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Character Profile

Name: Marc Bristow

Birth: Date: June, 06 1970

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 195 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Sidearm: 10 MM Sig Sauer P220 Elite Stainless SAO

Edged Weapon: Microtech 151-10 Halo V AUTO OTF, KA-BAR Big Brother Kraton G
KA-BAR Throwing Knife Set

Military Service: (Army): Enlistment – 1987 at age 17 he joined the Army with the MOS: 18X- Special Forces Trainee; upon successful completion of Special Forces training, MOS changed to 18E or 18 Echo Intel Sergeant and cross trained as 18 Delta Medical Sergeant. Served with the 5th Special Forces Group until unti 1995 and joined 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (later Combat Actions Group-CAG) until 2007. Terminal U.S. Army Rank Command Sergeant Major(E-9).

Awards and Decorations: Combat Infantryman's Badge, Combat Diver's Qualification Badge, Special Forces Tab and Patch, Ranger tab, Sapper tab, Air Assault badge, Master Parachutist Wings (with a Combat Jump Device with a large gold star centered on the shroud lines 5/16 inch below the canopy), Military Freefall Parachutist Badge (With a gold star centered on the dagger), Silver Cross (2), NATIONAL DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL, Purple Heart (2), Silver Star (With V Device) (2), Bronze Star (With V device) (3), Army Expeditionary Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, Army Expert Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship Badges, Army Overseas Service Deployment Ribbon (3), Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, The Armed Forces Service Medal Ribbon, Defense Meritorious Service Medal Ribbon, Defense Superior Service Medal Ribbon (2), European - African - Middle Eastern Campaign Medal Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal Ribbon, Kosovo Campaign Medal Ribbon, Legion of Merit Medal Ribbon (3), Iraq Campaign Medal Ribbon Kuwait Liberation of Kuwait Medal Ribbon, Master EOD badge, NATIONAL DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL,

Special Skills: Hand to hand combat instructor, Master Interrogator HALO/HAHO qualified, Scuba qualified, Fixed and rotary wing licensed pilot, EOD qualified including nuclear weapons, Combat EMS qualified, Survivalist training, Advanced SERE training, Tactical Offensive/Defensive driving qualified, Sniper school instructor, okay computer hacker, Master Poker player/Gambler

Languages Spoken: Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Pashtu, Dari, Kurdish, Turkish, Hebrew, Uzbek, Kazakh Albanian, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian Bulgarian Swiss, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Belgian, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Belgian, Portuguese, Azeri, and Tajiki

Agencies trained with: CIA, FBI, DEA, US Marshals, SS (Secret Serviss, DSS (Diplomatic Security Service), ATF, DIA, NCIS, CID, NEST

Security Clearance: Above Top Secret

Vehicle: black 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV

Nickname: Hammerhead

Current Occupation: Special Agent in Charge CTU Los Angelese

A/N: This story is completely AU and the moved the story into the present year

A/N 2: I'm borrowing CTU from the creators of 24.

Chapter 1:

Couter Terrorist Unit, Los Angeles

Special Agent in Charge Marc Bristow was sitting in his elevated office poring over various Military and Intelligence reports and threat assessments When his phone rang shrilly. punched the speaker button and growled in habitually raspy voice, "Bristow."

His wife of 17 years Special Agent in Charge Jessica "Jess" Bristow; a former Marine fighter pilot turned FBI Counter Terrorism agent said, "Marc; I need you to come to see me."

Marc knew that voice, "He asked, "What's wrong Jess?"

She said, "I'll tell you when you get here."

He replied as he got to his feet, "Alright; I'm on my way right now."

She said, "I'll brief you when you get here; I love you."

He said before he terminated the call, "Love you too."

Then he shrugged into his battered black leather jacket and walked down the bullpen. On his way to the door when he was intercepted by SSA Daria Cohen; Director of Field OPS. He locked eyes with the former LAPD SWAT sniper as he as he asked, "What's up?"

She replied, "Bridgit found something you need to see."

He said, "Jess wants to brief me on something that has her spooked."

Daria turned to Bridget and said, "Bring it with us."

Then to Marc she said, I figure this is important Jess wouldn't cry wolf."

Marc said, "Good call."

They watched as Bridget grabbed her bag containing her Panasonic Toughbook 55 and said, "I'm ready."

FBI Field Office, Los Angeles

When they got the FBI Field Office and up to the young Asian woman behind the front desk. She asked, "Hey Agent Bristow; what can I do for you?"

Marc replied, "Hello Agent Jensen; I need to see my wife; she's expecting me."

Agent Cindi Jensen said, "Yes sir go on up."

He thanked her as they headed for the elevator. 15 minutes later they walked into Jess's spacious office. She warmly greeted both Daria and Bridgit. As she did he just watched her. She was short woman with a Rubenesque figure, with long shimmering black hair, a small upturned nose almond shaped cobalt blue eyes and full ruby red bee stung lips. She wore black slacks, a turquoise pullover shirt black blazer and black stiletto boots. He saw the white gold Oyster Perpetual watch in her right wrist, the white gold cross around her neck and the black 9MM GLOCK 45 in a black Galco holster on her left hip. After she and Marc embraced, he asked, "What's up Jess."

She said, "About 18 hours ago we snatched a man by the name of Ibrahim Khalidi off the streets Karachi."

They all knew who Ibrahim Khalidi was; he was a former Pakistani Special Service Group commando tuned freelance assassin. Marc asked, "How did you get onto him; CIA has had him under surveillance for the last 18 months.?"

Jess replied, "We've had a team of agents tracking him since the Monte Carlo assassination 3 months ago."

Marc had read about that; 3 months ago, sheik Rashid Al-Qatar, a sheik that had helped them in Afghanistan was vacationing with his mistress in Monte Carlo was assassinated along with his mistress. Many Intelligence Agencies believed it was Ibrahim Khalidi AKA the Viper. Daria asked, "What did he give you?"

As he was talking Jess, Daria and Bridget stared at him; he stood 5'11" tall, and weighed 195#. He a lithe muscular build, short dirty blonde hair, and intense stormy blue eyes. He was wearing tight dark blue jeans, black cowboy boots, a tight black t-shirt, and a battered black leather jacket. He also had a 10 MM Sig Sauer P220 Elite Stainless SAO in a Black Galco HALO Belt Holster on his right hip, a highly encrypted Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on his left hip, a stainless-steel .357 S & W snub nosed 686 in a black Galco ankle holster strapped to his left ankle and a black Microtech Halo 5 S/E OTF Automatic Knife in his right hip pocket. He also had stainless steel dog tags around his neck, a stainless-steel Rolex Submariner 16610 on his left wrist, and several outlaw tattoos covering his arms and back. Jess replied, "He confirmed that he was responsible for the Sheik Qatar assassination and...

Marc asked, "And what?"

She was about to reply when Bridget O'Neal; head of CTU's Cyber Division said as she set up her laptop and hooked a fiber optic cable the huge 60" LCD screen, "I hate to interrupt but I you need to see this video. This goes along what I needed to show you."

Marc said, "Play it."

She nodded and hit play. The screen came alive with an Arab man wearing fatigues, tactical gear and brandishing a 7.62X39 AK74 and a black kaffiyeh wrapped around his head standing in front a black curtain. He began to speak, "I represent Ansar A-Sharia. we have captured an infidel spy and..."

And with that he drew back the curtain revealing a nude bound blonde haired woman. He continued as he produced a scimitar ,"we are going to show the Crusaders what happens when you wage war on Islam."

And with that he beheaded her and said, "We will come to your country and wage war against you."

As the video ended Jess said, "I knew her."

Thre threee other people looked questioningly at her as Marc asked, "Who is she and how did you know her?"

Jess replied, "Her name was CAPT. Andrea Weaver; she was my roommate from Annapolis to the USS JFK. She changed her designator from Naval Aviator to Intelligence. She was with ONI."

Marc said, "I'm really sorry sweetheart but what were you going to tell me?"

Jess replied, "Me and Andrea were investigating Ansar Al-Sharia; we believed they were behind the attacks on Embassies in Riyadh, Islamabad, Kabul and Beirut. We also received Intel that they planned attacks within our borders within the next 2 weeks."

Marc said, "Have you informed the Agency?"

She replied, "I called Dixon; he wants us to brief APO."

Marc nodded as he said then we better go."

20 minutes later they all climbed into his black 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV. He donned his mirrored Gatorz Eyewear WRAPTOR POLARIZED sunglasses as he fired up the big SUV and they drove away.

APO Headquarters, Los Angeles

The APO team was busy trying to trace the source of the video when Arvin Sloane walked into the bullpen and asked, "Have we found where the video originated?"

Agent Sydney Bristow nee Vaughn said, "We have it narrowed down to somewhere in outside of Benghazi."

Sloane asked as Jack Bristow joined them, "Is that where we believe Ansar Al-sharia is located now?"

Jack replied as he saw his son, his daughter in law and two other women walk up, "Yes that is what CAPT Weaver and Jess suspected."

Sloan spied Jess and said, "Glad you could make it."

Jes had a look of extreme distaste as she spat, "Yes; although I can't fathom how you of all people ends up being put in charge of a black ops unit within the CIA."

He chose to ignore her comment and said, "Let's go to the conference room so we can brief each other."

15 minutes later the members of APO along with Marc, Jess, Daria and Bridgit were seated around a conference table as Sloane said, "Special Agent Bristow please tell us what you and CAPT weaver found."

Jess stood up and said as Bridgit hit a few keys on her laptop and a dossier for Ibrahim Khalidi AKA the Viper appeared on the huge 80" LCD screen and told them everything she had said in her office. When she was finished Jack said, "We can get more of Khalidi."

She looked over at her father-in-law as she asked, "Where would you like us to take him?"

Jack replied, "We'll send a couple agents."

Jess nodded as Nadia asked, "Do either FBI or ONI have anybody undercover with Ansar Al-Sharia?"

Jess replied, "yes... we have Agent Tom Grace; he's under as a convert to Islam."

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