Int. McGrath's cell room - 6 pm

McGrath typing on her computer on her twin bed. Beside her are her half-eaten EMF food rations.

McGrath (to herself as she types): "You are just a nerd living in your mother's basement watching LOTR movies every day so who you calling a loser, idiot! Ahaha! Ugh...why am I a bit off today?

(The steel door of her cell suddenly opens)

McGrath: Hello?

Skip: (from outside her cell) McGrath... Hi! I ordered from that Turkish place you like.

Mcgrath: (bored) Oh, Skip, it's you. No thanks buddy, I already ate.

Skip: I told you not to get something from the rations this time. I already bought take-out. (Attempting to entice or in a singsongy voice) I have fresh Baked Manti and Baklava!

McGrath: Skip, is this about what Anders said. I'm okay, you don't have to cheer me up.

Skip: ...I'm not trying to. I just...I'm bored that's all.

McGrath:, Skip? Bored?! Hah! Go reorganize your computer files!

Skip: Are you seriously going to turn down Baklava?!

McGrath: (gives up) Come in.

(Skip enters her cell carrying a large paper bag).

Skip: hi (he approaches her desk that is beside her bed) can I put this here?

McGrath: (listless) Sure. And grab a seat.

Skip Thanks.

(Put the food on the desk. He pulls out the chair in front of it and sits down.)

(They are silent for a while)

Skip: So...

McGrath: (tries to sound uninterested) Aren't you going to pass me my food pack?

Skip: (Happily) Oh here you go (he gives her share. He catches what she's doing on her laptop) Ooh, whatcha doing?

McGrath: (mouth full) Just riling up movie nerds on Reddit. I hook these dweebs with a discussion about LOTR and then I end up ridiculing them for their obsession.

Skip: uh-huh. Lord of the rings. My favorite is the third one, Return of the King. Do you want to watch it now? I have a streaming account we can use.

McGrath: (gulp) I'm not in the mood to watch something...

Skip: That's cool. We can talk about our childhoods while we eat. I'm sure we'll talk about it until senior high school with all of this food.

McGrath: (quickly) Okay let's watch Return of the King!


(The two are now sitting side by side on McGrath's twin bed. They are on the part where Frodo banishes Sam from their journey meanwhile Gollum acts innocent during the situation.)

Mcgrath: What an asshole.

Skip: Who? Gollum?

McGrath: Frodo. Sam's been his homie since ever and he believes the corpse more whom he probably just met weeks ago.

Skip: He has been influenced by the ring. It isn't his fault.

Mcgrath: That ring causes a lot of trust issues.

Skip: (He looks at McGrath) It's very powerful. He can't let it go.

McGrath: I rather have trust than power or magic, or whatever that ring offers.

Skip: Really?

McGrath: (turns to Skip and raises her eyebrow) Shocking, huh? (Looks back at the laptop screen) Boy, that that ring is ruining his relationships (chuckles)

SKIP: My mom calls me Skiperdeedoodah sometimes.

Mcgrath: (looks back at him and laughs) What?!

Skip: My mom calls me Skiperdeedoodah sometimes. I don't like nicknames but I know that my mom calls me that because she loves me.

Mcgrath: (Laughs) Are you a mama's boy, Skiperdeedoodah?

Skip: (chuckles) Kinda.

(McGrath laughs harder)

Skip: (sounds a bit annoyed) Hey, I don't care. I love my mom.

Mcgrath: I'm sure you do Skip. God, I can't wait to share this with Bowden and Gloria.

Skip: No, no, I trust you that you don't share my nickname with anyone, at least not just yet.

McGrath: No! It's too good not to share

Skip: (a bit firmly) No, you said you'd rather have trust.

McGrath: (pauses) Crap... did you just...

Skip: I care about you McGrath but you have to reciprocate, too...

McGrath: (sighs)

Skip: …. at least sometimes. I can tolerate all of the sassiness and passive-aggressiveness because I accept who you are.

McGrath: Is this a technique coming from the EMF team leader handbook?

Skip: Yeah. Chapter four. Section 18. How to gain good rapport among your members.

McGrath: So, this free dinner is just you trying to make me be a better team member for your job. I thought...

Skip: You thought what? No, I... It's not just about the job...I mean I do care about you, McGrath. What Chief Anders said...

McGrath: Why? You just met me weeks ago. You're team leader, an actual employee of EMF and I'm just a prisoner here. You don't care about me. Nobody cares about me here. As Anders said, you guys are just using me for my skills.

Skip: And in return, you'll have your freedom! Plus, I'm sure while you're still here you will learn a lot as well, such as using your tech skills for good -

McGrath: I've already done that before the EMF!

Skip: legally.


McGrath: Look, uhm, this movie is really long, like the rest, and I'm already tired.

Skip: Yeah, okay. (Gets up and takes the paper bag and their empty food packs) thanks for hanging out with me.

McGrath: (listless) sure.

Skip: I actually did want to hang out with you, McGrath. This did not start out as some sort of a team-building situation. I mean, it's just us. If it were I would have invited Bowden and Gloria and we'd be eating at the conference room and playing board games after. I have decided I'm not anybody's boss during after-hours.

McGrath: (smiles) When did you decide that?

Skip: When I met you guys for the first time. I want to be friends with all of you. I don't want you guys to think I'm bossy all the time. (pause) I should leave and let you sleep. Goodnight, McGrath. (walks to the opened steel door)

McGrath: Hey, uhm... (Skip stops halfway at the door), I don't like watching movies that much but when I'm with people I kind of like it? We better watch the second part of the movie soon this week or else I'll forget the whole thing and we have to watch it all over again. And, thanks for the Baklava.

Skip: Sure McGrath, I would love that, and your welcome. I'm more partial with the Baked Manti. Should try making one from scratch one of these days. Anyway, see you tomorrow for the mission. (He finally exits. The door shuts after)

McGrath: (to herself) huh. What is this feeling?

(A notification dings on her laptop. She sees it's a reply from the geek she was trolling with an hour ago. She turns off the notifications. She then sees that she still has access to Skip's streaming account.)

McGrath: Ooh, I wonder what Skiperdeedoodah watches. Oh! Crap! Hahaha...don't know you like watching that, Skip! How...hmm... I wonder what happens if I mess with your watchlist...