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I'll Be There

Dreams for Love

A priest stood at an alter with a man and a woman in front of him. They were getting married.

"Do you, Remy Lebeau, take this woman to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"I do." His accent filtered through the air. The priest looked at the woman now.

"And do you, Rogue Darkholme, take this man, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you apart?" Rogue looked at the Remy and smiled.

"Ah d-"


Rogue sat up in bed and turned to let the alarm clock have her death glare full on. Oh how she hated that thing more than anything. Before, it only woke her from her dreams for school and danger room. But now . . . oh, now she had put it on her revenge list. At that moment her roommate came into the room.

"Rogue, didn't think you'd be up for, like, a few more hours." Rogue raised an eyebrow. "It's Saturday." Rogue thought this over for a few minutes before turning over in her bed and tired to get back to sleep. Key word, tired. At that moment guess who would dare to disturb Rogue even more. Who has the death wish? Why, a brother would be the only one that suicidal!

"Vogue! Get dressed!" Rogue looked at him with flames in her eyes.

"What are ya talkin' about?" Kurt smiled.

"Vell, it's a surprise!" Rogue's eyes didn't change.

"Kurt . . ." Kurt smiled even bigger at his sister.

"Oh, come on, Blade set it all up!"

Dixie poured the last of the Cheerios into her bowl. She looked over at Blade was had been pouring a mountain of sugar onto her Lucky Charms.

"How can you eat that much sugar?" Blade looked up at her with tired eyes.

"Huh?" Blade asked while adding milk to her cereal. She took a few bites of her cereal and after a moment it looked like she had been up all day. "Oh, well, I don't like the taste of coffee so I just settle for sugar. It works the same but only for a short time. And by the time it goes away, I'm good for the day." Blade took a few more bites of her cereal. Dixie looked at her like she was insane then shook it off. Kurt appeared beside Dixie right then.

"Blade, ve need you to do us a favor, do you mind?" Blade thought for a minute before shrugging. Just then Kurt noticed the huge pile of sugar sticking our of her bowl and the Lucky Charms floating around them. "Uh . . . do I vant to know?"

"No Kurt, you don't." Dixie muttered. Kurt nodded and turned back to Blade.

"Ve vant to take my sister out!" Blade nodded.

"Sure. But why do ya need me?" Kurt grinned sheepishly.

"Vell, ve need someone to drive and also . . . it vas the only vay." Blade gave him a funny look.

Rogue sat in the front seat. It was now 8 o'clock in the morning and Blade was driving them somewhere. She really didn't have a clue. Rogue sighed and brushed some hair back with her gloved hand. True, she could touch, but only if she wasn't afraid of her powers. And only a few people was she not afraid of her powers when they were around. Blade, Ororo, Logan, and Professor Xavier. Sometimes Kurt and Kitty. She'd only seen Remy once and that was at the graveyard. So most of the time she still covered up. Blade glanced at her.

"What happened?" Rogue blinked and looked at her.

"Huh?" Blade smiled as Rogue looked at her clothes trying to avoid her eyes. She had on a deep maroon colored button up blouse that was only halfway buttoned. She had on a white tank top underneath that and wore dark jeans. He hair was a bit fluffy and the two different colors of her hair were blended alittle together.

"When you came back. You know, you never told up where you got those from. Or who gave you a ride back to the mansion." Rogue was silent. Blade smiled even bigger. "Don't worry those guys fell asleep five minutes ago." Rogue looked up in surprise and turned around to see Amara, Kitty, and Kurt all asleep. Blade glanced at Rogue. "The clothes were from her, weren't they." It was a statement, not a question. Rogue looked at her in surprise.

"How . . ." Blade smirked.

"Ya know, just because my mutation is in the feline family doesn't mean I don't mind Wolverines." Rogue took a minute and smiled. Her mutation made her like a cat. She was fast like a cat, agile, strong like one ((Hey, those things can be pretty strong when they get a hold of your carpet and don't want to go outside!!!! I've got the big lumps in the carpet to prove it!!!! I'm still trying to flatten ones that are a few years old!)) and good hearing.

"Yeah, they were." There was a long silence.

"Are you still mad at her?" Rogue thought for a minute.

"Ah . . . Ah really don't know. Ah think Ah'm startin' ta forgive her." There was another long silence. Blade thought about what to say. They had awhile to go before getting where ever Kurt had told her to. He really didn't say, just gave her directions.

"You . . ." Rogue looked back at her. "You don't have them any more." One more another statement and not a question.


"My powers. Their gone . . ." Rogue gave her a funny look but her eyes gave it away. Blade was right.

"Don't know what yer talkin' about." Blade sighed.

"Rogue, in the danger room, there have been plenty of times when you could have avoided injury by using them but not once. Are you afraid that we'll kick you off the team because you can't do much?" Rogue looked down.

" . . . Ah don't know. Ah feel so useless." Blade smiled.

"Don't. Right now, we need to get you to stop being afraid of your power when more than a trusted few are around." Rogue nodded. "I guess my power left with your first body." Blade thought about this. "Ya know, that is totally creepy know that you think about it. Faye Ma'at was a weird one, wasn't she?"

"Yeah, Ah know."

"And what kinda name was that anyway?" Rogue laughed.

"Well, Alana choose Faye because it wasn't Egyptian to spite Apocalypse. Ah think that the same goes for Ma'at. She wanted her ta be nothin' lahke her father." Blade nodded.

"Yeah, that makes sense." Rogue smirked.

"But Ah think Ah couldn't handle another name for Angelic Demon, Smokescreen, or Lady Hawk." Blade laughed an nodded.

"Yeah, I can't believe how many names Hawk had. Her Fury name, her old name as that servant or whatever, then her everyday name. And the same with Smokey. I'm glad Angelic only had one other name. Man, I would have gone insane if I had to know another name." Rogue laughed quietly.

"Ah know what ya mean." Silence poured into the car once more till Rogue decided to break it. "Ah wish Michelle stayed." Blade nodded.

"Yeah, but I think she's better with the Furies. They are really the only family she has."

Blade pulled to a stop. It was 11 o'clock. She turned and glared at the three in back.

"WAKE UP YOU LOOSY BUMS! YOU DROOLED ON THE LEATHER SEATS!!!" The three heads shot up and Rogue cracked up laughing. Blade glared at each and every student in the back. Her eyes had changed with the small burst of fire in them. The once regular blue eyes were now green cat eyes. Rogue finally stopped laughing and really looked at Blade. Today she wore a green sleeveless turtleneck and black pants. Her hair was the same as always, dark brown, almost black, somewhat wild and alittle less than chin length. Rogue sighed and shook her head. She looked out the window to see where they were. She blinked a few times to make sure she was alright. A . . . park.

"Uhh . . . Kurt . . . Ah just wanna ask this one time. Ya took meh ta a park?" Kurt nodded and started to yawn but stopped half way through when he saw the death glare from Blade.

"Never. Drool. On. The. Leather. If. You. Want. To. Live. " Each word was laced with venom. He could have sworn there were flames behind her signaling that she had beaten her brother out of the family business.

Remy flicked his wrist and with get ease brought a card out of his deck. The past two months had been interesting. He had fallen for a girl he barely knew only after seeing her once or twice. How strange was that? Yes, he would have to see to it that he figured out what really happened to him. This girl was his enemy, not matter what he felt. He had to stop whatever it was. And old buckethead had been giving him a few more missions than usual. Who knows what kind of thoughts go through that man's head. Remy cringed when he heard a shouting.

"PYRO!!!" Magneto roared. "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THE STOVE!!!!!!!! HOW THICK HEADED ARE YOU?!" Remy sighed and shook his head. Pyro must have decided that he wanted another well done steak. He remembered the last time that had happened. They lost the entire kitchen. Nothing was savable. After ten minutes of yelling from Magneto Remy heard an eire silence. He didn't like that. That meant two things. Someone was dead or . . .

"GAMBIT!" Or Magneto had cooled off enough to order him on other mission and take Pyro with him so Mags could stop twitching. Gambit sighed and got up.

He hid in the shadows. They were his friends. The sun hurt, it always hurt. There was only one reason why he ever came during the day. It was her. Once, years ago when the two were of the age of ten, her ball rolled into a park. She followed and saw him. Most ran when this happened but she didn't. She smiled and asked if he wanted to play. She didn't care about what he looked like. Ever since then he always watched her. He came up and hid in the shadows watching over her as they both grew. He followed her if she moved. She had forgotten him over the course of seven years. But he didn't forget her. He thought she had a beauty to her unmatched and only a fool couldn't see it. Of course, for four years now she had changed into what most considered a freak. Normal people. But she was still beautiful, with no one that could compete. He knew that the two of them were one in the same the second he saw her seven years ago. Even now they had some similarities. She had grown pale like him. But that just added to her beauty. True, she fell in love, but he knew that it wasn't meant to be. The fool was in love with someone else, who was no match for her. And she got over him. Then, He had to come along. Was it not enough to be on the side that opposed her? To be on the side of the man who helped ruin her life even more? And He tried to kill her! Also, He gave up on her! If if had been him, he would have found her! No matter where that vile creature took her. He would have found a way. Only he was worthy of love. Because he would never leave. The second He tired of her He would leave, the fool. Soon enough he would take her away from the fool that He was. She would see how two face He was. She would be taken to a world where everything was just for her. And no one would be cruel to her ever again.

Rogue walked down a path through the woods. She glanced at Kurt. He smiled at her.

"Zister, do you like ze park?" Rogue thought for a moment.

"Ah dunno. But why a park, what was wrong with the Bayvile park?" Kurt shrugged.

"Zis isn't just a park. . Ve vanted to make it special." Blade walk out of a bush. They stopped and stared at her. She had twigs sticking out of her hair, bites all over, her clothes were slightly ripped, and she looked like she was getting a rash. She glared at Kurt.

"Yeah. Special." Her voice filled with sarcasm. "I hate mother nature."

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