Title: Tied & Denied

Summary: Bella has had enough of Edward's gentleness and manners. Payback is fun.

Disclaimer: The author does not own any publicly recognizable characters herein. No copyright infringement is intended.

Bella took to her life as a vampire as if she had been born for it. With her change, the drama in her and Edward's lives had finally been resolved. They had everything they had ever wanted. He could even finally read his wife's thoughts if she allowed it.

And allow it she did, spending hours showing him memories of them together and how much she loved him. She wanted to share everything with him, and he was glad to finally understand her point of view.

The only thing Bella still resented was that he treated her as if she were still delicate and breakable though she was even stronger than him for the time being.

Edward loved hearing her thoughts. At first, her found her mind sweet and innocent. She enjoyed showing him how much she loved him and wanted to be with him. They spent hours sharing memories together, smiling and laughing, as they were finally comfortable enough to talk through exactly what they had been thinking at various times in their lives.

What he never could have anticipated is exactly how dirty that mind of hers was. When had thoughts of snuggling in their meadow been replaced with desires to have him take her from behind and whisper dirty thoughts in her ear?

The truth is… usually prudish, innocent Edward didn't care. In fact, he couldn't get enough of it. Or her.

This…her frustrations at his constant gentleness with her, and his love of her naughty side, was the turn of events that led to a scantily clad Bella standing in front of him in their cabin in a room lit only by the warm glow of flickering candles. They casted dancing shadows on the walls, only enhancing his enjoyment of her curves.

She had caught him by surprise and used her newborn strength and speed to tie him to a sturdy chair with thick steel cables before he realized what she was doing. He couldn't move his arms or legs. He could barely even flex his hands.

Edward licked his lips as he admired the long, flowing hair that just barely covered small, round but plump breasts. He wanted so badly to brush that hair aside and enjoy the view underneath it, but he was feeling rather restricted.

Bella was clothed in only the thinnest, most fragile of black lace, an alluring contrast against her creamy, pale skin. She wore fishnet stockings that went to the tops of her thighs, and spiky black heels, enhancing her luscious backside, which was now at the perfect angle for rubbing, grabbing, and admiring, if only she would let him.

He had so many questions, but none of them mattered. She was a vision, and he was incredibly, painfully aroused. His cock was straining against his pants, practically begging for her before she even attempted to touch him or explain why he was tied up.

His thoughts were consumed by fantasies of ripping those stockings to shreds and kissing every inch of what lie beneath them, then finally fucking her senseless in an act of passion that took them through the night and all of the next day, hell, into next week if they weren't interrupted. Next year if he thought their family wouldn't start to miss them.

Bella, however, had other plans. She bent down to his eye level, yet just inches out of his grasp and smirked at him as he tried to escape his restraints.

"Stop fighting. You're. all. mine." She emphasized each word with a smoldering look in his eyes that went straight to his aching hard cock.

He swallowed hard, though it was unnecessary. He admired her perky breasts as they dangled in front of him. God, how he wanted to bury his face in them.

"Not unless I say you can." she said, straightening up, seeming to know exactly what he was thinking. She paced in front of him slowly and he was mesmerized by the sway of her hips. "Do you have any idea how much you tortured me with your little compromise? Making me wait until we were married? That was months, Edward! You wouldn't even touch me! So, I'm going to show you exactly what you made me endure."

"Bella, it was Hell for me too. I wanted you so much-"

"Did I say you could talk?" she snapped. God, that statement went right to his cock, making it twitch against his jeans. His clothes were so tight that he could feel the steel teeth of the zipper straining. They had never felt this tight. Tight. Oh no…this was going to be a long night.

"Exactly." she said. "Now, watch and listen." She lifted her mental shield so her husband could read her thoughts and showed him a memory first:

Bella had the house to herself. She left her window open in invitation for when Edward returned from hunting and spread out on her bed naked, playing with her clit as she daydreamed of him…not just the bulge of his crotch she had caught a glimpse of earlier that day, though he tried to hide it, but the swell of his strong arms, the messiness of his hair she wanted to lose her hands in, the feel of his tongue when he would brush it against her lips or touch the tip of it to hers. She moaned as she slid one of her fingers inside of herself, wondering how he would feel on top of her or how his tongue might feel in more intimate places…

"God damn it, Bella! I am going to fuck you so hard that you forget your name." he growled, beyond caring about his vulgarity or language in front of her. He needed her right now. He was beyond needing her. He began rocking the chair and pulling on the restraints in an attempt to escape. She was going to kill him if he couldn't touch her or at least himself soon.

She laughed loudly. "I said no talking. You like that visual, do you? Because that's only one night. I have months to show you."


"Please what?"

"Let me touch you. I need you." he said, again trying futilely to escape from his restraints.

"I don't think you're quite…desperate enough yet. I need you to know how badly I wanted you, desired you, needed you. What exactly you put me through. I've spent months dreaming about you and your cock. I wanted to feel you inside of me more than anything. I didn't care if you bit me in the process, in fact, I hoped that you would."

She showed him another memory:

It was a week before their wedding. They were in their meadow. They were kissing intensely, and he had his hands on her hips. She grabbed one of his hands and tried to place it on her breast, but he stopped her with a shy smile. She was incredibly frustrated and practically tried to pounce him and have her way with him right then, though she knew it wouldn't work. She spent the entire run home on his back dreaming of her first day as a newborn so she could finally, thoroughly, have her way with him.

"Fuck!" he shouted, straining against his bondages. The chair protested, but the thick steel cables didn't budge.

She laughed again at his frustration, standing in front of him and looking him in the eyes as she slowly removed the thin lace straps from her shoulders and down her arms, revealing just the tops of her breasts.

"You want to touch them now, don't you?"

"I wanted to then, but I didn't trust myself to be able to stop. Please let me touch you."

"Now why should I do a thing like that?" she asked, very much enjoying his frustrations.

He swallowed hard, struggling to find the right words that would tempt her to give in to him. "Because you're so god damn sexy. I want you, Bella. More than anything."

"And you can have me later…if you behave. But not before you understand exactly what you did to me all those months."

"Bella, please-!"

"What is it? You want something?" The smirk on her face clearly indicated that she was enjoying his punishment.

She put her breasts right in his face, straddling him but not touching him or letting him touch her with anything but his mouth. He didn't answer her, but hungrily kissed the tops of them and used his tongue to push the lace down her chest further, almost revealing her nipples before she got up and took a few steps back.

He growled. She smiled wickedly.

"Oh, you want to see more of me? Is that it?"

"Fuck yeah I do." he growled, again struggling against the cables that bound his wrists. He was definitely going to see that these were destroyed when she was done with him….or else return the favor.

"You can look, but you can't touch." she said, sliding the lace down off of her nipples and pinching each one in her fingers, bringing them both to stiff peaks. He squirmed in his chair and tried to move his thighs, desperate for any friction on his hardened cock. It was no use, the only thing that he managed was to finally rip the zipper.

"Damn your newborn strength!"

"I rather like it." she said, approaching the bed across from him, right in his view. First, she bent over it, showing off her ass in her lacy black thong and fishnets. The angle of her legs and thighs in those heels was driving him wild. "Just think about how much sooner you could have bit me and exactly how much we might have enjoyed this before now."

She showed him what it felt like to lay snuggled against him at night with his chest to her back while she was still human, wishing that he would push his erection up against her ass and tease her with the feel of it against her skin before taking her from behind. A few times, she had even slid a hand down her pajama pants and discreetly rubbed her clit while he was right there holding her. He hadn't noticed, or if he had, he never gave any indication.

His cock jerked and he growled more loudly than before after hearing that in her thoughts. If he would have had any idea….there would have been no resisting her. He would have tried to leave and give her some privacy, but the truth is, he would have failed miserably. And she wanted him to. She had hoped that he would fail.

She wanted him since almost the first day they met. Once she realized that he really did love and want her, she would have given almost anything to be with him intimately. Her desires were driving her wild.

"I wanted you to catch me touching myself. I hoped you would replace my hand with yours, whispering in my ear as you felt of me for the first time. I imagined your cold touch against my overheated lips and how amazing your fingers would feel as I squirmed against you. I thought of the feel of any part of you inside me and how it would send ripples of pleasure throughout my entire body. I would have returned the favor by grabbing your cock and-"

He fought hard against his restraints, but it did him no good despite using all of his strength. He was tied so tightly. She smiled devilishly again. "Antsy, are we? Those chains are titanium enforced. You aren't getting out of them."

"I will fulfill your every fantasy as many times as you wish, but you have got to let me up. I'm going crazy over here!"

"I guess I am being rather unfair to you." she started. He quickly agreed with a growl that more resembled a purr. "But that's the point." She smirked at him. Bella was definitely enjoying this little game.

She stepped out of her thong and stretched out on the bed, spreading her legs wide, giving him an obstructed view of her dripping pussy. She still wore her heels, stockings, and garter. She took the thong in her hands and shot it at his face like a slingshot. He could smell her arousal as it hit his nose and fell in his lap. It nearly sent him into a lustful frenzy.

He tried to fight against the restraints again, but she just laughed. He still couldn't escape.

"I'm going to have to thank your brothers for those when we we're done."

He wanted to insist that she never mention his brothers in their bedroom again, but his words were swallowed as she slowly snaked her right hand from the top of her luscious breasts to the top of her mound, where she started rubbing her clit between her fingers, giving him an incredible view. His normally shy wife had never done something like this for him. God, it was such a turn on. She was incredibly confident and so very sexy.

"You have no idea. I have had so many fantasies. I spent countless nights aching with desire for you, but you always turned me down."

"I didn't want to. I don't want to right now. You have no idea how badly I've needed you. I want to fuck you. As hot as this is, you shouldn't have to touch yourself with me around. I'm always happy to touch you. I need to touch you."

"So, you wish this were your cock?" she asked, slowly sliding a finger inside of herself, and then two as she started thrusting them inside of her, throwing her head back in pleasure.

"God, yes. It should be my cock. Let me spend the whole night making love to you."

She didn't answer, but showed him another memory:

Bella was spending the weekend with him at home a few days before their wedding. She had touched herself in his shower, pleasuring her nipples first, then her clit, then slowly fingering herself while the hot water fell around her. She hoped that Edward would crash through the door, shove her against the shower wall and have his way with her. She imagined how his hard cock would feel sliding between her wet folds. The coolness of his skin would contrast nicely with the warmth of the shower. But he never interrupted, staying in his room, and reading a book instead.

Well, now I know why Jasper and Alice were both acting extra weird around me for a week after that. he thought with a pained laugh. "I'd be happy to do that to you now if you like. I want nothing more than to touch and pleasure every part of you. I will pin you against anything you'd like and have my way with you."

"Wait your turn." she snapped. He growled again.

She showed him what he looked like to her, his eyes black, his expression dark and lustful. He was incredibly frustrated, almost angry as he fought against the restraints. It was a huge turn on for her, torturing him as she was, finally stronger than him.

"What have you done with my sweet, innocent wife?" he asked as he stopped fighting for a minute. He was exasperated yet in awe of her, and so incredibly desperate for her touch.

"She's in here somewhere. I'm sure she'll make an appearance later." She was again pleasuring her clit.

He growled more consistently, not able to stop, and she jumped up with vampire speed, approaching him, curious what he might do if given an opportunity to escape, though she was confident she could wrestle him back into his restraints if needed.

"I'll remove one of your bondages. Which one?" she asked, standing just out of his grasp.

He looked a little sadly at his right hand and she laughed but untied it as he requested. Bella was highly amused, never having seen him desperate enough to touch himself yet. She had never given him reason to, always eagerly reaching for him the moment they were alone.

"If you try to release any of the others, I will restrain you completely and blindfold you. Got it?"

He nodded. She walked away and he wasted no time unbuttoning and pulling away the zipper of his pants, taking his extremely hard cock into his right hand, and massaging it carefully. It was painfully engorged, and nothing was going to truly sate his desires but her.

He thought that touching himself would relieve some of the pressure, but it just made him want his wife more. His hand could never feel anything like her touch.

"Please, Bella." he groaned. "I want to feel myself inside of you. Let me love you. I'll do whatever you want."

"How many times did I ask you and you say no? Not even to mention after our wedding."

"Way too many! I'm sorry!"

"You will be." she smirked, sending a fresh jolt of desire to his erection. She got something out of a dresser drawer and then laid back down on the bed. It was a large makeup bag. He could only imagine its contents.

She pulled out a thick, glass phallic shaped sex toy. "I used to chill this in bags of ice and pretend it was your cock. It was almost the perfect temperature." She showed him memories of fucking herself with it when she was home alone, having some of the hardest orgasms she had ever experienced as she imagined it were him. The temperature seemed right to her at least.

She pulled out a small vibrator next. "This one is quiet, but intense. I used it several times hoping that you might hear it on your way up to my room. I always finished before you got there or got bored. I figured it was intentional and you were waiting until I was done. Being proper."

"I had no idea." he said, remembering one time when he might have heard it but assumed it was something innocent like an electric toothbrush or perhaps a nail buffer. She had always put it up before he made it through the window. Who knows what would have happened if he had caught one of those particular performances?

"What would you have done if you had come through the window and saw me using it?"

"Probably left for a few minutes to give you your privacy." he answered honestly, but it was clearly the wrong answer.

"And if I asked you not to?"

"Fuck Bella..." He continued to slowly stroke his cock, still trying desperately to get some relief. "It was so hard to resist you. I didn't want to hurt you. You have no idea how badly I wanted you, how terribly I want you right now. You have no idea what you do to me!"

"I have some idea." she laughed, watching him touch himself with much enjoyment.

She licked her lips and turned on the vibrator. She ran it up and down her slit before spreading her legs and sliding it inside her, dragging it on a path from slightly inside her, up her clit and back down. Then, she turned up the intensity, still watching him.

He watched, fascinated, and incredibly aroused as she pleasured herself in front of him. She turned the intensity up once more and moaned as she rubbed it around on her clit. She slid a finger inside herself. "Fuck." she whispered, her expression going tense. She was approaching her climax.

She slid another finger inside of herself. He was panting, though his breathing was unnecessary, as he watched her come undone with a loud moan of pleasure.

He couldn't take it anymore. He reached his hand across to his other wrist, trying to snap the cables. She was standing over him in a flash, roughly grabbing his hand and tying it back up before he could finish masturbating. "What did I say about that?"

"No don't!" he groaned.

"Too bad." she insisted, wrapping a wide band of black silk across his eyes. He could see a little bit of light around the edges, but nothing else. "If you behave, I'll let you watch through my thoughts. This isn't behaving though."

"I want to touch you." he said. "Please, Bella."

"You never let me touch you when I wanted to before."

"You can touch me as much as you like now. I want nothing more than for you to touch me right now. I want-"

"No, this isn't about your wants. I need you to understand how much it hurt, how badly I needed you, how you made me suffer, especially on our honeymoon after you let me feel how amazing it was being with you, and then wouldn't touch me again."

"I didn't want to. I'll make it up to you. I swear."

"This is a good start." she said, kneeling down in front of him and allowing him to see through her eyes that she was eye level with his erection. He held perfectly still, barely even breathing, desperate for her attentions.

She touched her tongue to his cock and licked one long, slow path from his base to his tip, swirling her tongue around the swollen head just once before leaning back and away from him. He groaned loudly, trying to fight the restraints that bound his hands, and failing at it. "Please suck my cock. You're so gorgeous when you do that. I need you so much."

"You aren't escaping those." she added. "Not until I allow you to. And since you're still fighting against them, I don't think I will grant your request. Not now."

He growled loudly and then shook his head. "I've created a monster."

"Hush. You love it."

He had nothing to say to that. Of course, he did. But he would be a fool to admit that, as much as he ached for her. He didn't want her to continue to torture him like this every night.

She ripped his t-shirt off of him in one swift motion, then slid his pants and boxers down to his ankle restraints. His breathing was heavy, and his head was swirling with the smell of her, not just her usual delicious smell, but also that of her arousal and his venom flowing through her veins as well. She was his. She was aroused by him. It was empowering and incredibly frustrating that he couldn't take her right now in the many ways he wanted to.

She crawled in his lap, careful to sit a few inches away from where he really wanted her. She kissed down his neck as he squirmed beneath her, continuing to try desperately to relieve some of his discomfort.

"Sit still." she whispered against his neck, her tone making him shiver.

"Or what?" He didn't think she could possibly restrain him anymore.

She gently scratched her teeth up his neck, nibbling at his ear. "Or I'll make this take even longer."

He held his breath and stopped moving, trying as hard as he could to hold still. "I'm sorry. I understand how you felt. I wish I had been more honest with you. I wanted you too, so much. I thought about that possibility with at least part of my thoughts nearly every second of every day these last few months. I have a lot of making up to you to do."

"You do."

"Then let me, please. Let me touch you."

"You are touching me."

"Bella." he growled. "Let me make love to you. I want to fuck you until we both forget everything else. I'm going to make you cum so hard you forget how to even breathe."

"That sounds like a promise." she breathed huskily in his ear before she bit down on it, making him moan. It felt amazing when she did that. He loved that she could bite him now.

She freed his left hand this time, keeping it in her hand and kissing it before guiding it to the warmth between her legs. It wasn't as burning hot as it had been, now that they were mostly the same temperature, but it was still enough to stoke the raging inferno inside of him.

She held his hand in hers as she used two of his fingers to trace slow circles around her clit. She moaned quietly as he took over and pleasured her.

"Tell me your fantasies." she said.

He learned forward into her and kissed down the side of her face and down to the base of her neck and shoulders. She allowed it.

"Once I realized that I was in love with you, my desire for you never stopped. I wanted to protect you of course, so I would have never acted them out until your change, but God I nearly broke my own rules so many times. Even what was an innocent glance or a little giggle to you was pure torture to me.

I want to make love to you in our meadow with only the stars as our witness. I want to stay inside of you for hours until you're filled with our fluids and dripping wet because of my doing. I want to take you from behind and then throw you on top of me so I can watch your face and admire your breasts as you cum.

I've imagined hot, steamy showers and cool swims in the lake. I fantasize about ripping scandalous lingerie off of your gorgeous curves and telling you how naughty you are for daring to wear something like that, even for me-"

She reached for his erection, not quite stroking it, but lazily running her fingertips up and down it, barely touching him as he still rubbed circles on her clit with his fingers. "Go on. You can do better than that."

"I want to make you scream my name and curse at the top of your lungs from the pleasure that I alone can give you. To see how wet I can make you before I finally slide into you. To kiss you all over and lick your sweet pussy until you are squirting your cum in my mouth and show you that no toy or piece of glass can come close to replacing me."

"Is that so?"

Edward growled in frustration. "I would show you if you'd let me out of these damn things!"

"But that's no fun." she pouted, taking her hand off of his cock and rubbing her most intimate part against his thigh, pleasuring herself a little but teasing him even more. "I like being the one in control of you for once. Being stronger than you." She was enjoying this little experiment more than she thought she would.

"Is that what this is about?" he asked, trying to understand why she had chosen to tie him up.

"Perhaps. But it's also really hot to watch you squirm." she said, leaning forward to lick and bite on his earlobe again.

He turned his head and caught her lips with his, which she permitted. Their kiss was fiery, breathless passion. She was craving his touch almost as much as he was hers. She stopped torturing him for just a moment and threw herself into that kiss, enjoying her mate and letting him enjoy her a little too.

He stopped his motions on her clit and tried to reach for his cock, but she grabbed his hand in hers and put it on her breast instead. He urgently plunged his tongue into her mouth and squeezed her firm breast in his hand, kneading it and teasing her nipple as he squirmed beneath her.

"Bella, please." he whispered against her lips before using his free arm to pull her as closely against him as he could. Her slit was just against his cock, barely touching it but not as much as he needed. He could feel her wetness. She deliberately squirmed against him, rubbing her soft heat against him, teasing him still. Somehow even as a vampire, she was still all of the warmth he ever needed. He was only centimeters shy of being able to position her on top of him properly with his free hand and sliding his pained cock in between those irresistible, swollen lips. He might just cum on the spot from the contact if she would let him.

Her mouth was busy with his, so she used her thoughts to show him exactly how much she intended to still torture him for the evening before finally, if he behaved, allowing him to have her.

She wanted to make him pleasure her for hours, with his hands, his tongue, even her favorite toys, everything except for his cock. She insisted that he massage her and kiss every inch of her body thoroughly before they could make love.

She was going to make him wash her in the shower and then dry her off inch by inch before dressing her in more lingerie and pleasuring her some more. He would be forbidden from touching himself, but she might touch him on occasion to keep things interesting, mostly for her own enjoyment.

If he tried to have his way with her, she was fully prepared to use every bit of her newborn strength to refuse and restrain him, breaking furniture if necessary. She had already cleared the cost of replacement with a giggly Esme thanks to a little encouragement from Emmett.

If blushing were possible for a vampire, Edward would have been crimson. His entire family knew what she was going to do to him and made no effort to stop it. He was incredibly frustrated, yet remarkably aroused and impressed with her cunning and determination.

But first, finally, she was going to give him a little bit of relief. She stroked him firmly and quickly as he moaned into their kiss, bringing him almost to the point of orgasm before stopping.

She kissed him more passionately as she lifted her ass off of his thighs, hovering her entrance over his cock. "Is this what you want?" she asked huskily, pulling her mouth away from his.

"God yes." he moaned, looking for her and seeing only the dark black of the blindfold he still wore.

"Do you see now how much it hurt, those months I spend needing you and unable to have you?"

"That will never happen again." he assured her. "You're my wife. My mate. I'm yours. You can always have me."

"I'm going to make sure you remember that." she said, getting off of his lap as he practically roared in frustrated desire.

First, she cut off her thoughts to him and ran something soft up and down his arms, making him shiver again. Then, she purred from behind him, beside him, disappearing each time he reached for her with his free hand.

She finally got down on her knees in front of him and spread his legs as far as she could due to the restraints. "Relax, you'll get some fun to hold you over."

She licked another torturously slow path from his base to his tip, except this time, she took his balls in one of her hands and immediately shoved his full length in her mouth, the tip of him going down the top of her throat. He moaned loudly as she started sucking on him intensely while she gently kneading his balls.

He put his hand on her head, encouraging her as he grabbed a fist full of her hair. "Let me take off the blindfold. You're so gorgeously sexy when you do this. I want to watch you suck my cock."

Her mouth was very full and extremely busy, but she used her thoughts to give permission, pretending to be disinterested. He took his hand out of her hair just long enough to rip the fabric from his eyes and immediately admire the sight before him.

"God, Bella." he moaned, watching her bob up and down on his erection, her cheeks drawing in a little from how hard she was sucking him.

Do you like it when I suck your dick? she thought.

"It's so hot. Please don't stop."

Did you ever fantasize about this?

"So many times. I still do. I can't get enough of you. It's so hard to be proper in front of others when all I want is you." he moaned. His breaths were coming out more as pants. She knew exactly where to lick and how hard to suck to drive him wild. He felt his climax approaching.

Tell me about the first time.

He was embarrassed to admit it, but he knew that nothing would push her away. She had already shared similar feelings. "Well, it was the night you made the family vote on you becoming an immortal. After my rage dulled, I couldn't help but fantasize a little about what it would be like to have you safe with me. To be able to kiss you fully and make love to you. I thought about how no part of me could hurt you. How I could nibble on you and bite you. I imagined that I would spend hours with my face buried in your pussy, sucking, and kissing you.

Then, I remembered that I would no longer have to fear you touching me either. And I touched myself thinking about how you might feel. I imagined that we would kiss and then you would want to explore my body as I wanted yours, so I thought you might….FUCK!" he shouted, his orgasm hitting him so hard that his entire body shook as he shot ribbons of venom down her throat. He moaned and panted, his breath fast and heavy as he finally found his release, at least temporarily.

She swallowed all of his venom and removed her mouth from him, smiling up at him. "Finish that thought."

"I thought you might want to return the favor by sucking on my cock. I had to touch myself. I couldn't think of anything else but you. I nearly ran to you and bit you then, consequences be damned."

"You can bite me now." she purred, leaning over him. He happily kissed a path up her neck and then bit her just below her ear, making both of them moan. "Now, I'm going to untie you and you're going to carry me to bed and make up for all of those months when I had to touch myself because you wouldn't. Got it?"

"Yes, my love." he purred, nipping at her earlobe with his teeth. He couldn't fucking wait. He was already rock hard again in anticipation.

She untied him quickly and he immediately made good on his promise, kicking off his pants, picking her up in one strong arm and using the other to draw back the quilt and place her between the silk sheets, the soft texture of which pleasantly tickled her exposed skin.

Edward growled as he pounced on top of his wife, hungrily admiring her body which was finally his to freely touch. He pressed his erection firmly against her thigh as he kissed, sucked, and nibbled his way down her neck and towards her breasts. He took one breast in his mouth and the other in one of his hands, teasing the nipples and savoring both her taste and her sweet, irresistible smell.

He ran one of his hands down her side and firmly gripped her small waist, kneading the soft skin there between his fingers. He couldn't stop ferally growling as he ground his hips into her. "Never doubt how much I…desire you again." he said against her breast, only removing his mouth from it long enough to capture the other one in his lips instead.

His hand on her waist traveled across her hips and slowly down her stomach before he ripped her lingerie from her in one smooth motion.

She used her thoughts to let him see how each touch of his was making her feel. She never wanted to doubt his want and passion for her again. She needed him to show her everything he'd held back on all those long months, and he fully intended to do so.

"Is that so?" he asked. "I can't imagine anything else I would rather do. Or rather, anyone else."

She growled her feminine yet dominating growl and it went right to his cock, making it twitch against her leg. He ground it against her even harder as he captured her mouth with his, hungrily kissing her as his hand found her clit. She was soaked for him and he smiled happily into their kiss, pulling away to nip his way down her neck again, this time on the opposite side.

"Are you sure you don't want me to fuck you senseless right now? Because I'd like to do that very much. I want to feel your tight pussy around me. I want to hear you scream."

"Later. After I've had my fun with you."

"Oh, fucking isn't fun?" he asked with a mischievous grin. "I'll be sure to remember that later when I'm finally having my way with you. And I am going to have my way with you. Several times. Until you're begging me to stop because you just can't take any more pleasure. I will make you regret restraining me, because all you've done is build up my desire and it's begging to come out and show itself to you."

She didn't speak. She didn't have to. He felt the surge of wetness against his palm which he had pressed flat against her entrance, teasing it as his fingertips circled her clit. He purred in her ear and licked her earlobe.

"Edward…" she groaned, thrashing her hips up into his hand. She used her thoughts to show him that she wanted him to finger her, and how could he resist such a request from his beloved, presented in the particular manner which drove him absolutely wild? He slid two of his fingers inside of her quickly, thrusting with force he never would have dared use when she was human.

He also slid down on the bed, noting how she fisted the silky sheets in her hands, and replaced his fingers on her clit with his mouth, licking and nibbling on it as he thrust his fingers in and out of her.

"Fuck!" she shouted, her second climax of the evening coming upon her at an overwhelming pace.

"I'd like to." he said against her clit, before sucking it hard, way harder than he would have before her change. She came hard with a loud growl that made Edward so, incredibly happy she was his. It was primal and wild, yet it made his heart swell in happiness.

He was definitely the most aroused he had ever been, but he was too enthralled by her to care about his own needs for the moment. He plunged his tongue in between her folds and explored them a little, eagerly lapping up all of her juices before remembering he had other parts of the bargain to honor.

He kissed down to the inside of her thigh, down her leg and ending at her foot, taking extra care to kiss each inch of exposed skin. He gently sucked on her toes and she moaned, her soft eyes black as she watched him love her.

Then, he teasingly licked down her slit only once before kissing the other leg and foot. He took her hands in his next and slowly worshipped her arms, then her shoulders, then her breasts, ending at her stomach. When he was confident that he had kissed every inch of her front, including her face, he grabbed her arms and rolled her over so that she was face down in the soft pillowcases.

He then kissed every inch of her back, taking his time especially to admire her ass, centimeter by perfect centimeter. She hummed with satisfaction. He stretched out on top of her, savoring the fact that it was impossible for him to hurt her.

He pressed his stiff erection against her bare ass and whispered in her ear, his breath tickling her face. "Now, what's to stop me from taking you right here, just like this?"

The sudden smell of her arousal increasing gave him his answer, but Edward was rather enjoying turning the tables on her after what she had put him through teasing him as she did. "Ah, I remember. You had other plans for me this evening." He laughed a low, sultry laugh as he kissed and nibbled at her ear. "I'm going to make you beg for it, unable to stand wanting to feel me inside of you for another single second."

While he distracted her with his mouth, he used one of his hands to grab the glass dildo she had showed him earlier. He rubbed his cock against her wet entrance, teasing her a little before moving his hips away from her and inserting her dildo instead of his cock. "Surely this can't be an acceptable replacement for the real thing now, can it?"

"No." she moaned, enjoying the sensations, but starting to desperately want to feel Edward. She wanted to tease him until he got frustrated and had his way with her. She was certain that he would fuck her wildly the second she released him, but he was rather enjoying returning the favor instead.

"Tell me what you want, and I just might give it to you."

"You." she panted.

"You have me. We're married, after all." Edward said with a smirk, enjoying this fun with his wife.

"I want you inside of me."

"Which part of me?" he insisted, wanting to hear her say it.

"Your cock."

"You naughty girl. Such a filthy mouth. I fear I shall never find my sweet, innocent wife again."

"You love this."

"I do." he agreed. "But how will I ever take you out in public again if this is how you act? Hmm. Perhaps I should teach you a lesson…"

He continued thrusting the glass toy in and out of her from behind, enjoying feeling her squirm beneath him as he still laid mostly on top of her. "I suppose I should make sure that you are completely…fulfilled…before I ever let you leave this cabin again. Yes, that's a good start. But how else do I remind you that nothing is going to pleasure you as I can?"

He removed the dildo and re-adjusted so that his face was at her ass. He grabbed her thighs forcefully and propped her up on her knees more, using his tongue to seek out her slit, which he licked fervently. He kept one arm around her thighs to hold her in place and used his free hand to rub her clit just as he thrust his tongue inside of her. She came immediately, trembling from the overwhelming sensations of him touching her as he was.

"Edward…" she moaned.

"I'm not done with you." he said, reaching for her vibrator and pressing it to her clit on its maximum intensity. She moaned loudly and used her thoughts to show him how badly she wanted him to fuck her. "I'm only doing what you asked of me earlier, my love. I won't stop until I fulfil your every fantasy."

She was moaning and growling near constantly, the vibrations driving her insane both with pleasure, and an intense desire to have something inside of her. He again used his tongue on her folds before slipping it inside, knowing how it made her feel. He rather enjoyed it himself too. She came hard within minutes, panting and struggling to catch her unnecessary breath.

"Now," he said, removing her toy from her clit and standing up beside the bed. "We're going to take a very hot, steamy shower together and I'm going to dress you in the most scandalous lingerie I can find. Then, I'm going to savor every inch of you again before I fuck you so completely that you forget what it ever felt like to not have my dick inside of you. Any complaints?"

"No." she said, looking him up and down as he stood naked in front of her. She loved his dominating side and how completely he commanded her, at least in bed. He could hear in her thoughts as she admired him and how each part of his form turned her on even more, even his strong wrists and the trail of hair on his chest that led down to his crotch.

"Admire it all you want. It's entirely yours, but you can't have it just yet." he disappeared from the room in a flash, turning on the water to let it get hot. He was immediately standing in their large walk-in closet and quickly zeroed in on some lingerie that was more red string than any type of clothing. He sat it on the bed and then lifted her in his arms again as he carried her into the bathroom.

She watched his face, enamored by his sultry expression. His eyes were dark and lusty. His hair was a total mess, way more than normal. His jaw was tight with desire that he was barely keeping in check.

He was completely himself, totally open. He was hiding nothing from her. There was no holding back his strength or his feelings. This had really been her goal for the night.

"Is that so?" he asked in response to her thoughts that she hadn't remembered to hide from him. "I'll show you not holding back once I get you dressed properly."

He sat her on her feet in the shower and got in with her, first working his fingers through her long, silky hair and massaging her scalp as he got her fully wet. She purred and leaned into him. He smiled, his love for her not at all lost in the passion and teasing. He loved pleasuring her and loving her in the ways that felt natural to him. He was happy to oblige her every desire.

He grabbed her shampoo and gently lathered her hair, enjoying the texture of it in his fingers just as much as she enjoyed the feelings of his massage. Then, he rinsed it fully before pulling it so that their mouths were level and he could kiss her passionately, and with plenty of his tongue, still slightly tasting of her more intimate parts.

As they kissed, she reached for his cock and stroked it hard and fast. He moaned loudly and pressed it as far against her stomach as he could, forgetting everything on his mind at the feel of her soft hands on his erection. He returned the favor, running a finger down her slit before sliding it inside of her, then joining it with another, his thrusting inside of her matching the pace of her strokes on him.

Their tongues danced wildly, passionately, and both of their thoughts were entirely clear of anything but each other and of the sensations of touch. They forgot where they were, even what day it was. Nothing else mattered.

He felt her walls clench around his fingers, and he used his thumb on her clit to send her over the edge, just as he came hard and fast all over her stomach with a possessive growl. He stopped kissing her to instead bite her neck hard and, in several places, marking her.

Though his marks weren't visible but for a moment, any vampire would smell his venom all over her, as well as that inside of her veins. There was no doubt that she was fully and completely his. That thought returned his erection to full force immediately. It made him so insanely happy.

She looked at him, licking her lips and pouting in her sexy way as she slammed him against the shower wall, making a few tiles crack from her strength. She licked him from his throat down to his erection, bending over him with her pretty ass high in the air, water cascading off of it before she got down on her knees and took his length in her mouth again.

His eyes rolled back as he leaned his head against the tiles, shouting obscenities and moaning loudly. She felt so. fucking. good. He couldn't even open his eyes to admire her he was so overwhelmed.

She again showed him her thoughts and let him hear exactly how she felt to be sucking his cock. He heard how much she loved what she could do to him, how he tasted, how firm he felt against her soft lips. He even heard how much having him so fully in her mouth was turning her on, intensifying her desire for him, which in turn made his erection twitch inside of her. He felt both his own pleasure and her thoughts on exactly how his dick felt against her tongue and the back of her throat.

"Bella…" he whispered, panting, and thrusting into her mouth even harder, knowing he couldn't hurt her. Loving that he couldn't hurt her. He tangled both of his hands in her hair, pulling himself as far into her mouth as he could possibly get. He carefully listened to her thoughts for signs she wanted him to stop, but there were none. She loved this.

She reached for his ass and held it firmly in her hands as he thrusted roughly in and out of her mouth. She slid his tongue all up and down his length and lightly scratched at him with her sharp teeth. He came with a mighty growl, holding himself in place partially down her throat as she eagerly sucked what she could reach, completely swallowing every drop of his venom.

"Fuck." he whispered, breathing heavily, his eyes huge as he admired her. She slowly slid him out of her mouth and smiled innocently up at him. He couldn't possibly love her more than he did in that moment. "Why the hell didn't I just bite you sooner?" he groaned.

She stood up to kiss him sweetly on the lips. "My point exactly."

He growled much more calmly as he pressed her against the wall of the shower and kissed gently all over her neck and ears, sucking lightly. "I love you so god damn much. You're insatiable. So fucking perfect. Sexy. What on Earth did I ever do to deserve you for even a few hours? Holy hell." he panted, still not able to catch his breath. He had no idea just how wild she could truly be. How unrestrained. Passionate.

She giggled quietly and showed him with her thoughts how much she adored him and how happy she was. He kissed her lips gently, not even caring how much she tasted like his venom, no, actually, absolutely wild about how much she tasted like him and why she tasted like him.

Bella turned off the water and Edward reached for a fluffy towel, remembering that he promised to dry her off inch by delicious inch. He took his time, loving her, caressing her, and kissing every single inch of her. He gave an especially long kiss to that sweet spot between her legs. The scent of her arousal nearly sent him into another passionate frenzy.

"Now, I'm going to dress you in your lingerie and then I am finally going to fully enjoy that pretty pussy of yours."

"Please." she said breathlessly, immediately going to stand beside the bed at vampire speed.

He laughed and joined her, mirroring her eagerness as he secured the web of strings over her body, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination but accenting her curves. He teasingly rubbed her clit with his finger. She was already soaking wet with arousal.

"Fuck, Bella. You're so wet."

"All I have to do is look at you."

"If you had any idea how many times I've walked around with a raging hard on trying to be respectful and hide it from you."

"Don't bother."

He growled loudly. "Well then, we're about to spend the next few decades confined to this cabin, because I can't get enough of you."

She growled this time, throwing her arms around his neck and grinding her body against his.

"Impatient, are we?" he asked. "I thought I still had more of my bargain to fulfill."

"No. I'm ready. I need you. I can't take it anymore."

"You sure about that?" he asked, pushing her backwards onto the bed and crawling over her. He kissed her lips roughly and deliberately moved away from her attempts to grind her crotch up into his.

He instead kissed her neck again, biting a trail down to her shoulder, across her breasts, and gently nibbling down her stomach. He was on his knees beside the bed now, her gorgeous pussy right at his eye level where he wanted it.

"Well, I had so much fun with you in the shower that I thought I might more properly return the favor first." he said, looking her in the eyes as he leaned his face down towards her.

She adored his expression and how dark his eyes still were. His hair was still slightly damp and incredibly messy. He raised his eyebrows for a brief second to see if she were going to protest, but protest was the last thing on her mind as he touched his lips to her slit. She spread her legs wide in invitation.

He licked a long path up her slit to her clit, sucking it hard and then biting it, making her moan and curse. He never would have dared try something like this when she was still human.

She used her thoughts to show him exactly what she liked, and god damn it, he couldn't get enough of this amazing creature. He happily fulfilled her every wish, nibbling on her clit and then plunging his tongue inside of her as he replaced his bites with gentle, but fast motions of his fingers instead.

Bella ran her fingers through his hair, purring and relaxing fully into his touch. He traded places again, fingering her quickly and roughly as he sucked on her clit and circled it with his tongue, wanting to show her the same wild, unrestrained desire she had shown him in the shower. She growled as she came and he smiled, completely enthralled. He kissed his way softly back up her body, ending with a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Edward, please." she said, wrapping her legs around him to hold him tightly against her.

"I love you so much." he said, kissing her neck and savoring her scent, mostly unchanged even since she became immortal. He needed her to know that even with the wild passion they shared, she was his everything.

"I love you too." she said, squirming under him and tugging on his hair, trying to convince him with her thoughts to stop his foreplay and finally have his way with her.

"With pleasure." he purred, lining the head of his cock up with her entrance and looking deeply into her eyes as he quickly and roughly pressed his full length inside of her. The time for foreplay was over. It was time to make good on the rest of his promise.

They both moaned loudly and gripped the other tightly. He thrusted hard and fast, trembling from how amazing it felt to finally be inside of her after hours of torture spent admiring her and unable to take her.

"Fuck. Edward!" she shouted, trembling just as much as he was. She let him hear via her thoughts how amazing he felt inside of her and how much she loved his every movement.

"Fuck." he panted, thrusting into her as hard as he wanted to, no concerns for safety necessary. He slowed down his motions a little, savoring how she gripped him with each pass. She clenched her muscles, holding him even tighter inside of her.

He growled. "What the fuck are you doing to me."

"Fucking you." she answered sweetly, using her newborn strength to catch him off guard and roll them over so that she was on top. He was speechless as he watched her ride him slowly and deeply, her breasts bouncing with each movement. He couldn't think of a more beautiful sight.

"You're so gorgeous." he said finally, gripping her hips to hold her more tightly to him so that he could thrust hard up into her. "And indestructible." he reminded her, making their pace frantic and shooting his venom into her quickly with a variety of inhuman noises. She screamed as she came around him, even her thoughts going blank from the pleasure of her climax.

They held each other for a minute before he slid her off of him and sat up, laying her across his knees so he could admire her ass. She lay there, content as he rubbed her butt. He started spanking her gently, then more roughly when she didn't protest.

"This is for teasing me." He spanked her. "For torturing me." And again. "For possibly believing that any toy could replace me." "For being so god damn irresistible."

"Now," he said, his voice still deep and sensual as he sat her back up on his lap, her arms around his neck. He kissed her once, softly. "I'm going to spend the last few hours of night making love to my gorgeous wife. No more teasing. No more toys. No obstacles." he said, tearing the stringy lingerie off from her. "Because I just can't get enough of you. I am deeply, incredibly sorry for the months when I had to say no to you, but that will never happen again. I doubt I can manage a night without being inside of you, maybe even a single hour. You are mine. Finally, all mine." he purred.

She smiled up at him, caressing his cheek in her hand. She let her thoughts do the talking for her again. I love you so much. I wanted you to stop feeling guilty and not be afraid of hurting me anymore. I could tell you were still holding back a little, but you don't have to. I'm not hurt. I feel amazing. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of the night with you inside of me.

"Good." he said, "because I won't go without feeling you another single second."

His cock was already rock hard again and pressed against her ass. He stood up with her in his arms, pulling back the silk sheets and slipping her in between them. He climbed on top and slid inside of her, the urgency mostly satisfied but his desire still very much there.

"Edward." she moaned, scratching his back in a way he loved.

"My everything." he whispered in her ear, thrusting slowly, but fully inside her each time.

They made love in this gentle way until just before sunset. "We will have to go to the main house soon, love. It's almost sunrise."

She lifted her shield one more time and showed him her desire for him to be rough with her just once more from behind, filling every inch of her and making them both go wild with the intensity of it. And dear God in heaven, how could he resist a request like that? Fuck being on time.

He had waited nearly a hundred years for this. For her. And damn if he wasn't going to enjoy every single, precious second of it.