Probably going to be one of my final updates by this account.

Firstly, I apologize to everyone with all these so-called updates/bullshit which achieve nothing for any story and frankly, it fucking sucks.

Now, on to the main point...

My laptop died today while I was using it mid-way (dunno what happened and how did it happen) and I could not recover any data of past. Fuck, I dunno how to put this shit eloquently so I will just be blunt...

Laptop is dead, about 7-8 months of writing data is scrubbed out now (450-500k range of words/stories or something has disappeared), none of the files (apart from ones I posted on fanfiction) were backed up. So, I have nothing left. About half a year of my works is rotting somewhere now and so this is it. I'll take few months off and will hopefully come back as a better writer.

Name of the new account is HellJager (I have posted nothing).

Bye Bye.

Have a better day than me.