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In Your Eyes-Action/Adventure/Romance/Suspense


She swerved, pushing the little car beyond its limit. He was still behind her. She swerved down another street- barely missing a semi-truck- and slammed on the brakes just in time to avoid a street pole.

Glancing in her review mirror, she noticed that the driver in the large green SUV was still behind her. She pressed the gas pedal down, and the car lurched forward again. The green SUV stayed on it's tail however, and she struggled with the car to make it go faster.

It was either go faster or lose her life.

It was evening, and, being the middle of winter, the sky was dark with light stars scattered across its glossy surface. The ice on the road wasn't helping her any. Everyone else was going under 30 mph, and she was reaching speeds of 65.

No, it wasn't safe. But she had to get away. An opossum crossed the road in front of her, and she swerved to the right, slamming on her brakes. A sickening crunch made her wince inwardly- she had always loved animals- but she kept on going.

The light ahead turned red, but she didn't have time to stop. She slammed a hand on her horn to warn the other motorists, and they all skidded to a stop to allow her passage. The green SUV nudged her back bumper, and threw her car off-balance.

Her brakes screeched as she slid into the next lane over, and she wrestled with the wheel, trying to pull her car back into the proper lane. She didn't want to kill anyone.

He pulled up beside her slightly, and leaned to the right- pressing the side of his front bumper against the left side of her back bumper. The beat-up Dodge slid out of control and went spinning across the asphalt.

The back half of the car hit a pole, but she pulled forward with a screech. The SUV was in front of her, and she slammed the vehicle into reverse, spinning around in a left circle, and pushed it back into drive to escape. A slow-moving semi was ahead, and she started to pull around him but a van came from the opposite direction.

Traffic wasn't heavy, and she swerved around the semi just in time to avoid a whole stream of traffic. She sighed in relief and lurched forward quickly. She had to get home, she had to get home.

She pulled forward quickly, and didn't stop for oncoming traffic. Her brakes squealed as she sailed through an intersection and across a patch of ice. She barely avoided another small car, and she fishtailed to the right when she went around the corner.

"Almost home, almost home," she chanted to herself, and turning down a dimly-lit street. It wasn't the best part of town, but it certainly wasn't the slums. She slowed to the speed limit, and crept silently into a parking space. Her house was a block away, but she didn't want *them* to find out where she lived.

She locked the doors to her car and crept around the other parked vehicles, twisting and turning so as to not be seen by anyone. She dashed behind the bushes on the front lawn and came to a halt. A startled yelp passed her lips and she backed up into the chain-link fence.

The green SUV was parked in her driveway.

She turned around to flee, but ran into something hard. The fence. She tried to pick herself up, but someone stepped on her hand. She yanked at her hand to free it, but a boot heel ground it into the asphalt.

"Where do you think you're going?" a voice asked. His voice was deep and grating, and it sounded like he'd smoked a few too many. He put all of his weight onto her hand, and she could feel one of her fingers snap under the pressure.

She gasped lightly, and a smirk lit up his face in the dark. "Oh, it hurts does it?"

"Shut up," she growled, and twister her body around, knocking him off balance. She snatched her hand back and took off down the street. She had to get back in the car.......

She was sick of driving. Her back ached, her forehead throbbed, and now she had a broken finger or two. She heard the pounding footsteps behind her, and she sped up, her small tennis-shoes tapping the ground lightly. She knew some martial arts.......but she'd fought this guy before, and she was no match for him. And her kunai were all in the trunk of her car.

After a few minutes, she'd reached the driver's side of her car. She struggled to get the keys out of her pockets. The slightly tight white shorts weren't helping her any. She finally grasped them and shoved them into the lock. The footsteps were getting closer.......

She slammed the door shut behind her and pulled on her seatbelt. The man grabbed the door and pulled it open, but she grabbed the inside handle and slammed it quickly shut- locking it as well.

She started the old car up and pulled out, almost clipping the small pickup in front of her. A loud roar came from behind her, and she glanced in her rearview mirror to see the green SUV again.

So, there were two of them now?

Her mouth pulled into a grim line, and she pushed the gas pedal to the ground. The old car lurched forward, narrowly missing a few motorists at a traffic light. They all sounded their horns at the two of them, and she quickly skidded back into the lane on the right.

He rammed into her back bumper, and the old Dodge bucked into the air. How much more abuse could the car handle?

She headed for the populated section of town. The traffic would hopefully be more full, and maybe there'd be a police car stationed somewhere. She weaved through the evening traffic and onto the highway. There were fewer motorists here, but she knew that a cop was stationed right down the street.

She was about half a mile away when her car hit a patch of black ice. The SUV hit her car and sent it spinning out of control. She wrestled for control, but the car wouldn't hear of it. She spun around in circle after circle, and a large Chevy pickup slid to a halt only a foot away from her.

She glanced down at her speedometer, and it showed 72mph. She gasped and slammed on her brakes to avoid high speeds, but the ice on the road only increased her speed. She looked around frantically, and saw a guardrail ahead.

She spun the wheel and clipped the guardrail. She could feel it start to give way before the Dodge went spinning around in the other direction, lights flashing crazily across the sky. Her eyes opened wide to reveal a tree right in front of her.

There was nothing she could do. Even as the metal in the front of the car started to fold under the pressure, all she could do was stare wide-eyed. She felt the metal fold around her legs, the crushing pressure making her throat open in a scream. The windshield folded in and broke, glass shattering all over her. And all she could do was stare wide-eyed at the steering wheel as it came up to meet her face.

A crunch was heard in the back of her mind, and the car horn sounded as her face slammed into it. Squealing tires, and then.......a scream. She faintly recognized it as her own, and reached the only hand that wasn't stuck to her forehead. The broken fingers were numb, but she could feel a warm sticky liquid drip onto her neck.

She saw the night sky, the blurry stars, and lastly, the crushed vehicle before her. Her eyes took in the blood, and her mind grasped the pain. Her eyes rolled up, and her head fell limply to the side, black hair falling limply beside it.


"I sure hope Megumi left the door unlocked......."

"If she didn't, we could always camp out in the truck!"

"Kenshin, I'm *not* camping out in a truck. Though it might be fine......."

"See Miss Kaoru?" Kenshin smiled. "It might be fun. But, more than likely, Miss Megumi left the door opened."

"Either way, I need to get back," Kaoru told him. "C'mon Kenshin, let's go."

"Sure," he answered, climbing into the driver's seat. "Let's get you home so I can go home and get some sleep......." He brought a hand to his face and yawned. "It's almost 11:00pm. I've got to get up at 6:00."

"And I've got classes tomorrow," Kaoru smiled.

They were almost to the house that Megumi and Kaoru were renting when Kaoru put her hand on Kenshin's arm.

"What's that?" she asked, pointing ahead. "Something's going on!"

A small Dodge was going too fast for the road conditions, and the big green SUV behind it nudged the back bumper. Just then, the car went out of control and went spinning.

The SUV sped off in the other direction- towards town.

"They're going to crash!" Kaoru gasped. "And at the speeds they're going, they probably won't live......."

Kenshin didn't say anything. He slammed on his brakes when the car spun in front of him.

"It's a *girl* Kenshin, and she'll die!"

He saw the car clip a guardrail, and breathed a prayer of thanks that it hadn't careened down the sharp slope. The girl driving would certainly die if she fell down there.

Kaoru flinched and clenched her hands together when she saw the vehicle hit the tree going at a slightly slower speed than before. She bet that the crunch of metal was heard at *least* a mile away- if not more.

The girl's horn sounded and then she screamed. Even Kenshin flinched at the sound. The scream was hysterical, as if she was terrified of what was going on. Kaoru pushed Kenshin.

"Come on! She needs help! Call 911!!!!" she yelled, jumping from the Chevy truck onto the road. "Put on your hazard lights!"

She dashed towards the wreck, and stopped at the driver-side door. The girl inside had black hair that was pulled back into a braid-though the braid was mused from her ride in the car.

Blood covered the front of her shirt and face. Glass littered the floor of the car, and the metal where the gas pedal should have been was pushed in around her legs. All Kaoru could see was the blood pooling on the floor.

"I hope she isn't paralyzed," she muttered. "That would be worse than death."

"Be glad that she's alive," Kenshin muttered from beside her. "The police and the rescue team will be here soon."

"Okay." She walked away from the wreckage and noticed that the trunk of the Dodge was popped. Deciding to check out what was inside, she walked towards it. 'Maybe I can figure out who this is.......'

In the back of the trunk she found several boxes. In the first box, she found several outfits. In the second box there were a few personal belongings. She found a photo album of a little girl with sparkling ocean- sprayed eyes. A wallet was on the bottom. All it contained was $5.oo, a library card, and a drivers license.

She picked up the license and checked the name and age of the girl. Misao Makimachi, will be 21 on November 26, 2002. So, this girl's name was Misao, and as of almost a month ago, she was 21 years old.

"Kenshin!" Kaoru cried. "She's only two years younger than me! Isn't it awful?!"

"That it is," Kenshin answered, and a police car pulled into the site- disturbing their conversation.

"Did you find her identity?" the officer asked, the tag on his uniform catching the light of the moon. Saitou Hajime.

"Yes Mr. Hajime. Her name is Misao Makimachi, 21 years old," Kaoru informed him.

"Good." He walked towards the wreck and peered in. A second later, his head was back out. "She's pretty messed up......." he muttered.

"I wish that rescue crew would get here faster......." Kaoru muttered.

"Here they are," Kenshin said, placing his hand on Kaoru's arm.

"Good," Kaoru sighed with relief. "Hey Mister!" Kaoru yelled, waving her arms. "Which hospital will you be taking her to?!"

"Mercy Memorial!" one man called back.

"That's where Megumi works! She's working the night shift tonight. Hey Kenshin," she pondered. "Maybe we should go to the hospital with Misao. There's no contacts listed in her wallet. I wouldn't want for her to wake up all alone......."

"That we wouldn't......." Kenshin chewed on his lower lip. "I guess I could call in today. But if she isn't awake by the end of the day, we can't stay any longer."


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