Welp, my parents found out about me writing fanfiction and I guess they do no approve. They have told me to delete these stories. I had already scrubbed this place out once in the past to avoid detection but no such luck this time :(.

Sooooo...before I perish this account, I need some suggestions.

1. Obviously I will be returning in 3-4 days under a newer, significantly less cringier name. So review me a dark one if you can please, heh.

2. I am gonna start updating my stories (seriously I didn't write anything for a long ass time), so please tell me which one would you prefer:-

= continue with "War Within My Veins" (I'll upload a chapter every fortnight)

= Try a Perlia story (I have a plot somewhere in my computer, I think)

= Try a Preyna story (No plot so that might not go somewhere)

=Cry like a bitch (That is a shitty option but if I get no response, it is what it is)

=Write a story/one-shot if anyone asks for one in my PMs (I am not a prominent author so do no expect any responses but my PMs are open so that counts)


Farewell to those who bothered reading this, may we see each other in the future.

Bye :)