Chapter Sixteen

Destin stood in front of the fireplace, waiting nervously for Ton to get ready. Tayhe had already left, about five minutes ago, to "get everything ready," (what ever that meant) and to invite Kaylen over. She couldn't really believe that her first sneaky (you could call it she guessed) plan had worked so smoothly. Now that she'd actually have to travel by floo powder she started to have her doubts. 'No,' she told herself soundlessly, 'You can and will do this.'

"Ready Dee?" Ron asked.

She put on a brave smile. "Always."

"Great, let's go." He took two pinches of floo powder, then scattered the powder into the flames. He took Destin's hand and stepped forward.

Destin followed; the fire felt like a warm breeze. She heard Ron give the name (she couldn't really make out more than a mumble) and it soon felt as though she was being sucked down a giant plughole. She seemed to be spinning very fast. The roaring in her ears was deafening. She tried to keep her eyes open but the whirl of green flames made her feel sick. Something hard knocked her elbow and she tucked it in tightly, still spinning and sinning. Now it felt as if cold hands were slapping her face. Squinting she saw a blurred stream of fireplaces and snatched glimpses of the rooms beyond. Her bacon sandwiches were churning inside of her. She closed her eyes again wishing it would stop, and then –" she fell, almost face forward (if it were not for her father), onto cooled tile.

"You're here!" a voice warmed. "Terrific."

"Hey Glenda," Ron greeted. "How's the Ranch?"

Glenda sighed. "Busy and tiring, but that's good I 'pose. How's the Ministry?"

As the adults chattered back and forth Destin observed her new surroundings like a lost kitten. The painfully obvious old-country-style (which seemed to trail past the kitchen into the other rooms as well) had a disturbing charm to it. Destin, she decided, loved it. She turned her attention to Glenda (she was staring intently at Destin [had she asked a question?].) Glenda carried a certain presence; her radiant beauty was blunt from work and age; her hands were delicate and graceful, yet rough with blisters in the creases of her fingers. Destin simply adored her without really realizing why. "Pardon," she asked politely.

Glenda smiled warmly. "I was just saying that Kaylen is on his way and I've sent Tayhe to feed the horses," she explained. "He should be in the barn."

Destin started at her. "The barn," she repeated for no reason.

"They have the classic red and white barn, it's really cool," Ron jumped in. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her gently to face the other way, towards the door. "It's that direction."

Destin ran without hesitation. "Thanks Dad, bye Dad! Nice to meet you Brenda!" she called over her shoulder.

"It's Glenda!" Ron yelled after her, but Destin didn't seem to hear. "Sorry, I have no idea where that came from," Ron apologized.

"That's okay. She's just excited."


Destin ran towards the barn, it looked like a picture she'd once seen. The air was still cool, but the sun was shining brightly overhead. In the distance light gray clouds were swooping in. Destin saw the dark-haired boy heading towards the cheerful red barn and she fated to pounce. As quietly as possible she sprinted up behind him. When she was close enough she leaped on to his back unannounced, bringing both of them to the ground with a loud thump.

The barn door opened and she saw feet run up to them. "Kaylen, this is Destin," he introduced, trying to hold back laughter. "I guess you guys have already met if she's tackling you."

Destin quickly rolled off and stood up. "Har, har Tayhe. Sorry Kaylen, I thought you were Tayhe." She looked down to find a seven (maybe eight)-year-old boy with dark brown hair (cut real short) and a pair of hazelnut eyes starting persistently at her.

"Play football, Destin?" he asked.

"No, why?" Destin asked curiously.

"I think you might have cracked a rib," he answered as he stood up slowly.

"You're fine. She couldn't have cracked one, maybe bruised it though." Tayhe was still laughing.

The day went a little smoother than the beginning. They had planned to camp out, but the clouds had came in, bringing rain with them. Kaylen went home for dinner, promising to come back in the morning. Destin and Tayhe ran down the wooden stairs that led to the kitchen (Destin hadn't even noticed them when she first came) and sat down to eat. It was a good meal; corn on the cob, steak, potatoes and salad.

"So how do you like Canada?" Glenda asked.

"If it's all as pretty as your ranch, I don't want to leave." Destin smiled, then continued to inhale her food.

Glenda laughed. "That's good. Tayhe did you lock the stables? I don't want the horses out in this weather; it'll ruin their coats."

"Yes," he said through a mouthful of food.

Dinner continued with a little small talk, nothing too important. Tayhe and Destin ended up watching movies in the den until it was about ten, they'd fallen asleep. Glenda woke them up. "Come on you two, let's go to bed." They slowly made their way upstairs to Tayhe's room, dragging their feet. Glenda tucked them both in tightly then turned to leave the room.

"Goodnight Debra," Destin yawned.

"It's Glenda, and goodnight."

"Oh, yeah."


They woke early, to the smell of pancakes. Destin jumped down stairs, after hurriedly dressing. They ate quickly (she being reminded it's Glenda not Wanda) then ran to meet Kaylen. They decided to show Destin where they spent most of their time in the summer.

So they spent the first half if the day down at an amazing swimming hole. And it really was like a hole; there was a waterfall along with a ledge that surrounded three sides, and the fourth was a rock and sand beach that you could only get to by climbing down a steep, mud hill. It reminded Destin of Tuck Everlasting, but when she told the boys this, they laughed at her. Then Kaylen seemed to lose with balance often, falling into the water always from a good height above. It just so happened he also seemed to grab Tayhe for help, bringing him along. Destin laughed, then realized that she really needed to be careful, she didn't know how to swim.

Later that day they went to play softball in town. Kaylen laughed when Destin couldn't hit the ball in the game, so he accidentally was hit by her passing him the ball from second to first. He got a black eye, but it wasn't like she intentionally cursed his glove to miss. Kaylen started asking a lot of questions. Tayhe looked worriedly at her so she told him that "It's not important," to all of them and he eventually gave up. He figured that Tayhe would answer some of them when she left.

The weekend died slowly away, bringing decent whether as time closed around them. There were no more injuries and nobody wanted Destin to leave. So when Ron came to pick her up he was talked into visiting for a few minutes (which turned to hours). Finally, Ron put his foot down and they left after Tayhe finally go Kaylen to back outside without Destin.

Tayhe and Kayle had a camp out that night. The were both staring up at the clear sky when Kayle asked, "How often will she be over?"

"I'm not sure. It depends I 'pose."

"Depends on what?"

"I don't know, her," Tayhe stumbled to get around these awkward questions. "Why?"

It was Kayle's turn to grow silent from the question. "Just wondering."

"What do you think of her?" This was the only way Kayle would quit asking him questions. Do what you have to he guessed.

"Honestly?" Kayle sighed. "She's cute."

"She's what?"

"Cute, in her own way."

"Sure, I . . . uh, guess."

"Nice, but kind of vicious."

"How?" Tayhe laughed.

"Ever notice whenever we teased her –" Kaylen began.

"We?" Tayhe interrupted.

"Okay, whenever I teased her, something weird would happen?"

"Vicious or vibrant?" Tayhe tried to change the subject.

"Both," Kayle decided.


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