Meloetta's stomach growling prompted her to use her psychic Pokemon powers to figure things out, with it taking her from a random route in the Unova region to being suddenly in Askr where she noticed various girls looking at her oddly.

"Hey isn't that girl a Meloetta?" Anna asked with her eyes beginning to shine. "I could easily make a lot of money off of her!"

"Hey I'm not for sale!" Meloetta snapped while moving her paddle shaped hands around in the air, feeling her gut grumble. "I'm just looking for sweet succulent icing to fill in my tummy-"

"Yeah forget about that!" Anna laughed while summoning an empty sack. "Now get in here so you can make me a lot of cash!"

Meloetta felt insulted enough and used her psychic to throw Anna right into the air, with the other Fire Emblem girls looking at her with worry in their eyes for Meloetta fell on her back and groaned; her empty belly rumbling like a powerful force while Anna screamed upon falling all the way back down to the ground and injuring herself as a result.