KonoSuba: Tales of the Red Warrior

Chapter 2

First Person P.O.V

I panted softly as sweat trickled down my face and body, both of my swords in hand. I was currently facing a practice dummy, which had sever slash marks and dents.

"Ha!" I yelled as I swung the swords at the practice dummy. "Ha! Ha! Ah!" I yelled as I continued to strike it, each blow making the dummy shake.

I continued this for a solid minute before I started to feel my arms burn and my lungs run out of breath.

Finally I landed a single blow with both my swords making the dummy shake violently before I came to a stop.

I panted hard, my grip on my swords tight before I slowly lowered my arms.

"I... need to step forward." I sighed lowly.

It's been two weeks since Aqua sent me to this world and in those two weeks I haven't done much. The only things I've done is work for Vince in his shop, training and understanding my powers, and learning about the world I now live in. All useful and necessary, but not enough.

I managed to go on a few quests in the past two weeks, three at most. They were simple retrieval quests for beginners like getting plants or certain small animas, and Luna was right, they are taken fast. I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get an easy quest before the others were taken by other adventures.

The quests had a small payout and I only got a little XP. If I wanted to get level up I would have to do another dozen of those quests, something that did not sound appealing to me. Though I did use the money I got to buy some more useful gear.

My stats have barley increased despite my training and reading. Luna explained to me that while it was possible to increase stats with training it was very tedious and it would be faster and more rewarding if I went on a quest and killed some monsters. Adventurers get the most XP from monster kills when the adventurers deals the final blow, though even helping kill the monster will still give XP once it's dead.

"Okay," I said as I whipped the sweat from my face with a rag. "Today is the day I take a serious quest." I said with determination as I made my way downstairs.

After training my blood ability and training my swords I felt I had a solid understanding on how to fight. Though I'll admit fighting a dummy would be nothing like fighting a monster.

"Ha..." I sighed as I slipped my shirt on. "I need to find a party."

A big thing for adventures were Parties. Adventurer Parties consisted of two or more members, each member having their own set of skills such as mage, healer, tank, and so on. There were a few adventurers who soloed on quests or jumped from party to party, yet they only go for simple monster killing quest, and nothing too dangerous.

Though there was a drawback to parties, money. Most parties split the reward they earn between themselves, and with easy quests having such low rewards it made parties struggle or force them to take harder quests.

If I wanted to level up fast, and not spend the next 20 years in this one city, I needed to earthier join or form a party and go on some more high level quests.

Slipping on my boots I grabbed one of the newest things to my arsenal.

It was a leather belt lined with six large potion bottles, all the same color and filled with the same thing.

My blood.

Each potion bottle had about a pint of my blood in them, meaning I could attack or defend without taking blood out of my body, or in other words my vitality.

Slipping the belt around my waist I gave myself a quick once over and nodded.

I was ready as I ever was.

Walking out of my room I past Vince who was behind the counter to his shop.

"See you later Vince." I said as I made my way out.

"Later Jay."

"What to do, what to do?"

I was currently inside the Adventure's Guild looking at the Quest Board. There were a dozen papers all over the long board, each one describing a job, details, and reward.

Kill Quest: Eliminate five Giant Toads in three days. Reward: 25,000 Eris.

Kill Quest: Eliminate a group of undead wandering the forest near an old abandon cemetery. Reward: 25,000 Eris.

Kill Quest: Eliminate a rogue Golem at an abandon alchemists lab. Reward: 60,000 Eris.

Retrieval Quest: Acquire three Unicorn Bunny Horns for a mage. Reward: 30,000 Eris.

City Quest: Teaching a young noble swordsmanship. Reward: 50,000 Eris. Requirement: Must be Swordmaster, Crusader, or Rune Knight.

Kill Quest: Eliminate a group of Goblins camped out in the forest. Reward: 20,000 Eris. Warning: Possible encounter with Rookie Killer High.

"Damn," I muttered while clicking my tongue. "I guess it is too much to ask to find an easy monster to kill."

I quickly grabbed the undead quest and gave it a closer look. The quest was simple, kill 15 undead that have sprung in an abandon cemetery in the near by forest. The time limit for the quest was three days, after that the quest would be void and I wouldn't be able to gain any reward. The quest also said that the undead were mostly zombies and skeletons, nothing too dangerous if I was carful.

Looking around I saw practically everyone in the guild was in their own group or party, talking to one another or planning a quest.

"Puta madre," I said with a humorless laugh. "I feel like forever alone right now. I seriously need to start a party" I said while rubbing the back of my head.

"U-um, excuse me! Did you just say you wanted to start a party?"

I turned and I was surprised to see a young girl behind me, an exited look on her face.

It was a pretty young girl, possible 13 or 14. She had dark brown hair in two twin tails that reached her shoulders, deep crimson colored eyes, and wore black robes with a low-cut blouse and a short pink miniskirt.

I was honestly caught off guard that such a young girl was wearing such a revealing outfit. Not to mention that despite being so young she was obviously well... endowed.

"Huh," I said while shaking my head as I looked to the girl. "Um, yes, I was looking to start a party." I said while nodding my head slightly.

That made the girl's face brighten and for a moment I thought I saw her eyes shine red. "Oh, um, I-if it's possible..." The young girl said as she started to fidget in front of me. "Would you allow me to join your party?!" She suddenly shouted while bowing to me.

I blinked at the strange girl before I folded my paper and stuffed it in my pocket. "Why don't we go sit down and talk for a bit. Does that sound good?" I asked getting a nod from the girl.

We quickly found ourselves at one of the tables by ourselves as one of the waitresses dropped off some water.

I cleared my throat as I looked to the young girl. "First, let's introduce ourselves."

The girl nodded with a determined look on her face. "R-right. Well, I'm Yunyun from the Crimson Demon village."

The name of her home made me raise an eyebrow. "Crimson Demon Village?" I muttered at the strange village name.

Yunyun nodded with a look of pride on her face. "Yes, it's a village of magic users and we are known for our crimson eyes." She said while pointing to her red eyes. "So what's your name, if you don't mind me asking?" She asked, looking a little self conscious.

I nodded to her with a grin on my face. "I am known as John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt." I said with a straight face, making Yunyun blink with confusion. "But everyone calls me Jay or JJ, so you can to." I said with a shrug making Yunyun smile. "So Yunyun, aren't you a bit young to be an adventure?" I asked with a concerned look on my face.

Yunyun quickly shook her head at me. "No, at my home we are considered adults at 14. And I'll turn 14 in just a few months." She said with a bright smile.

I sighed as I nodded my head. Age was a funny thing in this world, you were practically an adult at 16 though in some areas it is said you are an adult as long as your going to puberty, or you were finished with it.

Still, this girl was possible the youngest adventure in the guild at the moment.

"If you don't mind, could I see your adventurer card?" I asked with my hand out stretched.

"Not at all." Yunyun said with a bright smile as she handed me her card.

I took the card and quickly looked it over, and what I saw made my eyes bug out.

This girl, just 13, had stats higher then mine by a landslide with the exception of Strength and Luck. Not to mention she was already a Arch-Mage. All this and she was only a few levels above mine.

"Holy hell..." I muttered as I handed the card back. "Those are some impressive stats, and an Arch-Mage at such a low level. Frankly, I should be asking you if you'll join me." I said with a nervous laugh.

"So does that mean we can form a party?" Yunyun asked in an exited tone, her eyes glowing again.

I gave a snort as I nodded my head. "I'd have to be crazy not to, so welcome aboard Yunyun."

Now Yunyun's eyes were glowing even brighter as her face filled with joy. "I am in your care." She said and looked ready to cry.

I rubbed the back of my head a bit. This girl looked like she really wanted a friend more then a party member.

"So, since we'll be forming a party, why don't we tell a bit about our skills." I said, wanting to know what kind of magic this girl could use.

Yunyun nodded in understanding. "Well, I'm quiet proficient at Intermediate Magic, and I'm starting to learn some Advance Magic. I also know a few Basic Magic that should prove useful." She said with a smile.

From what I remember magic spells were ranked from Basic, Intermediate, to Advanced. Basic Magic spells were the kind of spells that anyone from any class could learn without much effort, while Intermediate magic was more useful and Advanced Magic having the best spells.

"Could you give me a list of spells you know, just so I know what to expect." I asked, and Yunyun nodded again.

"For Intermediate Magic I know Blade of Wind, Fireball, Freeze Gust, and Lighting, along with a few other spells." I nodded at those spells. They were useful elemental attacks that would come in handy in a fight. "As for Advanced Magic, I know only three spells at the moment. Light of Saber, Crystal Prison, and Lightning Strike." She said before tilting her head to me. "If you don't mind me asking, what class are you?" She asked before looking nervous "I-If that's alright! You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want-"

"It's fine, it's fine." I said quickly while waving my arms down. I gave a sigh as I looked to her. "To be honest Yunyun, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to adventuring. Today is going to be the first Kill Quest I ever go on. I'm a level 1 Swordsman." I said before a grin crossed my face. "But I do have some useful skills and I have a unique ability only I can do." I said as I bit my thumb hard enough to draw blood. "For one, I can manipulate my blood." I said as a drop of blood started to float around.

That brought a shocked look to Yunyun's face as she stared closely. "Amazing, I thought only Vampires, Lichs, and Demons could use blood magic."

After I started getting used to my blood powers I started to look up to see if there was any similarities in this world. Also I looked up on how people viewed blood magic.

Blood Magic was mostly used by vampires, lichs, or other dark monsters, and was often associated with dark magic. Fortunately for me just using blood magic wasn't enough for the government or Church to come down on me unless I do some serious dark stuff, like a virgin sacrifice or some other cult shit. It helped that some well known priests used Blood to heal illnesses, and while it's frowned upon no one can denied how useful it is. I might have to avoid using my blood powers in public to avoid unwanted attention, or until I get stronger.

"Well I'm 100 percent human. I doubt Vampires and a Lich could get a tan." I said as I absorbed the blood as the cut on my thumb healed. "So, I picked out a job that would be perfect for beginners." I said as I pulled out the flier I grabbed and showed it to her. "Simple job, clear out a group of undead from an abandon cemetery. 15 or so zombies and skeletons, reward will be 25,000, so that's 12,500 each. You interested?"

Yunyun looked the flier over before nodding while giving me a smile. "I would love to go on this quest with you." She said, making me grin.

"Alright, it's settled. Let's go see Luna and have it finalized." I said as he got up from our seats.

Making our way to Luna the blond smiled at us as she saw the flier in her hand.

"Have you chosen a quest?" Luna asked with a smile as I handed her the paper. "Ah, undead. A challenge, though not too hard for new adventures." She said as she wrote something down.

"So, anything you can tell me about undead? Anything useful?" I asked with a tilt of my head while Luna nodded with a smile.

"Undead are weak to three things. Water magic, fire magic, and holy magic." She explained as I nodded a bit, not surprised by those weaknesses. "Zombies have increased physical resistance to attacks while skeletons are faster. Both can use weapons such as swords, axes, shields, or hammers, though they can't use skills." She said before her face turned serious. "However, their is one type of undead you should watch out for. Undead Knights and Undead Adventurers, corpses or skeletons of fallen warriors. They are more powerful then regular undead and may retain some of the skills they learned in life."

"Damn," I said while running a hand through the side of my hair. "Hopefully we won't run into anything like that, the job just says zombies and skeletons." I really hoped we didn't run into one of those. "Hmm, Luna, you mind clearing something up for me?" I asked, making the blond tilt her head. "See, back home we had our own lore on zombies and the undead, and I don't know if it's accurate or not, so you mind clearing some stuff?" I've played a lot of zombie games and watched just as many movies, the last thing I wanted was to use a trick that proved to be useless.

"Of course Jay, I am more then happy to answer any questions." She said with her bright smile.

"Cool. So 1: Can a headshot from say an arrow kill a zombie intently? 2: If a zombie bites a living person will that person become a zombie in a few hours? And 3: How can you tell when a skeleton and zombie is completely defeated?"

Luna looked up in thought for several seconds before she answered me. "1: No, a simple headshot to a zombie or skeleton's head will not always kill them, however decapitation is an instant kill. 2: No, a zombie or skeleton bite will not turn a person into an undead, that has been proven fails. However, some zombie bites may leave a poison effect for several minutes, so be cautious. And 3: You will know when a zombie and skeleton is defeated when the glow in their eyes die down. Instantly the evil sprit possessing the body should be expelled." Luna said while giving a quick drawing of a ghost.

I nodded to everything she said and gave her a smile. "Thanks for the tip."

"It was my pleasure." Luna said with another friendly smile as she brought out a map. "You'll be heading here, where the abandon graveyard is." She said as she pointed to a spot on the map before sighing. "Honestly, the city should of sent a priest or cleric to purify the soil. Now the dead are being disturbed and it's the guilds job to fix it."

That made me snort. "The two things I hate, politics and big religion." I said before looking to Yunyun. "So Yunyun, you got everything or do we need to make a stop."

Yunyun smiled and pulled a silver wand from behind. "I am ready when you are." She said while smiling brightly.

I nodded and looked to the map once more. "It should take us a few hours to make it to this area and a few hours back." I muttered before looking to Yunyun. "Alright, let's get a move on." I said as we made out way out of the guild hall, Yunyun right behind me with a big smile on her face.

The sun started to hang low, the sky turning a light orange with only a few clouds above.

As Yunyun and I made our way to the forest cemetery we talked a bit to get to know one another.

I found out that Yunyun was the village Chief's daughter and was considered a prodigy for someone her age. She had come to Axel following her rival and only friend to prove she could beat her, apparently this rival of Yunyun had beaten the girl several times and Yunyun has not won once.

"Wow," I said in amazement as we walked down the road together. "This rival of yours is a real monster."

"Yeah, she's... something." Yunyun sighed while looking away. It wasn't hard to tell their was more to this rival of Yunyun, though the girl did not looked like she wanted to talk about it. "So, where are you from John?"

"Call me Jay, everyone does." I said on reflex before giving a shrug. "I'm from a small place. It's not that big, it's windy, but we hardly ever get any monsters in sight." I said with a cheerful smile. "When I found out I could manipulate blood I decided to try my hand at becoming an adventurer. I left and after a few weeks of traveling I made it to Axel."

"I still find it amazing you can manipulate your blood, since it's mostly used by certain undead and demons." Yunyun said before a worried look crossed her face. "But you should be carful who you show this magic to. Most common people fear dark magic of any kind, so you might face some backlash if your ability is widely known." She said before she looked at me with a determined look. "B-but don't worry! Even if your seen as a demon, I'll stay by your side!" She said, her eyes glowing red with determination.

I gave a small laugh as I rubbed the top of Yunyun head, making her blush. "Thanks for the support kid." I said with a small smile before we came to a stop. "Look's like were here."

Both Yunyun and I stood at the edge of a forest. The trees were tall and bunched together, looking forward I could see only darkness.

I was about to pull out a torch from my bag before Yunyun hand glowed. A moment later a glowing orb shined above Yunyun as the girl turned to me with a smile.

"A basic magic spell, Candlelight." Yunyun explained as she pointed up. "The light will stay with me for 1 hour before it goes away."

"Skyrim." I muttered while looking at the glowing orb before shaking my head. "Alright, let's take things slow and stick behind me. Your the range of the two off us and I'm pretty sure I can take a hit."

"Okay, I'll stay right behind you." Yunyun said with a nod as we started to walk into the forest.

After walking for a few minutes we were completely surrounded by darkness with the exception of Yunyun light above her. I kept my eyes sharp and my blood ready in case I saw anything dangerous.

As we walked deeper into the forest the air suddenly got cold, sending a shiver down my spine. I then cringed as I smelled a foul odor in the air making Yunyun and I come to a stop.

"We are close." Yunyun said, her face turning serious as I nodded.

I raised my nose high and started to stiff around, holding back a gag at the rotten smell in the air.

I quickly found the directed the smell was strongest and pointed forward. "This way, and keep low." I said as I crouched low, Yunyun doing the same as she dimmed the candlelight.

We started to sneak through the dark forest and the further we crept the stronger the smell became. It wasn't long before we heard painful moaning and groaning.

Suddenly Yunyun and I came to a stop as we made it to our destination.

"So, that's a real zombie." I muttered as we crouched low being some bushes, Yunyun Candlelight slightly dimmed and stayed low.

The abandon graveyard consisted of 30 or so graves, tombstones falling apart and covered in mold. The second thing I noticed was the undead. Their were 9 zombies and 6 skeletons roaming around the graveyard, all holding rusty weapons as they stumbled around.

Looking to the far end of the graveyard I saw a few zombies eating a dead dear, ripping the flesh off with such hunger it made me a little sick.

"This is real, it's not a game." I thought to myself while feeling a little revelation as I gulped. Taking a shaky breath I looked to Yunyun, who looked way calmer then me. "Hard to believe this girl was struggling just to join a party, now she's cool as a cucumber."

"Okay, I say we have three options on how to handle this." I said, grabbing Yunyun's attention. "1: We rush in spells blazing and hit them by surprise, taking out a few before they can react. 2: We do a pincer attack, we split up and I go on one side of the graveyard and you go on the other. This will force them to halve their numbers, if we're lucky. And 3, and I'm leaning towards this one: We from a firing line, use long range attacks and pick them off from a distance. If they get close I'll cut them down while you focus on the farther ones."

These plans were simple ones I remember playing in a game. The mission was about taking back a old fortress that was taken over by crab monsters.

Yunyun looked thoughtful before she answered me. "The third option sounds best." She said, making me nod.

"Alright, we'll form a firing line. Try to hold back from using fire spells in possible. The last thing we need is to start a forest fire." I said, getting a nod from the girl.

Taking a breath I popped once of my Blood Bottles open and had the blood coat my right hand.

"Alright, on 3," I said as I held my right hand like a gun, a small blood ball forming at the tip of my finger. "1... 2... 3!"

Both me and Yunyun jumped from the bushes, the Candlelight shining brighter overhead.

At once all the zombies looked to use and stood still, giving us enough time to act first.


"Blade of Wind!"

Both Yunyun and I let out our attacks at the surprised undead. Yunyun wind blade took a zombie's head clean off and my bloodshot got a lucky hit and managed to pull off a skeletons head. A moment later two blue ghosts floated out of the bodies while giving weak moans before disappearing.

"Rawr." The undead moaned as they started to make their way to use at a brisk pace, the zombies stumbling and limping while the skeletons moved much faster.

The two off use continued to use our long range attacks and managed to take out another 6 before the first skeleton reached us.

Drawing my swords I quickly jumped in front of Yunyun while the young mage continued to take out the undead from afar.

"Ha!" I yelled as I slashed both of my swords sideways at the skeleton, cutting into it's ribcage and making it stumble back.

Looking to the side I saw a zombie raise an axe and was ready to bring it down on me, forcing me to jump back and dodge at just the right time.

Blood shot out of one of my bottles and coated the swords in my hands. Crossing my arms I slashed them down, creating a blood shake X in the air.

"Blood Slash!"

The blood cut into the zombie's rotten flesh and send it flying back, but not even a moment later it was back on it's feet and closing in.

I quickly noticed that three undead were closing in on me and fast.

"Jay!" Yunyun yelled in worry as she saw my situation.

"Focus on the undead in the back!" I yelled as I brought my blades up before attacking.


Lunging forward into the undead I started to spin my blades. I'll admit this attack was harder to do then I first thought, but I moved on instinct and I could feel my blades cut into the zombie and skeletons multiple times in seconds. I felt like a tornado of blades spinning around on my feet as I cut the three undead multiple times, making sure to dodge whenever they attacked me.

Yet there was a downside to using Whirl. It was tiring, even after using the move for only 10 seconds I started to feel exhausted as the attacked drained my stamina.

Giving a small cry I gave one final slash taking a zombie's head clean off as the other skeletons fell into a heap of bones.

At the same time Yunyun launched a final spell, dropping the last zombie into two bloody chunks.

I panted softly as I lowered my sore arms while looking around. "Is that all of them?"

Yunyun had Candlelight shine brightly overhead and managed to light up the entire graveyard.

All around there we're undead littering the floor, none moving and their eyes dead.

Yunyun looked around before letting out a sigh. "Yes, I believe that is all of them." She said before she smiled to me. "I believe this quest is finished." She said as I smiled back at her.

"Well let's have a look around, maybe we will find something-"


The sudden sound of something banging cut me off. Instantly both Yunyun and I glanced around before our eyes landed on a very specific grave.

The grave at the far end of the graveyard was different. The tombstone was larger and much more grand then the others in the graveyard, clearly belonging to someone important in life.


With each thud the tombstone shook before the ground erupted and a figure raised, crawling out of the dirt before standing.

The figure was a zombie. It's eyes were glowing a ghostly blue and wore rusty chainmail armor with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Half of the zombie's face were rotten off while the other half had sunken black skin.



"Is that an Undead Knight?"


"Okay, just making sure." I sighed as I stepped forward. "Same as last time, I fight, you support!" I said before charging forward.

The undead knight gave a screeched before lunging forward with impressive speeds.

I jabbed the sword in my right hand forward only for the undead knight to parry it with it's sword. My eyes widen as it's shield glowed bright before it slammed into my open chest.

The next thing I knew I was flying through the air as my chest burned with pain, as if I was hit by a speeding car. I felt my back slam into a tombstone and easily broke the stone in two. I groaned as pain vibrated from my body, yet I staid conscious somehow.

"Jay!" Yunyun cried my name in shock and horror before glaring at the undead knight. "Take this! Fireball!" Yunyun yelled as she gabbed her wand out at the undead and an orange ball of fire flew at it.

The undead gave another screech and it's shield glowed again before the shield slammed into the fireball. Yunyun and I were shocked to see the undead knight was unharmed by the fire attack before her eyes widen.

"Th-this undead knight was a Crusader!" Yunyun yelled with a worried look on her face as I started to force myself up. "Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!"

Every fireball hit the undead's shield and did no damage, and every second the undead knight was getting closer.

Yunyun started to move back as she continued to shoot fireballs. Suddenly she hit the back of a tombstone making her stumble to the ground.

Seeing this and that the undead knight was closing in I acted fast.

"Oh no you don't fuck-face!" Several of the bottles of blood opened and all the blood zoomed across the graveyard and wrapped around the undead knight, grabbing it by it's arms, legs, and head. "Yunyun, move, I can't hold him for long!" I yelled as I forced my magic and blood to force the knight to stay still, though it was struggling with surprising strength.

Yunyun wasted no time and quickly ran over to my side, looking both scared and relived. Not a moment later the undead crusader let out a screech before it throw it's arms to the side, throwing off the blood I was using to hold it.

"We need a knew plan!" Yunyun yelled as the undead knight turned to us.

I narrowed my eyes before I recalled my blood into my bottles. "Yunyun, do you have a spell that can hold it, just for a few seconds?" I asked as I raised my hand. "Bloodshot!" I said and the night was forced to bring up it's shield, slowing it down a bit as I kept shooting.

"Crystal Prison." Yunyun said instantly. "It incases the foe in ice, though with something this strong I can only hold it for a seconds."

"Do it now." I said as I rushed forward.

"Ah!" Yunyun yelped in shock by my action and quickly brought up her wand. "Crystal Prison!"

A blue magic circle appeared under and above the crusader and it quickly raised it's shield again in front of it's face. Blue ice grow around the undead and incased his lower half and arms until it was completely entrapped.

I skid to a stop in front of the frozen undead and raised both my swords back.


My muscles bulged as my grip tighten.


I pulled both my swords back a little more and now my arms started to shake. Rend was the kind of move that got stronger the more strength I had, and the longer I whined up for the strike.

"J-Jay! I can't hold it much longer!" Yunyun yelled to me as I heard the struggle in her voice.

"Drop the prison on three Yunyun!" I yelled as my swords shook harder with each passing second. "1... 2... 3!"

The ice around the undead knight shattered and I brought my blades down.

"Eat this culero!"

The two blades slammed into the shield and a loud bang echoed throughout the graveyard. There was a power struggle between the two of us, but I wasn't going to lose that easily.

Gritting my teeth I gave a roar as I pushed down the blades with all I had.

"Just die already!" I yelled before I heard a crack. "Now!"

I gave one final push.


Spinning around I started to attack the undead knight relentlessly, not giving it a moment to attack back. Every time by blade hit the undead's shield it cracked a little more.

"Fuck this burns like hell!" I thought as I pushed myself as I felt my muscles burn from my own relentless attack, yet I didn't let up.


Bringing my swords up and slamming them down, I was satisfied to see the shield in the undead knight's hand shattered into a thousand pieces.

"Yunyun, now!" I yelled as I jumped back as the undead knight swung it's sword at me.

"Right!" Yunyun yelled as she raised her wand into the air. "Lighting Strike!"

A bolt of lighting flew down from the sky and hit the undead knight with full power, making it screech. Once the attack finished the undead knight looked burned to a crisp but their was still a light in it's eyes.

"This is it." I said as my blood coated my blades again. "Blood Slash!" I shouted as I slashed my blood in an X formation and sent the attack flying.

The attack hit the undead knight square in the chest sending it flying right into a tombstone.

"Payback's a bitch." I said with a smug smirk as I sheath my swords.

Yunyun and I slowly walked over to the undead knight and gave a sigh of relief as we saw the glow in it's eyes gone and a large blue ghost floating out of the dead knight.

"Thank goodness." Yunyun sighed in relief as she slouched over. "I was worried I would have to use a stronger spell just to take it out, though with that skill to block magic attacks I don't know if that would work."

"Well we completed the quest and we're alive, be thankful for that." I said before looking around and a grin grow on my face. "Now comes the fun part."

"The fun part?" Yunyun asked as I walked to the undead knight and knelt down.

"Looting?" I said with a toothy grin as I patted the undead knight down.

"L-looting?!" Yunyun said in a shocked tone. "Isn't it bad to loot the corpus of the dead?"

That made me pause for a moment before I gave a shrug. "Maybe, but beggars can't be choosers. This graveyard is abandoned meaning no one should care, and if they do then we'll say it's their fault for abandoning the graves. Also, despite finishing the quest in less then a day, we didn't make that much to support ourselves. We need all the cash we can get for better equipment and living until we can take on the harder jobs by ourselves." I said before looking to Yunyun with a toothy grin. "Also, I'll admit I get a guilty pleasure for looting." I said while smiling up. "Never knowing what you'll find, be it a rare weapon, jewels, books, or a flop such as rusty weapons, chump change, or old food. It's a gamble, and I love to gamble." I said before searching the undead knight faster.

"W-well, when you put it that way..." Yunyun trailed off while glancing around.

I gave a small laugh as I pulled out a small pouch of money. "I know it's not the most noble thing, so just rest for a while. If this comes to bite us I'll take the heat and give everything back." I said, getting a nod from the young girl.

For the next 30 minutes I searched the graveyard for anything valuable and put them in my backpack. By the end I managed to find 10,000 Eris, some average weapons, and some jewelry on all the corpses and put if in my bag. Three things stood out among the loot I grabbed.

The first two were the sword and shield the Crusader had. The sword looked elegant and sharp despite being old, so I'm sure it will fetch for a good price. As for the shield, it was broken and useless beyond repair. However, the shield had a large jewel that was still intact and from what Yunyun said, it was the reason the Crusader was able to completely negate her spells, that and combined with the Crusader's skill it used.

The third thing was a bit of a surprise to me.

"Is this a Blood Shard?" I asked in confusion as I held in my had a small bundle of Blood Shards that looked like they came straight out of Bloodborne.

"Oh, Blood Crystals." Yunyun said as she grabbed one of the Crystals and held it up in the air. "They sometimes form in undead if the undead have been around for a while. They are used for portion ingredients or enchantments, and are quiet profitable. I believe one Blood Crystal is worth... 7500 each. The reason they are so valuable is because very few people look on corpses to find them, not to mention any undead that do pop up are killed fast before the crystals are formed."

Whipping out my phone I used the calculator and counting 12 Blood Crystals in my hand, that would mean the total value for the crystals would be...

"90,000 Eris!" I shouted in shock at the number that popped up. "Add the 10,000 I found, and the 25,000 for completing the quest, we'll have a total of... 125,000 Eris in total! That's 62,500 for each of use!" I said with a big grin as I looked to the sword and shield gem. "And we have no idea what these two are worth, along with the weapons and jewels, the rest will be a bonus." I said before throwing my fist in the air. "I love looting!"

Yunyun giggled at my enthusiasm, making me smile. "If you want, I can take you to a shop that should be able to buy them. The shop owner may also buy that enchanted gem from you."

I nodded and held the sword in my hands. "And I'll sell the weapons off to a blacksmith I know, Vince. I did promise the guy I would sell him any weapons I find and no one else." I said as I put the loot all in my bag and got up with a huff. "Well, we better return to the guild hall and collect our reward."

"Right." Yunyun said as she turned to leave.

"Actually, before we leave," I said as I pulled out my phone and gave Yunyun a sideways hug, making the girl blush. "Let's remember this moment. Say cheese!"

Before Yunyun could react my phone flashed, making the girl blink as I pulled away.

Looking at the photo I grinned as I saw the two of us with the graveyard in the background. "Alright, let's move! Because I am starving!"

"Alright, everything seems to be in order." Luna said to me with a smile as she slid a try of money over to me. "We have confirmed you have completed the quest, congratulations."

I quickly collected the reward and nodded to the woman. "Thanks Luna, see you tomorrow." I said before making my way to the dining hall.

Once their I quickly sat across from Yunyun as our food arrived.

"Please enjoy." The waitress said with a smile as she left.

I nodded before looking to Yunyun and handing the 13 year old her half of the reward. "Thanks for everything Yunyun, couldn't have done it without you." I said with a grin, making Yunyun smile brightly. "For beginner quests, that didn't go so bad, or at least compared to the ones I've heard." I said as I rolled my shoulder. "Though my back is killing me after that Undead Knight throw me into that tombstone. I need a hot bath right after this."

I still felt weirded out about the public bathhouses common people use to bathe. The last thing I want to see is some muscle guy flexing as I'm soaping myself. But in the end beggars can't be choosers.

That seemed to make Yunyun wince. "A-are you okay? We can go to a priest to heal you." She said with concern.

I quickly waved my hand. "No need, I heal over time thanks to one of my skills." I said before realizing something. "Speaking of skills, I wonder if I leveled up?" I said as I started to fish out my Skill Card.

"You should have since you were level 1 when we did the quest." Yunyun said while taking a bite of her salad. "Leveling up is easy early on, but gets harder the higher your level goes up."

So standard RPG mechanic. The amount of XP needed to level up increasing by a percentage with every level up. This was both good and bad in a lot of ways. The good part was it was going to be easy leveling up to a decent number early on, it may just take another quest to get into the double digest. The bad part, after a certain point it was going to take some serious grinding and quests to even level up once, so I would have to be very carful with using my Skill Points.

"I need to get a better class as soon as possible. One that can give me some extra skill points when I level up." I thought as I pulled out my Guild Card and looked at it before my eyes widen. "Holy Shit, I'm level 6!" I said in shock, which was understandable since I just leveled up 5 times in just one quest.

Yunyun nodded at my shock. "I can understand since you did land the final blow to the Undead Knight and took out a few undead by yourself."

"Maybe, but you took out more. You killed practically 10 of them while I was poking the other five with a sharp stick." I said making Yunyun giggle at my joke. "Well, I leveled up quiet a bit, got 5 skill points to spend, and my states improved a lot." I said as I looked at my states to see the numbers had gone up quiet a bit compared to the start of the day. "I wonder if I'm qualified to change classes now?"

"Do you know what class you want to change to once you get the chance?" Yunyun asked with a tilt of her head.

That made me pause a bit before I pulled out my phone and opened the notepad app.

Over the weeks I've been in this world I asked as many questions about the other classes to get a full understanding on what to expect with each one. Luckily for me Luna was more then happy to answer the number of questions I had with a smile and even seem to enjoy talking to me. She was a very nice woman.

Looking at my phone I saw the five jobs under the fighter class I could change to with the right stats.

Knight: A balance of swordsman ship and shield. Knight are known for taking a good amount of damage and giving just as much, being a well balance of both offence and defense. Gives a bonuses to sword and shield skills, and increase stamina recovery. 2 Skill Points every level.

Crusader: Favoring defense over offence Crusader's are commonly the tanks of most parties, though with the right skills can do devastating damage with enough time. Gives bonuses to virility and damage resistance along with access to damage resistance skills. 3 Skill Points every level.

Rune Knight: A combination of magic and swordsman ship, able to make runes that add elemental attack to weapons, buffs to armor, or de-buffs to enemies. Gives bonuses to mana recovery and add damage to elemental attacks. 3 Skill Points every level.

Berserker: A damage focus class with little regard to defense. Berserkers focus on dealing as much damage in a short amount of time before the enemy can react and avoids taking any direct hits. Gives bonus to damage and a bonus to attack speed. 2 Skill Points every level.

Swordmaster: A skill focus class, a Swordmaster uses skill and elegance to out maneuver and defeat their enemy swiftly with superior skill, like a surgeon. Gives attack bonuses to sword base attacks and lowers stamina cost for attacks and skills. 4 Skill Points every level.

Looking over the 5 possible jobs I could upgrade to I quickly crossed off Knight, Crusader, and Swordmaster. Those classes didn't fit my power or my fighting style, not to mention Crusader and Swordmaster were very advance classes that would take a lot of effort to raise my stats and by the time I changed by class I would be at a high enough level where leveling up would be a bitch.

So that left me with Berserker and Rune Knight. Both classes had their ups and downs.

Berserker would allow me to do a tone of damage and it wouldn't be that hard to change classes, maybe around level 10. The downside, my defense wouldn't be that good, I would most likely become a glass cannon.

Rune Knight would allow me to add elemental attacks and give support to my allies or hinder my enemies. The downside, at best I would be able to change my class around level 20. Not to mention I may need to spread my skills out a bit to fit the build of a Rune Knight.

Thinking it over I quickly made my decision.

"I'm going to be a Berserker." I said with a nod.

That made Yunyun blink a bit. "A Berserker, are you sure?" Yunyun asked while fidgeting again in her seat. "Berserker class is very uncommon and not many use the class because of it's low defensive capabilities. Making them glass cannons."

"I'm sure," I said with a grin. "I rather finish my enemies off fast before they even have a chance to attack me. Plus," I said before I bit my finger a little and floated a blood droplet around. "Thanks to my blood manipulate I can makeup for the lack of defense with those skills."

Yunyun's eyes widen in understanding, making me grin. "I see, that is really brilliant." She said with a big smile.

"Thanks," I said with a nod as I looked back to my skill card. "Now that I know what class I want to become, let's look at the new skills I unlocked."

"Unlocked? Don't you learn skills from others?" Yunyun said in confusion.

"Well yes, I can learn skills like everyone else. I just learned a tone a blood skills and I can only unlock them when i reach a certain level." I explained, making Yunyun nod as i looked to my new skills.

Blood Skills: Unlock at Level-5

Teeth: (Passive) Your teeth have sharpen immensely, allowing you to drink more blood straight from your enemies while causing damage. (Heal 100 Vitality and MP for every pint of blood drunk. Drinking own blood only heals 50 Vitality and MP for every pint)(Bonus: Drinking the blood of certain beings may add a bonus effect)(Point Cost:1)

Blood Whip: Create a whip of blood out of the tip of your finger to attack and bind enemies. (15 MP for every 5 seconds)(Point Cost: 1)

Iron Blood Hide: (Passive) Your blood has become thick and rich with Iron, increasing your overall defense. (Warning! Iron Hide's defense decreases with less blood in the body)(Point Cost: 1)

Bloody Knuckles: Coat your fists in blood to add damage. (Cost: 15 MP)(Point Cost: 1)

I raised an eyebrow at the new skills unlocked. They weren't what I was expecting, but I couldn't complain.

Thinking it over, I had 5 skill points and 4 new skills alone with the other skills I haven't unlocked.

Rubbing my chin I made my choice on what skills to unlock.

Blood Whip, Iron Blood Hide, Teeth, and Fleet Footing.

While Bloody Knuckles sounded useful, I could attack with my blood at anytime instead of my fists. Maybe someday down the line I'll unlock the skill, but I rather save the skill point I have left for something else, such as skills related to the Berserker class or a blood skill.

Tapping on my card I unlocked the skills. I felt a shiver run down my spine as I learned the skills.

I grinned as I slid my card into my pocket. "For my first serious quest, I'd say this is a great-"

"Ah!" Yunyun shouted in shock as she pointed at my face. "J-Jay! T-teeth! Your teeth!"

Reeling back I touched my teeth, and what I felt made my eyes widen.

Reaching for my phone and turning on the camera I saw what had shocked Yunyun so much.

My teeth were all pointed now. They looked shape to the point it reminded me of Soul's teeth from Soul Eater.

"Huh," I blinked in shock as I looked at my now sharpened teeth. "When the skill said my teeth would sharpen, I thought it was being figurative." I said as I lightly bit my tongue, thankful not to feel any pain or cut myself. "Hopefully there won't be anymore surprise changes with the future skills." I sighed as I put my phone away.

"A-Are you okay? Your not in any pain?" Yunyun asked in concern.

I smiled at the girl and shook my head. "No, honestly I probably wouldn't have noticed until someone commented on my teeth, or until I went to the bathhouse." I said before fidgeting in my seat with a grimace. "Speaking of bathhouse, let's finish eating so I can take a bath. I feel sweaty and my clothes could use a clean after fighting those undead." I said as I started to finish my food. "Tomorrow we'll finish selling the weapons and other stuff we found at the graveyard and split the money. Alright?"

"Alright." Yunyun nodded with a smile as we went back to eating.

"Ha... it's a slow day today." I sighed as I slouched behind the counter in Vince's shop.

It's been two weeks since me and Yunyun joined forces and things have been great for the most part.

The loot we gained from the graveyard such as the sword, shield gem, and other trinkets were able to get us 200,000 in total. That was 100,000 one for each of use, plus the blood crystal money. That was a good 162,500 for both me and Yunyun.

We went on a few more kill quest in the past two weeks. Killing more zombies, goblins, and other beginner enemies.

We didn't get a big haul like we did on our first Kill Quest, yet we made enough to be comfortable and not have to worry about money.

Level wise Yunyun was a higher level then me still while I was only a level 9. I was about 1 quest away from reaching level 10 and becoming a Berserker.

"I hope Vince gets back soon, I want to do anything else then stand here all day." I said with a huff.

Vince had to make an pick up a shipment of iron and steel so he asked me to watch over the shop until he got back. It somewhat worked out since Yunyun was going to spend the day leaning some new spells.

"What can I do in this city besides go on quests?" I muttered while looking thoughtful. "Maybe I can hit a bar or just explore. This city is huge."

I was cut out of my thoughts as the door to the shop opened, grabbing my attention.


I turned to see a young man, possibly 16 or 17, standing in by the door to the shop. He wore green cloths, had brown shaggy hair, and a pale completion.

I raised an eyebrow in at the guys clothes feeling a strange familiarity with them.

"Could he be..."

"H-hey," The guy said while glancing around slowly while rubbing the back of his head. "So... I need some equipment."

I shook my head and stood straight up. "Sure, so what are you looking for?"

"Well... a sword and maybe some armor. I don't have much, so I'll take the cheapest you have." He said while looking sheepish.

I gave him a friendly smile. "No worries, I'm sure we can work something out. How much can you spend today?"

The guy sighed and pulled up a small sack of money. "I only have 4000 Eris, what can that get me?" He asked in a hopeful voice.

I frowned at the amount before signing. "Honestly, the best I can do is get you 1 cheap short sword." I admitted while rubbing the back of my neck in sympathy.

The guy sighed while his head dropped. "I thought so," He said before he stood up straight. "Well hopefully after this quest I'll be able to buy more equipment." He said with a grin, trying to sound positive.

I nodded with my own smile as I moved throughout the store. "So I take it your a rookie adventure." I said as I walked to a baral full of swords and started to look around for a good one.

"Yeah, I got my Adventure Card a few weeks ago, but me and my... companion were flat broke." The guy said with a tired sigh. "We've been working in construction and sleeping in a horse stable ever since, making and saving money as best we could." He said and I couldn't help but grimace. I would hate to do construction work in the blazing sun then go sleep in a hours stable. I rather sleep outside. "We just managed to scrounge up enough for some basic equipment... or so I thought."

My heart went out to the guy, the life of an adventure was not any easy one.

"Well here's some advice from one adventure to another." I said as I pulled out an iron short sword. "Until you get strong enough to hit the big quests, think about getting a part-time job for some extra money, something easy like shop keeping or anything that doesn't require too much physical labor." I said making the guy look thoughtful. "Here, tell me how this feels. Iron Short Sword, light, reliable, and cheap. Perfect for a beginner. Though it will break if you face a strong enemy and are not carful." I said while handing him the short sword.

The guy grabbed the sword and gave it a few swings, making him grin.

"Nice, I like the feel." He said before looking to me. "How much?"

"It's our cheapest so it only cost 2500." I said as I walked off to the side and pulled off a brown leather jacket with iron stubble on the shoulder and back. "Also, since your starting out as an adventurer I figure you won't mind a little extra protection." I said while showing him the jacket. "Leather with iron stubble, good for resisting slash attacks and light, so it's easier to dodge with it on, I'll throw this in for a 1000 Eris." I said before looking at his cloths again. "Though you'll feel hot if you wear that... I'm sorry, but are you wearing a tracksuit?" I said, finally wanting to address the elephant in the room.

The guys eyes widen as he took a step back, looking absolutely shocked.

"H-how do you know what a tracksuit is?" He asked, giving me a cautious look.

I gave him the same look, I didn't want to blurt out that I was from another world. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to keep my origins a secret or else everyone will look at me like I'm crazy or worse, the government will get involved.

Then again, with the way this guy was acting and the fact he knew what a tracksuit was, it was pretty likely we were the same.

"What's your name, I never caught it." I said, hoping his name would give me a clue about his origins.

The guy looked at me weary for a moment before he spoke.

"My name is-"

"Kazuma! Are you done yet?! I'm getting tired standing around!"

Turning to the door my eyes widen in shock as my jaw dropped at who I saw.

It was a very familiar bluebell looking the exact same as a month ago. The same blue dress, the same blue hair, the same blue eyes. Yet it should of been impossible for her to me here considering who she was.

Yet here she was, standing right in front of me.


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