KonoSuba: Tales of the Red Warrior

Chapter 4

First Person P.O.V

I yawned as my phone alarm went off and I slowly reached for it.

Glancing through my heavy eyes I saw it was noon, making me groan as I slowly sat up from my bed.

"Fuck... what time did I come home last night?" I muttered while rubbing my face. I didn't feel hung over, but I did feel a pounding in my head.

I remember things getting a little wild after 10, with me and Aqua having a couple shots, Kazuma laughing up a storm, Yunyun smiling so bight it lit up the room, and that Megumin girl doing poses while talking about explosions. I think I also remember Kazuma talking to some blond chick just before I left, said girl who was talking to Kazuma had a massive blush on her face.

"Well, I don't work today," I said while I got up with a grunt. "I'll see if any new quests pop up and test out my knew skills."

Slipping into my armor and gear I quickly made my way to the Guild Hall wanting some breakfast.

Walking down the road I couldn't help but grin like made as I felt my armor. It was expensive as hell, putting me back a few weeks in money, but it was more than worth it. Plus, I look like a total badass.

"Now I just need some custom blades." I said while glancing at my swords. They were normal steel short-swords, okay in quality, but something that would break against harder enemies. I was going to need an upgrade once I get a good chunk of cash from a quest.

As I walked up to the Guild Hall, I noticed Kazuma walking up to the front door of the Guild with his head down, looking tired.

"Hey, Kazuma." I called out as I walked up next to him.

He turned to me with a sigh. "Hey Jay." He said with a weak smile.

I gave a small chuckle to the teen. "Feeling hung-over?" I asked with a laugh.

Kazuma shook his head with a tired sigh. "No, no, I didn't drink that much honestly. It's just that before the Guild closed for the night I ran into a... problem."

I raised my eyebrow and just as I was about to ask, I was cut off.


Kazuma and I blinked as we entered the Guild to see Aqua, who stood on the second floor, doing a performance for a small crowed of adventures.

"There!" Aqua said with a smile as she spun some fans around while they spit water out, making the adventures cheer her on. Suddenly the flower cup on top of her head grow to the point a pink flower bloomed in seconds, making the crowed applaud. "Thank you! Thank you!" Aqua said with a bow, before noticing Kazuma and I were just below her. "Oh, look, Kazuma, Jay! What do you think of my newly acquired skill? Isn't it befitting of a water goddess like myself?" Aqua asked with a big smile on her face.

I gave the goddess a smile while throwing her thumbs up.

"Isn't that a party trick skill, you low-grade goddess?" Kazuma muttered with a face, making me snort.

"Don't tell her that, it's too early for me to hear you guy's fight." I said while jabbing my elbow into his ribs, making Kazuma flinch. "Keep up the good work Aqua."

"Right!" Aqua said with a bright smile as she got back to preforming.

Kazuma just sighed as he shuffled forward. "Let's just eat."

We soon found ourselves at the bar with Megumin, who had come earlier to the Guild with Aqua. Kazuma was looking at his Skill Card while reading he had gone up to Level 6.

"So, you use points you gain from leveling up to learn skills?" Kazuma asked while looking at his Skill Card. "I'll have to be careful not to use them for any weird or worthless skills."

Megumin nodded as she ate her food. "First you get someone to teach you how to use a skill. Then the entry will appear on your card. If you use points on that entry, you'll finish learning it."

"And since you're an Adventure Class, you can learn all skills from any class." I said as I bit into my eggs. "From attacks to magic, you can learn anything."

That made Kazuma look thoughtful. "Does that mean if I have you teach me, I could learn to use Explosion Magic, too?" He asked Megumi.

"Exactly!" Megumi shouted as she got into Kazuma's face, making the teen bump into me. "That's exactly it right, Kazuma! If you want to learn explosion magic, I'll teach you as much as you want! Heck, is there any other skill more worthwhile to learn? No, there is not! Come, now, and walk the path of explosions with me!" Megumi shouted in one breath while leaning close into Kazuma's face.

Kazuma started to sweat a bit as he pushed Megumi away. "Hey, calm... calm down, little girl!" Kazuma said, and instantly a shadow crossed over Megumi's face at Kazuma's words. "Besides, I only have about 6 points available right now..." Kazuma trailed off as he saw the look on Megumi's face.

"L-little girl?" Megumi said slowly as she turned to her food and ate, a bitter look still on her face. "I'm a little girl?" She said with a bitter smile.

I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, if I remember right Megumi was the same age as Yunyun, making the young mage only 13 years old. So, she was technically a teen, but she was still just a little girl, the same as Yunyun. Kazuma just sighed while looking away.

"I wonder if there's some quick and easy skills..." Kazuma thought out loud. "Some that'll be good value, that doesn't take many points to learn."

I shook my head at that. "It's not just the skill itself you need to consider," I said, making Kazuma look to me. "You need to consider two things before you start choosing your skills. What stats you want to focus on, and what kind of build you want to be."

"My stats and build?" Kazuma said with a raised brow.

I nodded as I pushed my empty plate forward. "Right, despite this being a real world there is a lot of game mechanics. So, we need to think like a gamer a bit." I said while pointing to the side of my head. "Skills are often effected by the user's stats, determining how powerful or accurate the skills are, such as a magic attack relying on the users Intelligence, or a swordman's attack power being based off strength. You'll want to get some skills that work well with the stats you have."

That made slump with a depressed groan. "But all my stats are average with the exception of Luck."

That made me nod. I saw Kazuma's Skill Card and saw everything was average with the exception of Luck, which was possible SS class.

"Then maybe gain some skills that require a high Luck state, there has to be a good number of them." I said with a shrug. "Also, you need to know what kind of build your aiming for, or a future class. The perk of being in the Adventure Class is you can learn any skill there is, but you gain no passive skills, and you only get one Skill Point every level. So, you need to ask yourself what kind of adventure you want to be down the line."

That made Kazuma look thoughtful before he let out a sigh and rubbed the back of his head. "Honestly, I have no idea."

"Hey, that's fine. The best thing about the Adventure's Class is you don't have to commit to anything." I said with a shrug. "Just try a few low-level skills out and see if anything sticks." I said getting a nod from Kazuma.

"I've been looking for you."

Kazuma, and I all turned before gaining surprised looks. Megumi continued to sulk as she slowly ate her food.

Standing behind us was a beautiful blond woman about my age. She had elegant armor that looked like it could buy the Guild itself, flawless skin, and deep blue eyes. Her figure was also something else. She had a flawless figure yet with the hint of strong muscle underneath along with a sizable bust under her chest plate. She was like a super model.

I blinked with shock and even a blush as I took in the beautiful woman's looks. I looked to Kazuma, hoping to get some idea on why this woman was talking to him, only to see a look on Kazuma's face that screamed one thing.

"Oh, no!"

"You said you had too much to drink yesterday and head straight home." The woman said while sitting next to me yet was smiling at Kazuma.

"N-no need to worry!" Kazuma said with a shaky smile as he tapped his foot on the stool.

I was looking between the two with complete bewilderment, wondering what the hell was going on. And since I had zero context my imagination ran wiled a bit.

"Holy shit! Did Kazuma hit on this girl last night while drunk, and now she's back to see if Kazuma won't flack on her." I thought with a shock look as I started to look between the two more frantically.

"Shall we continue where our conversation left off yesterday?" The young woman asked with a gentle smile. "Please let me join your party-"

"I refuse." Kazuma cut the woman off with a bow.

What happen next was the strangest thing I have probably ever saw.


The young woman moaned with a blush as if she just had an orgasm or something, making me look at her with wide eyes.

"S-such a snap decision!" She said in a breathless tone as she started to pant for breath.

Both Kazuma and I looked at the woman in shock by the happy reaction to being shot down. Hell, Kazuma looked to have started to sweat.

"Haha, that won't do Darkness." Someone, another young woman, came up from behind and patted the now named Darkness on the shoulder. "You can't be so pushy."

The new girl was young, about 16 or 17. She had short pale-lavender hair, a large scar on her right cheek, and had violet eyes. She wore what I could only describe as a sports bra, along with some short shorts and a light green scarf around her neck. Her figure was slim, practically petite, yet I could tell she was experienced.

"Um, and you are?" Kazuma asked the woman.

The young woman smiled at the two of us. "I'm Chris, a Thief, as you can see." Chris said with a confident wink to the two of us before pointing to Darkness. "This girl is a friend, I guess?"

I heard Kazuma sigh in relief, probably relived to meet a competent woman for the first time in a while.

Chris looked to Kazuma with a grin on her face. "You seem to be in need of a useful skill. How about some Thief Skills?" She offered, getting a surprised look from Kazuma as I nodded.

"That might actually be very useful." I said while looking to Kazuma. "Thief skills are all about sneak attacks and critical hits, avoiding direct combat. With someone with your stats and high luck, that might be best suited for you."

"Plus, it takes very few points to learn, so it's a good value. I'm sure it would come in handy." Chris said with confidents and from the look on Kazuma's face he did look interested. "How about it? If you act now, I'll do it for the cost of a drink."

I have a snort as I could tell what Chris's game was. She was trying to butter Kazuma up with some free skills in hopes to persuade him to take Darkness into the party.

"That's cheap! All Right, please do!" Kazuma said with a smile, making me snort as he fell for Chris's trap. "Excuse me! One ice-cold drink for the lady over here!"

As the bartender brought the drink, I couldn't help but look to Chris. She might be playing Kazuma, but she was helping him a lot by offering some useful skills basically free. Plus, she was doing this to help out a friend, something I can't fault her for.

Chris took her drink and dank the entire thing in seconds. "Ah~, that hit the spot!" Chris said with a big smile as she turned to the door. "Come on, follow me so I can show you a few good skills."

Kazuma, Darkness, and I followed Chris out of the Guild Hall while Megumi stayed behind, still sulking about what Kazuma said.

After a few minutes of walking, we found ourselves in a back ally, away from the public.

The general law in the city was that adventures could use their skills out in the open as long as they didn't create a public disturbance or property damage. If adventures wished to spar, they would have to use a public arena in one of the several parks in the city.

"So," Chris said as she stood in front of Kazuma while Darkness and I stood off to the side. "There are all sorts of Thief Skills, like 'Enemy Detection', 'Backstab', and 'Lurk.'" Chris said after giving a quick demonstration on the skills. "But I recommend this one in particular." She said while sticking out her hand to Kazuma. "Here I go. Watch carefully."

"Os!" Kazuma said with a grunt, getting pumped up about learning a new skill. "Right! I'm ready, Chris-san!"

Chris grinned as she waved her hand. "Steal!"

In a small flash of light in Chris's hand Chris gained a cocky grin as she opened her hand, revealing a small pouch.

"Hey! My coin pouches!" Kazuma said with a shocked look, even I was surprised the skill.

"This is the Thief skill 'Steal.' If it's successful, you can take possession of your opponent's property, such as money or weapons." Chris explained as she handed back Kazuma's money. "So that's how it's used."

"Huh..." Kazuma muttered with an amazed look on his face.

Just as Chris was about to give Kazuma his money back, she stopped at the last second. "Hey, want to have a showdown?" She asked, making Kazuma blink. "Learn this Thief Skill yourself, then steal this pouch back from me."

"Hey, isn't that overdoing it a bit?" Darkness said with a concerned look as I folded my arms.

"He's an adventurer, isn't he?" Chris said, not taking her eyes off Kazuma. "Crossing dangerous bridges come with the territory."

Kazuma gained a thoughtful look on his face as he contemplated Chris's offer. From the look in Kazuma's eyes, I could tell he was liking the risk a little too much.

After a second Kazuma grinned. "Sure."

"Then it's settled." Chris said while putting the pouch in her pocket. "Use your adventure card and acquire the skill. The Skills you learned from me should be displayed there."

Kazuma pulled out his card and quickly looked over the skills he learned from Chris. "Enemy Detection: 1 Point. Backstab: 1 Point. Lurk: 1 Point. Nature's Beauty... Nature's Beauty?" Kazuma asked with a confused look, wondering where he got that skill from.

"Ah, that's the party trick skill your ally used earlier." Darkness explained as I read the skill over Kazuma's shoulder.

Nature's Beauty: Create high-quality water from fans that increase stamina regeneration and heals minor wounds. Tricks with fans will also increase moral and fighting spirits. (Point Cost: 5)

"Five points for a measly party trick? That's steep!" Kazuma said in shock, and I couldn't help but also be surprised by the high cost. "Yeah, I won't need this." Kazuma said as he got the four skills that were available.

As Kazuma unlocked the skills he gained a shocked look as his body gave a faint glow. The first time learning a skill was always a rush.

Once the light died down Chris smiled. "Okay! The thief skills you chose are now yours! Come at me anytime!"

"All Right!" Kazuma said with a massive grin as he stuck out his hand. "Whatever I steal from you, don't cry about it!"

Chris, however, just gave a small laugh with a cocky look on her face. "A successful Steal will net you this magic dagger." Chris said while patting the dagger on her hip. "It's a fine item that won't go for less than 400,000 Eris."


"Holy shit, that's more than my armor." I said with a small stagger. If custom weapons cost that much, I was seriously going to need to save up my money.

"And the consolation prize will be..." Chris grin didn't fall as she held out both her hands. "These rocks!" She said while revealing handfuls of pebbles.

"That's dirty!" Kazuma said with a small glare at the girl.

Chris however just smiled. "This will greatly lower your odds that you'll nab the dagger. The Steal skill works off your Dexterity and Luck stats. The higher they are the more likely you are to nab the most valuable thing on a person, but with so many duds you are more likely to grab something worthless. It all comes down to luck really."

I rubbed my chin with a thoughtful look. So, the Thief Skill Steal takes an item off a person, Dexterity aims for the item you want, and Luck determines how likely you are to get it or something else more valuable.

"Kazuma has average Dexterity so he can't aim for the item he wants all that well. However, thanks to his insane Luck, he'll probably have a massively high chance to grab the most valuable thing on Chris's person." I thought while paying close attention.

Kazuma looked worried before a determined look crossed his face. "I'll do it!" Kazuma said with a determined look before thrusting his hand forward. "Steal!"

Another bright flash made me blink hard.

There was an intense silence as the skill came to an end. Looking over to Chris I licked my teeth to see she still had her dagger.

"All Right! Looks like it worked!" Kazuma said with a grin as he held something in his hand.

That made me blink in confusion. "He obviously didn't get any rocks thanks to his insane Luck. So, what else could Chris have had that was more valuable than a magic dagger."

"Ah..." Chris squeaked with a shocked look on her face as she dropped the pebbles in her hand.

"What's this?" Kazuma said as he opened his hands and held what he stole high in the air. "Oh! This just as great success!"

My jaw dropped at what I saw in Kazuma's hands, not believing my very eyes. It was a pair of white panties with a little blue ribbon on the front. Kazuma somehow was able to Steal Chris's panties right off her body.

"I hit the jackpot!" Kazuma cheered.

"What the fuck..." I said in complete shock.

"No!" Chris yelled with a massive blush and tears in her eyes, and she held her pants. "G-give me back my panties!" Chris cried out to the teen.

Kazuma just cheered on while waving the panties around like a victory flag, a massive smug look on his face as he did so.

"Wh-what a savage act." Darkness said with an amazed look on her face. "It appears my eyes didn't lead me astray!"

Me, I just face palmed with a groan. "What have I gotten myself into." I groaned as Kazuma continued to roar with victory.

After Kazuma did some negotiating with Chris, we all made our way back to the Guild Hall to see Aqua, Megumi, and Yunyun waiting for us.

"Oh, Kazuma." Megumi said while looking to us with a tilt of her head.

"Hello, Jay." Yunyun said with a smile.

"Where have you guys been? You missed my dazzling tricks." Aqua said with a pout before noticing the crying, Chris. "Wait, what's with her?"

I snorted as I quickly moved away from Kazuma to the girls' side, wanting to get some distance from the guy that was obviously going to get some heat.

"Actually-" Before Kazuma could come up with some kind of lie Darkness stepped forward.

"Indeed." Darkness with a pleased smile on her face. "She's just depressed because, when she taught Kazuma thief skills, her panties were stripped off, then all the money she had on her was taken."

"Hey, what are you blurting out?!" Kazuma yelled with a frantic look on his face.

"But is she wrong?" I asked with a scoff while folding my arms.

"He said giving back his coin pouch wouldn't be enough, so I said I'd pay any price." Chris cried while rubbing the tears out of her eyes. "If he'd just returned my panties... but then he told me to decide what they were worth on my own!" The young thief cried out.

Glancing to my party members I saw that all three girls had shocked and disgusted looks on their faces, not that I could blame them. I just shook my head as Kazuma gained a panicked look.

"Whoa, hold on! Hold on! You're not wrong- but seriously, hold on!" Kazuma yelled out to Chris in a desperate tone.

Chris wasn't done as she continued to tell out loud what happened. "He said if I didn't, they'd be revered with his family as an heirloom from now on!" Chris cried out, gaining the attention of everyone in the Guild Hall. The guys laughed and all gave Kazuma a thumbs up, apparently supporting the young teen. The girls however all gave Kazuma stone-cold glares, something Kazuma quickly noticed.

"Seriously, just wait a second!" Kazuma cried out in worry.

Suddenly, Chris's crying stopped as she stuck her tongue out at Kazuma with a playful look on her face.

I gave a small laugh at that. "Payback's a bitch." I said with a snort before noticing Aqua giving me a flat look. "What?"

"And you let all this happen?" Aqua said in a flat tone, making me raise my hands.

"Hey, this was between Kazuma and his teacher Chris. If things went out of hand, I would have knocked some sense into him." I defended.

"Didn't you do that when you hit Kazuma upside the head?" Darkness asked with a tilt of her head, making Kazuma grumbled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"That was a love-tap." I said in a cheeky tone, making Kazuma glare at me.

"So, Kazuma, were you able to learn the Thief skills without any trouble?" Megumi asked, apparently over Kazuma's actions the fastest. Yunyun however had a giant blush on her face still.

Kazuma turned to Megumi with relief, looking thankful someone changed the subject. "Well, see for yourself." Kazuma said in a cocky tone as he flexed his left and thrust his forward to Megumi. "Steal!"

There was a quick flash and Kazuma gained a cocky while Aqua, Yunyun, and I all looked confused. Megumi however blinked before she gained a massive blush as tears started to appear out of the corner of her eyes.

"What's this?" Kazuma said as he revealed what he just stole, and my jaw dropped again at what I saw.

In Kazuma's hands was a pair of black laced panties.

"Are you fucking kidding me." I face-palmed with a weak laugh. "Again."

Yunyun's face turned atomic red as she looked to Kazuma through her fingers. "N-now I know why Jay told me to be careful with Kazuma." Yunyun said with a shaky tone.

"What happened? Did your stats go up with your level, allowing you to change jobs from 'Adventurer' to 'Pervert'?" Megumi asked with a red face and low tone as she held her skirt firmly down. She then slowly held her hand out to Kazuma. "Um, it's a bit drafty, so please give me back my panties."

"Kazuma, you..." Aqua looked to Kazuma with disgust and shocked look.

"Th-this is strange. What you steal should be random if you have Dexterity as low as mine." Kazuma said in confusion as he looked at the panties in his hands.

"To strip a young girl of her panties in public place is truly savage! I can't let this pass!" Darkness said as she stood on front of Kazuma, apparently protecting Megumi and Yunyun. "You must let me join your party!" Darkness shouted with a happy voice as a massive blush crossed her face.

"No, thanks." Kazuma deadpanned with zero fucks.

Darkness again shocked everyone as she moaned in pleasure, making me take a step back.

"This chick has some weird tastes." I thought before noticing people were giving us looks.

Megumi, Yunyun, and Aqua all gave Darkness confused looks before Aqua spoke up.

"Kazuma, is this the person you mentioned who came for an interview while Megumin and I were in the bath yesterday?" Aqua asked while pointing to Darkness.

Kazuma sighed as I cleared my throat. "Let's go somewhere else before we cause any more trouble." I said before glaring at Kazuma. "And would you give those back already?" I said making Kazuma stagger before he gave Megumi her panties back. "Listen Chris, if you want you can-" I just myself off as I noticed the Thief Chris was missing, making me and Kazuma blink. "Hey Darkness, I think your friend just left you."

"More like dropped her into our laps." Kazuma grumbled with a glare.

"Oh, she's not really a friend. In fact, I met her not too long ago." Darkness said with a small smile. "She came to me and offered to help me find a party. And thanks to her I found the perfect one for me."

That made me blink while scratching my head. A random thief comes out of nowhere and offers this young woman help for no cost. That was very strange to say the least. It sucks to say, but people don't help strangers like that without expecting something in return.

Before I could question the young woman my party plus Darkness all made their way over to a table, and I wasn't far behind.

Everyone sat down with me sitting across from Darkness.

"If you don't mind, could we take a look at your Adventure Card?" I asked while Kazuma looked away with a grumble, clearly not wanting to have Darkness in our party.

"Of course." Darkness said with a smile as she handed me the card.

I took the card and looked it over with Megumin and Aqua looking over my shoulder.

"Whoa, this lady is a Crusader!" Megumin said with a shocked look on her face. "We shouldn't have any reason to turn her down." The little witch said while looking to Kazuma, making the teen grumble while glaring at the Crusader next to him.

True to Megumin's words Darkness was a Crusader despite being around the same level as me. Her states were no joke either with her Strength and Virility being even higher than mine. However, another thing that stood out was the Darkness's Dexterity, which was super low for some reason.

"It seems she's got skills and stats that make her perfect for being a Tank." I muttered while handing the card over to Yunyun to get a look for herself.

"Yes, I am a Crusader and have dedicated my life to becoming a shield for the people, willing to take any and all punishment!" Darkness said before a look of embarrassment crossed her face. "However, because of this I haven't put much effort into my attacks, so my aim is usually very off, and my attacks rarely hit."

"In other words, she can't hit the broad side of a barn." I thought with a sigh as I got a much clearer picture on why Darkness couldn't find a party so easily.

Kazuma seemed to sigh as he looked to Darkness with a serious look on his face.

"Darkness," Kazuma called out, grabbing the young woman's attention. "There's something I have to tell you. The thing is... Aqua, Jay, and I may not look like much,"

"Speak for yourself, I'm fibulas." I snorted and Kazuma ignored me, though his eyebrow twitched while Yunyun and Aqua giggled.

"But we seriously intend to defeat the Demon King one day." He said getting a nod from Aqua.

Yunyun, Megumin, and Darkness all looked surprised at this statement though not overly shocked.

"You do?" Megumin asked while tilting her head.

I sighed and started to back Kazuma up. It was best to inform them now of our main goal now instead of later.

"That's the end goal." I said while folding my arms. "You could say that Kazuma and I made a promise to someone that we would defeat the Demon King. We don't have a time-stamp or anything like that, but the end goal is to defeat the guy in our lifetime."

"Yeah! Amazing, isn't it?" Aqua said while puffing herself up.

"Our adventure is bound to become more and more rigorous. For you in particular, Darkness." Kazuma said in a serious tone while look into the female knight's eyes. "If a female knight like you were to be captured by the Demon King, it'd be bad news." Kazuma said with concern. "You'd be sure to suffer a horrendous fate!"

I couldn't help but snort at the end of Kazuma's dramatic speech. The guy was obviously trying to scare Darkness away, and while what he said might be true, he was blowing this way out of proportion.

"Yes, that's exactly right." Darkness said with a sharp smile, throwing Kazuma and I for a loop. "Since old times, suffering an erotic fate at the hands of the Demon King has always been the duty and expectation of a female knight. That alone makes it worthwhile to go!"

"...Wait, what?" Both Kazuma and I said in a stun tone while looking to Darkness, who had a massive blush on her face and seemed to be drooling from the corner of her mouth.

"Holy shit! This chick is a Class-A pervert! She's into some extra freaky stuff!" I thought with amazement while Kazuma seemed to slump in defeat before looking to me.

"John, please, back me up!" Kazuma pleaded with me, probably because I was the only other person who had an ounce of common scene.

However, glancing at Darkness's card I couldn't help but give Kazuma a weak smile. "Your... not going to like my answer Kazuma." I said with a small chuckle, making Kazuma's jaw drop. "But I think we should keep her."

"What?!" Kazuma exclaimed while standing up and looking at me with pure shock. "But why!? She's so... so... AH!" Kazuma exclaimed while pointing to Darkness, who moaned again while blushing.

I raised by hands to the clearly frustrated teen. "Kazuma, hear me out before you jump down my throat." I said in a calm tone, making the teen pause before sighing and sitting back down. "Good. Now we both know this world is like a game, right?" I said in a hush tone while the girls looked confused with the exception for Aqua. "Well like any party, everyone has a role."

"A role?" Everyone said with a confused look.

I nodded and continued to explain. "Yup, a role or job they are responsible for in the party." I said before pointing to Aqua. "Aqua's role is our Healer, her main job is to make sure we get out of a quest alive and in one piece. Without her we have a much higher chance of dying." That made Aqua smile and puff up her chest more. "Megumin and Yunyun are our mages. They deal magic attacks and are very knowledgeable on the world and monsters. Megumin is a One-Shot cannon, but from the way you describe it that One-Shot could take out an army of monsters in a single blow. Yunyun is more versatile and knows a good selection of elemental attacks." Both girls beamed with pride, Megumin even posing a little. "And as for me, my job is Dealing Damage. It's my job to attack relentlessly and take out enemies before they can get close to anyone else."

Everyone nodded to my words before Kazuma blinked. "Wait, what's my job?"

I looked at Kazuma as I rubbed my chin. "Well, thanks to those Thief Skills you would be a combination of Scout, Thief, and early warning system so enemies don't get the drop on us."

Kazuma nodded slowly, looking a little pleased with his roles. "So, what does this have to do with Darkness joining?" Kazuma asked and Darkness looked to be with a hopeful look.

"Because we all have flaws." I said, getting confused looks from everyone. "Aqua doesn't have many attacks and the ones she does have only work against undead, demons, and other unholy beings, meaning she's vulnerable to beings that are not in these categories." That made Aqua slump as her lip started to quiver. "But she's still very useful and will keep us alive." I said while patting her head, making her smile brighten. "Yunyun and Megumin are mages, so most if not all their attacks will only be useful at mid to long rage, if an enemy gets close, they're in trouble."

"It's true," Yunyun said as her face turned serious. "While at the academy we're taught Martial Arts and how to always avoid enemies from getting close since we know we're at our weakest when an enemy is so close. Since most attack spells work from Mid to Long range."

I nodded at Yunyun's words before pointing to myself. "As for me, I can't take much direct damage. Sure, I have good armor, a Healing Factor, and I can dodge, but my defenses are average at best and a few good hits will take me down for the count." I said before pointing to Kazuma. "And you're the same with having no defense, and you can't heal like I can." I then pointed to Darkness. "This is why I think Darkness should join us."

"Huh?" Everyone muttered with confused looks.

"I should have just made this simple." I thought while rolling my eyes and grabbing Darkness's Adventurer Card. "Listen, thanks to Darkness's Class, Skills, and Stats, she has built herself to take massive amounts of damage, plus she attracts mindless enemies to her. Meaning while enemies are focused on her we can focus to do our parts. She might not be able to attack enemies, but we can take care of that part."

A look a realization crossed everyone's face as they knew what I said was true. The girls turned to Darkness with smiles, already accepting her into the party, much to the young woman's joy.

Kazuma however looked conflicted, on one hand he knew my logic was sound, on the other hand Darkness had her own set of problems the same with Megumin and her commitment to only using Explosion magic.

I couldn't help but shake my head with some amusement. From the little time I've been with Kazuma I think I had his personality down, or at least a bit of it. Kazuma was the kind of guy who hated trouble, any kind of inconvenience he would avoid like the plague. He was also taking the Isekai role a little too seriously, thinking he would be on easy street with little effort after entering the world.

However, Kazuma was a surprisingly hard worker, and it seems he did have some level of honor, even if he was a bit of a perv.

*Emergency Quest*Emergency Quest*

Instantly everyone at the table stood up along with most of the adventures in the guild.

"What is it this time?" Kazuma said while looking around frantically.

"Are we being attack?" I said in a worried tone.

"All adventurers, please gather at the North Gate at once." The lady on the podcast system said, Luna I believe. "I repeat: All adventurers, please gather at the North Gate at once!"

"Alright, it's look like it's time people!" One adventure shouted as everyone started to make their way out. "Let's go!"

Kazuma and I looked to one another and quickly followed everyone.

Soon, Kazuma and I, along with the rest of our party stood outside the city, which seemed to have gone into lockdown. All civilians had run inside and locked the doors, turning the city into what I could only describe as a ghost town.

All the adventures of the guild seemed to be out with the rest of us, everyone looking pumped up and ready for a fight.

"So, any idea what we'll be facing?" I asked while drawing my blades.

Kazuma just looked around as he pulled out his short sword. "I have no idea."

Suddenly I squinted my eyes and saw something in the distance. A swarm of some kind. "What the hell is that?" I said while tightening my grip around my blades, Kazuma taking a step back in worry.

"I'll protect everyone." Darkness said in a serious tone. "Kazuma, stay close to me."

"Protect everyone from what?" I asked as the swarm started to grow bigger, and I saw it was the color of light green. "What kind of monster are we facing?"

"You didn't hear?" Aqua asked while carrying a basket for some reason. "It's cabbages. Cabbages!"

My mind screeched to a halt as me and Kazuma slowly cranked our necks to Aqua. "Huh?" We said while looking to the goddess in disbelief.

"Looks like it'll be a rough this year..."

"A storm is coming."

"Harvest time!"

The once grim tension was now replaced with excitement as all the adventures looked edger for the coming swarm.

"Bring out the mayonnaise!" Aqua cheered along with everyone, obviously getting pumped up.

"...Will someone please explain to me what the hell we're facing?!" I shouted, wanting a clear.

"We're facing Cabbages Jay!" Yunyun said, sounding just as excited as everyone else. "Let me explain."

Yunyun started to explain that cabbages in this world were flying creatures. Once they reach the peak of flavor and the harvest season approaches, they start to migrate across the world to find a quiet place to pass away. There was a reason everyone was excited to face the cabbages, it was because they were valuable as hell. One low quality cabbage was worth 10,000 Eris, a mid-quality was worth 15,000, and a high quality was worth 25,000. The reason cabbages were so valuable was because they were super easy to kill and gave a tone of XP to people who ate them, not to mention they were very delicious to eat. The only downside to the cabbages was that they were surpassingly strong and could knock down an adventure if they weren't carful, plus there wasn't a lot of XP to gain for killing said cabbages, only for eating them.

Once Yunyun finished explaining the cabbage swarm was on us and had something to say.

"What the hell?!" Kazuma shouted as the other adventures charged.

"Alright! Let's go!" the Adventures shouted as they started to attack the cabbages.

The cabbages looked like their name's sake with the exception of their little black eyes and tiny leaf wings on their head.

While Kazuma was looking at everyone with disbelief, I was laughing my ass off.

"Kazuma! Kazuma! Don't you see!" I said while pointing to everyone attacking and catching the little cabbages. "It's an Event Quest!"

"A-An Event Quest?" Kazuma said while looking lost.

"Yeah, you know! Those quests in games where the player can get a ton of money or items doing a really easy or unique quest that happens at a certain time." I said while looking around and seeing all the adventures already catch the cabbages and take them to the cages the Adventure Guild set up.

"...Can I just go home and go to bed?" Kazuma said while slumping forward.

I snorted while twirling my blades in my hands. "You can go home; I plan to make some money and get those custom weapons I want."

"Kazuma! Jay! Here!" We turned to see Aqua hand us each backpack baskets. "Use these to take the cabbages you catch, once their full just take them to the cages and the guild will keep track of your reward." She said before running off.

Kazuma just looked at the basket with distain while I grinned and slipped it on.

"Kazuma." Both of us turned to see Darkness being us. "I know your still weary of me, but this is the perfect opportunity to show you my worth as a Crusader." Darkness said while drawing her sword and charging into the fray.

Once close Darkness swung her sword into a swarm of cabbages... and missed.

She swung her sword again... and missed.

She swung her sword a third time- you know what, you get the picture.

I couldn't help but face palm. "She really can't hit the broad side of a barn." I said with a chuckle while Kazuma just looked tired.


We whipped our heads to the side to see a group of adventures being overwhelmed by the cabbages, knocking them down to the ground.


"Look out!"

Both Darkness and I rushed to the fallen adventures.

I reached a group that was about to be attacked by a small swarm of cabbages. I was too far away to reach them in time, and there were too many cabbages to take out from afar. So, I only had one option left.

I bit my fingers before whipping my hand out. "Blood Whip!"

Four blood whips shout out my fingers and wrapped around the adventures before I pulled them to safety, just as the swarm slammed into the ground they were just at.

"Wh-what?" One of the adventures, a female warrior with a lance, looked around with a confused look as I dragged her and the other adventures behind me.

"Give me a second." I said as I recalled my blood back into my body. I then coated my left hand with blood and held it out to the oncoming swarm. "Bloody Needles!"

Several spikes of blood shot out of my hand and took out a number of cabbages, but more were still coming.

Recalling by blood I drew my swords and started to swing them, cutting several cabbages in half.

"Whirl!" I spun around and cut even more cabbages down.


Whipping by head back I saw a somewhat large cabbage charge at the female lancer with a glare in its eyes. The female lancer tried to get up only for her legs to buckle.

"Stop" I said before I did something I didn't really mean to do.

I throw my sword at the cabbage.

My sword flew through the air and stabbed the cabbage in the back, killing it instantly. However, my sword started to fall swords the defenseless adventurer.

"NO!" I shouted as my blood shot from by hand and wrapped around the sword, stopping just before it strikes the female lancer.

Everyone gave a sigh of relief as I recalled my sword. "That was a close... close one..." I trailed off as I looked at the sword that was back in my hand, the grip slightly bloody from my blood.

My mind started to race as I was now picturing what I just did with my weapon and blood.


Whipping my head to the side I saw Darkness not far away, protecting a few adventurers from the flying cabbages. She was using her body as a shield, letting the adventurers get away as more and more cabbages smacked into her body. With each cabbage smacking into her Darkness's armor fell to pieces, yet she stood her ground in front of the fallen adventurers.

"I-it's no use! Run away by yourself!" One of the fallen adventurers said who was trapped under his unconscious friend.

"Don't be foolish!" Darkness shouted while opening her arms, more of the cabbages smacking into her. Everyone was getting more worried for the young woman, myself included. "How could I ever abandon- Ah~. Those who have fallen?!"

"...That was a moan." I deadpanned with wide eyes as I finally put together all the pieces. "Holy fucking hell, the tank woman is a full-on masochist. She's enjoying this." I said in disbelief.

True to my words Darkness had a massive blush on her face as more and more of her clothes were ripped off. Darkness glanced back at the group watching her and gave an erotic moan while drooling from the mouth.

Despite this everyone was cheering her on or admiring her valor, not knowing the truth of why Darkness was doing this.

"I think I understand Kazuma a bit more... and that scares me." I sighed as I saw Kazuma, who also seemed to have figured Darkness out. Looking forward I saw more and more Cabbages flying in.

"None can stand in opposition of my lethal explosion magic." Blinking I looked to the side to see Megumin. The little witch had an excited look on her face as she practically shook. "Could I possible resist the urge to unleash explosion magic when faced with such a massive enemy army?" Megumin with a blush growing on her face. "No, I can't!"

"...I'm starting to think everyone in this world is a pervert, or at least adventurers." I couldn't help but sigh.

"Oh, blackness shrouded in light..." Megumin started to chant her spell while aiming at the massive Cabbage army.

I blinked with amazement as a massive circle appeared under Megumin's feet as I saw power practically radiating off of her. I couldn't help but take a step back, feeling a bit intimidated by the power this little witch had.


What happened next was a sight to behold. Megumin's spell went off like a literal Nuke, blowing away both the cabbages and adventurers. My jaw dropped to the floor as Megumin's spell died down, revealing a smoking creator with nothing left behind.

"That spell should be illegal." I said while gaping.

Looking to the side I saw Megumin hit the floor looking satisfied while Yunyun stood next to her while shaking her head. Now I saw the major drawbacks to using Explosion, it used so much energy the user was unable to move, plus since Megumin incinerated all the cabbages hit by the spell Megumin couldn't collect on the reward.

I gave a sigh as I used by blood to pick up the cabbages I took out before putting them in my basket. There was still a tone of more cabbages to take out, which means there was more money to be made.

"It's time... For the Harvest!" I shouted while posing. "...I've been spending too much time with Megumin and Yunyun." I said with a humorless chuckle before charging forward.

"AH~" I sighed in relief as I drank a tanker full of cool water. "Now that was a hard day's work!"

My party and I were back in the Guild Hall along with all the other adventurers. Everyone was celebrating the end of the Cabbage Harvest, knowing they would all get a big payday for the event quest. Even the guild was excited to have gained so much valuable vegetables, which they will also sell to rich people to gain even more money.

Looking down at my plate of food I was currently eating some frog meat with cabbage on the side. I was surprised how good it was despite the cabbage simply being stir-fry. Looking across from myself I saw Kazuma eating with a look distain.

"What's up K? Not liking the food?" I asked with a chuckle.

Kazuma sighed while looking down at his plate of food. "I didn't come to this world to fight cabbages." He said while he continued to eat his salad.

I have a small laugh as I nodded my head. "True, but with magic can anyone really predict how it will turn out." I said while taking a bite of my food. "Just look on the bright side, we probably made a shit-tone of money today which means equipment upgrades and such."

"I guess that's true." Kazuma sighed as he continued to eat.

I just gave a shrug as I turned to the rest of my party. The girls were complementing each other on their skills, such as how tough Darkness was against the cabbages, how strong Megumin and Yunyun's magic was, and how Aqua used Nature's Beauty to keep the cabbages fresh for the guild and boost the morale of the other adventures. The girls were having a good time.

"Oh, Jay, Kazuma!" Aqua said, gabbing the teen's attention. "You two weren't half bad yourselves!"

"It's true!" Yunyun said with a smile to me. "I saw you protect several Adventurers when they fallen, slaying the cabbages before they could attack."

"And Kazuma used his Thief Skills to get the drop on the cabbages and take them out before they could react. You looked just like a skilled assassin." Megumin said, sounding impressed.

"John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt, by my name, I hereby confer upon you the title of, 'The Cabbage Slayer'. And Kazuma, you will gain the title of 'The Great Cabbage Thief'." Aqua said while giving us both cheeky grins.

"Oh, shut up!" Kazuma groaned as he rubs his head in frustration while I laugh. "Jeez, how did things end up like this?"

Darkness smiled as she placed a hand on her chest. "I hope after this quest you now understand my abilities as a crusader. So, once more..." The blond said as she stood up from her seat and looked to Kazuma with a brilliant smile. "My name is Darkness. I use swords with either hand, but don't expect me to be a powerhouse in battle." She said with no shame before she blushed with embarrassment. "I'm far too clumsy, and my attacks hardly ever hit their mark." She said before her determination returned. "However, I'm very good at becoming a wall!" She said with a strange amount of pride.

Aqua smiled as she slowly nodded. "Our party is turning out to have a pretty impressive roster, huh?" Aqua said while looking around the table. "There's me, an Arch-Priest that can heal all wounds, Magumin and Yunyun, two Arch-Wizards, Darkness, a Crusader, and Jay, a Berserker." She said, making everyone smile. "There aren't many parties where five out of six members are advanced job classes."

I nodded as I saw the girls start to bond very quickly before glancing at Kazuma, who just looked annoyed but was looking reluctant. I couldn't fully blame him, these girls were misfits to say the least, but you would have to be blind to not see the potential in them.

Darkness then looked to Kazuma with a smile. "So, Kazuma, please don't hesitate to use me as a decoy or wall anytime from now on." She said before gaining a dreamy expression on her face, making Kazuma face-palm and me snorting. "If I should do anything to hold back the party, please reprimand me sternly. You may even abandon me as a sacrificial pawn if you wish." She said before shaking with excitement. "J-just imagining it makes me tremble with excitement!" She said, making Kazuma sigh. "Once again, I'm looking forward to working with you!" Darkness said with a bright smile while sticking her hand to Kazuma.

Kazuma's eye twitched before he let out a long sigh and grabbed her hand in a weak grip.

"Welcome to the group." Kazuma said with dead eyes, clearly wanting to say something else as Darkness smiled with pure joy before sitting back down, Aqua, Yunyun, and Magumin all clapping for Darkness.

"So, anyone know when we're going to get paid?" I asked while biting into my food.

Yunyun was the first to speak up. "It will take a few days to sell all the cabbages and find out how much each adventure gets. It should take no more than three days for everyone to get paid, and since we're a party we'll probably get paid all at once."

That grabbed my attention as I put my fork down. "Speaking of getting paid, how do we divide the money?" I asked while grabbing everyone's attention.

"What do you mean?" Kazuma asked.

"Well, we're a party, so we mostly get paid together." I said while folding my arms. "The cabbage quest was profitable, but not all of us got to catch many." I said while looking to the side.

Out of the six of use, Darkness and Magumin were the only ones who didn't catch many cabbages. Darkness couldn't even hit a still cabbage, so she got nothing despite taking a massive amount of damage, though I think she got a few from some of the adventures she saved as payment. Magumin managed to get a few herself but that was only because Yunyun decided to help.

"We have two options here." I said while holding up my hand. "First is to simply keep what we made, after all while we were a party, we didn't help each other all that much. The second option is to pile up all our money and divide it six ways, this way everyone gets a little something." I said to everyone.

"Oh, you don't have to include me in this." Darkness said with a smile on her face. "I get an allowance from home, so money isn't an issue."

"Same," Yunyun said with a smile. "Also, I am happy to help Megumin and get her whatever she needs." She said while giving the little witch a smile. "After all, we are rivals and friends."

"Akc! She's too bright!" Megumin hissed while holding her eyes.

"So that leaves the three of use." Kazuma said while looking to me and Aqua.

"I say we just keep what we made." Aqua said with a shrug. "After all, we three probably gathered the most cabbages out of everyone."

Kazuma and I looked to each other before shrugging. Aqua had a point and they weren't opposed to it.

With that out of the way things started to go into full swing. Everyone started to party while enjoying the good food. Kazuma and I decided to chill off to the side.

"I went up a few levels." I said while looking at my adventure card seeing I was now level 11. That just showed how useful the Event Quest was since I was able to level up just from killing a few dozen cabbages. "Hey Kazuma, are you good at drawing?" I asked while slipping my card into my pocket.

Kazuma turned to me with a raised brow before shrugging. "I'm fairly decent, why?"

Reaching into my back I pulled out a paper and pen. "While I was fighting, I suddenly came up with idea for the perfect weapon for me. I was hoping you could draw it out to give Vince an idea of what I want." I explained.

Kazuma looked thoughtful before taking the paper and pen. "Okay, so what's your weapon idea?"

I grinned and started explaining to Kazuma the weapons I had in mind. At the end of my explanation Kazuma looked at me with wide eyes.

"I played that game a few years ago." Kazuma said while blinking. "Are you seriously going to use those weapons, I mean it should be impossible for a normal person."

"Normal person, yes, me, I am far from normal." I said while grinning, showing off my fangs.

Kazuma blinked before his eyes widen. "You're going to use your blood to make using the weapon easier."

"Bingo." I said while snapping my fingers. "With my blood manipulation, using the weapon will be a breeze."

"...I hate you so much." Kazuma said with envy in his eyes before he sighed and started to draw on the paper. "Why couldn't I get a useful skill, like super strength or an amazing weapon. Instead of got... that!"

"Alright everyone, I hope you all like my performance!" Aqua called as she started to perform on top of a table with fans in her hands. Aqua's face was bright red as she kept giggling, clearly showing how drunk she is. The crowed consisted mostly of men cheering Aqua on while they drank their own liquor.

"Well look on the bright side, you got a healer watching you back, and from what I heard a healer adventurer is very rare." I said while sipping on my drink. Most if not all healers worked for a church in some way getting paid to heal people for the church, meaning the pay was easier and more consistent then the dangerous life of an adventurer.

"You're a real 'Glass half full' kind of guy." Kazuma said with a snort as he continued to draw.

"Better than Mr. 'Glass half empty but I'm going to act like I don't have any water'." I throw back with my own snort. "Seriously, I saw you bag dozens of cabbages today and your still acting like the world is against you. Take the win and enjoy it."

Kazuma sighed as he handed me the paper. "Your right, I guess I just have a lot on my mind." He said before a smile crossed his face. "After we get paid, I can finally stop living in that horse barn with that useless goddess."

"Plus, from what I heard Winter is a few months away." I said with a shutter as I took a cup of liquor from a waitress's tray and downed half of it in one go, making Kazuma rias an eyebrow as I slammed my drink down onto the table. "I am seriously not looking forward to that, I fucking hate the cold." I said with a sigh.

"Well, this world has magic, so maybe there is some stuff that will keep you warm despite the cold." Kazuma throw in helpfully, surprising me a bit.

"Here's hoping." I said while raising my mug before I continued to drink.

My drinking was cut off as two arms came up from behind and a pair of very soft pillows resting on top of my head.

"What are you guys just sitting like a couple of old men? You should be partying with us!" Aqua said in a drunk tone as she started to hang off my back. "Come on John, don't be a stick in the mud like Kazuma." Aqua said with a giggle as she tried to pull me up.

I couldn't help but gulp as I felt Aqua push her body against mine while trying to pick me up and succeeding. "I know she's a goddess, but damn is she strong." I thought while being pulled up to my feet. "Fine, fine, but I warn you, I suck at dancing." I said with a shaky grin as Aqua started to pull me to the party.

"Who cares, let's just have some fun!" Aqua cheered as she smiled on her red face.

I gave a sigh as I took my drink and downed the rest in one go, ignoring the bitter burn as I slammed the mug down. "Fuck it, let's party!" I cheered as my face turned flushed, leaving behind Kazuma who just sighed as he continued to draw.

"Fucking hell... I'm still feeling it."

I was currently shuffling my way to the guild hall at a zombie like pace, grabbing a few looks from the citizens.

Three days ago, after the Cabbage Event Quest, my party and I party hard in celebration of the huge hull from the expensive cabbages. Out of everyone in my party Aqua and I drank the most and before I knew it, I blacked out.

Fortunately, I somehow found my way home and not robed, naked, or next to some strange woman the next morning. Unfortunately, I found myself with the world's most massive hangover and was puking my guts out. I spent the whole day just drinking water and swearing off alcohol for the rest of my life while wishing I was dead. Even my healing factor wasn't helping me against the hangover.

"Maybe it's because I can only heal from physical injuries, but I can't heal from poison." I muttered as I walked up the steps of the guild hall. "Because I sure as shit got alcohol poisoning."

The three days weren't a total waste. Kazuma gave me the drawing of my weapon idea and I showed it to Vince. The old blacksmith was definitely thrown off by my weapon idea and we had to have a long talk about what I wanted. Vince agreed to make the weapon and I could pay for it after he was finished, and I got paid.

I also throw in an idea for the weapon that really throw the old blacksmith off.


"I'm sorry, you want to do what?" Vince said while blinking at me with wide eyes.

I gave the blacksmith a toothy grin as I tapped on the paper before me. "Like I said, when you forge the weapon, instead of using water to cool it off, I want you to use by blood." I said as I pricked my finger and started to manipulate it. "You already know about my blood manipulation ability, now imagine if I could manipulate my weapons freely with my blood inside it."

Vince looked a little put off but nodded his head. "You would never have to worry about being disarmed, and if you miss an attack, you can redirect it in an instant." Vince has been a blacksmith for years which meant he was very experienced with combat and knew something like this would be valuable to me. "It's just... I have never done something like this, I don't think anyone has done anything like this." He said with a sigh. "The weapon may come out crude, and I would hate for my name to be associated with a piece of shit weapon." He said in a firm tone, his pride showing.

I nodded while folding my arms. "I get that, but if you can just try and see what happens I would really appreciate it. Plus, if it doesn't turn out well, I'll pay for another one as soon as I can and let you melt down the old ones. How does that sound?"

Vince paused with a thoughtful look on his face before he sighed and stretched out his hand. "Deal," Vince said, making me grin as we shook hands.

Flashback End

"It should be done soon." I said with a sigh as I entered the guild hall. "Then I can get back to adventuring with the gang." I muttered as I enter the building and instantly saw my party sitting together, the girls chatting while Kazuma was off to the side.

"Create Water!"

Kazuma thrust his hand forward to create water... obviously, though the water was no more than a little stream that filled a cup up in seconds. Kazuma, despite using the weak spell, had a satisfied smile on his face as he drank the water and sat down.

"New skill, huh." I said as I made my way over to the group and sat down across from Kazuma.

Kazuma nodded with a small smile. "It's elementary school magic so it's not that powerful, but I never have to worry about being thirsty again." He said while finishing his cup of water.

I nodded at that while glancing around to everyone. "So, did you all get paid?"

Kazuma, Yunyun, and Darkness all rose their hands. "We collected our money yesterday, so yours and Aqua's should be up by now." Darkness said while dressed in her white armor again, which was no longer in pieces.

"Cool... so what's wrong with Megumin?" I said while turning to the little witch.

Said little witch had a new staff in hand and was grinding against it in a very sexual manor while muttering 'incredible' over and over again.

Yunyun gave a small laugh while blushing. "We stopped by a magic shop and picked it up, it will increase her magic reserves and make her magic stronger."

"Great..." Kazuma and I muttered with a sigh, knowing how dangerous and destructive Megumin's magic was.

"I also picked up a magic item as well." Yunyun said as she showed off her star hairpiece, which seemed to glow now. "This item lets me recover mana faster and resist poison effects."

I gave a snort while rubbing my head. "I could have used that a few days ago." I muttered, getting a laugh from everyone.

"Yeah, you got wasted." Kazuma said with a small laugh making me glare at him. "And I thought only Aqua could drink that much."

"And I'm going to drink more after I get paid!" Aqua cheered as made her way to Luna. "Next rounds on me!"

I got up and followed Aqua to the counter. "I need to get paid too, I already put an order on those weapons I want. Here's hoping I have enough."

As Aqua and I made our way to the front Luna gave us a smile, though for some reason she gave Aqua a worried glance.

"John, Aqua, so glad you can make it." Luna said while keeping her eyes on me and avoiding Aqua's eyes. "We have your payment ready. Let's start with John."

Luna turned to me with a clipboard and started to read off.

"During the cabbage quest you managed to grab 25 low quality cabbages, 18 mid-quality cabbages, and 12 high quality cabbages." Luna muttered as she writes down on the clip board. "All this will give you a profit off... 820,000 Eris."

"..." My jaw presided to slam into the floor as I looked at the busty woman with bug-eyes. "8-820,000 Eris!" I said in shock as Luna put a large sack of cash on the counter.

"That's right, thank you for your hard work." Luna said with a smile as I took the cash and stumbled back to my party.

"Me next, me next!" Aqua said with a gleam in her eyes, making Luna gulp nervously.

I made my way back to my party and sat down with my sack of money in my lap. I still felt a bit shocked but couldn't help but grin. "Now I can get my new weapon and still have some money left over."

"So that blacksmith agreed to make it." Kazuma said while putting his hand under his chin.

"Yup, and he agreed to my strange request." I said while rubbing the back of my head. "I'm seriously thankful for this Event Quest, because without it I may have had to pay about 500,000 out of pocket for the weapon myself, which would leave me broke." I said making Kazuma wince.

"Damn, I still can't believe stuff in this world are that expensive." Kazuma said with a sigh.

"That's nothing." I said with a snort. "I hear nobles in the big cities sometimes spend millions on master class weapons, the stuff used by the guys that fight the Demon King head on." I said, making Kazuma blench. "You got to remember; this is the town of beginning, the start of our journey. We still have a long way to go before we can even hope to face the Demon King in the future." I said, making Kazuma give a long sigh.

"Well, I got a good amount of cash myself so maybe I'll-"

"What was that?! Hey, you, what's the meaning of this?!"

Everyone blinked as we turned to see a now pissed off Aqua holding Luna by her shirt, a large pile of cabbages next to the two. The goddess was shaking the poor guild worker while Luna was trying to calm her down.

"Just how many cabbages do you think I caught?!" Aqua yelled while Luna winced.

"W-ell... most of what you caught is actually lettuce..." Luna explained, getting a shocked looked from Aqua.

"Why is there lettuce mixed in?!" Aqua cursed while glaring at the lettuce pile as she tried to argue with Luna.

"Lettuce?" Kazuma asked with a raised brow.

"Lettuce often migrate with cabbages though it is less common since they are weaker." Yunyun informed. "To somehow get so may is... impressive." Yunyun said with a shacky smile.

"Lettuce also has a low redemption rate," Darkness said while looking up in thought. "I think even the highest quality lettuce will get only 500 Eris and low quality will only be worth about 100 Eris." Darkness said, making even me wince at the low price. "Most don't even bother buying lettuce since other foods offer more with less effort."

"So Aqua is broke." I said with a wince at how unlucky she was. "I wonder how many points she has in luck to be so unlucky."

Suddenly Aqua turned and started to make her way over to us, her face changing from pissed too happy-go-lucky.

"John~ Kazuma~" Aqua sang as she made her way over to us while skipping, making both of use raise a brow. "About how much was your reward for from our last quest Kazuma?"

"...About a million."

"...EH?!" We all said in shock while staring at Kazuma.

"A-A million, seriously!" I said while looking at Kazuma jaw dropped. "But I think I grabbed more cabbages than you! Were all the cabbages you grabbed high quality?!" I knew Kazuma had high luck, but still, the numbers are shocking to say the least. To gain a million in a single quest unrelated to the Demon King or some big monster, I think it's never been heard of.

"K-Kazuma-sama." Aqua said with a gleam in her eyes as she made her way over to us. "I've thought this for quite some time, but you're, um... fairly cool, you know?"

"And that was a fairly shitty suck up attempt." I snorted while holding back a laugh.

"If nothing praiseworthy about me comes to mind, don't force it." Kazuma said while rolling his eyes.

That seemed to be it for Aqua as she grew tears in her eyes before jumping onto the table in front of me and started to shake Kazuma around. I blushed redder than my blood as I could almost see up Aqua's skirt, making me nearly fall off my seat.

"K-Kazuma! I thought my reward for this quest would be pretty hefty, so I used all the money I had!" Aqua cried while shaking Kazuma and pointing back. "In fact, I expected to rake in a bunch of money, so I have a bar tab of nearly 100,000 Eris!" The goddess cried making everyone wince at the high tab. "Those guys over their said they pay it off but only if I pay them back!" Aqua cried while pointing behind her.

I followed Aqua's finger to see two shady looking adventures looking rather smug. One was a large brute about two times my size while the other was a stick of a man that was giving us a creepy smile while licking his knife.

I sighed as Aqua continued to plead with Kazuma to give her enough money pay off her debt, only for Kazuma to deny her while trying to push her away.

"Jay!" I was suddenly brought into the mix as Aqua turned to me with tears in her eyes. "Kazuma's being mean and won't save me! I need saving! Please!" Aqua cried as she shook me like a doll in her surprisingly strong hands.

I put my hands on Aqua's shoulders to stop her from shaking my head off. "A-Aqua, calm down!" I said, managing to stop her just in time from giving me whiplash. "We'll figure something out." I said, managing to make the goddess stop crying. Giving a sigh I got up from me seat. "Come one, let's talk to Luna."

Aqua nodded with a sniff as we made our way over to the guild worker. When Luna saw us, the busty blond gave us a sigh.

"I just want to talk." I said while raising my hands and pushing Aqua back. "So, you mind giving me a clearer explanation on why Aqua can't get paid?"

Luna frowned before sighing. "The majority of Aqua's hull consists of lettuce, with only a few being cabbages. We have given Aqua compensation for the cabbages, but we cannot take the lettuce as it would be too time consuming to sell in bulk, so we return them to the owner." Luna gave a small bow to the two of us. "I am sorry, I wish I can help, but the guild has strict rules on payment, and I cannot give money away for free."

I sighed while rubbing the back of my head. I understood that Luna was in a tough spot and couldn't help every adventurer who needed cash, even if she wanted to. Luna might lose her job if she did such a thing or went against the rules.

"Strict rules..." I muttered as I slowly got an idea. "Luna, answer me this. If an adventurer helps the guild out in in a quest, would they get compensation for their aid?"

Luna blinked before slowly nodding her head. "Yes, it is common that the guild pays adventurers for helping the guild in certain tasks either during a quest or labor."

That made me grin as I pointed to Aqua. "Then shouldn't Aqua get paid since she helped preserve the cabbages during the quest with her water? Not to mention she aided any fallen adventurer, allowing them to get more cabbages for themselves and the guild?"

Both Luna and Aqua blinked before both girls looked shocked.

"That is true." Luna said with a smile as she brought up her clipboard. "Aqua's water kept the cabbages in prime condition allowing us to sell them at peek price thanks to her and adding the fact she was healing any and all fallen adventures during the quest allowed for them to get more cabbages overall." Luna said as she looked to the two of us with a wide smile. "Let me just talk to the manager, I will be back in a minute."

With that Luna rushed off and disappeared from around a corner.

Aqua looked between where Luna was and to me with a frantic expression. "S-so what does this mean?" She asked in a nervous tone.

I gave the blue girl a smile while patting her head. "It means that with some luck we should be able to pay off your debt." I said, bringing a smile to her face.

"Hey, what's the hold up!"


I found myself standing before the same shady adventures with Aqua cowering before me. Both men were looking at use with smug looks on them faces, like they were better than the two of us or we were weaker than them.

"Hey girl, where's our money?" The skinny guy, who I'm naming Stick, asked while giving Aqua a creepy smile.

"Remember, you have to pay use back with interest, and it will only get bigger as time goes on." The large man, Mr. Giant sounds like a fun name for him, said while giving a low chuckle. "It is bad if you tried to weasel out of a deal like this. You'll get a bad name in the Guild."

I narrowed my eyes at the two who continued to grin. It wasn't hard to tell what type of assholes these two were. They were loan-sharks, most likely giving loans to rookie adventurers with interest before it increases to the point that the adventure is in debt to these two for a long time.

These assholes probably wanted Aqua in their debt to leech off her money, or maybe calling on her to do favors for them.

In the end they were the lowest forms of thieves.

Stepping forward and looking the two in the eyes I spoke in a firm tone. "You'll get your money in a second, so why don't you two goes skulking in the corner over there."

The two continued to give me smug grin, but now they became sharper. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Darkness put a hand on her sword with a serious look on her face, Kazuma, Yunyun, and Megumin now looked worried as they could see then tension. Aqua herself started to look at the two frantically before her eyes narrowed, looks like she got over the worry.

"I'm back," Luna said with a smile as she entered the scene. She blinked as she saw the tension before narrowing her eyes. "Is there a problem here, remember that fighting in the Guild Hall is forbidden and those involved will have consequences."

Stick gave a laugh as held up his hands. "Don't worry Guild Sister, we were just talking."

"We'll be waiting over there, waiting for you to pay us girly." Mr. Giant said with a chuckle.

With that the two skulked to a dark corner of the Guild Hall.

"Assholes." I snorted before turning to Luna with a smile. "So, I'm hoping you have good news."

Luna looked to us with a big smile. "I do in fact have good news." Luna said as she looked to Aqua. "The Guild has recognized your contribution to the Cabbage Quest with the preservation of the cabbages and aiding in your fellow adventures. You are rewarded with 350,000 Eris for your effort, thank you."

Aqua's jaw dropped as Luna handed Aqua a big sack of cash, bringing tears to the goddess eyes.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Aqua cried as she hugged Luna, bearing her face into the Blond's chest as Luna laughed while patting her head. "I'll be back!" Aqua said as she rushed off to the shady adventures and started to pay them.

"Glad that's taken care off." I said with a sigh as I whipped my brow. "Thanks' for the help Luna."

"It was my pleasure." Luna said with a small bow. "I felt so bad giving Aqua practically nothing despite how hard she worked. I still find it amazing she was able to grab so much lettuce during the quest, lettuce is so much weaker the cabbages they hardly ever survive the migration."

I couldn't help but laugh while shaking my head. "Aqua's a special snowflake." I said before I started to walk to my group. "Well, see you later Luna."

By the time I made it back to my party I saw Aqua had already returned, a hefty bag of money still in her hands.

"I still have a good amount of Eris left over after paying off my tab!" Aqua said with a gleaming smile. "I'm going to buy some good bubbly today!"

Seeing Aqua's carefree smile made me sigh as I stepped forward. "Aqua..."

Aqua turned to me as I walked up to her before placing my hands on her cheeks. "J-Jay?" Aqua questioned as she blinked at me.

Without any waring or hesitation... I pinched both of Aqua's cheeks before pulling them apart.

"What were you thinking? Taking money from those shady ass adventures." I said in a low as I pinched her cheeks hard, making her cry out in pain.

"S-Stop! Stop! That hurts Jay!" Aqua cried out as she tried to pull away, but that just made the pain worse.

"Good, because you need to learn how much trouble you are in." I said with an even tone as I continued to pull her cheeks apart. "You could have been in serious trouble with those creeps and Kazuma and I would have had to bail you out. I never want to hear your borrowing money from those creeps or anyone ever again. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes! Yes! I promise to never borrow money again!" Aqua cried out with tears in her eyes.

"Good!" I said as I finally get go of Aqua's now red cheeks. The goddess rubbed her sore cheeks while giving me the stink eye. Off to the side everyone in our party were chuckling and Kazuma had a big smile on his face. "Now then gang, we all got paid, so what's next?"

Kazuma got up before turning to me. "Since I got so much, I think it's time I get some new cloths." Kazuma said while giving everyone a grin. "I say we meet back here tomorrow and go on a quest."

Everyone looked to one another and nodded their heads, agreeing with the plan.

"Alright, we'll meet back here around noon." I said as I started to make my way home. "See you guys tomorrow."

The Next Day

"Okay... I'm impressed."

Aqua, Yunyun, Darkness, Megumin, and I all stood in front of Kazuma, who was no longer in his iconic green track suit.

Kazuma now wore a white shirt, light black pants, brown boots, and a green cape. On his hip was no longer the cheap one hand sword he got some Vince all those weeks ago, but instead a better one-handed sword resting on his hip.

"Kazuma looks like a real adventurer now." Megumin said while looking impressed.

"Like the one from the stories my papa used to read me." Yunyun said with stars in her eyes.

"Wearing a tracksuit ruins the fantasy feel, doesn't it?" Aqua said with a small laugh I shared with her.

"Fantasy feel?" Darkness asked with a confused look but didn't say anything else.

"So, anything interesting with your new equipment?" I asked while looking Kazuma up and down.

"Well, this stuff wasn't cheap." Kazuma said with pride. "It's made with a magic silk that makes it super tough and won't rip or tare for anything less than a Demon General, so I don't have to buy anything new anytime soon. The sword is higher quality and should do more damage to monsters." Kazuma said as he pulled out his hand. "It's elementary, but I did acquire a few magic skills. I was thinking of going for a sword-mage style, with no shield."

"So, like a low-level Rune Knight." I said while rubbing my chin. "Well thanks to you having the Adventurer's Class you can learn all active skills from any class with no requirements." I said as I wondered how Kazuma would develop this fighting style of his. Mixing magic and swordplay might backfire since the two styles could counter the other, then again Kazuma is a way bigger gamer then me so he might have something in mind.

"Since your equipped let's go on a Kill Quest right away!" Megumin said in excitement. "One with lots of small-fry monsters!" She said while blushing for some reason. "I want to test out my new staff's magic power!"

"No, we should go on a quest with super strong monsters that hit with a heavy, pleasant blow!" Darkness said while panting and blushing for obvious reasons.

"No, let's do a profitable quest!" Aqua said with determination. "I paid my tab and managed to keep some money left over, but I don't want to be broke anytime soon!"

"They're not on the same page at all!" Kazuma deadpanned while facepalming, making me chuckle a bit.

"Um... I'm good with any quest as long as we do it together." Yunyun said with a blush, and I couldn't help but rub the top of her head.

"You're such a good girl Yun." I said with a laugh, making Yunyun blush harder as I turned to my party. "Well, we all agree we need to go on a quest, so how about we see what the board has to offer."

"It's still Giant Frog mating season, and I hear they're infesting areas near the city..."

"Not the frogs!"

"No frogs!"

Both Aqua and Megumin cut Kazuma off as they started to... react just at the mention of the frogs.

"Why?" Both Darkness and Yunyun asked as they saw the two girls' creation at the mention of the giant frogs.

"Oh, these two have been traumatized by frogs." Kazuma explained while rubbing the back of his head. "They got eaten head-first and covered in slime."

"You know, when you say it outload you can't help but understand why they hate that quest." I said while I continued to watch Aqua and Megumin wiggle around in disgust.

"Covered in slime?!"

"You're turned on right now, aren't you?" Kazuma deadpanned at Darkness.

"I am not." Darkness denied but couldn't hide her blush.

"Let's go check the Quest Board before we get too sidetracked." I said while pointing to the side.

That seemed to get the group to pull itself together as we made our way to the quest board. However, we all notice something strange instantly as we stood in front of the Quest Board.

"Huh? What's going on?" Kazuma said in confusion as we all looked at the board. "There are hardly any requests."

True to Kazuma's word the Quest Board that is usually filled with three dozen quests daily only had about 11 quests available, all of which were high ranking quests involving big and dangerous monsters.

"Kazuma! This is it! Let's do this one!" Darkness said with excitement as she pointed to one of the quests on the board. "A Kill Quest for a giant beast called Black Fang!"

"No! No way!" Kazuma instantly shot the idea down making Darkness pout. "What's all this about? There are only high-difficutly quests left and the standered Frog Quest!"

"I am very sorry." We all turned to see Luna giving us an apologetic look. "The truth is, one of the Demon King's top leaders moved in near town recently. All the weak monsters in the area have gone into hiding because of that, so there's been a sharp decline in requests."

"What?" Kazuma said with an annoyed sigh.

I, however, was slightly freaking out. "Um, what is the city doing about this?" I asked while rising my hand a bit. "I mean one of the Demon King's guys is in the town of Beginning, where there are no high-level adventurers. This is a serious problem, a dangerous problem."

"We know, the city council is trying to request help from the capital, but their seems to be a few problems." Luna said with an annoyed sigh. "The first is that it appears the Demon General has no intention to attack the city, doing so would bring the attention of the capital Knights, so the capital won't do anything unless they know for a fact the city is in danger and the capital can't have warriors on standby since that would be too costly. The council consider hiring S-Class Adventurers to deal with the Demon General, but their request for such a quest is too much. I hear most S-Class Adventurers are requesting 500,000,000 Eris to 800,000,000 Eris from the city."

"That much!" We all shouted in shock at the monstruous numbers these adventurers were asking for.

"Unfortunately, yes, and the council can't meet such a high demand." Luna said with a sad sigh. "Our only hope is that this Demon General doesn't turn his eyes on the city, and if he does then the capital can send for help fast enough."

"So, we and the city are fucked because of politics and greedy adventurers." I said with a scoff as I folded my arms. "No matter where you go some things never change."

Luna gave us all sympathetic looks. "I am very sorry for your inconvenience. Fortunately, the Frog Quest is still active so if you want-"

"NO!" Both Aqua and Megumin cried out, making Luna jump. "No more frogs!" The girls cried out in denial.

I sighed as I looked to Luna. "Thanks for the information, Luna. We'll talk to you later." I said getting a bow from the blond woman before she walked off. I turned to my party with a grim smile on my face. "So... we're fucked." I said bluntly making Kazuma snort. "We're beginning adventurers and we can't go on adventures, not to mention that timebomb hanging over the city."

"Do you think the Demon General will really attack the city?" Yunyun asked in worry.

"Can anyone afroed that chance if he does?" I asked back before shaking my head. "I don't want to take any chances on a might, the fact is this asshole is here for whatever reason. Our best and safest bet is to level up and prepare for the worst." I said before looking to Aqua and Megumin. "I know you girls hate the Frog Quest, but we literally have no options available." I said making both girls turn purple with disgust. "It's either the Frog Quest, or no quest, which means no money to live and no leveling up." I said in a firm tone before throwing them a smile. "Look on the bright side, since you faced them already you know what to expect and you can avoid getting swallowed again and this time you'll have back up."

Kazuma put his hand under his chin with a thoughtful look on his face. "Are you looking to grind on the frogs?" Kazuma said getting some confused looks from the girls.

"Their basically mob enemies, they spawn in good numbers, give a good amount of XP to low levels, and they give out a good amount of cash." I said before sighing and rubbing my face. "Though with six of us, even if we carve every single frog we kill, we won't be able to make that much." I grumbled. "A single Giant Frog cost about 5000 Eris dead and completing the quest gives us an extra 100,000, plus the 9000 for the Liver, Gallstones are a gamble but if we can get at least 2 ounces per quest we can make an easy 120,000 Eris, I can also look up on how to extract the mucous gland in Giant Frogs for that extra bit of cash. A fully intact mucous gland can make about 80,000 per gland, only problem is their super fragile and only a seriously skilled Hunter can get it easily. All in all, if we do everything right, we could be making about..." I pulled out my phone and started to type in the numbers. "690,000 Eris per quest!" I said in victory before I remembered the last part. "But divide these six ways and we each come up with 115,000 each, and that's only if we do everything right." I said with a sigh as I put my phone away.

"Yeah, that seems like way too much trouble." Kazuma said with a sigh as he shook his head. "We could end up dead at any moment. I think it's better just to wait it out, we got the money, that should last us a few months until the capital sends it's knights."

Now it was my turn to sigh. "Kazuma, money's not the only problem, we need to level up in order to become stronger. If we become stronger that means we can hit the harder quests and make more money with little effort. Think of it like an investment in yourself."

"I know, I just want to play it safe." Kazuma said while folding his arms, making me grumble.

"Fine, do what you want." I grumbled at Kazuma's stubbornness.

"I think I'm going to avoid the quest too." Megumin said while raising her hand. "I can only do one explosion per day and that means I can only kill about two frogs at a time before I'm defenseless. Plus, the guards yell at me for using my explosions so close to the city."

"I'm going to have to decline as well." Aqua said with a big frown. "Those stupid frogs are immune to all my attacks no matter what I throw at them. So, I won't be able to kill them so matter what."

I groaned as I already lost about half of my party before the quest even started.

"I will follow you, John!" Darkness said with a massive smile on her face. "The chance to face these monsters and be covered in slime, it's too good of an opportunity to pass up! Please don't be afraid to throw me to these monsters as they wrap their tongues around my body before covering me in their thick slime, marking my body forever!"

"...Fuck it, I'll take what I can get." I said, starting to get used to Darkness's personality already as the blond woman drooled a bit.

"I'll help too!" Yunyun quickly added in. "I can't let my friend handle a dangerous quest on their own!" Yunyun said with determination.

I gave Yunyun a pat on the head as I looked to Kazuma. "I understand Aqua and Megumin's reasons for turning down this quest, but you should really reconsider. You still a low level so doing a few of these quests might bump you up to level 10 before you know it."

Kazuma seemed to consider the idea before sighing. "Fine, I'll go on a few when I have the chance, but no promises."

I nodded before letting out a sigh. "Let's head home and do the Frog Quest tomorrow in the morning. I need to do some research on how to remove the mucous gland and any other useful items I can find." I said while walking away. "You think after dying and being taken to a fantasy world would eliminate homework." I said with a chuckle as I walked out of the Guild Hall.

Looking down the busy street I couldn't help but narrow my eyes. The arrival of a Demon General so far away from the front lines was very troubling, something was bound to happen soon.

"Hopefully with my new weapons I'll be ready." I said as I made my way to the library.

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