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Percy Neró Jackson was a frail three-year-old whose mother was terribly sick. Their condition only became worse after their father had left them for another family a few months prior.

Despite being in a critical condition, Sally worked long and hard to ensure their survival.

When he was six, he had met Thalia Grace, the daughter of their kingdom's king.

Things then took a turn for the better in his life.

Thalia and Percy, both were different from the other kids in the school, bonded together, getting closer and closer. They were an unlikely pair, the outcast and the royalty, but they made it work. Whenever Thalia needed to let her grievances out, Percy had the shoulder she would cry on.

When Sally's death seemed imminent, Thalia discreetly sent her private physician to nurse her back to health.

When they both reached eleven, Zeus discovered their friendship. Unwilling to believe their relationship to be chaste, he ordered Percy's death. In desperation to save himself, Percy swore his warrior-consort fealty to Thalia, which Thalia promptly accepted.

Being the closest and the most valuable asset of the queen, he was trained in all sorts of martial arts and tutored until his brain was drained.

Regrettably, the day his four-year coaching ended, his mother died in a tragic accident.

No tears left his eyes as he laid her body to rest, his angry voice muttering a promise to his soul.

Percy's new job as Thalia's keeper made them inseparable...literally.

Unless Thalia was bathing or undressed, Percy had to stay by her side at all times.

Between her training as the heiress of the throne and Percy's constant tailing, their relationship changed. The sudden change in their dynamics was pleasing to both parties. Their accidental touches became more frequent, Thalia's habit of randomly hugging Percy skyrocketed. Her favorite time was, however, when they both were alone in her room at night. Thalia would snuggle closer to Percy and cuddle with him for all she was worth underneath the majestic moonlight and wake up in his arms beneath the soft sunrise.

Zeus, aware of the bond that his daughter and that boy shared, tried to separate them from each other. After extensive manipulation, he forced Percy to become the throne's personal assassin.

As the duo reached seventeen, their respective responsibilities left them no time for each other.

However, all of that changed on that fateful day...

"Hff!" he grunted before skillfully dodging all the articles of clothing, armaments and the attacks thrown at him here and there on the deck that she and the selection committee had forced all the paladins to use and wear so they could be analyzed and observed.

She could see that he was winded after disarming and flooring Nico and Jason one after the other.

Yeah, she knows, she should not be staring at him out of all people like that, but she just could not help herself.

"Lady Thalia?" a voice asked, effectively breaking her out of her stupor.

"Yes?" was all that indicated that she had heard the servant.

"His Majesty would like to have a word with you as he believes that he has found the perfect suitor for you."

A quick, furious yes escaped through Thalia's gritted teeth before she (quite regally) ordered the raven-haired beauty, "Perseus!"

Posture suddenly stiffening and his armor pieces flying onto him, Perseus 'Neró' Jackson (or better known as Dawnbreaker to the kingdom and its enemies) immediately and gracefully rushed to the Crown Princess's side.

"Yes, Milady?" were the two words that left his mouth.

"Father is calling me to his room and, as the servant reported to me, has given a new protocol that suggests that I be accompanied by an Omega level bodyguard knight by my side all the time." She lied smoothly, barely keeping the flustered stutter out of her voice and killing the rage she had a few moments before.

Percy raised an eyebrow skeptically but silently started following her to Zeus's chamber. On the way there, Thalia commenced recalling the history of the kingdom of Olympus. She remembered how the once-great king was now reduced to a sex-crazed degenerate whose nation would have been in dilapidations if it were not for Thalia.

Percy trepidatiously unlocked the door to King Thunderpant's chambers and waited for her to go in, opting to stay outside as a sentry guard to prevent others from eavesdropping.

Thalia immediately halted herself from gagging as the smell of sex and aphrodisiacs assaulted her nose.

"Daughter, come here." Zeus ordered as Percy closed the door after a sharp gesture from the king.

Thalia obliged somewhat dubiously and then sat down a few spaces away from Zeus.

"You now need a lover and, the kingdom needs an able leader to bring it back to its former grandeur. Being the king, I have taken the liberty to find one for you." Zeus paused for a moment before continuing, "His name is Luke Castel-"

"No, I shall not!" Thalia said, cutting her father off mid-way, and before the astounded king could even reply, Thalia threw the torrent of her feelings towards her father, "For years, I have been trying to be the best version of myself, so I can satisfy you. I murdered my hobbies for you. While other girls went to dancing classes, I clashed with the soldiers, so I could be a better fighter. Other girls read books about mythical fairies and charming princes to sweep them off their feet and take them to wonderland while I studied war strategies and politics. I saw the parents playing with their children while you fucked whores left and right whenever the opportunity presented itself. I renounced my dreams and passions to be the perfect leader that the kingdom needed because their king was too busy bedding another lady instead of attending council meetings. I had to become the army's general due to your lust-filled absence, for hell's sake. The only two good things that you ever did for me were the conceiving of Jason and the recruiting and training of Dawnbreaker who is currently waiting outside. I hate you! Now," her voice dropping to a whisper, "if you don't mind, I have a new contract to create."

"I don't care about what you think, insolent child! Luke is coming here, so either you can marry him or relinquish your right to the throne." Zeus thundered.

Without bothering to respond, she got up from her father's side and rushed out, ignoring the knight's hurried footsteps to catch up with her as she headed straight towards the administration room and instantly composed and authorized the Omega-level bodyguard protocol (she was just concerned about her security she swears! It is not like she stares at the guy every chance she gets).

The instant the rule was written and digitally transferred to the castle's staff, Percy was beside her.

Maintaining a neutral expression, he reluctantly asks, "If I may be so bold, may I ask her Majest-." His already quiet voice dropped under the watchful yet commanding gaze of those piercing blue eyes. The owner of those orbs motioned him to duel with her without a word, and he obliged.

About an hour later, he was sweaty, sparring in the castle's barracks with his owner (apparently providing the warrior-consort fealty to one means that they own you), and he uncharacteristically started feeling nervous. An unknown yet cold feeling gripped his spine as a punch was thrown his way, which he intercepted before getting suplexed over the princess's shoulder and landed in the grass with a THWUMP!

A few bouts later, they both were sweaty and breathing heavily.

From spears to bows and arrows to their elemental powers, they both had pushed each other to their absolute limits.

'Care for another match, boy?' The princess taunted him fiercely.

'I apologize, Milady, but I don't think I have sufficient energy left for another session.' The warrior responded. In honesty, he could have crushed her after the first two rounds, but the threat of being dishonorably discharged and hunted ceased him from doing something so drastic (and stupid).

Three minutes later, he was evading the katana blows lovingly delivered by her majesty to his commoner body.

Swipes, dodges, parries, punches, kicks, chokeholds, blocks, and ankle twists, Thalia had given it all against the slightly self-suppressed Percy.

On the good side, their fifteenth spar was the last one they fought. On the not-so-good side, the record was an exceptional total of fifteen to nothing.

"Answer me truthfully, Persssy." The nobless hissed as she, out of nowhere, pinned a tired Percy to the ground. Sigils abruptly appearing and glowing in the air around them, Percy physically had to suppress himself from displaying his shock. After all, the monarchess had never called him anything other than Perseus or pinned him to the closest surface available before, ignoring their past (not counting the occasions when she would return from her anti-aphrodisiac training. Those times got a bit uncomfortable with her being unnaturally possessive of him for some reasons unknown.)

"What do you think of Luke? I want an honest and trustworthy opinion, Percy. " She asked, cutting his train of thought off in the middle. "And do not bother worrying about being heard publicly, the magic I have casted makes us invisible and unhearable to the world around." She added as an afterthought.

"Milady, I-" Percy's mind blanked for the first time in the entirety of a cycle of pain and joy.

"I what Perseus?" She sharply (and very rudely) questioned.

"I don't think it is appropriate for a noblewoman to be this close to a commoner, your actions violate several protoc-" Percy feebly attempted saying but was cut off by Thalia once over as she clamped her hand over his mouth.

"Look, sweetheart, I don't remember me asking you about anything related to some fucked-up protocols that my whore of a dad made, now if you will graciously answer my question it will make our jobs a hell of a ton easier. So, I am going to ask you again, what do you think of the scoundrel named Luke κλέφτης Castellan. Is he worthy of my hand in marriage?" She said, slowly removing her palm from his mouth as she propelled another pulse of energy to the barrier surrounding them to keep it from collapsing.

"No. Luke is a deceitful, overbearing traitor who will stab you in the back the first chance he gets. He is abnormally adept at charming females with his looks and promises but leaves them in the end after destroying them from the inside. He is in, plain words, a deranged psychopath who must be murdered at all costs but cannot be due to his influential contacts." Percy said with conviction.

A wide-eyed Thalia gave Percy a strange look. Percy usually had no opinions regarding anybody, but his criticism of Luke unsettled her.

Slowly, doubts started to creep into her conscience.

What would happen to her if she married Luke? Will he raze the kingdom to the ground?

Soon, she fell into a dilemma.

"Lord Luke of the kingdom of Mercurius has arrived!" A voice, out of nowhere, bellowed.

The intensity of the voice sadly killed Thalia's concentration. As soon as Thalia realized that her focus was slipping, the doors barged open. Zeus and Luke stood there, their eyes wide with outrage upon seeing Percy's and Thalia's compromising position.


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