Champagne Problems

Summary: Up until an unexpected question gets asked, Bella's life has been safe. Boring. Will a chance encounter in a hotel bar change all that? E/B *All the love to Taylor Swift for the song inspo. No infringement intended, only mad props.*

Disclaimer: The author does not own any publicly recognizable characters herein. No copyright infringement is intended.

"Jake, I can't."

Dropping his hand, trying really fucking hard not to look him in the eyes so I won't see the hurt and disappointment and betrayal in them, I turn and run from the ballroom.

Past Jake's dad, who stares at me, his face going red. Past Jake's sisters and their husbands, who all came home for the weekend. Past my dad, whose mouth is hanging open, shocked that what was supposed to be a lovely and spectacular retirement party is being marred by his running daughter.

I continue past nearly the entire population of Forks, Washington, from over the last 35 years. Everyone who had known me from the time I was born, through those awkward few years when I returned during high school, the Chief's Prodigal Daughter back to her roots again, til now. People I loved, and who loved me. People I smiled at politely on the street but didn't really give much thought to on a day-to-day basis.

And people I couldn't fucking stand.

"She is so fucked in the head, making this kind of scene in front of everyone," the voice of mega-bitch Lauren Crowley sneered.

That ho hadn't liked me from the moment I set foot back in Forks junior year in high school, and she still blames me for her husband nearly running me over with his van one icy morning. But I see - the whole town sees - what she does behind his back. It's disgusting.

My black heels click against the marble floor in the hallway as I try to make a hasty escape.

"Bella, wait!" Jake calls to me as he runs from the ballroom. "What the fuck is going on with you? I ask you to marry me, in front of the entire town, and you say no and run away?"

I sigh. "I just … I can't marry you, Jake. I can't."

He drops his hands to his sides, moving to stand at the top of the stairs, towering over me. "Why the fuck not? We've been together for five years, Bells, and we were friends long before that. You've seen the best and worst of me, and I've seen the best and worst of you.

"I can see it all with you, Bella. Our wedding, kids, growing old together and having grandbabies running around us. I can see it all so clearly. We're made for each other." His onyx eyes are swimming with pain and tears.

I look up at the man I've spent the better part of my life with, who was my first kiss, my first over-the-clothes grope, my first everything, and I just know.

"I don't love you, Jake. Not like that," I whisper.

A strangled whine comes out of Jacob's mouth as he stares at me, dumbfounded.

"I thought I could be happy, too. I tried so hard to tell myself that you'll always love me, and always want what's best for me, and always support me, and how that should be enough," I say, my chest tightening simply from the pain I know I'm causing my best friend. "I love you like a friend, like a brother, like the person who knows more about me than anyone else on Earth.

"But I don't love you that way. I don't fantasize about feeling your hands on me, of sneaking into the bathroom tonight and getting fucked by you in a bathroom stall because we just can't wait until later. I don't see us lying in bed on Sunday mornings, sharing the Seattle Times and discussing all the articles. I don't see us traveling the world, exploring together all those places I've only read about in books.

"I just … If I'd known for sure that this would be my response, I wouldn't have let it go this far. But sometimes, you just don't know how you're going to answer until the guy is in front of you, on his knees, asking you to marry him."

"What am I supposed to tell our families? Everyone else in there?" His voice is sad but his face is burning with anger, the apples of his cheeks flaming.

"Tell them I'm sorry. Because I am."

Turning on my heel, I race to the elevator, smashing the button in the hopes that the car gets there faster. Once inside, I lean heavily against the handrail, heaving a sigh of relief.

I should feel sad. I should feel terrible for telling the person who has done nothing but love me - love me almost too much - that I can't see the same future as he does. Shit, I should feel awful that I ran right out of my own father's retirement party, leaving him confused and embarrassed.

But all I feel is relief. Soaring, exhilarating, intoxicating relief.

Considering my options, I look to see how long it will take to get a Lyft to the hotel we're at. The phone buzzes in my hand as I navigate through the app and I pointedly ignore the notifications. Thirty minutes. That's a long time to wait to get drunk.

Well, bellying up to the hotel bar it is, then. I know that no one from the party upstairs will come down to the bar where they have to pay for drinks when beer and wine are free in the ballroom. They'll all get well and truly smashed for only the cost of the paltry tips they'll toss to the bartenders.

This bar looks too much like a club to be part of this swanky hotel. Ropes of neon lights are embedded in the walls, the booths covered in shiny black leather. The music is atypical of a hotel bar, too, something nondescript and electronic pumping through the speakers.

There's a group in one of the large corner booths, their suits and ties showing they're here "on business" but the party-time dress of the females speaking of something more illicit.

At the bar sits one lone guy, probably mid-30s, a mop of unruly bronze hair topping his head. Even beneath the deep red dress shirt and charcoal dress pants I can see he's well-built without being a total meathead.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, I want to lick every inch of him. An overpowering feeling of lust rockets through my body, making me feel flushed and sweaty in the form-fitting sequin dress I'm wearing.

I slide onto the stool two down from him, setting my phone on the bar top. It lights up, from the proximity to my hand, and I see I've missed multiple calls and dozens of text messages. I've barely even been gone 10 minutes, I think, annoyed.

With a sigh, I use my right thumb to unlock the screen.

From: Charlie

Bella, where the hell did you go? What the hell happened?

From: Jake

Bells, please. Come back and we can talk. I love you. I want you.

From: Charlie

Isabella, I'm getting worried. And angry. This is not how you handle this.

From: Angela

You OK? Let me know where you're at and we can talk.

From: Jake


From: Jake

Fine, pout. I'll see you at home and we can talk about this.

From: Jake

I'll do anything. I love you so much I can't imagine my life without you.

I don't need to read the rest. They'll all be similar. I shut off my phone and put it into my clutch, planning to ignore it completely for at least the next 12 hours.

Everything between me and Jake had started out great, but I should have seen the signs that we were doomed from the get-go. We were great friends and shared everything, had no secrets. Our relationship was as easy as breathing, as warm as the sun. I knew I could always rely on him to be there with a smile and a hug, to celebrate my latest victory at school or, later, at work.

The first time we'd had sex, we were 19 and had been officially dating for about a year. For me, it was just another thing we needed to do, another milestone to check off the bucket list.

Sure, Jake was hot and all, and all the time he spent working on cars had made him more muscular and well-built than most guys his age. But, even then, I wasn't attracted to him in the way I should have been. My highly hormonal, virginal 19-year-old self should've thrown myself at him the first moment I got an inkling he wanted the same thing, ripping my clothes off and begging him to take me.

Instead, when he'd shyly asked if I wanted to have sex, I'd just kind of shrugged and asked if he had any condoms.

There was no desperate groping and hot breaths against necks as our passions spilled over, even as we got better at the actual sex part. No driving around, finding a place to park so we could have a quick fuck in the cab of my truck since we both still lived with our dads. Shit, there wasn't ever anything but boring, bland penetration. I rarely even orgasmed unless I took matters into my own hands in the shower when I just couldn't stand it anymore.

That wasn't what I wanted for my life. But it was just easier, safer, to stay right where I was, in the only relationship I'd ever known, while people fawned over "how cute" and "perfect" Jake and I were.

I wanted passion. I wanted to find someone who I was so attracted to I couldn't keep my hands off of him and vice versa. I wanted the wet, sweaty, loud, straight-up fucking that I read about in books.

Well, dammit. I'm not going to get that with Jake. Now that I'm free, I can have that.

"What'll it be?" the bartender asks, tapping the bar top in front of me to get my attention.

Smiling wide, I look him straight in the hazel eyes. I slide my credit card across the surface of the bar. "Two shots of Patron Silver and a bottle of Dom. This is a fucking celebration."

Raising an eyebrow, the bartender sets two shot glasses in front of me, pours the clear tequila from its distinctive bottle, and tosses a couple wedges of lime at me. I down them both in single gulps, the liquid burning down my throat as I bite into the lime. The bartender places my card in front of me and I slide it back into my purse.

"What's the occasion?" a deep, silky, sultry voice says from the bar stool two down from me. It vibrates straight through my sternum and down to my crotch. Turning to look him full in the face, I'm stunned at just how beautiful the mysterious muscled man is.

His eyes are a brilliant green nestled beneath thick eyebrows. Full, pink lips are turned up in a mildly amused grin. And his jaw - holy fuck - that thing is so sharp I'm sure it would cut my hand if I touch it.

Blowing out a breath, I think for a moment before speaking.

"My freedom," I say, as I hear the cork pop from the bottle of champagne the bartender opens. A flute is set in front of me and the bubbly light amber liquid fizzes as it's poured in.

He chuckles lightly. "Care for some company, or is this a one-woman party?"

I motion to the bartender to bring another flute as the man slides onto the stool next to me.

"Just because I dumped one guy tonight doesn't mean I'm swearing off all male company." I smile and sip my champagne, the bubbles popping on my tongue. Feeling a little cheeky, I wink at him.

"Wow, that must have been one hell of an asshole you dumped if you're celebrating with a $250 bottle of champagne," he muses, his eyes full of mirth. Raising his own flute to his lips, I'm transfixed as he takes a sip and imagine those lips on me. On my lips, on my face, on my neck, on my … oh, my.

So this is what it feels like to actually desire someone.

"No, not an asshole. Just the entirely wrong guy for me," I say. "Too bad it took him proposing in front of our entire hometown, in the middle of my dad's retirement party, for me to finally realize that."

The man's eyes widened. "Ouch. That's quite the blow you dealt his ego."

"He'll be fine. They'll all stand behind him and I'll be the horrible shrew who left him distraught." He fixes me with a steady gaze as I take another sip. There's a slight flicker of desire in his eyes, and he licks his lips as I set the flute down. "What about you? What brings you to this bar that looks like the club you'd get if you ordered it from Wish?"

"My sister just got married in one of the ballrooms upstairs. The reception's still going on but I couldn't sit there and play nice anymore. So, I came down here to get really and truly smashed. Running into you is just a nice bonus," he says, smiling. And he returns my earlier wink.

His words light a fire in me and my courage suddenly skyrockets. This is a night of tending to my needs and my wants, and right now, I really want to be here with him. I've got to keep him talking.

"I'm Bella," I say, holding out my hand.

He takes it, his skin smooth and warm beneath my palm. "Edward. So, what's so bad about this almost-fiance that had you publicly dumping him?"

I snicker. "You know how, when you're 19 and have never had sex before, you should be wanting to rip the clothes off your boyfriend and fuck him senseless every second you're alone?" He nods. "Well, I didn't. Not then, when we were 19 and virgins. And not now, multiple years and hundreds of hours spent in boring-ass Missionary position later."

Who the hell are you and what have you done with Bella?

"I take it your lack of experimentation went beyond just not trying new positions?" Edward says, just loud enough for me to hear, as he refills both our champagne flutes with a raised eyebrow.

A delicious shudder runs down my spine as I pick up my drink and down the entire thing in one go.

Looking him dead in the eyes, I say, "Never."

I watch as Edward's pupils darken and his Adam's apple bobs. He, too, drains his champagne flute in a couple of swallows, then leans so his mouth is right by my ear.

"I've got a room upstairs. If I'm not being too forward, would you care to move your little celebration there where it's more private?"

His huskily whispered words start my entire body humming. Fuck yes, I want to.

"Grab the champagne," I say, standing quickly.

Laughing, Edward grabs my hand and pulls me out of the bar. As we make our way toward the elevators, I catch the shocked faces of Jessica and Mike Newton from where they stand across the lobby. I flash them a wide, shit-eating grin as I'm towed along by the sexy man whose touch is making an electric current travel up my arm.

When we tumble into the elevator, I'm annoyed to see we aren't alone. But at least there's no one I know there.

Edward pushes the button for the 10th floor and stands behind me. His hands lightly grip my hips, pulling me toward his solid chest. I take the bottle of champagne from him and catch his eye in the mirrored doors. Feeling more brazen in the company of strangers than I've ever thought myself capable of, I run my tongue around the mouth of the bottle, then wrap my lips as far around it as I dare.

I feel his fingers tighten around my hips as I tip my head back and take a couple swigs of the champagne. When I release the bottle, a little drips down my chin and between my cleavage. I can feel the bubbles fizzing a bit as the stream runs between my breasts.

"Miss Bella, you do not know what you've gotten yourself into with that," Edward whispers quietly in my ear, his hot breath sending another wave of unadulterated desire straight to my core. I feel the wetness begin to soak my underwear just as the elevator stops to let the other passengers off.

Once the doors are again closed, I turn to face Edward. His eyes are dark green and his jaw is clenched tightly.

"I don't, do I?" I ask, raising an eyebrow as I palm the bulge at the front of his pants. Holy shit, that thing is huge and rock-hard already, I inwardly rejoice.

A low growl rumbles from his chest as Edward uses both hands to pull me flush up against him. Smirking, he breathes, "Oh, little girl, you have no idea the wicked things I want to do to you." Suddenly, his face is in my cleavage and I feel his wet, velvet tongue drawn across the skin where the champagne dripped. My heart goes into overdrive and I'm sure he can hear it, he's so close. "I plan to do more of that shortly," he says, pulling me from the elevator as the doors open on his floor.

Thankfully, his room is just two doors off from the elevator, and he jams the keycard into the lock. The second the light turns green, he yanks the handle and throws the door open with a bang.

I'm pushed roughly against the back of the closed door, Edward's left knee wedged between my legs. Caging me in with both his arms, he leans in so his lips are just a hair's breadth from mine. His eyes, so dark they're nearly black, bore into mine. He groans. "I bet you're soaking wet right now, judging by the heat I feel through your clothes," he whispers.

"Why don't you undress me and find out for yourself?" With my free hand, I bunch his shirt collar in my fist and close the distance between us, crushing my lips to his. They're soft and wet and so very, very talented I can't help but moan. Loudly.

He takes that as the opportunity to dart his tongue out and into my mouth, meeting mine. Warmth and desire flood my body, and I just know he's feeling so much more than heat on his leg right now. There's going to be a stain if we're not careful.

Chests heaving, he pulls back and guides me toward the bed. Edward takes the champagne from me, takes a swig, and sets it on the bedside table.

"Now," he says, his hands trailing the edges of my dress. "You said you've never been properly fucked in any respect. I plan to change that tonight, Bella, if you'll let me."

My breathing is out of control at his words, and I swear I can feel my arousal running down my thighs. The first attempt I make at an answer just comes out as a small squeak, so I clear my throat.

"I want nothing more than for you to do that, Edward."

Now that he has my full permission to do filthy, filthy things with my body, Edward lowers the zipper on my dress as his lips attack my neck and shoulders. Everywhere his lips and hands touch feels like I'm being set on fire, all the nerve endings alive. I want to touch him but I don't want him to stop and I don't know what to do with my hands. This feels so new and different and yet so right and I never, ever want it to stop.

As he eases the straps of my dress off my shoulders, I finally decide to start working on the buttons of his shirt. I have got to see just how much that body matches the gorgeous face and the sexy voice.

I finally free the last button just as the dress slips down my body and pools on the floor. Edward then turns his attention to unfastening my strapless bra, tossing it aside. He puts his hands on my waist and turns me so that my knees are against the mattress.

"For this next part, I want to be able to see everything when I get this beautiful body completely naked," he says, his voice rough.

Urging me to lie back on the mattress, I prop myself up on my elbows and watch as he slides my underwear off my hips and down my legs. Edward takes a foot in each hand, spreading my legs apart and opening me to him fully.

"Absolutely stunning," he whispers.

I've never felt so exposed before; Jake and I barely ever turned the lights on when we had sex, let alone him taking the time to actually look at me. But the fact that Edward, a virtual stranger, is staring right into my wide-open twat doesn't make me feel shy. Instead, I feel empowered and absolutely fucking sexy for the first time in my life.

A flush of arousal warms my torso as I burn under his scrutiny. Slowly, ever so lightly, Edward runs his fingertips up the inside of my left thigh, skipping over my center before trailing back down my right leg. He follows the same path with his lips and tongue, stopping to blow a puff of air straight into my slit.

"Fuck, Edward," I groan, fisting the comforter at the thrill that I feel. He chuckles lightly and continues on his mission.

Once he's finished with my legs, Edward trails kisses and licks along my torso until he reaches my left nipple. He blows a stream of air straight across it, and I can feel the buds tighten and pebble. Staring straight at me, he darts his tongue out and licks the nipple with the flat of his tongue. My back arches and my breath catches as I seek more - more wetness, more warmth, more friction. He quickly closes his entire mouth on my nipple, swirling his tongue around it as I let out a strangled cry.

As Edward sucks and swirls at my nipple, I feel his fingers travel gently up and down my slit, exploring the swollen folds. I gasp as he strokes my clit, the inferno well and truly raging inside me.

"Jesus Christ, Bella. This sure as hell isn't my first rodeo, but you're going to make me cum in my pants before we ever get to the action," he groans, slipping one long finger inside me. I can already feel my core start to tighten in pleasure. "I've never felt someone as wet and ready as you are."

"Then get inside me," I attempt to growl between pants.

"Oh, no. I'm going to show you what you've been missing," he smiles.

I throw my head back as he thrusts another finger inside me and latches his mouth back on my nipple. As he continues to pump his digits in and out of me, Edward drags his thumb against my clit, increasing the build of my pleasure. My feet scramble for purchase against the slick comforter as I near my climax, sounds I've never heard myself make before, falling from my lips.

And just as quickly as he started this delicious assault on me, he stops entirely.

I moan loudly, annoyed that he's stopped. My face must show my frustration at being denied an orgasm, because Edward chuckles and leans up to kiss me.

"We've only just begun. I can promise it'll be fantastic when we get there," he says, reaching for the champagne bottle.

Just when I think he's going to take another sip of the alcohol, he pours the liquid straight on my torso. It pools around my navel and runs in small rivulets off my sides and onto the comforter. "Time to cool you off a bit for the next part."

Edward runs his tongue along my abdomen, lapping up the spilled champagne. I try, unsuccessfully, to maintain control over my breathing, feeling the zing of electricity every time his tongue touches my skin. He leans back to slide the shirt from his shoulders, his sculpted chest and abdomen making my mouth water. Settling his torso between my legs, he continues to lick the champagne from my abdomen.

Meeting my eye, Edward flashes me a cheeky grin before positioning my legs over his shoulders and his face in my crotch. Using two fingers, he spreads my lips apart. I feel another flood of arousal seep from me as I realize he's going to be the first to ever put his tongue there.

"Holy shit," I whisper, bracing myself.

In one long lick, Edward traces my slit from bottom to top. I let out a sharp cry of pleasure which turns into a low, throaty moan as he flicks his tongue rapidly over my clit. Alternating rapid licks and slow, flat-tongued licks, he assaults my pussy with his entire mouth. "Bella, you taste amazing," he says, his lips glistening with my arousal.

Spreading my lips wider, he thrusts what feels like his entire tongue inside me. "Ohhhhhh, my Goddddddddd," I nearly yell, feeling my climax begin to coil in my abdomen again. Edward turns his attention back to my clit, gently sucking it between his lips and flicking his tongue across it. "Shit, Edwardddddd." My head flops around on the bed, one hand fisting the comforter and the other yanking my hair.

For the second time, just as I can feel myself reaching the crest of the wave of ultimate pleasure, he stops and pulls back. Panting, I let out another whine of frustration.

Standing, he unbuttons his pants and lets them fall to the floor. My eyes go immediately to the sizable bulge in his boxers, and I lick my lips as I watch him lower the boxers, his cock springing free.

Holy fucking shit. That thing's supposed to fit inside me?

Edward turns to rifle through a suitcase that sits open on the desk chair, returning with a foil-wrapped condom. Tearing it open, he removes the rubber and rolls it over his length, pumping his shaft with his hand a few times.

Quickly, so he can't stop me, I sit up and grab his member in my hands, feeling the hot, hard flesh beneath my palms. I stroke him a few times before drawing him gently forward, resting his cock between my breasts. Using both hands, I push them together around his shaft and move my torso a few times until he gets the idea, taking over thrusting.

"Fucking hell, girl. You've got a lot of pent-up desire in that tight little body, don't you?" He looks down at me with hooded, lust-filled eyes as he considers thrusting between my breasts. The forward thrusts bring the tip of his cock within a reasonable distance of my mouth, and I raise my eyebrow at him while extending my tongue to lick it.

He thrusts a few more times into my tongue, then growls and grips my shoulders. Turning me around, he lifts me onto the bed, helping me get onto my hands and knees. I feel his nails lightly run up my spine, making me shiver. His erection presses against my ass cheek as he puts his mouth to my ear.

"And now, we get to the final fucking of the evening. Hang on tight, beautiful. You're in for a ride."

Gripping my hips, Edward rubs the tip of his cock up and down my slit a few times to cover it with my juices. I groan as I feel him position himself at my entrance. Slowly, carefully, he pushes into me, stretching me in ways I never thought possible. Jake wasn't a small guy but this - this is a feeling of sheer fullness I didn't know existed. I whimper as he fills me completely and he stills his hips.

"You alright there, girl?" Not trusting my voice to work, I nod. "Can I start moving?" I nod again.

Ever so slowly, he withdraws until he's almost completely out of me, then slides back in. I cry out in pleasure, arching my back to grind my ass into him. He groans and begins moving more fluidly, the sounds of wet arousal and colliding skin filling the room.

It's the best feeling of my life, but I need more.

"Faster, Edward. Fuck me harder," I grit out between my clenched teeth.

"Fuck, baby," he grunts and picks up the rhythm.

He pounds into me, his fingers digging into my hip bones to hold me steady. I sink to my elbows, gasping between thrusts. Edward sets a punishing rhythm, and I can hear his grunting and groaning begin to pick up speed and frequency as my own pleasure builds.

After several more thrusts, the pleasure explodes, white-hot, through my body. I writhe and arch against him as I feel him still and release inside me with a groan, my cries finally calming as I come down from my high.

"I didn't know sex could be that amazing," I gasp, trying to catch my breath. Edward gently guides me down onto the bed as he disappears briefly into the bathroom to dispose of the condom.

He sinks onto the bed next to me, planting a kiss on my forehead and sweeping my mess of hair behind my ear. "It is if you know what you're doing."

Reaching over him to grab the champagne bottle, I take a swig from it and feel his arms wrap around my torso. He kisses along my collarbone and takes the bottle from my hands, also taking a drink.

"When this night began, I never could've expected I'd turn down a public marriage proposal, meet a random guy in a bar, and have the best single night of sex of my life," I giggle, kissing him as I place the bottle back on the table.

"It doesn't have to be just one night," he whispers.

I look at him, stunned. I'm not against the idea, but I never anticipated this seemingly random hook-up could be anything more.

"I know you feel it, Bella. I've never met someone and then taken them to bed not 15 minutes later, either. But if I didn't feel that connection, that spark that I felt the second you walked into that bar, we wouldn't be here." He pulls back the covers and slides beneath them.

Pulling up the covers on my side of the bed, he looks at me with the sweetest smile and a sparkle in his eyes, "Stay, Bella. Please."

Crawling beneath the covers and stretching my naked body against his, I wrap an arm around his torso.

"OK," I say, smiling.

His answering smile is blinding as he reaches over to flip off the light, pulling me into his body and placing a kiss on the top of my head.