Change of Plans

Blade and Rogue. Both mutants. Both seemed to have trouble in making their love life easier than it can be. Always do things the hard way. That might be one of the few things they had in common. The two stood before Xavier in his study. The Professor had just told them that the jet was not an option for a few hours.

"Blade, I understand that you have been incapacitated the last few days, but still, there are some things that you need to take care of." Blade raised an eyebrow.

". . . Like what?"

Blade stared in horror at what was before her. The phone. For once in her life Blade feared it. She took a timid step towards it then stepped back as though she had been burnt. She tried once more but all that happened was her repeating her actions. She didn't want to. She had to. But she didn't want to. Oh no, there was nothing in the entire world that would allow her to call. Except for the blackmail Xavier dished out earlier. She would never expect him to stoop so low. She glared at the phone in fear. Unbeknownst to her, Bobby and John were around the corner, watching her like a hawk.

"What do you think she is doing?" Bobby asked in a hushed whisper. John cocked his head to the side and squinted. He wrinkled his nose and puffed out his checks. Bobby stared at the pyromaniac. "What are you doing?" Bobby deadpanned. John blinked a few times then only squinted one eye as he stared at Blade.

"You know mate, she kinda looks like sprout of broccoli when I do this." Bobby blinked a few times. He stared at Blade and did the same thing John was doing.

"You're right." A familiar bamf was heard and the scent of sulfur filled the air.

"Vat are you doing?" A German accent reached their ears.

"The Sheila looks like a bloody sprout of broccoli if you look at her like this." John explained without looking at Kurt away at all. Kurt stared at the two before copying them.

"You vight!" He exclaimed. Unfortunately it was loud enough to reach the ears of the former Fury. Blade's head snapped up. She glared in their direction. "Oops." Kurt disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Blade's eye twitched. Her mouth twisted into a sneer. John and Bobby gave a nervous laugh.

"H-hey." Bobby stuttered.

"Danger room." She growled. The two scampered off. She turned her attention back to the phone. With annoyance she gave out a sigh. "Gotta do this some time." She picked up the phone and quickly dialed a phone number before she could back out. As she listened to the ring on the other side she gripped the phone tightly. Her knuckles were white. She paid no mind to the slight cracking sound the phone was making under the pressure she was applying. Finally, after the tenth ring the phone was picked up and a soft woman voice entered Blade's ears.

"Hello, this is Kyna Moore, may I help you?" Blade bit her lip as she mustered up her courage. She had to go through with this. She was taught to never go halfway. She finally forced out two words after a second.

"Hi mom."

Lady Hawk pushed a strain of hair out of her face. She stood up. Frank had disappeared. She didn't understand it. She glared down at the two words written in a letter she had found when she came home.

~shadow predominant~

She turned her back on it with a noise of disgust.

"How the hell am I suppose to use that information?!" She snarled before storming away from the letter.

Huntress stared at a mirror. She stood in a dark room that only had a mirror. Stalker appeared out of the darkness next to Huntress.

"Shaman says much will come very soon." Huntress spoke with no emotion.

"Yes." Stalker replied.

"The twist in reality that Faye Ma'at caused is being wiped out." She mussed.


"Malevolent will come and reality will straighten out. Her little dream land will fall apart. She will no longer be aided by Faye Ma'at."


"Much will happen." Huntress faced Stalker.


Rogue stared out her window. She heard her bedroom door creak open.

"Rogue?" She turned to Blade.

"Yeah Blade?" Blade bit her lip. She shifted her weight from foot to foot while her eyes darted around the room.

"Listen . . . I'm gonna go home for a bit. My family needs me. You understand, right?" Rogue nodded. "So it looks like I won't be able to help out with your boyfriend." Blade spoke with a sad smile. "Just do me a favor, don't make things harder than they need to be. I made that mistake."

"Alright Blade. Ah'll do that." Blade sighed and nodded.

"Good." Blade placed her hand on the door knob. "Well, I'll see ya soon." She was about to open the door when Rogue stood her.

"Blade . . ." The former Fury turned and faced Rogue.

"What is it?" Rogue smiled.

"Before you leave, what's your real name?" Blade rose an eyebrow.

"What makes you think that my name isn't Blade?" Rogue smiled.

"Sugah, what makes ya think mah name's Rogue?" Blade chuckled lightly.

"Once it's safe, I'll tell ya. Besides, I'm not giving that up before you do." With one smooth movement she opened the door and left. Rogue leaned against the window and stared at the closed door to the hallway.

"Safe?" She echoed. Rogue turned her head and looked out the window. "Guess . . . Ah'm alone for now." She mumbled.

Huntress smirked.

"Once Artemis brings Malevolent here, her life will plummet into darkness. Faye Ma'at and her little gift of peace and an easy life will be completely good. Zillah will make a deal with Malevolent. And so shall others. Great things are to happen. Rogue will no longer have Faye Ma'at helping her with anything, Artemis will have her hands full with Malevolent, Iris will morn for the price she had to pay for immorality, Hellwing will no longer fight without hesitation, Toxin will realize her price far too late, 5th Element will learn the truth of her family, and the X-men will be wiped out." Stalker smirked too.


Okay, this chapter really dragged on. I was so bored of it. I guess it is cuss I have writers block. All I know is it drained me. Seriously, I was ssssssoooooooo bored when I wrote this. I didn't have the usual feel of excitement when I wrote this.