Final year celebration was all Hermione's idea. She must have watched to many Americanized movies with Pavarti and Lavender, but she was completely convinced that they needed a commemoration for completing all seven years. Being that she was Head Girl the teachers gave her full respect and support for her idea. Pavarti and Lavender offered to do the decorations, and Hermione agreed as long as they didn't make it too girlie (she had to convince Ron to go after all!). After all the major details were worked out and approved by Dumbledore, Hermione started off to the common room to break the news to Harry and Ron . . . gently of course.

Coming into the common room she spotted Ron and Harry sharing the small couch in front of the fire. With a flick of her hair, now long in controlled curls, she casually walked over to the boys with out being noticed. Covered underneath her Hogwarts cloak she wore a fitted skirt to her knees with a surprising revealing pink tank top. She could tell that they were in deep conversation about Quidditch, again.

She quickly walked in front of the couch, than sat on Ron. "Hey, me and Harry were talking! You hate it when I interrupt you!" Ron was about to continue but was silenced as Hermione covered his lips with hers and explored every inch of his mouth. For a couple of moments Harry could not see anything but that of Hermione's curled hair and this wasn't the first time he was thankful she had so much of it.

Hermione pulled away and with a smile asked, "What were you saying?"

"Er . . . You can't . . . How am I supposed to remember?" Ron demanded and Harry snickered.

"Well, if we're done with that topic. Ron I found a way you can use your wonderfully hidden talent – "

Ron's eyes bulged out of his head. "Yes, lets not look to deeply into that right now," he quickly responded.

"Right, sorry Ron. Oh," she turned to Harry; "I have the perfect opportunity for you to finally ask –"

"Trying to get me killed Mione? Why all the secret sharing?" Harry interrupted.

"I've organized a commemoration for Gryffindors, Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's. Slytherin prefects absolutely refused to have any part in it."

"WHAT?" both boys exclaimed looking at each other in unison. No way were they going through yet another Yule Ball experience. Harry made a move to talk to Hermione alone, but Ron stopped him.

"Hold on Harry, me first!" Ron picked Hermione up in his arms and easily transported her to an empty corner of the common room. He set her down and pinned her to the corner. "You know I'm in no circumstances dancing in public right?" Ron forced the words out in more of a statement then a question, ignoring the whistles coming from the other Gryffindors.

"Then why did you take the dancing lessons? I do want to dance now and then! Anyway, it's commem!"

"Commem? I told you that those stupid movies of Pavarti's were not suitable for you!"


"Cause they influence you too much. They're evil!"

"They influenced me to buy this shirt!" She spat, then opened her cloak so he had a full view of the shirt. Ron started at her, then closed her in more.

"Hermione! I don't want guys to see that!"

Hermione raised her voice in anger, "I didn't wear it for them!"

He gave a quick smile and grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. Before she could react Ron's mouth covered hers with a kiss much deeper than the first one. Ron slowly moved his hands around her waist and groped her buttocks.

Hermione couldn't take it, she wanted so much more it hurt. So she put him in the same amount of pain as she was by slowly dragging her fingernails down his spine and quickly back up again. Ron let out a soft groan.

"Get a room already!" a voice called from behind.

Hermione pulled away with a slight laugh that slowly turned into a sly smile. "Ron, I think I have an offer for commem that you can't refuse."


"Harry, this is your last chance to ask her! There is no longer 'maybe next time.' This is the last time." Hermione and Harry had gone for a walk outside after Ron willingly agreed to go to commem.

"Ron will kill me and you can't deny that," Harry reminded her. He enjoyed life and didn't want to cut it short.

"Oh, he's too nervous about . . ." she trailed off, refusing to look him in the eye. "I mean, I have this thoughts on other things for that night right now."

"Good cover. I don't really know what his thoughts are on, but what's he nervous about?" Harry insisted. "Come on 'Mione, he's my best friend. What would you know that I shouldn't know?"

She sighed, giving up. "His mom gave him dance lessons."

"WHAT? Ron, dance? You've got to be kidding me!" Harry gave an amused smile.

"Don't say anything to him, he's already nervous. That's why he won't notice! Ask her Harry, it's long over due."

"How? When? She's always around other people. You'd think that she'd want alone time."

"At six every night she goes down to the lake, where the second event took place in fourth year. And just tell her that you'd enjoy her company at commem."

"You've thought about this more than me," Harry mumbled. Suddenly he stopped dead. "Hermione, not now! Nobody even knows about the party!" He saw Ginny sitting alone by the waters edge.

"So add that you wanted to ask her before anyone else could. Good luck!" Hermione turned back towards the school, leaving Harry alone to do the task. Harry looked back to the shore of the lake in the distance. He couldn't help notice how the late afternoon sun glowed on her flaming red hair, now six or seven inches past her shoulders. As Harry slowly walked down the hill towards her he had to keep telling himself that this was the last chance. Finally he thought, 'Ron will be too busy dancing,' then he laughed to himself.

Ginny looked up when he laughed. "Hello Harry," she welcomed brightly. "What's so funny?

"Your brother dances," Harry replied as calmly as possible. He took a seat on the grass beside Ginny, his heart beating rapidly against his chest.

Ginny laughed too, Harry noticed her easy going smile and had a not-so-new feeling of wanting to kiss her. She interrupted his thoughts, "You should have seen it; I caught him twirling Mum. I wished I had a camera to capture the moment." At this Harry laughed genuinely. He was looking out at the lake, still smiling, when Ginny suddenly blurted, "I love your smile." This was a very unGinny thing to do and surprisingly she didn't blush.

Her boldness gave him the courage to do what he had to do next. "Er . . . Ginny, 'Mione has organized this party . . . A commemoration. I just wanted to, well," he took a breath. "I'd enjoy your company immensely. And I know it's early, but I didn't want someone else to ask you first," he finished quickly. There, he said it.

Ginny didn't say anything for a few tantalizing moments. Harry looked at her; she was smiling. Ginny kissed him on the cheek and flung herself on him, never saying a word.

"Should I take this as a yes?" Harry asked, now lying flat on his back with Ginny on top of him. His arms seemed to have a mind of their own and wrapped around Ginny's middle.

"Yes! I'm so happy you asked me! Now I can go buy a new robe and shoes and do my hair all fancy . . . And spend a very important event with you!" Ginny mimicked a movie she had watched earlier and sounded dangerously close to a hillbilly.

Trying to play along, Harry responded, "Well I'll be damned, I've got meself a real winner! This is more than I've ever wanted!"

Ginny laughed and said, "Okay, I won't watch or mimic any more of Lavender's movies! Just never do an impression of them again," she smiled at him.

"I love your smile," Harry complimented. He closed the short distance between them and kissed her gently. The kiss was sweet, but released built up passion and flooded with intimacy, though there was never any tongue. They pulled away, both grinning. Ginny kissed him again, and they lay there for a while, never changing positions.


The commemoration started, placed in the Great Hall. Beautifully decorated in gold and deep blue, the Great Hall wasn't packed, like usual school events, for many refused to attend. Everybody not attending the party was sent home earlier that day. Music was playing, Fred and George had come back to be the DJ's. They had just returned from Canada and had a music selection like no other. Bands from Canada were nothing like the Weird Sisters. They ranged from Rufio to Slow Coming Day, but was good dancing music all the same.

Hermione danced gracefully with Ron, keeping his thoughts away from Harry and Ginny. Ron had finally given his full attention to Hermione and noticed how beautiful she was. She wore a new scarlet lake red robe with her hair in full curl, pulled half up. They were dancing to 'Over It' by Rufio, really close and Hermione was playing with Ron's hair on his neck. Not being able to stand it much longer Ron kissed her, not caring what people would think.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ginny were doing something in a similar manner on the other side of the room. Dancing close Harry looked at her; she was wearing a royal blue dress that brought out her eyes, and her hair in twists that lead to the top of her head in a . . . Well Harry wasn't sure what that kind of bun was called.

The evening was perfect throughout the whole night. By two o'clock every one was tired and many Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's had already retired to their towers. With fourteen open rooms and a total of twelve people left in Gryffindor, they took advantage of having a room to themselves. Harry and Ginny kissed goodnight, in a no longer tongue free manner, then headed to separate rooms.

Finally Ron and Hermione were left alone. Hermione smiled dangerously and grabbed Ron's hand. They made their way to the room, which awaited their arrival. The room held over two hundred blue and violet roses. "Ron, it's gorgeous!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Well this night is all about you, and you'll never forget it."

Hermione smiled up at him then closed the door. "Thank you, it's perfect." She was so certain, so positive. She grabbed the back of his neck roughly and pulled him in to a toe-curling kiss. Her other hand rested on his chest, she could feel his heart beat rising. He grabbed her lower back, pressing her tightly against him. When they broke, they were gasping for air. Hermione took out her wand and did a fancy wave, a silver layer took over the door. No sound could possibly enter or exit the room, nor a person.

Ron shrugged off his dress robe, leaving him in faded muggle jeans and fitted white tee shirt. Hermione took his lead and took off her robes. She was wearing a red cleave shirt, along with tight jeans. They both slid of their shoes and socks, and were amazed how the floor felt underneath their feet. Hermione smiled and walked over to a bed by the window. "Beautiful sight from up here. My dorm wasn't this high," she commented.

Ron came up behind her and kissed her neck. She let her head slide back to rest on his shoulder, allowing him to further his journey through to her collarbone. Suddenly she heard the music from a song played that night.

And it's none of my business,

I got a weakness.

Can I beat this?

The autumn leaves,

Are falling in the breeze,

It's not my fault.

She started to sway her hips softly to the imaginary music surrounding her. Ron was a little confused, but went with it. Hermione turned in his arms and gripped his shoulders. She kissed him deeply, slightly pushing him to the nearest bed. As they fell to the bed the curtains caught them, tangling them into a weird position. They laughed and Ron helped Hermione get disentangled.

There's a storm over yonder,

You gotta wonder,

What it's all about?

Destiny was never up to me,

And it's not my fault,

Your loves like salt.

They lay on the bed, free of the curtains. Ron leans over and slowly kisses her while he drags his hand down to reach to the rim of her shirt. He plays with it awhile, then delicately pulled it over her head. She shivers as the cool air rushes across her warm skin. She smiles up at Ron, before grabbing his shirt. Hermione tries to pull it off, but it gets suck on his head. She giggles softly, before carefully working it over his head. Hermione reaches down and unhooked her pants. She takes Ron into another deep kiss, loving his taste.

The aftertaste is gunna break my heart

Feels like its over before it starts

The aftertaste is gunna break my heart

Ron's hand grazes her hip, leaving her skin bagging for more. He lingers as he borders on her lace underwear. Hermione grips his back with her right hand and pulls him closer. With her left she fumbles on his jeans, finally opening them. Ron breaks apart for a moment, and Hermione feels him in all his glory against her.

"Hermione," he says out of breath. "Are you sure?"

And I really didn't need this

Don't wanna be this

Don't wanna see this

I'm fallin' in,

I'm going there again

And it's not my fault

"Positive," she replies surely.

Are you sick of pretending?

That all this trouble is really endin'

The way things break

Every step you take

Is not my fault

Your love's like salt

Ron moves so half his body is on top of her. He smoothly pulls her jeans down her legs. When they're off, he tosses them to the floor beside the bed. Hermione feels exposed, even if Ron's seen her in less. She carefully pulls the covers from under her and pushes them down to her knees. Ron pulled his own pants off hastily, then helped pull the sheets of Egyptian cotton up around both him and Hermione.

The aftertaste is gunna break my heart

Feels like its over before it starts

The aftertaste is gunna break my heart

Your love's like salt

Hermione, once covered in the astonishing fabric, shyly slips of her knickers and bra. Ron pulled off his boxers, discarding them in the same area as Hermione's pants. He brought his hands to Hermione's waist, then trailed his way up. He bent down his head and kissed her, starting at her neck, and slowly lingered down to her stomach. Hermione closed her eyes, enjoying Ron's kisses. The music flooded her head.

The aftertaste is gunna break my heart

Feels like its over before it starts

The aftertaste is gunna break my heart

Ron slung his head back up. He centered himself over her and kissed her mouth passionately. His every touch left tingles, a wanting of more, the feeling of love. His breath sent shivers of warmth to her core, and the places where he kissed missed his tongue. Hermione ran her hands up around him, traveling down his back. She loved every groove of his body, his toned muscles, and his heat. The music switched violently in her head. She couldn't explain it; the music consumed her soul.

And I saw

Pictures in my head

And I swear

I saw you opening up, again

They were both having troubles breathing. "Are you ready?" Ron whispered lightly. Hermione was in pure pleasure, all she could do was nod. She wrapped her legs around his waist, making it easier for both of them. Ron slowly moved into her, not going to fast, never wanting to hurt her. When he was all the way in she hit her lip in the pain. They made a slow rhythm, giving her time to adjust.

And I'm surrounded

You spill

All alive and brand new

And I'll forget about you long enough

To forget why I need to

The pain was subsiding, the gratification increasing. She moved her hips with his rhythm, which started to get faster. Ron's left arm was resting on his elbow, gripping her side, the right holding himself up as to not crush her in his weight. In return Hermione clutched his left shoulder, the other draped across his neck. Her legs helped push him into her. She could no longer keep her eyes open, everything seemed hazy, blessed joy. She wasn't aware than she had arched her back in preparation of release, or that this was what drove Ron over the edge.

And I saw

Pictures in my head

And I swear

I saw you opening up again

I would be heavenly if

Baby you'd just rescue me now

Their release was simultaneous, Ron collapsed onto Hermione as gently as he could muster. He rolled over onto his back and Hermione lay breathing heavily. They both catch their breath gradually.

"How are you?" Ron asked, sincerely worried about how she felt.

Hermione smiled, then slid over for Ron to embrace her. "It was amazing; perfect. I love you."

Ron gave her shoulder a light kiss; "I love you, too." They fell asleep, listening to each other breathing, holding each other, and enjoying the luscious fabric that completely surrounded them.

Pictures in my head

I saw you opening up again

Cause I would be heavenly if

Baby you'd just rescue me now


There it is. Took awhile, I was interrupted a lot. I reread it, so it shouldn't be full of too many mistakes. The first song was 'Aftertaste' by Ben Lee and the second was 'I Saw' by Matt Nathanson. I know the lyrics are a little … unromantic but the beat of Aftertaste is what inspired me and I Saw is just so unique and wonderfully done (in my opinion). Sorry if you don't like my choices. You could have easily ignored the italics and continued on. Now review! I won't do another scene until I have 300 reviews (total not for just this. I know it's obvious but some people are . . . er, need verification.)