Flashback to '85

"Got a minute?" Gina asked while walking along the dock next to Sonny's boat.

"Always for you, Darlin'." He took her hand and helped her step up. As she stepped onboard her foot slipped a little and she fell into him. "Now you planned that, didn't you?" he asked with a smile.

"Don't flatter yourself." She smiled back and sat down.

"So what is it that you came here for?" He asked, going back to minor maintenance on the boat.

"Nothing in particular. I was just out walking and then decided to come down here and see you."

"So then really it's not just a minute that you want, is it?" He looked at her.

"If you're busy I can go." She laughed, "I wouldn't want to interrupt your.." She cocked her head to the side looking at what he was doing. "Your attempt at being a real man." She teased.

"Hey.. I can fix this." He said pointing at her. "The fuel gage wire just got disconnected, so it's not working. I'm going to reconnect it." He nodded going back to what he was doing.

"Uh huh." She smiled and went down below. "Do you want a beer?" She asked, taking one for herself.

"So you live here now?" He laughed looking down to her.

"I wouldn't mind it, but no, I'm just helping myself." She smiled and brought them each a beer. "Do you really know what you're doing with that?" She asked crouching beside him. He turned looking at her and just stared at her. "Okay, okay." She said and backed off sitting back down where she had been.

After about 10 minutes he stood up and looked at her, "Well, lets see if it works." he opened his beer taking a swig and then set it down, turning the key in the ignition. The boat started and he smiled, "See look at that. I told you I knew what I was doing." He said tapping the fuel gage.

"I'm glad that you impressed yourself." She smiled at him.

"Do you always wander around aimlessly on your evenings off and pester people?" He asked turning to her as he drank more of his beer. "I'm going to watch the sunset out there." He pointed out in the water. "So if you're getting off, now would be the time." He said then hopped off the boat untying it. She kept her seat and relaxed back, putting her feet up. he got back onboard, "So then I guess you're staying."

"I guess so." She smiled.

He re-started the boat and pulled out of the docks heading out into the water then dropped his anchor and sat beside her. He took her beer and shook it, "Want another one? That's just foam in there."

"Please." She smiled. "And I don't wander aimlessly on my evenings off, either." She said in protest sitting up a little. "I could have gone out with Trudy if I had wanted. But I felt more like taking a walk. And then I didn't want to be alone all night, so I came down to find you." She took the beer when he came back up.

Sonny sat down next to her, "So why didn't you call Trudy then, when you decided you didn't want to be alone?" He asked a little more intimately.

"Maybe you're the one I wanted to be with." She smiled softly.

"Now there we go, you've admitted it! You can't stay away." He smiled.

"Sometimes it would be nice if you were serious about something, instead of teasing me or poking fun at me." She said looking at him.

"I can be serious." Sonny said.

"Only on duty." She laughed.

"Hey.. I can be serious." He kissed her once on the lips. They parted and she looked at him a moment and leaned in kissing him this time. The kiss slowly escalated from soft to hard and passionate. He pulled her in a little closer, and she moved so she was straddling his lap. They continued to kiss and Gina pulled his shirt off, smiling as she ran her hands up and down his chest. "Maybe we should go down below to watch the sunset." Sonny said standing up but holding her so her legs were wrapped around his waist.

"Mmmhmmm.." She said and went back to kissing him..

Clothes strewn on the floor, undergarments at the foot of the bed. It was now around 2 am. An empty champagne bottle, with half full glasses sitting on the nightstand, Gina and Sonny laying together in his bed between black satin sheets. The song "Truly" by Lionel Richie is playing softly in the back round..

Girl, tell me only this, that I have you heart for always. And you want me by your side whispering the words, 'I'll always love you'. And forever I will be your lover. And I know if you really care, I will always be there. And I need to tell you this, there's no other love like your love..

He was laying in the comforter with it just below his abdomen while she had the sheet wrapped around her slightly and covering her chest. Neither of them were saying much, she moved in closer to him planting a soft kiss on his chest. She then laid her head in the crook of his neck and shoulder as she rested her hand on his chest. He moved his hand to her hair, gently stroking it to calm the strands that had become tangled during their lovemaking.

And I as long as I live, I'll give you all the joy my heart and soul can give. Let me hold you, I need to have you near me. And I, feel with you in my arms, this love will last forever. Because I'm truly in love with you girl..

"Sonny..." Gina said but he put his fingers over her lips gently. "But Sonny we-"

"Don't... Just, not now.." He kissed her lips and then pulled her slightly closer.

I'm truly head over heels with your love, and with your love I'm free. And truly you know you're all I need. Truly... Oh so truly..

Two Weeks Later..

Gina arrived at Trudy's place with her bag of clothes. They began getting ready for the night, a big night that was going to contain a drug bust.

"So, are you ready for this? Now, when it all goes down Crockett wants us out of the way. Incase this guy tries to run or something, they'll need to shoot." Trudy said as she began putting on her 'stripper' make-up.

"Yeah, I know. Trust me, I know, he won't leave me alone about it. He makes it seem like we're only in this for the dressing up part, and he's the only one that really carries a gun." Gina said slightly annoyed.

"Trouble in Paradise?" Trudy laughed, sliding on her fishnet hoes.

"Paradise?" Gina laughed. "The only time we have Paradise is when we're both off from work, and alone. And with Sonny taking off from work doesn't happen very often. He treats me differently now, at the office that is. Like he has to worry about me more or something. I've tried to tell him that things are no different from before, so there's no reason for him to be worrying." She shook her head.


"And what? And nothing, is more like it. Anything I say goes in one ear and out the other. Normally it'd be nice to have a guy around who really cares, but that's the last thing I need at headquarters. People will start brushing off what I say because Sonny isn't treating me like a professional."

"So what are you going to do about it?" Trudy asked, applying the last of her bright pink lipstick.

"I don't know. We had an amazing weekend, a really amazing weekend." She grinned. "But, now that it's Monday, things are back to how they were the last week and a half. It's just not going to work, Trudy. I can't deal with this. Besides, I'm not his type anyway." She said shaking her head and slipped her heels on.

"Not his type? So he's told you what his type is?"

"He doesn't need to tell me his type, I just know. Blonde, dependant, tan, all three of which aren't anywhere close to me." Gina smiled.

"So have you let him know all of this?"

"No, not exactly. I mean, he knows I've avoided him all last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and today. And the week before that I was avoiding him on Wednesday and Thursday."

"Every day that wasn't a night off, pretty much?" Trudy laughed.

Gina smiled, "I can't ignore him on the nights he has off."

"So you're using him, then." Trudy said looking at her.

"No! I'm not using him. I love being with him, and he's.. I don't know." She said with a soft smile on her face. "He makes me happy, just being around him. Even if he does like to constantly talk about work." She shrugged. "And he's amazing in bed, which doesn't hurt the relationship. I would want to be with him if we didn't work together, but we do."

"Gina, isn't this the same reason you broke up with him last time?"

Gina bit her lip, "Yeah.." She said softly. "I know, I'm hurting him by doing it. I just can't help myself from wanting to be with him is all."

After about an hour they headed down to the strip club where they had been working all last week, and were in 'need' of a fix. After getting to know them, the owner trusted them enough to supply for their fix. As the Vice group already knew, the strip joint was a cover for selling drugs. Gina and Trudy went in, and after he brought out the crack both Sonny and Tubbs burst in. Gina and Trudy pulled their guns once they realized he wasn't going to move because he was surrounded. The man was arrested and taken down to the station.

As Gina went to leave, Sonny took her arm and pulled her aside. "Can we talk about us?" He asked.

"Sonny, I really don't have time for this now." She said in a hushed voice because Tubbs and Trudy were near. "Look at me, I need to change. Besides, we have business to take care of." Gina said and moved away from his hold.

"Damn it Gina, business was your excuse last week!" Sonny said, annoyed with her ignoring him.

Trudy and Tubbs looked at one another after hearing Sonny's raised voice, then at Gina and Sonny, and exited the building to give them space.

"And that's exactly why I haven't been up to talking about this with you!" Gina said motioning to Trudy and Tubbs who were exiting. "There is no line in this relationship, Sonny."

"Line?" Sonny asked with a laugh.

"Yes, line. Line between personal relations and business relations that line."

"Oh, that line." Sonny said with a nod and scratched his head in thought for a moment. "Well, Gina, we can work on that." He said with a smile putting his hands on her hips and pulling her a little closer.

"Don't treat it like a joke. I'm being serious here, Sonny." Gina said and shook her head moving away slightly. "Listen," She paused. "This isn't going to work. The personal aspect of the relationship. I just.. It's a mistake to get involved with a co-worker, you know that Sonny you just refuse to believe it." She said giving him a look. "So you're not in my personal life anymore, at least not as anything more than a friend." She said and softly kissed his cheek. "It's not that I don't want to be with you, because I do." She smiled touching his cheek. "I just can't deal with us being in a relationship, and then also working together. Things have changed." She sighed. "I'll see you tomorrow.. at work." She picked up her purse and left.

Flash-Forward 1987

"So when are you going to ask her?" Tubbs asked, walking Sonny out to his car.

"I'm not sure yet." Sonny smiled, "I've got the ring. I think it's the right size, I just want the perfect moment."

"I still can't believe you're going to ask her to marry you. Especially since that's mixing business and pleasure, and you've never been very good at that if I do recall." Tubbs laughed. "Let me see the ring." Sonny tossed the ring box to him.

"So? What do you think?" Sonny asked.

"Woo, now I know you didn't pick his out yourself, so who helped you?"

"Actually, I had Trudy help me and then the woman at the jewelry shop helped to. I think she's going to like it, she better like it because I'm not returning it." He smiled. "I'll see you later." Sonny waved and drove to Gina's apartment, knocking on her door.

"Sonny.." Gina said opening the door and wiped her eyes.

"Can I come in?" Sonny asked.

"Oh, yes, sure, of course." She nodded and moved out of the way of the door. "Sorry about this mess in here, it hasn't really been high on my list to clean." She smiled slightly.

"It's fine Gina. How are you?" He asked touching her cheek.

"I'm fine. Or I will be. Its just that last case, it was like getting sucker punched in the stomach.. I guess it's still bothering me." She said. An old friend of hers who Gina had thought she could trust ended up being part of a money laundering job. When Gina asked him about it he had lied to her, and of course she believed him. At the end the truth came out, and when h tried to run Gina had to shoot him.

"You can't be so hard on yourself about this Gina. You have a job to do, and you did it."

"I know Sonny, I know. That doesn't make me feel any less guilty, I'll get over it after some time."

"Gina, I wanted to talk to you about something. I wanted to-"

"I know what you're going to say Sonny, I've already heard it from Trudy about a million times since the bust. I was too close, I know. I should have been able to watch the boundaries, but I messed up, okay? I'm fine.. really. When you're so close to a case the way I was, you're supposed to back off. I'll be more aware next time." She said, but it was obvious she wasn't fine by the slight cracking in her voice as she spoke the words. Sonny put his arms around her to help comfort her as her eyes filled somewhat with tears. Being emotionally drained, and wanting someone to hold her, Gina took his gesture in the wrong way and leaned up kissing him tenderly on the lips. Then kissing him again, sliding her hand along his chest as she did.

"Sonny.. stay tonight. I don't want to be alone." She kissed him again.

"Gina.." He said putting his hand over hers to stop it moving back slightly, his other arm still around her waist. "I came here to tell you that I'm planning to marry Caitlin.."

Flash-Forward 1990

When the Vice team split up in 1989, Tubbs moved down with Sonny to the Florida Keys. But after a year, the constant fishing and relaxing got to Sonny. He decided he couldn't handle being away from the major crime busts, because he was more of a fast paced guy when it came to work, so he moved back to Miami. After Sonny moved back to Miami, Rico stayed down in the Florida Keys because he enjoyed the slow paced work, and being able t just relax every day. One night, he headed to a bar because he felt like getting out and meeting some new people. While at the bar, in a coincidental situation, he bumped into Trudy. Trudy was on a vacation with her new boyfriend George.

George, Trudy, and Tubbs spent a few hours together in the bar. For the most part it was Trudy and Tubbs talking, reminiscing, laughing, enjoying themselves. Before long George was bored by the talk and left.

"Finally." Trudy sighed once he left.

"Finally? You're the one dating him." Tubbs said.

"I know, but I think this will be the end. We just don't click right, I don't know." She shrugged. "How have you been? I thought you and Crockett were going to come down here together, then he just left?" She laughed.

"He couldn't handle the slow life like he thought he could." Tubbs shrugged. "What have you been doing with yourself lately?" He asked.

"Nothing really. I went out to California to work there, and didn't like it much. then I met George, and he's beyond well set and convinced me to leave the job and we've been traveling since. About 6 months now. I thought it was love at first sight." She laughed, "Now I just can't wait for him to get out of my sight."

Rico smiled and got them each another drink. "I haven't really been seeing anyone, at least not long term." He shrugged. "Business is slow here, but I like it that way. I get to relax and hang out on the beaches more." He smiled.

"It sounds nice. I wouldn't mind relaxing." She said.

"Weren't you just telling me that you've been traveling for the past 6 months?"

"That's different though, it's not relaxing. It's hard to explain, but it gets tiring being with George all of the time. I thought we were going to marry, but if I can't stand 6 months.. I don't know how I'll stand a life time." They both chuckled, then Rico leaned in and kissed her..