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Chapter 13

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"Aiyaiyai..." Aoshi covered his face.

"Oops," Misao said quickly, jumping to her feet. "It's okay, you can come in it's not like we were doing anything!" she rambled.

"Oh goody!" Omasu almost busted the door down yanking it open again. "I see that your relationship is pulling along fine!" she beamed, proud of herself.

Hiko crept in slowly. "Are you sure it's safe?" he asked slowly.

Omasu, seeing Misao's blushing face, grinned further. "Anyway, we've come for a reason!"

"Other than embarrassing us?" Misao asked quietly.

"Heh.heh..." Hiko sweatdropped. "Actually, the bathrooms at work overflowed....... No work. So I figured we could have some fun and go out together as a group! Whaddaya say?"

Akina jumped up and yipped, wagging her tail to her own internal rhythm. Omasu grinned down at the dog. "Ohhhhhhhhh!! She's so CUTE!" she squealed, patting the furry animal's head. Akina tried to look cute.

The common animal philosophy- if you look cute, they'll feed you.

"Uhmm........sure," Misao agreed. "But what could we do?"

"Well," Omasu said, petting Akina. "I was thinking a picnic might be kind of fun. In the park downtown."

"Oh that does sound fun!" Misao agreed. "But what would we pack?"

"I know!" Hiko piped up loudly, listing food on his fingers. "Fried chicken, potato salad, more fried chicken, some drinks, some more-"

"Okay Hiko, I think we understand!" Omasu laughed, rolling her eyes. "Come on Misao!" she urged the younger girl. "Let's go start cooking! We could be out of here by at least 11!"

The two scampered off while Hiko and Aoshi went to sit in the living room.

"I didn't really want to go.......anywhere," Aoshi informed Hiko.

"Oh come on! Where's your spirit? You were just going to let Misao sit here all day without anything to do? She's blind Aoshi. She needs something to keep her occupied. Watching television won't work. Listening to the radio gets tiring. And she can't read. She needs to be outside! Besides, you're supposed to be protecting her."

"Aa........maybe you are right......." Aoshi shrugged.


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