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1 - Gold Ribbon of Deja Vu

In the middle of the night, wheres eyes can see lots of tree and ears hear the sound the activity of the nocturnal animals, strands of honey-golden hair are dancing with the rhythms of the wind around the body with clothes that full of dirt from his boots up to his knee and some on his rolled sleeves. Both of his hands held the shovel tightly for nearly an hour, he had not rested a bit since then, because the hole he had dug was not deep enough to his liking. His perfectionist side won't let him take a single break until he finishes this tiring work he had planned since last month.

He knows she will appreciate it somehow.

There were two bodies in the middle of the forest but his sweat made him hotter than the other body wrapped in white cloth on the earth floor next to the hole he would soon finish. He took one last look at the moon hiding behind the soft clouds after he buried the inanimate treasure in the stomach of the mother earth. He sends prayers for whatever hears him. He didn't believe in anything other than his own thoughts but this act, praying, felt right for what he was doing right now.

It just made sense, he tries to resonate with himself again.

His deep blue eyes caught the mound of dirt in front of his boots, reaching from his back pant pocket his finger gracefully spread small black seeds to the plain-looking dirt, before grabbing the shovel and leaving with a smile on his face.

"May the God forgives all your sins you have done to my angel," he chatters to nothing but a quiet night before stopping his feet in front of a black truck parked not far from the main road, hidden with leaves that covered almost its whole body, he put the shovel on the back before sliding and start the engine.

His smile grew bigger when his eyes saw the photo on the dashboard. Picking it up, his finger rubbed the face of the black-haired girl in the most beautiful satin dress he had ever seen. Next to the girl was someone who he had torn a part of and left their arm wrapped around his girl's waist.

"Can't wait to see you again, darlin'."


Today is a big day for Alice. After working hard for several years to earn recognition for her expertise in clothing designs she finally materializes her dream of owning her first-ever fashion show. The show won't start until 7 pm but Alice was already feeling tired around 5 pm after adding final details to some of her dresses earlier. Now she sits on the sofa in her private room, taking a short break as long as people won't see her slip, and looks through the social media posts she's tagged or mentioned before the knock on the door takes away her peaceful time.

"Mrs. Brandon, you have flower delivered for you," her personal assistance -Isabella, but prefers to be called Bella, because Isabella is her very much alive grandmother's name and she feels weird about it when people call her that- give a big bouquet to Alice's surprised face before she can correct Bella to call her "Alice" despite her formal attitude on working with the young designer or even say "come in" out loud.

The bouquet contains a combination of daisies, lilies, and roses. All of her favorite flowers. Before Alice could open her mouth, Bella held out a white crips envelope, her eyes zeroing to the paper in Bella's hand. Alice froze when she catches the cursive letter J on it, there is something in her head that makes her pale blue eyes softened every time she looks at that similar cursive handwriting, she reaches the envelope with open arms and a pounding heart. Holding the bouquet and envelope in her chest, Alice's lips open and close when she tries to find the right words.

"D-do you…" Alice darted her eyes to the bouquet she held, mindlessly count every petal of the flower her eyes catch, not trusting her voice while looking into Bella's worrying brown eyes, "by any chance... m-meet them?". Bella shakes her head. Thinking Alice won't catch the act, Bella coughs a little to gain the young designers, that stood one foot smaller than her, attention before opening her mouth.

"Unfortunately no, I found it in the back and nobody said they saw someone put it there" Alice tried her best not to feel sad at the answer she already know of but the smile she gave Bella could not cover her feelings.

The young designer knew that her personal assistant, that not younger than her-twenty-four-self, she had known roughly for two years had poor skills at showing her emotions or even voicing her thoughts, so it was only natural of Alice to find Bella still stand in her position in front of her, start playing with the hem of her worn-out forest green cardigan, biting her lips, and having weird expression with her eyes that looking to anything but Alice. Feeling tired with this mind-reading thing, Alice raised her eyebrows in a "spilled over" sign to encourage Bella to use her voice.

"I-I know I shouldn't interfere in your private life, b-but I think you should be more careful about all of these secret admirer things, Mrs. Brandon," Bella scrunched her face before look into Alice's pale blue eyes with a sad look "I'm just worried that something like before happens to you again," Alice's face softened as she holds Bella's forearm. She wants to hug her sweet assistance but the big bouquet she held won't let her get close more than arm length.

"Thank you for worrying me, Bella, but I'm capable of taking care of myself" Alice trying to give her best smile and cheerful voice to Bella who only replies with a weak smile. Giving the young designer a brief nod before releasing herself, Bella slowly turns her back and walked to the door.

"Tell everyone I'll back in ten" Bella nodded before closing the door and leaves Alice alone again.

Alice put the bouquet on the table next to her bag, this bouquet was more special than getting a place with the others they put on the floor. Alice carefully opened the envelope and read the short message she had been receiving in similar handwriting for almost two years.

Dear my Alice,

Congratulation on your first fashion show. You've been fighting so hard to get into the spotlight who you always deserve and I'm so proud of you. Can't wait to see your design on the catwalk soon.

Your admirer, J

Her heartbeat stopped at the last word she continued to read in the hope that this was not some déjà vu the same as it used to be. Alice looks over at her newest bouquet again and realizes that it has the same arrangement and the same white wrapping with the gold ribbon as she got from her New York Fashion Week in February last year.

One hell of the fucking year, she thinks dreadfully ignoring her now sweaty palms.

Alice feels she need more than 10 minutes to recover from the shock that makes her leg feel like jelly. The thin paper now feels heavy on her trembling hand. She can't wrap her mind with this sudden emotion. Should she feel terrified? But deep inside she kinda hoping to catch a glimpse of her real secret admirer looks. Should she excited? But she doesn't want a horrible previous event to reoccur.

Taking a deep breath Alice closes her eyes and pray for her big day.

Her first-ever fashion show and meeting her secret admirer.


Author note: This is my first attempt to write my favorite pairing from Twilight (Jasper and Alice) with a dark theme. I'm thinking to put more angst in the future and probably mature content such as a non-consent, abusive relationship, etc. I'll change the rating and put more notes if I really make those happened in the future.

Actually, I don't know where this story is going, so have fun joining me on this rollercoaster, huh?

Google translate is my best friend, so every mistake in this writing is mine. I'm gladly taking any review or correction for my development of writing in the future.

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