Summary: So John and Rogue have a little somethin', somethin' going on. What if Bobby found out? Takes place after the movie.

Pairing: The main one's ryro. But Rogue is officially still with Bobby.

Disclaimer: Nothing besides the plot is owned by me. Marvel, Stan Lee, and Brian Singer own most of the copyrights... And hopefully, the actors who play the characters depicted in this fic own themselves. But considering that capitalism basically rules the universe, who the heck knows anymore? Ugh, it's way too late (or early – it's 5 am) to talk politics. Bow before the corporations, people!

A/N: So I wasn't planning on continuing this, but then I wanted to do something in Bobby's POV. This one's a bit different, but just tell me what you think, okay? Basically this takes place two months after the second movie. So there's a considerable gap between John's POV and this. Just assume that everything that happened in the movie happened, alright? And Bobby never had a single clue that Rogue and John have something going on. Basically, in this fic, John contacted Rogue secretly after he left to see if she wanted to meet him for a little, um, rendezvous (I'd write something on how this came about if I felt inspired enough). They've been meeting up in the secret tunnel (the one they used to escape in the movie) and one night, Bobby just happened to spot Rogue as she crept out and followed her...

A/N2: For those of you who care, don't worry, I haven't abandoned 'Touch'. I already have an idea on how it'll go, but my muse hasn't kicked in. Hopefully it will soon. And those who reviewed 'Ritual', thank you so much for all the kind reviews. Being told that I got the characterizations down pat is, for me, the most flattering comment I could ever get.


So here I am, in one of Xavier's secret tunnels, watching my girlfriend cheat on me with my best friend.

I'm normally Mr. Cool, you know – heck, considering my gift, I'm rarely anything BUT cold – but now, as I see her with him, I burn.

Ironic, considering that's normally HIS thing.

It's been two months after he left us. One moment we were hanging out, just having a good time, and the next it was, "Sayonara, I'm joining the bad guy." He just up and went. Not even looking back. It was like our friendship meant nothing. He didn't even try to contact us afterwards.

Or at least I thought he didn't.

Apparently I was wrong, since he obviously contacted her.

And considering their current 'interaction', I'm guessing that this isn't their first meeting.

For one, their faces are much too close. He's backed her up against the wall and he's giving her that characteristic sneer of his. And instead of looking annoyed – as she normally would be – she is looking at him... teasingly. It's definitely a look I've never seen before.

I wonder if it's something she reserves just for him. The thought just seethes me...

And her body language is different too. She looks very much... receptive to his advances. I cringe as I see her hands travel up and down the sides of his body. They soon make their way across his back and up to his neck. My stomach churns as he pulls her to him, ugh, molding the fronts of their bodies together. And, as much as I feel like being sick at the moment, I can't help but be curious as to what they'll do next.

Funny, I never considered myself a masochist before.

I wish I could hear what they're saying. She is laughing at something he just said. It doesn't look like a genuine laugh though, if that matters. It looks like a sarcastic laugh. Good.

But then, it happens.

Swiftly, he goes and shuts her up by kissing her. And the worse thing is, she is immediately kissing him back. No hesitation, no reservation, just pure... passion.

Somehow, I can't force my body to move. My feet are literally frozen to the ground. And though my insides burn, I can't bring myself to look away.

So there you go. Here I am... frickin' Bobby Drake... rooted helplessly to the ground as he witness his girlfriend make out with his best friend. And he never even had a goddamn clue that something was up between them!

How long has this been going on anyway?!? How come I've never sensed it before? Why? How?

I thought Rogue and I were happy. I thought she felt the same way. She's always cheerful and loving with me. The idea that she and John might have ANYTHING never even crossed my mind. Some boyfriend I am, huh?

Then again, I've never even sensed it from John. I knew that he had a crush on her when she first came, but I never thought that he'd do anything about it. He never liked being attached to anyone... Huh. I guess I'm not much of a friend either.

Wait a minute! Why am I blaming this on me? If anything, I should feel angry at them...

Okay, good. They've stopped kissing. Neither of them makes a move to back away though. 'Get your hands off each other!' I want to scream. But I don't. Instead, I watch them.

Now, what is she doing? She is lighting his zippo. Oh, don't tell me she's also secretly a pyromaniac! So much for our open and devoted relationship...

No, wait, she's using John's power. She's manipulating fire and she's forming ... a mask? What is that...?


That's how they do it.

They're kissing again, but now through the flame.

We've tried that, you know, Rogue and I, but she didn't like the ice.

Apparently, though, she has no problem with fire.

I feel the bile rising in my throat.

What the hell is she doing with me anyway if she's seeing John?!? Especially after he abandoned us! What if Magneto sent him? This doesn't make sense!

I suddenly feel like I don't know her at all.

Was she just playing with me? But all the moments we had were real! She couldn't have been faking them, could she?

But she's definitely not faking it with John right now. He's just slammed her against the wall and I can see no protest from her. In fact, she is wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him closer.

This is truly like nothing she and I have ever done before. When she's with me, she's really gentle and sweet. Passionate, sometimes, but I never knew she liked it – for lack of a better word – rough...

God, why am I still watching this?

I feel an upsurge of anger at the both of them, but I still can't tear my eyes off of them. I feel mesmerized...

Or maybe it's shock?

I can't believe they're doing this to me. I can understand him. John wasn't the type to really give a shit about other people anyway.

But Rogue... I didn't even SUSPECT that she'd go for John. She was always so genuinely happy with me... How long has this been going on? Has she been lusting after John the entire time? Why did she choose to stay with me then?

I feel like such an idiot.

I can't stand this. I can't stand them. And I can't take one more second of this.

I ram my fist against the wall and – without intending to – freeze the wall they're leaning on.

I see Rogue jolt up immediately as she feels ice forming behind her back. She and John look up in shock. I know they know that I'm here.

But I don't feel like confronting either of them right now.

Yes, this is me. Nice, perfect, controlled Bobby Drake, who also happens to hate confrontations (look how well that went with my family!). I may feel betrayed, I may feel angry, but I will keep my cool.

So, finally gaining control of my body, I turn around and head back to the manor.

A/N: So whaddya think? OOC Bobby? I hope not! He's not too easy to write, to tell ya the truth! I personally see him as the complete opposite of John. Whereas John meets conflict head on (several blown-up cop cars will testify to that!), Bobby prefers to avoid it ('took him long to finally fess up to the folks, didn't it?). What do you all think? Anyway, for that reason, I wasn't able to write outraged!Bobby. Poor guy, though. First his family disowned him, now he finds out that his girlfriend's cheating on him with his best friend. Looks like the perfect world of Bobby Drake is crumbling down...