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October 31/ 1 year old

Laxus gently opened the door to Alexei's room. He heard a sound and looked up to the sight of Alexei, laying back in bed. This was a little game they liked to play in the morning.

Holding back a grin, Laxus crept closer to Alexei's crib, who was pretending to sleep. He would open one eye here and there. Seeing Laxus, he would promptly shut his eyes and make snoring sounds, his smile giving the ruse away.

"Happy Birthday," greeted Laxus, rubbing Alexei's back. Seeing that he still didn't move, Laxus poked Alexei's ticklish sides, the boy shifting in the process. Laxus opted to go another route. He tickled Alexei's belly.

"Hehehe," giggled Alexei, opening his eyes, his pacifier still in his mouth. He stood up and grabbed the bars of his crib. "Abbay badday," said Alexei, raising his hands in the air, indicating to Laxus he wanted to be picked up.

"Today's not my birthday. It's yours," chuckled Laxus. He lifted Alexei from the crib into his arms. "I can't believe we made it alive this far together. You are finally 1 years old." Laxus caressed Alexei's head and pressed a kiss to his temple. To think his life changed 2 months ago with the appearance of Alexei. Although lots have changed for Laxus in that short time frame, he couldn't be better. He was happy with what he had in his arms and Laxus couldn't ask for more.

"I have a special day planned for you today. We are going to have lots of fun," explained Laxus as they left the room together. Today was Halloween, as well as Alexei's birthday, so there was a lot to cover. "Starting with your favorite thing to eat for breakfast."

"Choco bewies," exclaimed Alexei excitedly. He loved eating chocolate chip strawberry waffles and milk for breakfast. Alexei tapped Laxus's arm to get his attention as they got closer to the stairs. "Ah!" He tugged Laxus's shirt. Alexei could say a few words here and there but still had limited vocabulary. Luckily, he would point to things and Laxus understood the rest. "Dahdahba!"

"Let's head down the stairs first and I'll put you down." Ever since Alexei started walking, he wanted to walk everywhere. The one exception was the stairs. Laxus will wait until he's older or they have to hold hands. Laxus didn't want to risk Alexei hurting himself.

Laxus descended down the stairs. At the final step, Alexei tapped Laxus's arm again. "Ah!" Translation. You said you were going to put me down.

"Well, excuse me." Laxus set Alexei on the ground, who had a satisfied smile on his face. "I forgot you are a big boy now."

"Ahdoh." Alexei grabbed Laxus's hand so they could head towards the kitchen, directing them to the refrigerator. Sometimes he would have trouble with balancing and take wobbly steps. But it was a vast improvement from before, where he could constantly fall after a few steps. At least now, he can walk for a longer period without falling. Besides, his brother was the only person who could reach the refrigerator door and open it.

Alexei let go of Laxus's hand when they reached the fridge. He looked up at Laxus with clasped hands to his chest and big blue eyes. He continued to look and wait patiently with expectant eyes because he knew what was in the fridge. His favorite. Food.

Laxus chuckled at Alexei's antics. When Alexei was able to open the fridge himself, Laxus had to buy another fridge that was bigger since they both ate a lot and had a handle that was high, out of Alexei's reach. He meant to get a new fridge anyway, and he liked the added water and ice dispenser. Alexei enjoyed it as well. "Here you go," said Laxus with a mock bow, opening the fridge wide open.

Alexei padded towards the open fridge with a smile, his destination clear in mind. He slid the box open and grabbed two juice boxes.

Laxus tried to protest when he saw Alexei grab two fruit juice boxes. "Alexei. You know the rules. Only oneā€¦" His voice trailed off when Alexei offered one of the juice boxes to Laxus. "Oh! Thanks." Alexei rarely liked sharing his food. Everything else, he didn't have much of a problem but was very territorial when it came to food. Laxus looked closer at the juice box and deadpanned. Of course. Alexei gives him the flavor he doesn't like, mango. "Of course you take the good one," muttered Laxus under his breath, helping Alexei into his high chair, setting off to get breakfast ready and start the day.

"What should we wear today," asked Laxus as he opened the drawers filled with Alexei's clothes. Although he usually chooses the clothing for Alexei, it was his birthday today so Laxus was letting him choose. It was good to let Alexei make decisions and dress himself.

Alexei patted over to the drawers closest to his reach. He grabbed onto the handle and reached to grab an outfit, minus shoes and a jacket. Those were downstairs.

Laxus's eyes went wide at the pieces Alexei chose for himself. "You sure you want to wear this?" Laxus got a tiny nod in response. "Okay. Let's help you get dressed." Laxus was skeptical of the pieces Alexei chose for himself. Maybe together it will look better.

"Did you choose that outfit," asked Mira from her spot from the bar as she wiped beer steins with her rag. She was wearing a Little Bo Peep costume. The guild was holding a little Halloween event. Laxus and Alexei just came from outside where it was raining. Laxus helped Alexei dawn a yellow raincoat and black rain boots, taking them off when they came inside the guild.

"No. Alexei did," Laxus replied back, heading towards the bar with Alexei with a bag in his hand. First, they were going to do some Halloween activities at the guild and later in the day, when the weather gets clearer, Alexei's birthday party will start. At least Alexei had fun in the rain on their way to the guild as he jumped into puddles and tasted the raindrops with his tongue.

"It looks really good," called out Lucy as she approached the brothers wearing a princess costume. Lucy was wearing an old blue Victorian gown with a crown sitting on the top of her fancy hairdo. It was one of her mother's old dresses. "I can't believe it. He has a better sense of fashion than you do," stated Lucy in an impressed voice, snorting when Laxus glared at her.

"Pwincess," Alexei pointed out excitedly as he looked at Lucy with sparkling eyes. She looked like one of the princesses from his favorite story books. He was wearing a red, blue and white plaid button shirt, paired with a gray cardigan and blue jeans, with a black beanie sitting on top of his head.

"Greetings, young one." Lucy gave Alexei a bow as she recalled the etiquette training she received as a child during her time as a noble lady. "My name is Princess Lucy." Lucy continued the charade. "And I heard today is a special day for a very special young boy."

"Abbay badday!" Alexei exclaimed excitedly, raising his hands in the air, indicating he wanted to be picked up. He smiled brightly when Lucy complied with his request and hugged him, pressing her lips against his temple. "Mwah!" Alexei gave a kiss of his own and babbled to Lucy about his day.

"How are the preparations going," whispered Laxus to Mira as Lucy kept Alexei occupied. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Alexei's special day.

"The Halloween preparations are finished. We set up tiny stalls for Alexei to go door to door for trick or treating," Mira whispered back. She couldn't wait to see the little guy in his costume. "When Alexei takes his afternoon nap, we will start setting the guild up for the birthday decorations. Everything is ready." The cake was baked, the decorations were all in a box, and everyone had their gifts ready.

Laxus nodded in approval. Good. Things were running smoothly. They even had a backup cake just in case things went awry. It was Fairy Tail after all. "Come on Alexei. We have put on your costume." Laxus took Alexei's hand and went up to his office so they could change into their costumes.

"Here you go, Alexei!" Lucy smiled at Alexei and handed him a pumpkin bucket to trick or treat in.

Curious, Alexei, donned in a blue dragon costume, looked at the pumpkin with wonder. "Abbay badday?" He tilted his head in confusion. What did he need a pumpkin bucket for? Was it a part of the abbay birthday thing?

"Right attitude, wrong phrase." Lucy couldn't help but chuckle. She took Alexei's hand and they walked towards one of the treat or treat stalls. Levy was in charge of it, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume. Lucy demonstrated what Alexei should do with her own pumpkin bucket. "When you go up to the different stalls, you have to say trick or treat," explained Lucy passionately to an attentive Alexei. "Then you will get candy." Levy placed a few pieces of candy into Lucy's bucket. "Now you try."

Seeing that Lucy got candy, Alexei wanted to do the same. He raised his bucket in the air towards Levy. "Tweet Tweet," said Alexei cutely, completely mispronouncing the phrase. He smiled brightly when he saw Levy place candy in his bucket. "An you!" Alexei thanked Levy and showed Laxus his bucket. "Ah!" Brother. Look what I just got.

"Good job, bud!" Laxus praised Alexei and patted his head. He was wearing a medieval shirt and pants with a sword on his waist. He wanted to wear something comfortable, and this was the best he came up with. Years ago, he wouldn't have dared to dress up for Halloween, but he was doing this for Alexei. "You got some candy. Let's go get more."

"Wowwww." Alexei looked at his bucket full of candy with glee and pure happiness in his eyes. He never saw so much candy in his life, and it was all for him. This day was going great so far. "Bwoda! See!" He had to show his brother all the candy he got today from the guild members.

"Look at all the candy you got! Just don't finish it all today. You can have one because we will eat cake later." To Laxus's relief, since Alexei's speech was slowly improving, he got over the Mama Laxus phase. Although Alexei was unable to pronounce Laxus, he could somewhat pronounce brother. No more explaining to strangers that he was Alexei's older brother, not his mother who underwent a sex reassignment surgery. Yes. Someone was bold enough to ask that.

"Cake!" Alexei can't wait to have cake. It was the second best thing after choco berries and milk. Alexei let out a cute yawn and rubbed his eyes as he tried to keep himself awake. He did wake up earlier than usual.

"Let's get you out of that costume so you can take your nap." Laxus gathered Alexei in his arms and went to put him down for his afternoon nap. Sleeping in the costume would be uncomfortable for him since he tended to shift a lot in his sleep. Plus, when he woke up, Laxus had to change him into his semi-formal clothes for the birthday party.

"Where's Lucy," whispered Laxus to Levy as he helped a half-asleep Alexei into his clothes. Alexei needed a few seconds to be fully awake so Laxus put him in a white button-up shirt, black slacks and a blue bow tie. They were going to take pictures, so he made sure Alexei looked extra handsome. He was a Dreyar, after all. Laxus was about to take Alexei downstairs to start the birthday celebration when he realized Lucy was nowhere to be found. Everyone changed out of their costumes into more party clothes so he couldn't spot blonde hair amongst the crowd.

If it was anyone else, Laxus would have started without them, but Lucy was an essential part of their lives, practically family. It felt wrong to make her miss Alexei's first birthday, but he knew that everyone was waiting and Alexei would get fidgety and fussy. That's why he went to Levy. She's Lucy's best friend and would know where she went.

Levy was startled by Laxus's sudden appearance. Shaking her confusion away, she answered the question Laxus asked her. "Lu-chan suddenly got a phone call about something. It has to do with Alexei's birthday present. She went to pick it up. It might take a while before she comes back. Lu-chan said to start without her. Don't keep the guild waiting."

Lucy completed the stories she wrote for Alexei, plus another side project she was working on. She was antsy the whole week because they weren't ready at the publishing company. Today, they called her to say that the order was complete and went to pick it up. Lucy poured her heart and soul into this project. It was something for both brothers to enjoy, something to look back on.

"Oh." Laxus tried not to let his disappointment show at the lack of Lucy's presence at the party. Before Alexei, they barely hung out or spent time together. He was so used to her being a part of him and Alexei's lives.

Laxus did not want to admit it, but sometimes he would miss Lucy and would use Alexei as an excuse to see her or be around her. He didn't understand why his heart would flutter or skip a beat when Lucy smiles and plays with Alexei.

Probably because I know Alexei is in safe hands and that he will have a better childhood than I did. Laxus reassured himself. Recently, he met with a lawyer. In case anything ever happened to him, Lucy and his grandfather would be granted custody of Alexei. Laxus knew Alexei would be in safe hands with the two of them.

Shaking those dark thoughts away because today was a joyous occasion, Laxus got to work and dressed himself up for the party, heading downstairs to start. He will save a piece of cake for Lucy and will try to keep Alexei awake as long as possible until she comes back.

"Happy Birthday!" The whole guild screamed when Laxus came down the stairs with Alexei in his arms, who was rubbing his eyes.

Alexei finished rubbing his eyes when he noticed the guild hall filled with blue party decorations. "Oooooh," he chanted excitedly, playing with a couple of balloons near the bottom of the stairs. The guild hall looked so fun with the cute party decorations.

Laxus grabbed a balloon and wrapped one of them around Alexei's wrist as he sat Alexei down in his high chair in the center of the guild. On the desk of the high chair was a blue cake shaped like a cartoon dragon. Laxus opted to go without candles in fear of Alexei blowing the whole cake away. Because Alexei had no control over his magic, sometimes his sneezes end in a mini magic explosion.

Reedus called for both the Master and Laxus to stand by Alexei for a family photo, with an emotional Freed standing near Reedus with a camera, snapping pictures left and right.

Freed was guiding the Dreyars in position and was about to take the shot when Freed let out a sharp gasp. Curious, the Master and Laxus looked at what caused Freed to have such a reaction. The Master let out a boisterous laugh, shouting that's my boy and Laxus snorted in disbelief. Reedus quickly captured the moment.

Alexei was covered in cake and frosting as he enthusiastically put his fists into the cake, bringing it to his mouth to eat. His cheeks were so full they looked like a squirrel.

Laxus let out an exasperated sigh, attempting to give Alexei a stern look, but failed as he tried not to laugh at the sight in front of him. Alexei gave him a blue frosty smile that Laxus couldn't help but smile back. Today was a happy day. He'll let it go. "Mira! Bring the spare cake."

"It's time to open presents." Bickslow shouted, waving his gift in the air. Every guild member was arguing over whose present Alexei should open first.

Alexei enthusiastically ripped the gift wrap off the boxes of his presents. Alexei was given new clothes, toys, furniture, and some gag gifts such as a baby beer bottle courtesy of Cana. Laxus gifted Alexei a mini playground equipment for their backyard while the Master gifted him a kitchen play set for him to play at the guild. Some of the presents will stay at the guild for Alexei to play and the rest will be sent home. All that was left was for the Thunder Legion to give them presents.

"Alexei-sama. I hope that you will cherish the gift I present to you," stated Freed dramatically, placing it delicately on the desk for Alexei to open. He bounced up and down on his feet as he eagerly waited for Alexei to open his gift. "I carefully selected this with his future in mind, Laxus-sama."

Alexei ripped the wrapping paper to shreds. "Abu?" He looked at his present with confusion and turned to face his brother.

"A dictionary?" Laxus couldn't help but deadpan. Don't get him wrong, there was nothing wrong with a dictionary, but it's not something a 1-year-old would want. It was so bulky, practically the same size as Alexei.

"Yes." Freed nodded proudly. "Alexei-sama is a genius just like Laxus-sama and I want him to reach his full potential."

"Freed my man, I know you mean well, but that gift is wack! He can't even read yet," called out Bickslow, coming closer to Alexei to shove the book off the desk with a thump and place his own gift. "He's still a little baby and needs to have some fun. Alexei will love this gift. After all, he's fun like his uncle Bickslow."

"Books are fun," countered Freed with a glare. His glare intensified when he saw the present Bickslow gifted. A fart machine. "Are you kidding me?! What makes you think he will like that gift? That gift is so immature, and you probably bought it last minute at a convenient store. I'm thinking of his future."


"Hehehehe," giggled Alexei when Bickslow pressed a button. The sound coming out of the machine sounded so funny to him. He took the device from Bickslow and pressed the button again, the machine making the funny sound again. "Hehehehe." Alexei continued to press the button repetitively, continuing to giggle.

"Looks like he takes after his uncle Bickslow more than you think," mocked Bickslow with a smile, his smile growing wide at Freed's red face.

Before Freed can do anything else, he is interrupted by Cana, who wrapped her arm around his shoulder, taking a swig from her bottle. "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! TURN THE MUSIC UP!" Cana grabbed Alexei from his high chair and set him on the ground so he could dance to the music. "That's right Alexei, you shake that baby booty!" The other members of the guild cheered in response and joined the dance as they danced to child appropriate music.

A few hours later/ Almost Midnight

"Zzzzz." Tiny little snores came out of Alexei's mouth as he laid on the living room playpen with Laxus's coat draped over him. The child was tired from the day's activities.

Laxus let out a tired sigh as he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, putting away the extra food in the fridge and gifts Alexei received into the guest room until he could figure out a way to organize it. Laxus couldn't help but give himself a mental pat on the back. Other than Alexei eating the cake, nothing went wrong. After organizing everything, Laxus will take Alexei upstairs to his crib and head to his own room to sleep. It was a long day and Laxus was tired.

Laxus was about to grab Alexei when he heard the doorbell ring. Who could it be at this time of the night? Maybe it's Lucy! Laxus tried not to get visibly excited at the prospect that it may be Lucy at the door. She's probably just dropping off her present.

To his delight, it was Lucy, looking visibly flustered and breathing heavily with a large package in her hands. It looked like she ran all the way to his house. "I-i made it. I-it's not twelve yet," gulped Lucy, taking deep breaths. She ran all the way from the station to Laxus's house. She would have arrived earlier if it wasn't for the train delay.

"Come in Lucy. Take a seat to compose yourself." Laxus ushered Lucy in, closing the door behind her. He went to the kitchen to get her some water.

Lucy thanked Laxus for the water and downed the glass. After setting it on the table, she turned to face Laxus. "Here you go. It's my gift for you and Alexei." Lucy handed the wrapped package to Laxus.

"For me and Alexei?" Laxus couldn't help but shake the box to try to discern what was inside. It was hard to tell exactly what it was, but there were multiple things inside.

"I hope Alexei likes it," continued Lucy as Laxus carefully opened the present. He didn't want Alexei to wake up from the noise he was making. "I poured my heart and soul into them."

Laxus pulled out the first few items. His eyes went wide at the sight of the objects. He recognized one of them. "Wait. Aren't these-?"

Lucy nodded. "I mentioned that I wanted to write children's books. They are original and one of a kind. Like Alexei. You can read them to him or help him learn how to read." Lucy grabbed one of the books from Laxus's hand and opened the first page. "You were the source of inspiration for these stories."

"You dedicated these stories to us?" Laxus couldn't help but be feel touched by this and the fact that they were the first people to see and read these stories was an honor on its own.

"Yep. But this isn't exactly YOUR present," hummed Lucy, digging deeper into the box to pull out the last item. "The books are mostly for Alexei. THIS is for you." Lucy handed a black book to Laxus.

Laxus slowly opened the book and gasped. It was a photo album. Of him and Alexei. Alexei and his grandfather. Laxus went through the pictures. Pictures of the contest they participated in, eating together, sleeping together, and etc. But what touched him the most were the pictures on the first few pages. "Where did you get these?" Laxus always regretted not taking a lot of pictures of him and Alexei. But there were even some from before Alexei arrived at the guild. It was not a lot, but it clearly wasn't an easy task. All that work Lucy did to track down those pictures. Alexei a few weeks born, some with the foster home he was in, with the magic council, and other pictures all the way up to 10 months when he finally came to live with Laxus, which were the more recent ones.

Lucy shrugged her shoulders. "Some I took when you weren't paying attention, others I gathered from Fairy Tail members. The few first pages, however, were not easy. But I like challenges. Luckily, one of the nurses at the hospital Alexei was born in took a few pictures, before and after the lacrima. The foster family was helpful as well and had a few pictures as well. I-I wish there was more, but-!" Lucy was cut off from her rant when Laxus suddenly embraced her.

"Thank you," mumbled Laxus against her hair. This gift meant so much to him. This was something he and Alexei can look back at when Alexei was older.


Laxus and Lucy broke into their hug at that sound. They look at the source of the sound and see Alexei awake, giving a tired smile as he rubbed his eyes. "Ah!" He raised his hands in the air.

Lucy walked towards Alexei and gathered him into her arms. "Looks like someone wanted to join in on the hug," cooed Lucy, patting his back as Alexei embraced her back. "Happy Birthday Alexei!" She walked them towards the couch and sat down. "I have a few presents for you. One which we are going to read right now. I call it Sleep, Little Dragon. It's about a baby dragon and his dragon brother trying to go to bed. Now doesn't that sound familiar." Lucy let out an amused smile and cleared her throat to start reading, with Alexei looking on. Lucy read each line and pointed out the illustrations that accompanied it with the baby human dragon and brother human dragon.

Sleep Little Dragon

Let's brush our teeth, it's time to go to bed.

And put on our pajamas, all comfy and fed.

Sleep Little Dragon

Tomorrow's a new day

Where you'll get to laugh and play

Meeting lots of new friends

Until the day ends

Sleep Little Dragon

Good night!