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Welcomed Love

Chapter 1

"You overgrown bat!"

"Insufferable know-it-all!"

Hermione Granger and Severus Snape yelled at each other. It was their usual argument for the past month.


It was the summer between Hermione's 6th and 7th years. Her family and she were staying in Paris again and she was having a boring time. She had visited the city many times over the past summers and she knew all the spots but they didn't hold the same appeal as they use. While walking along one of her favorite spots, she wasn't watching where she was going and she ended up walking into somebody.

"Umhhff." Hermione uttered falling onto her arse.

"Watch where you're going!" She heard a voice sneer.

She knew the voice but considered it unlikely that it belonged of the person she thought of immediately and she replied, "It was an accident you fool and you should be doing the same!" Hermione said this while getting back onto her feet and not looking up to see who the stranger was.

"Granger?" The voice asked with uncertainty.

Hermione's head snapped up and realized just who she smacked into, "P..Professor Snape!" While she wasn't afraid of the Potions Master she never expected to see him in muggle Paris. It was the shock of seeing him more than anything that was making her stammer. Over the years she learned not to drop her jaw and look like a gaping fish also, courtesy of Snape's usual comment of "stop looking like a gaping fish."


Since then an unusual thing happened. Hermione and Severus worked together on potions. She was bored; he needed an assistant since his previous one walked out on him ... again. He wasn't sure why, but he related it to they could never deal with his outlook and manners to the world in general. He didn't know why he had offered Hermione the position. She had mentioned she was bored and well it went from there. They talked briefly after the run-in to each other. Severus would admit, to himself only, that Hermione possessed talent for making potions. He could admit it out loud and not worry about it like he use to but old habits died hard.

Lord Voldemort had been defeated a few weeks before the end of term in Hermione's 6th year. It was as everyone expected but not at the same time. Harry Potter defeated Voldemort himself, but with the help of his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They all stood side by side, they found or actually Hermione found ancient magic to help Harry defeat the Dark Lord. Ron and Hermione channeled their magic through to Harry to help him. It worked and all three were to get the Order of Merlin First Class after they finished school. Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge could have presented the medals while they were in school but wanted to wait and some how avenge himself against the three because they defeated the Dark Lord. The public outcry in the Wizarding world was against Fudge, but it took time and political maneuvering to unseat the Minister before his end of term.

While everyone expected the three to help defeat the Dark Lord, Severus was an unexpected. The three knew of his true allegiance and knew he would fight and they were glad of this. They respected the man in an odd way for acting as a spy. The only reason they were able to defeat Voldemort was because of the information he was able to get while spying. While the three fought the Dark Wizard, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, and numerous other members of the Order of the Phoenix fought the Death Eaters who were trying to kill Harry and friends on Voldemort's order.

So after the battle, the school term ended and everyone went their own way to some how heal over the losses and the enjoy the freedom of knowing the peace was restored to the Wizarding Community.

Hermione and Severus worked together, and Severus didn't have to worry about being "easy" on his assistant since she was used to his sarcastic comments and non-too polite manners. Hermione enjoyed working with Severus as they developed a weird sort of friendship if you could call it that, and they put their titles of teacher and student away for the summer. They called each other by their first names. It was awkward at first but eventually the two found it was easier to work together when they forgot the other roles they played to each other. While working it was usually silent but after a while they talked and talked about many things. Not just potions and school but other subjects, literature, politics and they both agreed Fudge was an idiot and Arthur Weasley would be a better Minister of Magic even with his curiosity and obsession with muggles.

It was only a few weeks into the summer holidays when they bumped into one another and they had been working everyday for nearly a month except Sundays. They would still get together on Sunday and devote that day for whatever else they wanted to do. Hermione's parents had no problem with her working with the wizard. They met him, and even though his demure was unpleasant they trusted him with their daughter's care and knew the man was honorable. They heard and read several stories about him in the Daily Prophet that was delivered while their daughter was at school.

Being muggle parents to a witch who in essence lived in another world, they tried to know as much as they could about their daughter's new world. Supporting her and her choices had helped the relationship between them. While other muggle parents learned that their wizard children would eventually live fully in the wizarding world and leave the muggle world behind, putting a strain and even ending family relationships, Hermione and her parents were well aware of this and kept an open communication along with acceptance. Her parents understood and showed their support and love by going to Diagon Alley every year before school and shopped with Hermione.


Even with each argument and shouting match Hermione and Severus worked well together when they didn't let their tempers get involved too much, but this was not likely to happen while they were both passionate people. Now Severus being called passionate usually would leave people retching but it was true when it came to his potions. Severus was passionate and he learned, so was Hermione.

Neither one could tell you who made the first move, it is still debated to this day and many years to come but both were glad it happened even though each one took the credit for such a daring and unethical move.

"Pompous, arrogant jerk!" Hermione used the common names she heard over the six years, so much thinking wasn't involved with the name-calling, but she was watching his eyes glimmer with fire when they argued.

"Gryffindor, annoying witch!" It wasn't much but he was distracted at the time. Severus was always noticing recently how anger made Hermione's eyes glow and her cheeks flush.

One minute they were yelling the next... they were kissing. Rather intensely and deeply, open mouthed, tongues dueling, teeth nipping, lips sucking. Severus' hands were engulfed in and around Hermione's head and hair holding her tight to his mouth. Her hands clawed at his back to bringing him closer, though the only way for that to happen was for the clothes to disappear.

After several intense and breath-taking kisses, Severus managed to murmur, "Hermione we shouldn't be doing this."

"I know."

"You're not even 18. I'm..."

"I'm 20."

More kissing, though it never stopped as they gasped to each other short sentences between the kisses.


"Time turner 3rd through 6th."


"Shut up, Severus!" And Hermione shoved her tongue back into his mouth to taste him once again.

"Still I'm your teacher."

"Not right now."

"I'm 20 years your senior."

"Severus, I've told you to. Shut Up!"

The kissing continued on and soon they don't know yet again how or when they ended up on the couch that was used for naps in the potions lab. Severus' shirt was unbuttoned as was Hermione's. They forewent the robes for simple trousers and shirts or skirt, s sometimes in Hermione's case. It was hot and unnecessary to wear the constrictive clothing when working in the lab. Severus laid kisses across Hermione's collarbone and his right hand skimmed up her thigh under her skirt she wore that day. Hermione's hands were working on Severus' shirt to get it untucked from his trousers.

Severus moved over to her bra covered breast and took the nipple he could see straining through the material and sucked on it deeply. A loud moan escaped Hermione's lungs and it awakened Severus' conscious and he pulled back from her and looked down at her flushed with desire face, full red lips and glowing heated eyes.

"Hermione are you sure? We can stop...or we can take this slower we don't have to do this right now. God knows I want you and to be in you but I'll do as you wish," Severus somehow was able to say.

Hermione's hand cupped his cheek with care. "Severus somewhere along the line I think I've fallen for you." Surprise was written on his face but so was the joy in his eyes. "Then we've both taken a leap off the cliff 'cause I'm right with you."

It was Hermione's turn to be surprised but happiness was also quite evident. "Make love to me Severus." Severus nodded then paused again, "Hermione, uhh I have to know. Are you a vi..." He couldn't complete the question out of embarrassment.

"Yes," Hermione simply answered while pulling him back down to her lips. The desperation and urgency was pushed back and the passion and intensity was still there between them. Clothes were soon parted with leaving the couple naked as the day they were born. Bodies were pressed closely to one another to enjoy the heat and silky smooth skin.

Severus explored Hermione's body with his hands and mouth causing erotic moans and whimpers from her.


A little while later they were both still on the couch wrapped around together but with a throw cover over them to keep the chill out and replace a sense of false modesty. They napped a short time having drained their energy in their lovemaking. Severus awoke first and was dismayed for a second at his position with the young woman. But relaxed and let her sleep more, when he pulled back to look down at the sleeping angel, she just followed him to get closer to his warmth and embrace. He didn't know what they were going to do; she still had another year left at Hogwarts. It was hard to believe such a creature as her could want anything to do with him but he knew she did, she made that plainly obvious when she kissed him and urged him on.

When Hermione woke up she knew exactly where and what position she was in and whose arms. She placed a tender kiss on her lover's chest and felt the fraction of relief spread through the body. She concluded he was a bit nervous and decided to put him at ease immediately. She looked up to him and he was about to speak but she stopped him by placing her mouth over his in a slow, deep lingering kiss. When they parted, eyes fluttered open and she smiled.

"I'll take that as you don't regret this," Severus said with relief.

"Never," was the simple answer.

Severus had another concern and it needed to be answered straight away. "Hermione... was this a one time thing or did you want more?" Hermione looked at him and answered dangerously, "Severus if this is a one time thing for you I'm going to hex you!"

"Relax, love. It is not a one time thing for me, but if it was for you I just needed to know so I can create a plan of attack. I plan on keeping you," Severus smirked. Warmth spread throughout her body at the endearment, "Keeping me? Since when do you own me?" She teased.

"Since I gave you my heart," Severus voiced with full emotion.

Hermione knew now she loved him completely and uttering with no chance of escaping, not that she wanted to anyways. "Well, it's a good thing you gave it to me because I seemed to have given mine away too and was in need of one."

The declaration, though not with the three simple words that usually accompanied with such an act, of love was followed by more kissing and pleasure. This time was even slower allowing more exploration on both parties' parts. Hermione learned a few favorite places on her new lover's body. When they came back again from heaven they still lay on the couch and talked.

"Severus, what will happen while we are at Hogwarts?" Hermione asked a bit worriedly.

"We'll work it out, love. With discretion of course." Severus said into her hair as her head was on his chest.

Fear was a new emotion within Hermione, "Do you plan on teaching like you use to?"

Severus could hear the worry and fear in her voice but couldn't tell what from so he answered the question, "Not exactly. I don't have to be unfair to everyone as much now that I don't have to act as a spy. Slytherins are going to get a wakeup call when I return." He felt her relax, "Why were you worried?"

"While I love you, I don't think I could bare the treatment you use to give. I know Gryffindors aren't your favorites and you will be a bastard still. I was just hoping you wouldn't be as much of a bastard," Hermione explained.

Severus pulled back to look down at his lover, hearing the three words was a dream come true it seemed, in a teasing voice, "I know of one Gryffindor I'm partial to.. in fact one that I love in particular."

Hermione smiled, "A Gryffindor and a Slytherin have you heard of such a thing before?"

"Actually yes, centuries ago though. You know people will not accept this once it is known... a former Death Eater and a Muggle-born witch. Not to mention our ages even though the difference is not surmountable among wizards."

"I don't care what others think, it's my life and I choose you."


The rest of the summer was spent in the same fashion of arguing, potions, talking, cuddling (though Severus would never admit to it) and making love. The arguments were as volatile as usual with the same words but none of it was taken personally since they knew that they loved each other and it was never questioned. Potions work went on faster than usual, they were able to get in a better rhythm when working together, but there seemed to be more interruptions than before. Sometimes either Severus or Hermione couldn't resist kissing the other before returning to work. Hermione learned hands on much more than she had previously in class and was shown better cutting techniques with Severus standing flush against her back. The up close and personal attention was favored amongst both of them. The silences that use to rule the lab were not quite as much now since they talked more. Hermione would tell him about her childhood and a few tales from Hogwarts he didn't know about in full detail only after the promise that there would be no detentions for such confessions. Severus reluctantly agreed and was happy he did to found out quite a few more things. The one thing he was not pleased about was her helping Sirius Black escaping and he said so.

"I still can't believe you were the one to help that dog escape," Severus hissed.

Hermione shook her head with a small smile and wrapped her arms around his waist resting her head between his shoulder blades. "He's innocent you know that."

"I'm quite aware of that fact, I was the one to capture Pettigrew," Severus relaxed in Hermione's embrace.

"Why do you hate him so much?" Hermione always wondered but never had the courage to ask before.

"He tried to feed to me Lupin."

"I know that but why did he?"

"I never really knew Black always liked to torment me while we were in school. The other Marauders were all right but Black saw me and preferred to use me to for his jokes. I assumed it was another one of them that night."

At the end of August the two had to separate much to their displeasure but they knew it would only be a week until they could see the other again. Hermione received her owl that she was Head Girl, which Severus knew but had not planned on telling her early. They agreed it would be best not to owl each other, it would mean just more explaining and excuses and they didn't feel it would be a good idea. Plus it was only a week...