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My life used to be simple. I was the beloved daughter of Seattle's Chief of Police, Charlie Swan. My mother, Renee, adored me, and she was the beloved daughter of my besotted grandfather, Aro. The men in my life adored me. I was treasured, protected. My love life was simple. I'd had a few partners but not so many I would be embarrassed to tell anyone the number(which was four). I was Vice President of Midnight Sun Advertising, with my grandfather being president and owner, but I had earned my job, no one doubted that. Within two years of me taking on reigns as one of their promoters, I had been promoted to vice president. I had hundreds of campaigns under my belt.

So, life was good, it was simple. Then grandfather called me into his office one day, and everything changed. Everyone in my life had a different worldview than I had grown up thinking they really had. I can remember that day like it was yesterday.

It was the end of the work week, and day, and grandfather had requested I come see him. The click of my heels echoed through the silent hallway as I walked the marble flooring. I was curious, wondering what led us to a meeting now, rather than on Monday morning, or a less formal meeting at one of our homes. It wasn't like grandfather to dig into our personal time. He'd seemed nervous all day, as well. I had a feeling he wasn't looking forward to this discussion. It made me nervous, as grandfather was never nervous.

His secretary was gone for the day, so I didn't bother knocking, just walked in to find grandfather standing by the huge glass window in his office, staring out at the skyline. I walked up behind him, resting my forehead against his shoulder blade like I often did. It was comfort, when he couldn't wrap me in his arms. I always felt safest with grandfather, despite dad being Chief of Police. "Bella," he sighed softly, turning to wrap his arms around me in a warm embrace. "My dearest granddaughter."

I giggled, squeezing him gently, as I replied, "Your only granddaughter, grandfather. Now, you know you can talk to me about anything, so spill already! I am nervous enough with your nervousness. What's so important we're not even going home first?"

His chuckle was resigned, a wry quirk of his lips lifting one corner. "Oh dear one, you're always so quick to get to the heart of the matter. No nonsense, that's for sure. Let's sit on the sofa, so I can tell you a difficult story."

We moved over to the sofa, black leather with vibrant sapphire throw pillows upon it. I sat with my back against the arm, facing grandpa, my head tilted with curiosity. I always wanted to know things, so my curiosity wasn't unusual. He settled himself and sighed before looking at me tenderly. "This story is dark, my dearest, but it must be told. Years ago, my family moved from Italy to the Americas, seeking fame and fortune like so many others. We'd had fortune in Italy, of course, but the country was small to my ancestors. So we moved the family businesses here, to America. We started off in New York and shifted west as the years went on.

"Not everything the family did was completely legal, Bella. We were well known. No one messed with us. We were both feared and looked up to. Some wanted to be us, and some wanted to ruin us. We were the Volturi."

My gasp interrupted his speech, for I had heard of the Volturi. Could I really be a part of this family? It didn't seem possible! Surely dad would have known. He'd never put up with criminal acts, would he? My emotions flickered across my face in a rush, I felt so confused and unsure suddenly!

"Yes, dear one. The Mafia family, the Volturi. I was raised to be Don. I had hoped to pass it on to a son someday, but your grandmother only gave me your beloved mother. Your mother met Charlie and she insisted she had to wed him, and that she wanted nothing to do with the family business. So I stepped back. I tried to distance myself from that world. I quit selling guns and drugs. I quit roughing up neighborhood kids. The problem was the other Mafia families. There's three major ones here in the US. The Volturi, the Cullens, and the Denalis. The Cullens are a let live kind of family, so they didn't care, however the Denalis wanted someone they could fight for territory with still. They wouldn't let me quietly leave, but I had slowly let my men go.

"Now, I am getting old. Seventy years and honestly, I just want rest. I have no one else to pass the family issues to though. Only you, my love. Yet you know nothing of this life and there's no one left to protect you, secure you, from the deviousness of the Denalis. So, I started talking to Carlisle Cullen, the current Don of the Cullens." He paused there, taking a nervous breath of air and I knew then that whatever he was about to say wouldn't be easy for him to say. But I had to know, though there was a part of me that knew already. A part of me screaming in protest, while another part of me was dancing with glee.

He took my hand in his, holding it tightly, his eyes searching my face as he continued. "I proposed that we combine the families, that we wed the two together. A union between his eldest and my most treasured granddaughter. He agreed, sweetheart. He agreed that this union would be advantageous for both of us. His son has no wish to marry into the Denali family, and hasn't found himself a bride from an acceptable family yet. His son has agreed to marry you, sight unseen, trusting in my judgement. Will you accept, Bella? Will you marry Edward Cullen and combine our families for your safety? Please?"

And there it was, the question I had been expecting. I knew of the Cullens, though not this side of them. I knew of their charity work, the generosity they bestowed upon the less fortunate. It seemed so at odds with a Mafia family. I'd never heard a whisper of their family mixed with the Volturi or the Denalis. They must be very good at keeping under wraps. I knew what I had to answer. I knew I would answer in the positive. See, I am a submissive, and while I kept that tidbit secret, I knew I could never say no to grandfather, or dad for that matter. Anything they asked was theirs, for they protected me, loved me, took care of me. I would never deny them. Truth be told, this was a good deal. There was nothing wrong with an arranged marriage. They worked quite well in the past. My only worry was if I couldn't handle the vanilla relationship; I knew as a submissive some parts would be easy. I would just miss the biting caress of the ropes on my wrists, the feel of a flogger on my skin, the sharp sting of a spanking.

It was nothing compared to the mental health of my family knowing I was safe, though. So I said the only thing I could. I replied firmly, with certainty, "Yes, grandfather."