Chapter 52: I Bought a Whorehouse (Part 5)

"So all in all it went pretty smoothly, aside from a few bumps and divots in the road. Anything else you want to know about?"

Titania shook her head, reclining on her miniature throne of pillows and silks inside of the Fairy homeland's auditorium - a strange little structure that was spacious but had lots of small furniture that was giving Cayman a sense of vertigo - before replying, "No, you and yours have performed excellently. You continue to prove an excellent contractor for my daughter."

+10 REP with Till-Titania [40/100]

"Nice, being on good terms with the stepmom is something most guys would kill for…now if only I had known what [Warcry] was going to fucking do to me."

Ever since the end of the battle, the walk back and now his audience with Titania the Surveyor had been fighting a constant and mostly losing battle against his out of control libido, the sight or scent of anything even slightly feminine causing him to get turned on to a laughable degree.

Thighs? Horny. Lips? Horny. Boobs? Horny. Butts? Horny. Slightly out of place strand of hair? Horny.

"I'm gonna have to call my doctor because this erection is looking to be a bit more than four hours in length."

And no amount of leg crossing could hide the beef bus that was standing at attention time and time again, Titania a dangerous specimen indeed since she essentially looked like a MILF version of Till scaled up into a two foot tall version with a bit less form-fitting fabric and more see-through silks.

His imagination was conjuring up more than a few less than kosher thoughts about the Fairy. And a whole hell of a lot more if he got both mother and daughter involved.

"Unless you have pressing business to attend in your world you are more than welcome to stay in Till-Tien for the night, in fact I would recommend it. We have a special event occurring and I think you'll enjoy it, lodging will be provided since we have rooms to accommodate visitors of all sizes…provided they behave themselves."

Titania's eyes pointedly drifted towards where Cayman's group was located, divesting themselves of their equipment and gear and he was pretty sure the woman was referring to Felicia in no uncertain terms.

"Understood, we'll be good guests. If you don't mind me asking-oof!"

Grunting as Till collided with the back of his neck the Fairy complained, "Enough with the questions, Cayman! C'mon, let me show you around our home, you haven't even seen my room yet~!"

The tiny girl's salacious comment and more than suggestive glance towards his erection were a lot more forward than he would have expected from the girl and it was really doing wonders for his excitement for the coming night-

"None of that."

-and blinked as Titania plucked Till from his lap and sternly announced, "You have been away from home and neglecting both your studies and your responsibility longer than is permissible, young lady. I think denying you and your contractor a bit of 'fun' will serve as both suitable punishment and worthy reminder."

"E-eh?! Mother, that's not fair! I don't-"

Both Fairies vanished in a burst of light, leaving Cayman sitting alone in the meeting room in a very crestfallen mood, sullenly glaring at his boner.

"Well now what the fuck do I do with you?"

Although he was quick to make a self-reminder that he should check in with Till more often about whether she was going to piss off her mom, this had ended up being a very unfortunate case of missed timing.

"...Well, can't just sit around forever. Might as well see what the home of the Fairy's has to offer."

While the hair trigger erection was unfortunate he wasn't about to miss out on the chance to explore what was no doubt going to be a wild sight, a Fairy attendant swooping down as soon as he exited while happily chirping, "We've already directed the rest of your party to their quarters, would you like me to show you yours?"

"That'd be appreciated, thank you. Do you have baths or showers anywhere?"

"Of course we do! As soon as you change out of your current attire I'll direct you to them and you can refresh and relax yourself before the night's events."

"You know everyone keeps talking about tonight's events and-holy crap."

Cayman had seen the borders of Till-Tien before and even heard Till's recounting of them, but as he stared wide-eyed at the spectacle before him it became pretty clear that he'd been missing out.

An utterly bizarre but nonetheless incredible mixing of a miniature hobbit land resting side by side with novelty vacation homes built right into the trunks of massive, twisting trees, the miniature dwellings of the Fairy's seamlessly existing with the people they hosted as an utter riot of colorful flora wove elegant and beautiful patterns across every conceivable surface, some bioluminescent and others just plain bright.

"I think I could get used to visiting here more often."

"Heh heh, it's nice of you to say so~! We spend a lot of time and effort trying to cater to as many different species as we can, so it's always nice to have that work appreciated."

Giving a house that was really more of an auditorium - obviously designed for a creature bigger than a damn bus to stay in - Cayman merely nodded, following his energetic guide up a set of winding wooden staircases before she stopped at a smoothly carved door, chirping, "Here's your room, feel free to make use of whatever amenities you find inside. Baths are down these steps and towards the large tree with red and pink leaves, you can't miss it!"

"Much appreciated, I-"

Before he could ask another question the miniature Demon was off and zooming away, the Surveyor reflecting that Till's people certainly didn't waste time, instead examining the interior of his room with an appraising eye.

A rounded bed with some kind of soft animal hide thrown over it, cool and polished wood, a simple yet elegant dining table and chairs while a terrace allowed the myriad of sweet and floral scents to drift in if he decided to peel back the oddly translucent vines that acted as a screen.

"Don't suppose I could permanently rent one of these fantasy vacation homes?"

Musing such thoughts to himself he adorned the provided clothing, a silky vest and billowing pants that were a pleasure to touch although the lack of footwear was a bit concerning.

"Eh, I can't imagine this place having much in the way of broken glass or other landmines, might as well not worry about it."

Deciding that he would be better off cleaning himself before making any other executive decisions Cayman made his way to the baths, grabbing one of the sinfully soft towels before shucking his newly acquired threads into a basket before strolling into the steaming slice of heaven, the male breathing deeply and feeling all sorts of unknown stresses leave his soul. Just like the interior of the Fairy capital the baths were a feast for the eyes, wisps of heat leaving individual and communal pools as every sort of herbal or medicinal vegetation grew in aesthetically pleasing formations, the Gamer quickly dipping himself into the aromatic liquid and sighing in bliss…a bliss that was quickly interrupted by feminine giggling, the male blinking in rapid succession as with a soft rustle of wings one of the trees deposited four figures that began to hover directly in front of him, all sporting various expression ranging from intrigued to downright sultry, three of the Fairies Till's size while a fourth was about a foot tall, the Gamer wondering if there was any hierarchy to their various sizes or if it was just a matter of age or some other factor.

He'd have to ask later, because right now he was in the rather awkward spot of remembering that [Warcry] all but ensured his dick was up and raring to go despite the rather unfortunate circumstances he now found himself in, mainly the fact that the water was barely reaching his pecs.

Although what exactly what was he supposed to do? The little Demons were all beautiful in their own unique ways, sporting a variety of hair colors and body types and now that he'd been made keenly aware that they could handle a little roughhousing and actually get off on it his overactive libido and imagination was thoughtfully providing all manner of debauched scenarios that involved one-handed gameplay.

"Sorry, where was I going with this line of thought?"

"Evening, ladies. Hope I didn't miss a sign that clearly states this is the woman's side of the baths."

"Not at all, you don't need to worry about a thing~! We're just excited to finally meet our princess' contractor, she's been outside of Till-Tien for so long that we figured she must have met a really powerful and likable one!"

"Yeah, there are rumors that you're actually a super spy and that you secretly control a world government…"

"Heh, I heard that he's a Vampire with a coven of really attractive and powerful women. Considering who he showed up with does it seem like a rumor?"

Deciding to nip that line of thought in the bud before it could really take off - even if the harem aspect was seeming more and more plausible the more he learned about his class - Cayman was quick to state, "I'm definitely not a Vampire, a day on the beach won't murder me. And as for the spy part?"

He winked.

"If I tell you, I have to kill you."


"That joke was old a century ago!"

Chuckling at the tough crowd he was granted Cayman instead asked, "So what's this I keep hearing about some kind of special event tonight? Everyone's been keeping me in suspense."

The tallest of the four Fairies fluttered her wings excitedly, stating, "Oh, you're talking about the Firmament's Tears? I'm surprised no one's told you all of the details, it's a pretty exciting attraction."

"Care to fill me in?"

A collection of playful smirks adorned their faces, one of the smaller Demons languidly replying, "Well, why don't you bring your friend to our view later tonight and we'll give the two of you a full history lesson, hmm~?"

Following their line of sight he was treated to the image of none other than Mai herself entering the pools, towel tastefully wrapped around her body as she came to a dead halt upon seeing them, lovely pink eyes tracing his outline…before her face reddened slightly, gaze locked near his waist.


Quickly adjusting his position his boner was squished to the side, the male wryly reflecting that he was still getting used to the package he was sporting downstairs. Normal Human dicks didn't grow large enough to periscope above a hot tub unless there was some serious magic at work.

"No need to be shy, Mai, I was just chatting with the natives about tonight's coming attractions."

Evidently convincing herself that she'd been seeing things Mai briefly nodded before quietly slipping into the pool, the Fairies teasing her as they heckled and cajoled, "Aww, why keep the towel? No one else is wearing one!"

"W-well, you see-"

The Taimanin wilted slightly as the peer pressure mounted, eventually culminating with her removing the towel and setting it aside, everything below her shoulders hidden by the steam and water.

"Aww, she's shy~!"

"I am not shy, I just…am not used to such open behavior."

The last bit was murmured with a pinked expression, since the quartet of Fairies hadn't bothered with anything other than their birthday suits.

Electing to take pity on the poor girl before she suffered a heart attack from sensory overload Cayman intervened with, "So what did you think of our teamwork today, Mai? Good, bad, middling?"

Thankful for the change in topic the young woman - her flowing white hair pulled into a tight bun - thought about it for a moment before replying, "Chaotic and in need of refinement, but there's the potential for truly great things. We have a multitude of various schools and techniques available to us, combining them will make us very difficult to stop."

"Ideas on how to improve-"

"Booooring! C'mon, tell us about something other than work!"

Chuckling at the quartet's interruption Cayman decided to go ahead and throw Mai under the bus a little bit, stating, "Well you see, this lovely lady next to me just so happens to be one of the top students at her ninja academy. No doubt she can inform you about all sorts of interesting things."

Mai's eyes widened as four sets of gazes settled on her, the Demons immediately moving in to pester her with questions.

"Woah, so you're actually one of those Taimanin?!"

"Is it true you all have unique superpowers?!"

"I heard that Taimanin have babies with beasts and monsters in order to create super powerful ninjas, are those just rumors?"

Chuckling at the glare his companion sent him the male instead wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her close as she stiffened for a moment before relaxing into the embrace, Cayman marveling at the silky texture of her flesh combined with firm and athletic muscle not far beneath.

+10 AFC with Mai Nanase [25/100]

And who knows? Maybe he'd get lucky after all.

"So why are you two okay while I'm fighting for my damn life here?"

Grimacing as his dick still wouldn't take a freakin' hint and calm the hell down Cayman glared at Cerb and Oct, both summons perfectly content and apparently not having to deal with the aftereffects of [Warcry]. The Hellhound was splooted in a patch of soft grass, eyes closed and breath steady as Oct had woven himself across a moss-covered branch, the Injuu Prince lazily waving a tentacle as the Surveyor held back a sigh, uncomfortably shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

The bath had done wonders for his sense of cleanliness but nothing for the continued libido spike, especially since he'd been cuddling a very willing Mai as well as staring down a bunch of butt naked Fairies the whole time.

His bad.

"Okay, we're all set to go~! C'mon, let us show you the best spot!"

The self-appointed guides flew out of the bathhouse, excitedly gesturing behind them-

-and Cayman had to try very hard to keep his mind clear and groin flaccid as Mai shyly followed in their wake, having been granted a spare set of clothes of similar make to his own albeit with clear alteration to compliment the feminine form. A dress of wavy silk comprised of shifting whites and pinks that fell around her shoulders and chest before flaring outwards like a gown, if gowns were dangerously see through and hinted at all sorts of incredible things. It helped that Mai had killer hips and thighs, wide enough that the smooth material of the fabric hugged them in a very dangerous fashion.

"You, Mai, look like you've just walked out of a fairytale."

The quartet of Demons snickered as the Taimanin furiously blushed, stammering out, "Y-you look quite handsome yourself…"

Smirking at the stammered compliment he reached out and took her hand, the pale-haired girl blushed even harder as he followed after the snickering Fairies, asking, "So are we ever going to get a proper explanation for this big attraction?"

+5 AFC with Mai Nanase [30/100]

"No spoilers, we'll tell you when we get there! A few of your friends are also watching, we'll give everyone the rundown at once."

Rolling his eyes at the constant blueballing - of more than one variety - they didn't actually have long to wait, a short walk and brief hike up a winding staircase depositing them atop a cozy viewing platform where Yumi, Shirone and Kuroka were all seated around a flickering bonfire that shifted from blue to green on a seeming whim, the blonde clearly withstanding a whole slew of teasing questions from the black cat as Shirone just rolled her eyes.

"Hope we're not late to the party."

The trio turned their way, their attire of similar design to Mai's although where Yumi and Shirone's had combinations of gold and white Kuroka had been adorned with gold and black, Cayman hoping that his seat would afford him a way to hide his boner as the black cat purred, "Just in time, nya. The raw sex appeal of this little gathering just shot up by 200%, eh heh heh…"

Casting a pointed gaze towards the clear glass in the Yokai's hand that shone with the remnants of some kind of drink that looked like polished gold Shirone was quick to explain, "Big sis likes her booze."

"Evidently. Honestly kinda surprised Felicia isn't here bothering all of you."

"Eh, she saw the collection of stuff the locals have for consumption and decided she was going to sample it all. I'm not complaining, besides this stuff is good~!"

He wouldn't have figured Kuroka for a light weight and judging by Yumi's slightly pinked cheeks despite the fact that a similar glass in front of her was only slightly drained he figured whatever the little Demons drank was just strong as hell.

As if in response to that thought the one foot tall Fairy levitated a pair of identical glasses their way, grinning as she gestured towards the collection of other snacks as she chirped, "Be warned, our Golden Gift can be pretty powerful~!"

"Sounds like a challenge. Cheers, everyone."

Raising his glass everyone clinked their together - Kuroka a little more enthusiastically than everyone else - as he sent their four tour guides a mock glare.

"All right, will I finally get the explanation for what this big thing is?"

"I suppose we've kept you in suspense for long enough…alright, the Firmament's Tears!"

One of the Fairies dramatically pointed towards the shifting and unconventional sky of the Demon World, Cayman blinking as what looked like a shooting star suddenly flashed overhead, trailing ethereal multicolored fire.

"About 53 years ago one of the planetary consciousness - what we believe to be TYPE Neptune - broke into the Demon Realm and many of our strongest contractors with the assistance of dozens of Gods and spirits and basically a ton of Extranatural beings quickly gathered to fight it. While they succeeded it was a really hard fought battle and Neptune's remains got locked into some sort of weird time and spatial loop, it's body tearing through dimensions in a really incredible light show that you get to see tonight~!"

Cayman felt a part of his insides die at the reveal, that Aristotles had already decided to raise shit on Earth and its associated realms and gotten met full force in kind. Like, he'd read that Mercury was apparently out and about god knows where and now this?

Worst of all no one else seemed all that perturbed, just humming along or nodding in intrigue. With that observation in mind he elected to take a full quaff of the provided drink…and blinked several times in quick succession.

"Holy crap that is good."

"Isn't it? I could go drinking this all day is what I could do, nya~!"

Golden Gift reminded him quite a bit of honey whiskey, with a strong burning flavor that instead of sticking around in the mouth and throat with said burning morphed into some kind of candy-like sweetness that was outright soothing, like ice cream or birthday cake.

It also must have had one hell of a proof on it because he could already feel a pleasant numbness gathering at the tip of his nose and he was a pretty decent hand at holding his drink.

Another fiery meteor flashed across the sky before vanishing not into the horizon but what seemed to be a swirling portal of Dr. Who origins, one of the Fairies commenting, "It should start for real in ten minutes or so, don't get too drunk!" prompting Kuroka to happily slur, "It's fine, I can do once things at two!"

"Really nailing it, Big Sis."

Shaking his head at the Yokai's cheerful inebriation he turned towards Mai and Yumi, asking, "So how have you two been holding up so far? To call everything we've been going through over the past few weeks as hectic would be underselling it, you handling it?"

Yumi was the first to nod, small smile on her lips as she replied, "I'm doing fine, if anything I think being so busy has been for the better."

The blonde shyly twirled a strand of blonde around her finger, remarking, "Every day feels like I'm constantly learning and adapting to new things, a constant stream of improvements and lessons. Even going to the academy seems like it will be its own challenge…I don't like the idea of where I would be without so much to do and be mindful of."

Mai nodded in quiet agreement, commenting, "Gosha was dangerous and hectic, but it nonetheless had structure and patterns to its madness…here it feels as if everything is in a constant state of flux. It's quite intriguing."

"Be that as it may having a bit of solid ground to stand on never hurt anyone, is any of this overwhelming for you?"

"It's exciting, is what it is."

Yumi's eager remark brought a bit of a smile to Cayman's face, turning to Shirone and Kuroka's direction as he additionally asked, "So what about you two?"

The pale-haired Yokai looked at Cayman with a dull expression, Kuroka happily humming as she rubbed her head against her sister's.

"Business as usual."

"Glad to hear it."

"Ooh, it's starting!"

The conversation came to a halt as they turned their eyes heavenward, a few streamers of burning light racing across the sky as Cayman reflected that rather than atmospheric booms or cracks as air was displaced there was unusual humming or voltaic crackles as rips in the fabric of reality shot rainbow colored fragments of a planetary god in a wild and chaotic pattern that was simply beautiful to look at.

It reminded him of standing in the shower when sunlight hit the water, refracting and causing a kaleidoscope of myriad colors to provide a surreal tinge to everything…except massively scaled up in both wonder and size.

He'd seen the Northern Lights in his previous world and had been awed into silence then…now? Now he couldn't tear his eyes away from the spectacle that could have passed by in seconds or minutes, so timeless was the display.

At least until a few giggles and chuckles brought him out of his trance, blinking as the ocean of vivid sensation trickled away into a few scattered streamers, Yumi, Mai, Shirone and Kuroka all looking at him with a bevy of expressions.


"Nothing…just that your usual smug and cool attitude were totally replaced by a kid seeing his first big budget movie ever~!"

Feeling the slightest traces of embarrassment at Kuroka's teasing he defended himself with, "Well I've always had a thing for natural displays like that, this one was just that incredible."

"I think it was rather cute, seeing you like that."

Yumi's equal parts playful and brutally honest observation had the male sighing, wryly watching the bevy of notifications appear.

+10 AFC with Yumi Kiba [15/100]

+10 AFC with Mai Nanase [40/100]

+20 REP with Kuroka [75/100]

+20 REP with Shirone [70/100]

While he was happy to further things along it felt kinda awkward and not his pace to have it happen because they thought he was acting cute and adorable.

"Screw it, may as well own it since the cat is out of the bag."

"All right, all right…just do me a favor and don't tell someone like Caren or Rin this, they'll be sure to bring that up at every given opportunity."

"No promises~!"

Kuroka's cheshire smirk left Cayman with a sinking feeling in his stomach but that was quickly replaced by Mai abruptly stating, "It was an incredible show…but you must be tired, Cayman. I'll show you to your room. Thank you for the guiding."

Surprised at both Mai's sudden insistence and boldness as she gently guided him up out of the seat - their four Fairy guides well and truly sloshed after having gone through their own share of Golden Gift - he gazed back to their group, Yumi blinking at the sudden departure while Shirone had a raised brow, Kuroka madly grinning as she waggled her eyebrows at him.

"Well see all of you tomorrow, good work and get a good night's rest."

And with that they were headed down the stairs, Cayman idly wondering if he should ask Mai if she was sure about what she was obviously thinking of doing before deciding that his overclocked hormones had their own idea of how the night should go, the Firmament's Tears providing a welcome reprieve from the deluge of lust he'd been subjected to but was now raring to go once again, especially since he had something to look forward to.

"Now unless I'm extremely far off the mark and deserving of a slap across the face…mind if I ask what made you so eager to have sex, Mai?"

The Taimanin almost missed a step before she furtively glanced over her shoulder, face flushed and expression shy as she hurriedly replied, "W-well I noticed you were having…issues and Natsume said that I should act on my feelings, but…I also did not want to presume, as you're also involved with Princess Till-"

"Yeah, Till is totally alright with side action, don't worry about that. My main question to you is that [Warcry] really has me pent up and twitchy…think you're up for that?"

Pink eyes briefly averted themselves as thick thighs briefly rubbed themselves together.


"Oh, good."

And with that he scooped up the young woman in his arms, a startled yelp leaving her as she stammered, "C-Cayman, I can walk-"

"Nope, my legs are longer, we'll get there faster."

"A-are you really that-"

"Horny? Indescribably so. And considering how sexy you are things downstairs are getting a little heated."

+5 AFC with Mai Nanase [45/100]

Pale skin turning crimson red at his blunt compliments the Surveyor reached his room in record time, pushing open the door and kicking it closed behind him before pressing the girl up against the wall, one hand resting at the base of her neck and the other latching onto her firm ass, pulling the young woman into his body as she briefly squeaked at the aggressive action, one leg hastily curling around his waist and essentially confirming what he'd already suspected from his own clothing.

The Fairies didn't really believe in underwear.

"B-before we start-mmm~?!"

Not in the mood for any pillow talk Cayman crashed his lips into the Taimanin's, forcing his tongue past her cute little lips before pushing against his partner's own muscle, dominating it as brief gusts of air left the pale-haired female's nostrils…and she returned the gesture with clumsy but enthusiastic motions that were enough to heat his blood to the boiling point, skillful hands gently running through his hair as her hips gently gyrated against his own, both legs crossing at the ankle to ensure a proper hold as she began to respond more and more energetically to his kiss.

"You're not an honor student for nothing, are you? Quite the quick learner…"

Pulling away from the lip lock and instead peppering the girl's tender throat with affectionate bites Mai moaned out, "I…I wanted to say…I'm a virgin, so…please don't get mad…"

Really getting into Mai's 'kuudere' act falling apart at the seams as soon as she started getting hot and bothered Cayman didn't verbally respond, instead giving her a hickey as a high-pitched whimper of delight left the ninja, providing him with an opportunity to consider that bit of info.

He'd actually never slept with a virgin before, by the time he'd left the computer screen behind and started getting it on with real people most of the women he'd ended up with already had a relationship or three under their belts, never mind that most of aforementioned couplings hadn't lasted a year.

Falling in with the mafia, his occasional murder and just a general love of not being tied down to anything that didn't pay the bills had essentially disqualified him from long term relationships.

"So what exactly IS the proper order of operations when it comes to treating a girl right during her first time?"

He promptly decided that it didn't really matter since he wanted her nice and ready regardless, spinning the Taimanin around and gently tossing her onto his bed with a soft thump and exhalation of surprise, pulling the dress off of her body and causing the girl to pink with adorable embarrassment, hands instinctively flying to her groin and chest before stopping halfway, Mai instead letting herself be bared to his eyes as she lowered the appendages, bashfully staring upwards as she murmured, "You…you can look as much as you want…"

"And I intend to."

With her long, carefully maintained hair splayed out beneath her and a short, sexy, and curvaceous body with modest breasts and killer hips and thighs he was having to make a conscious effort not to simply blow the Taimanin's back out right then and there, something obviously on her mind as she stared with wide eyes at the massive tent he was pitching, Cayman abruptly kneeling on the edge of the bed before firmly grasping the back of his partner's knees, raising her legs up high and revealing the puffy, hairless mound already lightly glistening with arousal.

"But first we need to make sure you're nice and ready."

A deep, tongue-filled kiss to her cunt had the Surveyor flexing his arms in order to keep the girl's legs from instinctively closing over his neck, a breathy gasp leaving her throat as he trailed feathery caresses and licks over her nether lips, never really going deeper than her outwards folds but driving the Taimanin into deeper and deeper throes of passion as she began to gyrate and shake her waist as much as she could with his restraining hold, Cayman taking his time and indulging in her taste with more than a little bit of curiosity.

Traces of bitterness and odd musk that came with Human bodily fluids, sure…but there was an unmistakable aftertaste of floral hints that he wasn't sure was just a thing this world had naturally, a kind of shampoo or cleanser Mai used or a consequence of them being in the Fairy homeland.

Either way he wasn't complaining, abandoning the chaste and playful kisses as he instead shot his tongue deep into the young woman's drooling folds, a quiet gasp music to his ears as he swirled the organ around and explored every centimeter he could of the heated and flexing walls of his partner, his hands detecting brief vibrations and flexes of the Taimanin's legs as she tried to ride out the rising pleasure through movement with little success.

"C-Cayman, that's-"

Raising an eyebrow even as he ate out the girl's pussy the Gamer had to marvel at how quickly she'd started reaching her climax, reflecting that maybe she'd just been really turned on before they'd actually started getting busy.

As if in response to that very thought his mouth muscle was almost painfully squeezed by the girl's crushing folds, a full body shiver and trembling breath accompanying Mai's orgasm as the male pulled his tongue loose, grinning down at the glassy eyed Taimanin before purring, "Did you know that I can curl my tongue, Mai?"

"Eh…eh? W-what does that-hyah?!"

An adorable squeak a pitch higher than her previous ones left the pale-haired girl as he released her legs, used his thumbs to peel apart her cunt and reveal the turgid nub that was his target…and promptly latched his tongue just below it, curling the organ around the swollen clit and start providing all sorts of stimulation that had a straight up cry of delight filling the room as Mai's hands immediately latched onto his head and curled into his hair, the girl obviously torn between pushing him away and dragging him closer, loud and uneven breaths causing her chest to rise and fall as a positively devilish grin adorned Cayman's lips.

A fierce wiggle of up and down, left to right and any combination of the two quickly brought Mai to her limit, a stuttery gasp music to his ears as her hips lifted into the air, once more a tremor wracking her short but fit body before the pleasurable high ran its course, Mai collapsing onto the bed with a dazed expression, Cayman leisurely rising to his feet as his cock was positively aching to be shoved inside of the tight, warm hole that he'd been teasing, dripping thick and shining precum as Mai stared up at the organ, apprehension largely gone and instead replaced by wanton desire as she thickly swallowed, rolling onto her hands and knees before reaching behind, athletic and juicy ass hypnotically swaying before him as lithe fingers spread her pussy wide, pink eyes staring over her shoulder with obvious anticipation.

She didn't say anything and he didn't either, letting his hands sink into her hips and butt before lining up his cock with a bit of maneuvering, licked his lips-

-and a deep, primal groan left Mai as he buried himself halfway into her tunnel with a single thrust, Cayman hissing in delight as he felt a very snug and intimate pressure assailing his dick, made all the more intense by his newly improved length, leisurely and gradually gyrating his hips as he spread the Taimanin wide, quick and breathy pants of lust escaping the girl.

"S-so big…hah~!"

Briefly caught off guard by the vocal approval the Surveyor quickly left his gradual and slow-moving pace behind, thrusting forward as he yanked the thick girl back, prompting louder and louder squeals of delight from the Taimanin as he crammed just shy of two-thirds inside of her, reaching her cervix with a tangible thump, gasp of delight and flexing of pelvic muscles causing Cayman to hiss out a slow, controlled breath.

And to his excitement bumping against her womb's entrance seemed to send Mai into frantic trembles of excitement rather than pain or discomfort, moans of hedonistic pleasure music to his ears as she waggled her generous hips to and fro, his dick bending and swaying before gradually pulling back, luxuriating in how tightly the Taimanin's pussy grasped and hugged onto his length as if it was sad to see him go…at least until he got them reacquainted with a follow up thrust, the air sounding as if it got knocked clean out of Mai's lungs before she once more panted for breath like a beast in heat, more eagerly pushing her butt back with some guidance from his hands, the sight of the 'Kuudere' honor student so frantically begging to be fucked senseless really doing it for him.

So much so that he picked up his pace, absolutely railing the shortstack he was sheathed in with harsh thrusts, each one prompting some noise of appreciation from Mai as her cervix was battered over and over…and even in the throes of desire he noticed how said barrier bent and dilated with each pounding, an action that seemed to drive his partner crazy rather than pain her.

"Well Till just has a weird body to begin with and Natsume was under the effect of some seriously crazy lust magic so it wasn't that odd…but why is Mai's cervix acting like it's asking to be pushed aside, that's a no go in normal female bodies-FUCK?!"

Completely caught off guard with Mai's abrupt backwards thrust her barrier bent, puckered and just like Natsume's as he was fucking the Incubus King out of her folded around his cock and squeezed it tight like an organic ring, a trembling breath leaving Cayman's lips as a mewl of raw and plaintive hedonism escaped Mai's throat, her muscled body shuddering and convulsing in a way that basically did it for Cayman, his vision spotting as an abrupt and fierce orgasm caused him to splatter his partner's womb with spurts of his seed, her curvy form arching and twitching before they both relaxed, tensed muscle easing as the Gamer planted a soft kiss on the back of Mai's neck-

-before lacing his hands under her knees, intertwining them behind her head and lifting her into a facsimile of a full nelson, legs included as he savagely grinned at how light the girl was, his enhanced strength and elongated dick meaning the manuever was neither tiring or impractical, Mai glancing over her shoulder with an expression that was half embarrassment and half naked lust, breathily asking, "Won't you get tired-ah~!"

Answering that absurd question with a flex of his upper body that dropped her onto his erect length the Surveyor chuckled at the way Mai tensed and quivered in his arms, straining his limbs but holding tight nonetheless as he began to lift her up and down, less of his cock finding itself in the snug embrace of her cunt but far more stimulated by the radical position, his strength allowing to get a bit creative, leaning forward so that his upper body was at a near ninety degree angle…and began fucking her in earnest, the horizontal angle and altered hold he had on the Taimanin causing her to become more than a little vocal with her delight, a smug smirk finding itself on his face as the normally quiet woman got pretty damn loud during sex.

Hopefully she had the stamina of a highly trained ninja warrior that he was assuming she did, because he did not feel like stopping anytime soon.

+55 AFC, +5 DEV with Mai Nanase [05/100]