21N: Yes, another story idea.

So I was throwing some story ideas with 'TheWhiteTitan' and we thought this would be an internist idea. I heard a tone of KonoSuba and I thought it would fun to write.

So let me be very clear on this. This is a SI/OC, meaning the character is me with some minor tweaks. In this world the anime KonoSuba was never made, yet every other anime and game was. I just hate how most SIs put themselves into worlds they memorized giving them a massive edge.

Their will be some minor changes to the anime here and their, but this will mostly follow the main plot of the anime, movie, then the manga when I get far enough.

Now let's get on with the show!

KonoSuba: Tales of the Blood Warrior

Chapter 1

First Person P.O.V

I blinked my eyes rapidly as I was met with a void.

Pitch black as far as the eyes can see with little glowing lights in the distance.

Looking forward I saw I chair in front of me, and that made me noticed I was also sitting on a chair.

Then I heard someone call out my name.

"Welcome to the afterlife."

Glancing back I saw a figure walk passed me and made their way to the open chair.

"Unfortunately, you passed away moments ago."

The figure sat in the chair, and I finally got a good look at who was talking to me.

It was a beautiful, stunning young woman, about the same age as me. She had long blue hair, deep blue eyes, perfect skin, and seemed to have a calming air around her. She wore a blue dress with a short skirt and had a unique hair piece on her head.

"Your life was a short one, but you are, in fact, dead." She said with a small smile.

I blinked rapidly as my mouth opened and closed.

"D...Dead?" I said in a stunned tone. "When-"

I was suddenly hit by flashes.

I remember now.

I was rollerblading to work when I saw a kid wandered into the street. I acted fast before pushing him back, then everything went black.

"Holy..." I said in a stun tone as my throat closed up. I was dead, seriously dead, I died at only 18. I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to do in life. Go to Tokyo, write a book, go to a casino, go scuba-diving, visit that pink lake in Australia, not be a virgin. All gone in a instant, because I saved a life. "Damn it... what about the kid, did he make it?" I asked while rubbing my face, trying to proses what was going on.

The woman tilted her head as leaned back in her seat. "Actually, the child wouldn't have gotten hurt, even if you hadn't pushed him out of the way."

"...What?" I asked with a look I didn't even know how to describe was on my face.

The young woman nodded as she looked into a book next to her. "The mother was going to pull the boy out of the way at the last second and he wouldn't have been harmed."

"W-what a second." I said as I leaned forward, a shocked look on my face. "Are you telling me... I died for nothing?"

The woman shrugged with little care. "That's up to you, your the one who died."

"Please answer the question, no cryptic bullshit with a thousand answers." I said in a serious tone, making the woman blink. "Did I die for nothing, yes or no?" I asked, my tone shaky.

"...Yes. The child would of been perfectly fine even if you had continued to roll along." The woman said with a single nod.

I was stunned, speechless, I slumped in my chair as her words washed over my. All my hopes and dreams, gone because I desired to do some good, to be a good person.

Should I have just kept rolling along, gone to work, and lived my life.

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter." I said in a defeated tone as I slumped forward in my chair, noticing I still had my rollerblades on. "I'm dead, I can't exactly change anything." I said with a long sigh before looking to the young woman. "So, are you going to judge me, tell me if I can go to Heaven or Hell?"

I wasn't a religious person. Didn't go to church or prayed to a higher power, but I can say with confidence I am a good person. After all, I did die saving someone, even if that person was going to be saved anyway.

"Yes." The young woman nodded with a small smile on her face. "My name is Aqua. I am a goddess who guides humans who die young to the afterlife." She said as she stood up from her chair and made her way over to me. "You have two choices. You can start from square one with a new life, or you can go to Heaven and carry on like an old man."

Reincarnation or Heaven.

I thought it over, having another go at life might be fun, it might not be as well. I know full well I could be dealt a shit hand and end up with a shitty life. Besides, I want to keep my memories, I had a good life for the most part.

Looks like it's Heaven for me.

"To tell you the truth," Aqua said while leaning close to me, before giving a quick look around. "Heaven isn't that dreamy place you all imagine it to be. Not only is their no TV, there are no manga or games, either. You don't even have a physical body, so you can't do anything sexual, either." Aqua said in a sexy tone while getting close to my face, making me turn red as I gulped. "There's nothing to do there but bask in the sun for all eternity and talk to other people their."

...Okay, Heaven is a big no go. I rather live a 1000 shitty lives then not live at all. Because that what Aqua described was just existing, but not living. I would go mad in a month.

Guess it's time to be Reincarnated, maybe I'll become British in the next life, or maybe a completely different gender.

"Yeah," Aqua said with a smile while leaning in close again, making me blush a bit. "You don't want to go to a boring place like Heaven, do you?

"Y-yeah." I said with a quick nod, trying no to stare too much at her. She was really pretty.

"On the other hand, starting over from square one isn't so fun, either." She continued with a cocky smile on her face as she got closer. "On that note, I've got a great offer for you. You like games, don't you?"

"Huh? Um, yeah?" I blinked at the strange question as I nodded my head. I would say I was a gamer, I remember having gaming marathons and trying to 100% my favorite games like Fallout, Bloodborne, Skyrim, Borderlands, The Witcher 3, Monster Hunter World, The Outer Worlds, Cyberpunk 2077, and a tone of other games.

"That world, which has long enjoyed peace, is being threatened by the Demon King's army!" Aqua said in a dramatic tone, as if she was preforming in a play. "The livelihood its citizens have worked for are being trampled by monsters. Everyone lives in fear of the Demon King's army merciless pillage and slaughter!"

Now there was a dramatic light shining down on Aqua from above as she posed in front of me. The whole thing made me raise an eyebrow at the goddess.

"...Slaughter!" Aqua said on final time before the light turned off and she returned to normal. "Since that's the sort of world it is, everyone refuses to be reborn, so the population is declining."

"Okay..." I said slowly.

"So we decided, 'Why not send people who've died in other worlds there with their bodies and memories intact and face this threat?'"

So to make a long story short, I get sent to another world with my body and mind intact. Up side is I get a second chance at life, down side is I have to face a demon king and an army of monsters.

"How the hell am I going to face a Demon King?" I asked while rubbing my face. "I'm as average as you can get, what's the point of sending me to another world if I'm going to die by a monsters."

"That's why I'm doing you a big favor." Aqua said with a smirk. "I'm going to grant you the right to bring any one thing of your choosing with you. It could be a powerful weapon, a tremendous talent, or a unique ability. You'll be able to redo your life with all of your original memories. To top it off, you can bring one thing of your choosing! And the people of the parallel world will earn someone battle ready to help them." Aqua said with a smile. "Not a bad deal, don't you think?"

So long story short. The third option is get sent to a monster filled world and one day face the Demon King. Upside is I get to keep all my memories and original body, and I get a unique weapon or power. Downside, it's a fantasy like world filled with monsters, demons, and other dangerous things.

Even I could see the pros out weighed the cons.

Then I thought entered my head. "Wait, will I even be able to read their language, or speak it?"

The odds of this world speaking and writing English were slim to none. And the last thing I wanted to do was spend a few years mastering a new language.

"That won't be an issue." Aqua said as she held up a book and showed it to me. I was surprised to see it was a simple guide book explaining what would happen to me with going with the third option. "We'll overload your brain so you'll be able to learn it instantly."

As Aqua spoke something in the corner of the book caught my attention. It was a fine-print with the word caution in the box.

"As a side effect, you might just go 'poof' if you're unlucky, though." Aqua said as she covered the box. "So all that leaves you to do is choose a powerful ability or piece of equipment." She continued without missing a beat.

"Hey, what was that poof part." I said while giving her a worried look.

"Hmm?" Aqua hummed with an innocent look on her face, though I could tell she was playing dumb.

"Hey, I'm serious, I need to know this shit." I pressed on with a annoyed look on my face. "I might end up stupid in that world, or I could forget how to take a piss. So what was that part about 'poof!?'"

"I never said that." Aqua said while sparkles flew around her.

"Bullshit bluebell." I deadpanned.

Before I could continued Aqua jumped back while spinning, sparkles and papers flying all around.

"Now, choose!" Aqua said while posing in front of me. "I'll grant you one power that is second to none!"

Soon I was on the floor with several cards in front of me. Each card had the names of weapons and abilities I could bring into the other world, along with a brief summary.

Since I was going to an fantasy like world, I decided to pull all my comic, game, and anime knowledge and try to pick out the most useful ability that would work for me. The last thing I wanted was some weak ability that become obsolete once I reached the half-way point.

Using my RPG knowledge I knew for a fact that a useful ability was better then a flashy one. Such as the ability to stack poison damage rather then swinging a big sword and door one big damage every 10 seconds.

As I looked over the cards I instantly decided to push all the equipment and weapon cards to the side. Things like swords and amulets could be taken away or stolen, if I lost my main weapon in the middle of a fight I would be in serious trouble. No, it was better to gain a power then a fancy weapon, though I was seriously tempted to take Excalibur or Mjolnir.

As I looked over the cards I glanced at Aqua, seeing she was chilling in her chair while eating a bag of chips. As I glanced up I couldn't help but noticed her skirt was very short, and showed off her long legs. I also think she's not wearing any underwear, making me look away with a blush.

"Question." I said while looking her in the eyes, grabbing her attention. "Am I only limited to the abilities here?"

Aqua swallowed her chip before reaching for another one. "No, like I said you can bring anything you want to the world. Your imagination is the limit." She said before going back to her snack.

"So if I wanted an ability from a game or anime, I could have it?" I asked in an exited tone, hope filling my voice. With my knowledge, the possibly were endless.

"If I know it, and it's within reason, then yes." She said before giving me a flat look. "And please don't chose a stupid power from some Hentai, I will turn it down."

I couldn't help but snort as I started to think. "Trust me, I want to live, not die with a useless power."

I instantly started to think of my top favorites and what powers or abilities I could use.


Crawling on walls, Spidey-sense, agility, strength, all pros. Though I can't shoot webs naturally, and I would have to punch my enemies to win, which might not be the best plan.


Ultimate Regeneration, strength, speed, agility, reflexes, pros. Ultimate Regeneration does not mean invincibility, also I don't have the skill to compete with the Merc with a Mouth.

Maybe instead of choosing a specific character I should go more broad and choose a power.

Alchemy from Fullmetal Alchemist?

I can create anything and can even make lead into gold, but I don't have the knowledge to do so.

A Stand, a physical manifestation of my fighting spirit? Though that itself is a huge gamble, I could end up with a powerful stand like Star Platinum, a useful stand like Echos, a weak stand like The Lock, or an incredibly dangerous stand like B.I.G.

Dragonborn? I can consume the soul of a dragon, gaining power and dragon shouts. Problem, I have to beat a dragon first.

This went on for a few minutes. I would shoot a power that might be useful, only to turn myself down with how it wouldn't work for me.

"Can you please hurry up, I have a lot more people to pass on you know." Aqua said in an impatient tone as she continued to munch on her chips.

"Sorry, sorry, but it's hard to chose a power that will work for me and be useful!" I said quickly as I got back to thinking, trying to narrow down my choses.

I needed something with close to midrange fighting, something versatile that can give me options.

I started to list off every anime, comicbook, cartoon, and movie I could think of, hoping I came up with something.

Think, think, think! Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Hunter x Hunter, Highschool DxD, Avatar, Justice League, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Soul Eater, Deadman Wonderland, RWBY, Needless-

"Wait." I said as I recalled two names I listed off in my head.

Soul Eater and Deadman Wonderland.

Deadman Wonderland was a prison anime/manga about a group of people in the prison who had a special power, a power similar to Crona from Soul Eater.

Blood Manipulation.

As I thought about it I realized their were a tone of anime, manga, and comics that had a tone of characters that could use their own blood as a weapon.

It was also a very useful ability. I would always have my 'weapon' on hand, it had a tone of applications, it was good for offence and had some useful defense.

"Alright, I made my decision!" I said as I stood up from the ground.

"Finally," Aqua sighed as she sat up in her chair. "So, what is your choice?"

I opened my mouth and was about to say my chosen power, before I stopped at the last second.

I was going to a knew world, while all my family and friends thought I was dead.

And my mom...

"Hey, before I chose my power, can I ask for a favor?" I asked while looking down.

Aqua raised an eyebrow at me. "What is it?"

"Is... is their any way I can... say goodbye to my parents?" I asked the goddess before me, my voice low.

Aqua looked surprised before letting out a sigh. "I'm sorry but that's impossible. You've died and can't come back. Your time in your world is over." The goddess said in a firm tone, but also held some sympathy.

"I know that, but please, all I want to do is say goodbye." I asked as I got on my knees and bowed to the goddess. "Please."

I couldn't see it, but I could tell Aqua was giving me a long look.

Letting out a sigh Aqua spoke. "Give me a second." She said before disappearing in a flash of light.

I sat their on the floor for a good five minutes before Aqua repapered in a flash of light.

"Alright, I managed to pull some strings." Aqua said as she snapped her fingers and a portal appeared before me. "Physically, you can't go back to your world. However, this portal will take you to the dream realm, where you can say goodbye to your loved ones in their dreams, that's the best I could do." Aqua said before letting out a huff. "I hope your thankful for this, I put a lot of effort and had to talk to some other gods."

My jaw dropped at this. I was actually allowed to say goodbye to my loved ones.

I got up and made my way to the portal Aqua made before giving her a quick look. She gave me the smallest smile before giving me a single nod.

With that I stepped through the portal.

I gave a long sigh as found myself back with Aqua. For what felt like hours I said my goodbyes to all my friends and loved ones in the dream realm. I won't bore anyone with the details, but a lot of tears were shredded by everyone, me included.

"Finally," Aqua huffed as she put down a manga. "Now can you please just tell me the gift that you want."

"Alright," I said as I tried to pull myself together. "The power I want... is Blood Manipulation!" I said in an exited tone.

Aqua however took my request differently. "Blood, eww!" Aqua shouted in disgust while looking repulsed. "Why would you want such a gross power?"

Her reaction throw me off a bit as my words were caught in my throat. "W-well I thought it would be a useful power, with a lot of applications and stuff." I said with very little confidence now.

Aqua sighed as she brought her hand up. "Fine, fine, have it your way." She said as she waved her hand and a magic circle appeared under me. "You will appear close to Axel, The Town of Beginning Adventurers. Their you will start your journey to defeat the Demon King. Once you defeat the Demon King we will grand you any wish you want."

"Seriously, sweet!" I shouted in excitant. As the circle started to glow I suddenly realized something. "Wait, wait, wait!" I shouted quickly.

Aqua looked annoyed as she lowered her hand. "What is it now?"

"What about starter items?" I asked quickly. "Things like healing potions, armor, base weapons, money, things like that?"

Aqua gave me a blank look before tapping the side of her head. "Whoops, almost forgot. TeeHee!" She laughed with a cute giggle.

"Dodged a bullet there." I sighed in relief.

With a snap of her fingers a sack of coins appeared before me. "That's a good 50,000 Eris, one of the currency of that world. I'd say about 100 Eris is about the equivalent to 1 US dollar." Aqua explained as I grabbed the cash.

So I was getting about $500 starter money to get basic equipment and food until I started earing money on my own. Look's like I'll have to play this smart.

"Now, is that it?" Aqua asked while tapping her foot on the ground, and I could tell she wanted to get on with her day.

I gave myself a quick look over.

Money, check!

Power, check!

As I was looking myself over I realized I still had my rollerblades on. Glancing back I also realized I had by backpack with my shoes and other stuff.

"Do I get to take my bag and rollerblades?" I asked while pointing down to my feet.

"You get to bring whatever you died in with you such as cloths and anything in your pockets, so yes. Anything else?" Now Aqua's foot was tapping harder then before.

With everything in order I put my money into my bag gave Aqua a smile. "I think that's everything. You can send me away now."

"Finally," Aqua sighed as the magic circle under me glowed again. "Well good luck on your quest."

"Thanks for the second chance Aqua, hope I won't see you again until I'm a wrinkly old man." I said, making her giggle a bit. "And thanks for pulling those strings so I could say goodbye to my family. I really appreciate it."

Aqua gave me a smile as I started to float up in the air. "Good luck on your quest... even if you have a gross power." She said with a smirk, making me laugh.

"I'll show you how awesome my power will be by kicking the Demon King's ass!" I shouted before I disappeared in a flash.

My eyes were filled with a large field of grass under a beautiful blue sky. Turning my head I could make-out a large wall in the distance, most likely Axel.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed I fell down on my ass.

"So, this is my new life." I muttered while looking up to the sky.

Hearing the sound of rushing water I turned to see a calm river just a few feet away from me.

Crawling over I got a good look at myself in the slow river.

I had short black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, and a five o'clock shadow. I was wearing a red shirt with a black bat symbol (AN: Bacardi anyone?), gray jeans, a black leather jacket with a hoody, and a gray fedora on my head.

"Well, it's really me." I muttered as I sat back down on the ground. Pulling my backpack from by back I started to open it. "I hope I really have everything."

Inside my backpack I found I had all the stuff I had before I died. A pair of boots, a bar key, my wallet, some cologne, hand-sanitizer, ear-buds, two sunglasses, a fanny-pack, some Band-Aids, a metal water-bottle, and a few lighters.

However, what really grabbed my attention were two things.

My cellphone and portable charger.

My cellphone was an android with a hard case around it. The portable charger was special however. It was a solar-power charger I won in an arcade game about a year ago, so it could charge up just from being in the sun.

Grabbing my phone I quickly found it was on and seemed to be working.

"It can't be that easy?" I asked with a chuckle of disbelief as I tried to go to the internet. Instantly I was blocked out since I didn't have a signal. "Damn, thought so... but..." I then tried to activate one of the apps that didn't need the internet, and found it worked instantly. "So it's a phone that can't call or use the internet. But I can still take pictures, video, take notes, play solitary, and play the music I downloaded onto an SD card, about 500 songs."

"Well, I should delete all the useless apps I can't use, then I should get moving." I muttered to myself as I quickly deleted a few apps before slinging my backpack on and stood on my rollerblades.

Glancing around I saw a smooth dirt road up a small hill that seemed to lead to the city. Meaning I could roll to the city instead of walking.

Putting on my headphones and picking a random song I started to make my way to Axel while putting on my black sunglasses.

It didn't take long until I rolled up to one of the entrances of Axel.

As I rolled up I saw two guards in iron armor standing by the entrance, giving me a strange look.

I stopped in front of the entrance while taking out my headphones. At the same time one of the guards slowly walked up to me.

"Um... can we help you stranger?" The guard asked while glancing at my rollerblades with a raised brow.

"Ah, yeah," I said slowly as I rubbed the back of my head. "See, I've come from far away to become an adventurer and I was told this was the place to start."

The guard gained a look of understanding as he stepped aside. "Then you'll be going to the Adventure's Guild, it's close to the center of the city, just take the main road and you can't miss it." He said in a friendly smile.

"Thanks," Was all I said as I rolled into the city.

As I rolled into the city I couldn't help but glance around in amazement.

People littered the streets all dressed in Medieval like clothing. Their were stalls with vendors selling various items such as food, cloths, weapons, and jewelry.

If I remember correctly, the cheap stuff were sold by the vendors and you rarely found anything good. The real good stuff was sold by the shop owners, but were usually expensive.

In most RPGs I've played it was pointless to buy weapons from shops since they were both expensive and you could find better weapons out in the field or on enemies. But this was a real fantasy world, and the likelihood of finding a powerful sword, staff, armor, or amulet were very unlikely.

While I was glancing around my eyes caught some signs on various buildings, and I found I could read them all easily with no problems.

"If I can read and speak the language, hopefully I can write it." I muttered as I started to roll faster down the road, getting some looks from the locals. Not surprising as these people have probably never seen rollerblades before.

Speaking of locals, I started to take noticed that not all of them were human. There were a few dwarf looking people walking around, some people with animal features that reminded me of Faunus from RWBY, and even elves, both white and dark.

Seeing everyone living together peacefully despite coming from different races put a smile on my face. Hopefully I won't have to deal with any racism.

After rolling down the street for a good five minutes, I found myself in front of what I assume is the Adventurer's Guild.

The building was grand in it's own right, but not overly intimidation either. On the front of the building was a symbol of what I can only assume is the Guild symbol.

"Well, this is where my story begins." I muttered before pulling out my black boots and taking off my rollerblades.

Once I tied my shoos on I put my rollerblades in my bag before making my way inside the guild.

Inside I was greeted with the lively sound of chatter from various people who I could only assume were adventurers.

Their were dozens of people with different looks, weapons, sizes, cloths, gender, and even races. There were even a few female adventurers in very revealing clothing. Metal bikini anyone?

"Welcome!" A cute blond waitress greeted me. "If you're here to eat, please take any open seat. If you need job guidance, head to the counter inside." She said as she made her way to another table.

"Thanks." I said as I walked into the guild hall, looking around.

The vibe of the place kind of reminded me of a combination of the Companions and Thieves Guild from Skyrim. Though I drought I'll become the leader of this guild with any ease.

"Hey!" I turned my attention to a man sitting just a few feet away from me. The man was buff to say the least, and had a red Mohawk on his head. "Haven't seen you around here before." He commented while looking me up and down. "And what's with those weird clothes?"

I could tell the man was rough, but not really trying to be mean. "Well I just came to Axel today, I come from a place called Chicago and I came here wanting to become an adventurer." I said as I made over to the man.

Mohawk man's face scrunched up as he looked at me. "Chicago, never heard of it."

I just gave a shrug at that. "Not surprising. It's a remote place and not that big, but we hardly ever get monsters and sometimes we go months without seeing any at all." I said as I put my hands in my pocket. "I recently acquired a useful ability and I want to test my might by becoming an adventurer."

The man grinned as he turned to me. "Huh, well aren't you a daring punk. Welcome to the Gates of Hell!" The man shouted with a crazy look on his face as he throw his thumb behind him. "If you're looking for the guild admission desk, it's over there. Luna should be working today, she's the cute blond."

Following the man's direction I made my way over to the admission desk and saw only one person.

It was an older woman, possibly in her early 20's. She had blond hair, light skin, and golden eyes. However, what caught my attention were her sizable... assets that were being shown in a revealing uniform.

"Hello, my name is Luna. What can I do for you today?" Luna asked with a friendly smile. The slightest movement caused her assets to jiggle, forcing me to look away.

"I was told to come here if I wanted to become an adventurer?" I asked in a slightly nervous tone. I seriously hoped their was not a tone of paper work, I suck at paper work.

"I see." Luna nodded with a smile. "In that case, you'll first need to pay the registration fee."

I wasn't that surprised to hear I needed to pay money in order to join a guild. I just hope it wasn't a ludicrous price.

"Okay, and how much would that be?" I asked as I took off my backpack.

"2000 Eris."

So 20 bucks, a more then reasonable price.

Reaching into my bag I pulled out the money Aqua gave me and somehow I pulled out the exact amount on reflex with no problem. I guess the goddess put more then a new language in my head.

Once I handed the woman the money she pulled out a blue orb in a strange device while also pulling out a card.

"Allow me to formally explain. Adventurers each have their own classes, all falling under five categories. Fighters, Rogue-Like, Cleric, Magic user, and other Jobs." Luna explained while holding up the card. "This is your registration card. It keeps track of how many monsters you've vanquished as well as show your stats, abilities, skills, class, and general information. As your level increases, you'll earn points that you can use to learn skills, so please work hard to raise your level." She said in a peppy tone.

So in order to use abilities and skills, I need a skill point to unlock them, and I get them as I level up.

"Would you mind answering a few questions for me?" I asked, wanting to clear some stuff up.

"Not at all, ask away." The woman said with a bright smile.

"Thanks. So what kind of classes are their?"

"Oh dozens, but the most common are Swordsman/woman, Mage, Thief, and Adventurer. As your states improve you can change your class to something higher, or Advanced Jobs, such as Swordmaster, Rune Knight, Arch-Mage, Assassin, Ranger, Berserker, Crusader, Reaper, and so forth. Their is no limit to how many times you can change your class as long as you have the right stats for it." She said before holding up her finger. "However, you can only unlock certain classes if you have high enough stats required. Classes allow for more efficiency and access to certain skills related to that class along with other perks. Such as a Mage learning advance magic and high mana recover, also the Skill Point Cost related to your class will be far less when introduced to another class. Another perk to choosing a class is that you can instantly learn a skill or two when entering that class. For example if you chose the Thief Class you may be able to instantly learn the Skill Bind or Steal, or perhaps both."

So classes were like titles that unlocked certain skills and the ability to use said skills, and give bonus effect when using certain weapons and skills. Another bonus was depending on the class you might unlock certain skills related to that class from the start. Easy enough.

"With stats, do they increase passively, or do I need to use skill points?"

"All your stats, Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Dexterity increase passively as you improve on those stats with the exception of Luck. Mana and Vitality also increase passively, though you can use skill points to increase them faster. For Mana you can improve the stats by using spells daily before recovery or meditating. For Vitality you can eat right, exercise and train, and take damage before being healed, though the last is not recommended since how dangerous it is. Depending on your class some stats may increase faster then others. Such as Intelligence and Mana increasing faster for a mage, or Strength and Vitality increasing faster for a Swordsman."

Okay, so that was a load off my mind at least.

I thought for a second as I spoke. "Can I learn skills from other class?"

Luna nodded. "It is possible to learn some skills from other classes, however it's not recommended." She said as she put her fingers into an X. "With the exception of the Adventurer's class, learning other skills from other classes cost far more points then their worth. Such as a Swordsman trying to learn the spell Fireball, which normally cost 1 point for a Magic-User would cost about 6 for a Swordsman but only 2 for the Adventurer Class, yet for both classes the skill will be much weaker then it would be for a Magic-User. You can put extra Skill Points into a skill to increase it's power and efficiency, or even through repeated usage, yet the results and points would not match the class related to that skill. However, their are neutral skills that all classes can learn, such as Cooking, Smiting, First-Aid, and so forth. Some skills have stat and level requirements, and even class requirements in order to obtain them. In order to learn a new skill you must have someone teach you, you learn it yourself, or you witnessed it enough times to understand it."

That got me worried. Would my Blood Manipulation be effected if I pick the wrong class? Then again, Luna did say I could change my class if need be, so I can experiment until I had the perfect class. Also, the fact I could put multiple points into the same skill to make it stronger sounded useful.

Thinking a little more I felt all my big questions at the moment were answered.

"Alright, so what do I do first?"

Luna nodded and placed the card on the counter while handing me a pen. "First, write your name down please."

I grabbed the pen and was about to write my name on the card, before I stopped myself.

Thinking about it, I was wondering if I should put my original name down. I mean, I did die and I was starting a new life in a new world with no ties to my old life. I wanted to start fresh, and keeping my old name would just remind me constantly of my old life.

So with that I decided to change my name, but to what?

Turbo? Viper? Slick? 21? Zero? Diablo?

No, those names sound too edgy, it would get annoying in no time.

Maybe I should name myself after some of my favorite characters.

Peter Parker? Wade Wilson? Tony Stark? Vash? Jojo?

Those names really didn't fit me either, also it felt like I would have to live up to the names, which sucked in of itself.

I started to hum in thought and I noticed Luna tilting her head at me with a confused look. Making me clear my throat.

"Sorry." I said with a sheepish smile before putting the pen on the card.

I racked my brain for a new name that would fit me, wasn't too edgy, and wasn't boring. I hummed again and I instantly paused as I recognized the tune, a very familiar tune I sang as a kid that annoyed a lot of people.

A wide grin crossed my face as I wrote the name down and gave zero fucks. Also I was surprised to see I wrote the name down in this world native language, that's another big load off.

For now on, in this world, I would forever be known by this name.

John Jacob Jingeimer Schmit.

Handing the card to Luna she looked at it before raining an eyebrow at me. "You do know this will become permanent. The Adventure cards can not be forged or changed once everything is set?" Luna warned.

"I'm good, besides I mostly refer to myself as Jay or JJ, so no big whoop." I said with a shrug.

Luna sighed as she placed the card under the blue orb. "Have it your way. Please place your hand above the crystal."

Sticking my right hand above the orb nothing happened. "Like this?"

Suddenly the orb glowed and the strange device started to move, much to my amazement. The device seemed to whined up before it wrote on the adventure card.

"With this, you will learn your current status, so please choose your desired class based on your stats." Luna said as the device continued to work on the card.

After a few more seconds the machine died down and Luna grabbed my card.

I was both exited and nervous. I seriously hoped I didn't have extremely weak stats or something.

"Let's see..." Luna muttered as she gave my card a look and seemed to smile. "Not bad for beginner stats. Strength is above average along with Dexterity. The stats that stick out the most are Intelligence and Luck, being surprisingly high for a beginner, while your Agility is average."

I was slightly surprised to hear my Intelligence state being so high. I wasn't an idiot in school, but I failed a number of tests if I didn't study my ass off. My guess is Intelligence was more then just book smart, it probably had a common sense factor along with wisdom. People always told me I was way too observant for my age and that I had a way with words.

Strength and Dexterity I could understand. I did Boxing during high school for years until I graduated, so I did a lot of training during my free time while learning how to fight with my fists.

As for Luck, my mom always said I should go to a casino and see if I could be kicked out for winning too much.

Agility also made sense. I'll admit I wasn't that flexible, stealthy, or had much grace, so their was no surprise their.

"What's this?" Luna muttered with a look of surprise. "It seems you already have a few point already."

That made me blink in surprise. "Really?" I asked while glancing at my card. True to Luna's word I had 8 points to spend. "Huh, how did that happen?"

Luna looked thoughtful before she spoke. "Tell me Jay, have you ever fought or killed monsters before, that might explain the points. It is also possible to gain point and experience by eating monsters, though it's a slow proses and only nobles can afford it."

I quickly shook my head. "No, I never killed or fought a monster in my life." I said before realizing something. "Wait, I did do boxing for a few years, could that be why I have those points?"

"Boxing?" Luna asked while tilting her head.

"It's a sport in my home. Basically it's when two guys get into a ring and fight with pads on their fists. The winner is decided by either knocking out your opponent, or how many hits you got in before the timer runs out." I explained as best I can.

"So brawling..." Luna said while nodding her head slowly. "That would explain the points if you won some of your fights."

"A few, but I honestly lost more times then I won, and I only fought at an armature level." I admitted with a sheepish laugh.

If I remember correctly, in my four years of boxing I had about 45 amateur fights and only won about 22 of them with most being decision. I guess those 22 fights were enough to get me 8 skill points early on. Thank god my dad pushed me to take boxing.

"Well, with the stats you have I recommend either a Mage or Swordsman Class. You don't have enough Agility to become a Thief." Luna said with a smile. "The Mage Class has a higher proficiency with magic base skills and a higher Mana recovery, Mages mostly fill out the support roll by firing spells from a long distance, and you gain 1 Skill Points for every level up. Swordsman Class have a high proficiency with melee skills and shields skills, along with a bonus to Vitality and Stamina recovery and gain 1 Skill Point for every level up, Swordsman get up close to their enemies and fight them head on."

That was a bit of a shame. Every time I play an RPG game I always go for a sneak build, like in Skyrim and Fallout since I could easily be OP. Though this is real life, and I doubt my enemies are going to stand around like idiots as I pick them off one by one.

I thought about the two options. If I was a Mage I would be able to use cool magic spells and fight from a distance, plus I would get a boost to my MP recovery and magic use.

However, if I became a Swordsman I would be able to combine my fighting style with my Blood Manipulation. Also Blood Manipulation might not be best for long-range fighting.

Thinking about it for a few minutes I gave Luna my answer. "I would like to become a Swordsman." I said with a grin.

Luna nodded with a smile before tapping my card and handing it to me. "Remember, if your class isn't to your liking you can change it any time, though I recommend you be very carful with your skill points." Luna said in a serious tone, making me gulp. "While you can switch classes whenever you want, switching classes unrelated to your class is not recommended unless absolutely necessary for a few reasons. One, their is no way to un-learn a skill, so once you waist a skill point you can not get it back. Two, as I said before certain skills not related to that class will be far weaker then in it's related class. So chose your skill and class wisely."

So like any RPG, if I fuck up on my build I can't go back.

Oh boy.

Looking down at my card I looked at my information and stats.


Name: John Jacob Jingeimer Schmit

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Class: Swordsman

Stats-(AN: I don't know the numbers for average stats, so I'll use letters instead.)

Vitality: 550 (Increases by 50 for each level up and/or point)

MP: 300 (Increases by 25 for each level up and/or point)

Strength: C+

Intelligence: B

Agility: C

Dexterity: B-

Luck: B+

"Where do I go to check my skills?" I asked Luna.

"Right here." Luna said as she pointed to a spot on the card.

True to her word I saw a section on the card that simply read Skills and I tapped on the section.

However, I was very surprised at what I saw.

I expected to only see one Skill, Blood Manipulation, and maybe a new sword skill. However, their were way more skills then just Blood Manipulation, in fact their seemed to be more then a dozen skills.

"What the hell?" I muttered as I looked at the first Skill that popped up.

Blood Manipulation/Hemokinesis: Can manipulate ones own blood in various ways for attack and defense. Can safely manipulate blood in a 40 meter radius. Use 1 MP every second for every liter in use. (Warning! Use of ability drains vitality until blood is placed back in the users body!)(50 Vitality=1 liter of blood)

This skill was already unlocked, and despite the drawback I knew this would be a useful ability.

Looking down I saw other Skills related to my main power.

Blood Manipulation/Hemokinesis


Blood Slash: Coat your weapon in blood before slashing at the enemy, creating a sharp wave of blood. (Cost: 15 MP)(Power based on Strength and Intelligence)(Point Cost: 1)

Blood Shot: Send a blood bullet at your enemies, hitting them from a distance. (Cost: 10 MP)(Power based off Dexterity and Intelligence)(Point Cost: 1)

Bulk Up: Force the blood into your muscles to increase your strength while lowering speed. (Cost: 50 MP every minute)(Point Cost: 1)

Blood Absorb: (Passive) Absorb the blood of your enemies and allies to heal yourself. Absorbing your own blood has no effect. (Heal 50 Vitality and MP for every Pint of blood)(Free Skill)

Regeneration: (Passive) Regenerate both HP and MP over time. (Regenerate 2 HP and 2 MP every 5 second.) (Free Skill)

Pain Tolerance: (Passive) Self inflicted pain is reduced by 90%, pain caused by enemies is reduced by 40%. (Free Skill)

And this was just the tip of the iceberg. Their were more Skills under Blood Manipulation, yet they were locked until I reach a certain level, such as Level 5 and 10 and so on.

Looking for other Skills I was surprised to see more Skills in my card.

Swordsman Class

Two-Handed Sword: The Two-Handed Sword skill rises proficiency with two handed swords. (Point Cost: 1)

One-Handed Sword: The One-Handed Sword Skill rises proficiency with one-handed swords. (Point Cost: 1)

Duel Wielding: The Duel Wielding Skill raises proficiency when wielding more then one weapon. (Point Cost: 1)

Whirl: Become a whirlwind by spinning your blade and attacking all foes in the surrounding area, cause passive bleed effect. (Power and speed based on Dexterity)(Point Cost: 2)

Rend: Whined up and strike with all your strength, ignoring 10% of enemy defense. (Power based on Strength)(Point Cost: 2)

Fleet Footing: Damage from hits received while dodging is reduced by 40%. (Defense based off of Agility and Dexterity)(Point Cost: 1)

Undying: When Vitality reaches 0, consume what MP you have left to heal yourself. The amount restored is based on MP. (Warning! Can only use Undying once per day!)(Point Cost: 2)

Boxing: Unleash your fists on your enemy. Boxing skill rises proficiency with fist fighting.(Power based on Strength and Dexterity)(Point Cost: 1)

As I was looking over my card Luna leaned forward and also took a peak, before gaining a surprised look.

"My word, I never seen a beginner with so many starter skills. Two or three sure, maybe five, but never so many skills." Luna said with amazement before looking at me. "Tell me Jay, have you ever had a mentor."

"I mean I had a Boxing coach, and that explains the Boxing Skill. But I never had weapon training." Or blood training, and why do some of the skills sound familiar.

"Well have you ever study any of these moves extensively. Maybe watched someone do them repeatedly?" Luna tried to guess as to why I had so many skills.

Luna's words hit me like a truck. I could only think of one person I watched preform sword attacks repeatedly.

"Geralt of Rivia!" I said with amazement, not believing what was happening.

"Who?" Luna asked with a confused look on her face.

Realizing I said the name out loud I quickly covered my tracks. "Well, see, Geralt of Rivia was a famous monster hunter who visited my home. While he was their I watched him train and even fight monsters from a distance. I even looked up how he did some of his moves purely out of curiosity." Both a lie and the truth, I did study Geralt's fighting style by watching a few videos on YouTube.

Luna nodded her head. "Well, if you played close enough attention and study enough, you could of learned a few skills.

Well I did play Witcher 3 for a good three years while watching Geralt fight from a 3ed person POV. I guess by that logic I should of picked up enough information to form a skill. If I'm following this logic then my blood skills were also explained, since I watched a tone of anime that had Blood Base powers.

"I must say you are quiet fortuned Jay. Not many beginning adventurers begin with so many Skills and Skill points right from the start." Luna praised with a big smile, making be blush a bit.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw a few adventurers giving me a few looks. Most seemed to be sizing me up while others seemed to look at jealousy and envy.

"Well I still have hardly no experience fighting monsters, so I have a long, long way to go." I said loud enough so other could hear. "And I need to get some equipment."

That seemed to satisfy the Rookie Adventures as they went back to their daily life. I sighed in relief, the last thing I needed was to get caught up in some schoolyard bullshit.

"Well if it's equipment your looking for, I know I place that can sell you beginner equipment for a decent price." Luna said as she grabbed a piece of paper and quickly wrote on it. "If you don't have the funds for starter equipment, you may want to try a retrieval quest while their still up. They go by fast for new adventurers, so try to get them while you can." She said while handing the note. "A Part-Time job might also be a good idea if your funds aren't consistent."

"A part-time job, huh?" I muttered.

I honestly didn't have much experience with jobs. I worked the occasional odd job like at a bar or stores, but not much else.

"Well, thanks for everything Luna." I said as I folded the paper and gave the woman a smile.

"It was no trouble. I hope to see you again. Come to me if you have any questions." Luna said in a friendly tone as I walked away.

I made my way to the mess hall and sat down at a small table by myself.

"Excuse me sir, would you like to order anything?" A waitress asked with a friendly smile as soon as I sat down.

"Just a cup of water for now." I said, getting a nod from the waitress as she walked away.

Leaning back in my seat I thought about what to do next. I was technically an adventurer now, the first step on my way to defeat the Demon King.

Taking out my Adventure Card, I decided to go over my skills.

I had three free skills at the moment. Regeneration, Blood Absorption, and Pain Tolerance. All useful in their own right and something that could probably save my life.

Seeing no restrictions or cost to the passive skills, I quickly unlocked them.

I felt a wave of energy wash over my body, making me shutter as the Skills unlocked.

"I have 8 skill points, so I can only get a few skills." I muttered as the waitress put a cup of water on my table before walking away.

I decided to grab the three Blood Skills I had at the moment. Blood Slash, Blood Shot, and Bulk Up. Blood Slash was good for midrange attacks while Blood Shot was useful for long range. As for Bulk Up, it was good to have some extra strength if necessary.

With that I turned to my other skills. I looked at the first three sword skills, One-Handed, Two-Handed, and Duel Wielding. I started to think, for now it was better to chose one weapon style to use rather then all three since my points could be better used on other skills. So I started to think which skill was better for me.

One-Handed swords had more control and weren't that hard to use. However, they lacked damage and reach, meaning I would have to get up close and personal.

Two-Handed swords had good damage and reach. However, they were on the heavy side and required more strength to wield and possible slower.

Duel Wielding had the best damage out of the three weapons. However, it required the most control and skill out of the three and also lacked reach.

Each weapon skill had it's perks and faults, none was perfect. So I needed to pick the lesser of three evils.

Thinking it over I finally made my decision.

Duel Wielding Skill.

I might as well go all in for damage and end my enemies before they have a chance to react, plus the more I used Duel Wielding the more likely my strength and dexterity stats will increase. Not to mention with Bulk-Up I could add even more damage to my strikes in a short time.

Putting the point into the skill I was down to 4 Skill Points.

Looking over the remaining skill I decided to put the rest of my points into Whirl and Rend. Whirl was my favorite skill in the Witcher 3 since I could do a tone of damage in a short amount of time. Rend was good since it's damage was based off of the strength state and combined with Bulk-Up meant a whole lot of damage in a single strike.

Putting my Adventures Card away I quickly drank my water before leaving some money on the table along with a tip.

I then started to make my way out of the Guild hall while taking out the paper Luna gave me.

With my skills in place I now needed to get some basic equipment. Nothing expensive or custom for now, but nothing useless where I'll be wasting my money on. I just needed something cheap and decent for low-level enemies until I got more money for custom made weapons and armor.

Following the drawn map as best I could I stumbled onto what I can only assume was a equipment shop.

Making my way inside I saw an assortment of arms, armor, and other useful gear.


Looking forward I saw a older man greet me with a wide grin. He was tan, had short black hair, seemed to be in his early 40's, and wore a tight white shirt with lose brown pants.

"What can I do for you today?" He asked while folding his arms.

"Names Jay, I'm looking for some adventure equipment, something cheap but won't break." I said while walking up to the man.

"New adventure, huh?" He asked while looking himself over. "Well names Vince, I'm the blacksmith and owner of this shop. So, what kind of weapon and armor are you looking for?"

"Two one-handed swords for a duel wielder, as for armor," I thought it over for a second before I spoke. "Leather."

It was best to go light for now until I got stronger for heavier armor.

Vince nodded before heading back to his shop. I heard some rustling before coming back with a bundle in hand and dropping it on the counter.

"Iron short swords, cheapest one I sell here." I said while holding the sword out to me.

I gave the swords a good look. Despite being the cheapest it looked well made with a sharp edge, elegant guard, and fine leather strap. Grabbing the swords with my hands I easily held both as they weren't that heavy by themselves.

Once I planted my feet down I held the swords like a swordsman would. I felt the weight in my hands as I tighten my grip.

"These are good swords." I said as I gave the swords a light swing, trying not to lose control.

My words seemed to make Vince swell with pride. "All my weapons and wears are quality, even the cheap stuff. Can't have shitty weapons and armor associated with my shop." He said while pointing to the leather armor. "Try the armor, I think it will fit you."

On the table was a full set of brown leather armor, simple, but well made. The set consisted of a leather vest, armguards, shin-guards, boots, gloves, and a helmet.

Putting my jacket to the side I quickly put on the armor to found it fit me surprisingly well. Lose enough to breath yet tight enough to feel secure.

The only thing I hadn't put on were the boots, gloves, and helmet. Looking at the boots I could tell they were well made, but I felt mine were better. For the gloves, I need my hands free if I wanted to use my blood as a weapon, and leather gloves would make that difficult. As for the helmet... my fedora was cooler.

"I'll take it all except for the boots, gloves, and helmet." I said as I placed the sword down.

"Have it your way," Vince said with a shrug as he took the items back before putting up a sword sheath. "With those armor pieces, along with the sword, the price will be 20,000 Eris."

I rubbed my chin at that. The price would take a good chunk out of my money, but this was a necessary investment if I wanted to complete quests.

"Fine," I said as I reached into my bag. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the sun was starting to set while glancing out the window. "I'm going to need to find a place to sleep tonight, hopefully I can find an inn."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Vince asked, making me look to him. "You're a new adventure, you should save up your money for now."

I raised an eyebrow at the blacksmith. "I just need to spend the night. How much could a night at an inn cost?"

"10,000 Eris a night, and that's if your lucky."

I felt my face meet the surprisingly clean floor.

"Why so much!?" I shouted in shock and outrage. Why would an inn charge so much just for a single night of sleep. That was hotel price right their. If I paid that much I expected a hot bath waiting for me along with a fridge full of food.

Vince gave me a small shrug. "This is a big city, merchants from all around come here to trade while brining more people with them. Inns make good money off them not just for room, but everything else like food and entertainment. Not to mention the more veteran adventurers can easily pay such prices."

I gave a sigh as I rubbed my face. I was planning to train for a few days to test out my new skills, then take some easy quests. Now it looks like I'll have to push for a quest sooner rather then later.

"Well where the hell am I going to sleep, on the streets?" I muttered while shaking my head. Worst case I'll just find the cheapest inn, sleep for one day, then take the easiest quest I could find and hope I don't die.

"For new adventurers, stables are a good place to rest." Vince said, making me do a double take.

"Stables? As in horse stables?" I asked slowly, wondering if I heard right.

Vince nodded while folding his arms. "New adventurers struggle to earn enough Eris to not only pay for living, but food and gear as well. So it's very common for new adventurers to sleep cheap in stables, barns, attics, anywhere that's cheapest. This also helps some adventurers save up on Eris to buy better weapons and armor later on. Even Veteran Adventurers do this when their in a slump."

So sleep and eat cheap to get better equipment later on. Damn, this world was going to make me struggle.

I pinch the bridge of my nose and tried to come up with a plan. For tonight I'll sleep in a inn, then I'll find somewhere cheap to sleep for a few days. Once I get enough training in I'll take a quest. Hopefully I'll find someone to partner up with, or maybe a party to join.

"Hmm," Vince hummed as he looked at me. "Hey kid, how would you like to make a deal."

I looked to the blacksmith with a raised brow. "What kind of deal?"

Vince rubbed his chin while looking to me. "I have a spare room in the back of my shop. It's small but more then enough room for a single person. If you throw in another 10,000 Eris you can stay here for a week." He offered with a grin.

Inside I sighed in relief at the opportunity, but just like the barter system in Kingdom Come Deliverance I was going to get the best price.

"2000, I just spent a lot of money here already and your just getting more." I said while folding my arms.

The man smirked and I could tell he saw my challenge. "8000, I'm stretching my limb out to you kid. Best not to get too greedy."

"It's not greed, it's bargaining. 5000, I might be desperate, but I'm not that desperate. "

Vince sighed but nodded his head. "Fine, 5000, but you have to move any junk in the room out." Vince throw back with a smirk.

I smirked back as I reached into my bag and gave the blacksmith the money.

Vince quickly pocked the Eris before making his way to the back. "This way."

Quickly moving around the counter I followed Vince through the back of his shop before we stopped at a simple wooden door.

"Here it is." Vince said as he opened the door.

Inside the room was very small. About 12 long and 8 feet wide. There were a few boxes of scrap metal and tools, but I could make-out a small bed in the side of the room along with a desk.

"Just move this stuff out into the corner and the room is all yours." Vince said as he took a step back.

I sighed as I realized me cleaning the room was his way of payback for lowering the price on his offer.

Sucking it up I quickly made my way into the room and grabbed the first box. Only to heave at how heavy it was.

"Damn, it must way a ton!" I grunted as I struggled just to pick it up.

Vince gave a small laugh as he leaned against a wall not to far. "Come one kid, your going to be an adventurer and a box is giving you trouble."

Even though he was somewhat right it was still annoying to me.

Suddenly I got an idea that made a grin cross my face. Grabbing one of the boxes I gripped it tightly while planting my feet firmly on the ground.


I felt the blood in my veins heat up before the muscles in my upper body bulged.

With a grunt I was able to lift the heavy create before turning around and placing it in a corner.

Vince gained a look of surprise as he pushed himself off the wall. "How did you do that?" He asked with a confused look on his face.

"A skill called Bulk-Up," I said while flexing my muscles. "It increases my strength as long as I have MP." I said as I quickly went into the room and took out the next box.

What would of been back breaking labor went much smoother thanks to my skill.

Placing the last box in the corner I let out a sigh as my muscles relaxed and Bulk-Up was turned off.

"Feels tingly." I muttered to myself while stretching my arms.

Vince rubbed his chin before he looked to me. "Hey Kid," The blacksmith called out, making me look to him. "How would you feel about having a part-time job here."

That made me raise an eyebrow at the man. "But I don't know the first thing about smiting."

That got a snort out a Vince. "And I'm not asking you to. I just need some help around here to make thing run smoother. Like cleaning up the shop, picking up supplies, manning the front, things like that. Only a few days a week."

"So a handy man job." I muttered as I considered the offer. "What's in it for me?"

"You can stay here as long as you want until you find a better place and you get a discount at my shop." Vince offered with a shrug. "I'll even throw in 5000 Eris if you do good."

I rolled the idea around in my head before I spoke. "How much of a discount?"


"Dude, I saw the prices on the expensive stuff. 40%, and you can still buy a house." I deadpanned.

Vince clicked his teeth. "Good weapons and armor require rare materials and a lot of time, so of course they are expensive. 25%"

"30%, and if I find any rare weapons or items I'll sell it to you here and no one else."

My offer made Vince pause. If I learned anything from RPGs, it's that you find tones of equipment out in the field. If I sell my stuff to anyone, it's going to be the guy giving me a discount at his store.

"Alright, it's a deal." Vince said while shaking my hand.

I nodded while glancing around. "By the way, do you have anywhere where I can train?"

Vince nodded and pointed up. "I have a training room on the top floor. I mostly use it to test out new weapons to see if my skills are still sharp." He said before he started to walk away. "Now get some rest. I need some help picking up supplies tomorrow." He said before walking away.

I gave a sigh as I made my way into the room before closing the door behind me.

Dropping my bag and new equipment into a corner I flopped onto the bed with a tired sigh. So much has happen to me in the past few hours my brain feeling tired. I didn't want to worry about anything, no leveling up, no Demon King.


All on my mind was sleep.

Suddenly I felt my hand throb. Pulling out my phone I activated the flashlight before looking to my right hand.

I found my hand had a large splinter in my thumb, blood slowly trickling down into my palm.

Staring at the trickling blood I narrowed my eyes at is.

Just as a droplet of blood started to fall it stopped in midair.

My eyes widen in amazement as the blood floated their. I then wanted the blood to fly higher and slowly the blood drop floated up.

Looking to my hand I saw more blood was spilling out of my thumb, soaking the wooden splinter.

Narrowing my eyes again at the splinter I could somehow feel the blood in the wooden splinter. Jerking my head ever so slightly the splinter was pulled out of my thumb and landed on the floor.

A grin crossed my face as I turned off my phone.

"Time for a bloody adventure."

And before I knew it I drifted off.

21N: So that's my first day in the fantasy world.

Now time to clear up some things.

1: The character is me but slightly altered. There is no way I'm going to put my real life in this story, at least not the important stuff like my real name or anything like that. So the character is basically an SI/OC.

2: This SI/OC's world does not have the KonoSuba Anime. The reason I don't like some SI stories is when the SI goes to a world where they knew exactly what's going to happen. It takes away some of the excitement. It's a pet-peeve of mine I just can't get past. So to recap, the SI/OC's world does not have the KonoSuba Anime, but everything else is the same.

3: Kazuma and Aqua will be in the story. The SI came into the Konosuba world a month earlier.

4: I plan to chose a better fighter class/job later on in the story, but for now I'm a Swordsman.

5: Skills are learned from observing and having an understanding of how they work. So I figure that with the right class/job and after watching a few YouTube videos I could learn how to use certain skills, such as Garelt's sword attacks.

6: I plan to have a lot more blood skills unlocked as I level up and I'll be sure to give a basic description on them.

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