble up in his balls and in a swift motion, his cock started painting her walls white as he came inside her with a muffled moan. His hips jerked up with every stream of cum his cock fired. "Ahhh!" He moaned as he finally allowed himself to settle on the back of the girl who was still trembling due to the pleasure she had just withstood.

"Did you cum inside me again?"


"I see… Then start thinking about some cute names for a child."


Neither of the two lovers noticed a flicker of silver in the corner of the room, nor the slight dampness of the spot that the flicker disappeared from.

- oOo -

Naruto blushed as he stared at Ino who was preparing food for him in the kitchen. For some reason, she was looking a lot more beautiful than she usually did.

"How long are you going to keep blushing like that, Naruto?"

His cheeks turned scarlet. "I-I" He sputtered, mentally cursing himself for behaving like this in front of her. "I am-" He was cut short when Ino began to giggle softly.

"Aww… look at you. You're looking so cute right now." She squealed from the kitchen. "Completely opposite of what I witnessed in the bedroom." And there it was, the anticipated dig at his bedroom persona.

"Ino… don't tease me like that!"

The Yamanaka heiress just chuckled in response. "Why shouldn't I?" She asked him, her eyes gleaming playfully as she plopped the pan on the heated stove.

"It makes me feel awkward, you know..." He groaned.

Another chuckle escaped from her mouth. "Awkward? After ravaging me like that in the morning, how can you still feel awkward? Oh, come on Naruto."

Naruto turned his eyes to her, staring at her voluptuous body for a second before turning back to her face. "Of course, Ino. What happened in the bedroom was in the heat of the moment. I was thrilled and aroused at that time. Now, I'm back to my senses." He spoke, tapping the wooden table with his nails in order to alleviate his embarrassment.

Ino stopped her work. "So, that means you regret doing it with me?" Her voice was fragile, accompanied by an equally shaky expression on her face.

"Of course not! I enjoyed every second of it, Ino. Why would you even think I regret it?"

She shook her head with a small smile on her face, the shaky expression nowhere to be seen now. "I don't know, maybe you already have someone else in your life." She mumbled in a carefree manner as her hands began working on the breakfast again.

Now it was Naruto's turn to laugh at her suspicion. Out of everything she could have uttered, she decided to speak something as stupid as that. "Someone else? Hehe," His snickering deluged the room in mischief. "You are no better than me, Ino. We are both equally dumb." He grumbled with a lazy shake of his head. "If I already had someone else in my life, then I would have never touched you, let alone take advantage of your feelings. You are too nice for me to do that."

Putting the veggies aside, Ino flashed a smile at her lover, looking truly happy with what she just heard. Moments like these were the reason why she fell in love with this blonde idiot in the first place. "Awww… you are such a gentleman, Naruto, the perfect husband material!" She exclaimed, her eyes gleaming with love and admiration.


"Marry me!"




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