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When Gohan tries to escape Videl's grasp after fighting crime he sneaks away. When Gohan wishes Videl wouldn't notice him, he gets more than he bargains for. AU fic.

Gohan the Cat

'She's at it again,' he sighed as he landed at the Satan City park. He was only at the city for a week and already he was a hero. The only problem was this certain girl following him practically everywhere. She was beautiful, yet a bit nosy.

She was Videl Satan. Gohan paused for a moment thinking he was safe from any harassing from Videl, but he was wrong. He suddenly felt Videl's ki coming closer and closer by the second. He started running and hid behind a tree with a couple of voices. Then he heard her. Her voice carried from far places.

"Ok Saiyaman, I know you are here! Just give up and tell me who you are!" she yelled looking behind some bushes.

Silence still filled the air. The only thing that could be heard was the light breeze.

Videl sighed and whined, "Oh come on, why wont you tell me who you are? I promise not to tell, please?"

Gohan chuckled at how Videl was begging. Then he clamped his mouth shut when he saw Videl's head swerve in his direction. His breathing deceased and Videl was still confused. Once her head turned into a different direction, Gohan turned around and tried to escape but ended up tripping over a loose root.

Videl immediately ran over to the scene of the crime and squatted down to the fallen Gohan.

"So you were here all along," Videl said with anger.

Gohan, still on the ground, just laughed nervously and stood up, "Um sorry Miss Satan but I got to go." And he ran off from her.

"Oh on, you wont get away this time!" Videl said and chased after Gohan.

Gohan winded up in front of the parks maze and quickly ran through the twisty turns. Videl heard rustling in that direction and asked some guy near the maze.

"Did a really dorky person just run in here?" she said while panting heavily.

"Uh yeah."

Videl said her thanks and quickly ran as fast as she could. She would find Saiyaman even if it took all day!

Meanwhile with Gohan, lets just say he didn't know where he was going. Ok fine lets just face it he was lost. He was about to try another turn, but then noticed Videl was right behind him.

"I got you this time! There is no way, now tell me who you are!" she said out of breath.

"I can't tell you that," Gohan replied calmly.

Videl finally snapped. "THAT'S IT, I HAVE TRIED TO ASK NICELY, BUT NOW I WILL FORCE IT OUT OF YOU," she screamed and charged towards Gohan.

She reached for his helmet and pulled. Gohan jumped up in shock and began to float. Videl was shocked and clung to Gohan with all her might.

"P-put me down!" she demanded.

Gohan lowered out of the maze and let her down. Then he took off running again. He ran and ran, then finally went into a building that was some sort of fortune telling place. Gohan felt Videl's ki come closer.

"Damn it! I just wish that when I go out, Videl wont notice me!" He yelled.

"Your wish is to my doing Gohan," said a low voice. Gohan quickly turned around and found Baba floating on her crystal ball working her powers.

"Nani? Baba what are you doing here and meow." Gohan was shocked to find him self-meowing.

Whenever he tried to speak he would just meow again. Baba began to recite a spell and started to glow.

Being unnoticed is what you wish, For now on you'll be eating fish, Ask a question from this point now, All they'll here is a small meow, You'll have fur that is midnight black, Now turn into a little black cat!

Suddenly Gohan began to shrink and shrink. His body was turned into a small body, with his bones twisted and back broken to fit the form of an animal. Then with a final touch of black fur his transformation was complete.


Baba smiled and got out a mirror, she then carried it to Gohan for him to look at himself. When Gohan looked in the mirror he fell over shocked.

What he saw was himself with black fur, pointy ears, green eyes with a hint of orange, and a collar? He looked at the collar closely and it read: Gohan, 439 Mt. Paouz, Japan.

Gohan then fainted with shock and didn't wake up. Baba just smiled and picked him up. She noticed that the girl was still looking for him, so she quietly set Gohan outside the store and snuck back in.

"Oh fine Saiyaman! I give up!" Videl sighed and started walking away, but before she did she noticed a little cat.

"Hmm, wonder what this little guy is doing here," she said. Then she saw it wasn't that well awake so she picked him up.

"Well it isn't a stray, so it must belong to someone."

She then started walking away and then finally read his license. Her eyes popped at not only the name but also the address.

"What the hell? The 439 mountain range!? That is like 500 miles away! Poor kitty," Videl said and immediately ran home.

It was getting dark out so she wanted to get there quick. About ten minutes later she made it and ran inside. Sakura, her maid, came and greeted her.

"Well hello Miss Videl, how was your day?" she asked.

"Lets see, I unsuccessfully lost Saiyaman, chased him around for hours and found a cat," she said and sat down.

"Oh Videl, I think you developed a crush on the great Saiyaman," Sakura said while nudging Videl.

"NANI? Him and me, ugh you must be joking!" she said shocked.

Sakura then saw the cat. "Oh poor little thing, what happened?"

Videl calmed down and explained. Sakura was shocked herself when she heard where it was from. Soon Videl walked upstairs to her huge room and sat the cat on her bed. She went over to her bathroom and decided to change into her pajamas.

In the meantime, Gohan finally regained consciousness. He sat up on all fours and shook his head.

'Man what a crazy dream.' He thought, but then looked at his surroundings.

'Wait a minute this isn't my room!' he exclaimed. He than ran over to a full body length mirror and looked at himself.

'I'm short! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' he thought. He felt traumatized, 'I will never make fun of Krillin again!'

Suddenly Videl came out in her blue bottoms and a blue sports bra. She then saw Gohan and smiled.

Gohan went wide eyed in shock, 'I am in Videl's room!'

"So your awake Gohan," she said happily and picked him up.

'Wait! Does she know it me?' he thought, but then heard his collar as he walked. He then sighed and slumped in her arms. 'How stupid can I be?'

"Hehe, calm down there little guy," she chuckled. "Ok how about we get some sleep, since tomorrows a weekend, I'll take you home."

"Meow! Meow! Meow!" Gohan spat out. Then he remembered Baba's words: Ask a question from this point now, All they'll here is a small meow.

"Grrrrrr," Gohan growled. 'Damn you Baba!' then he thought for about a second, 'wait, me sleep in Videl's bed?'

Gohan started to blush and snapped back to reality when the lights shut off. He saw Videl coming in the bed with his cat eye vision. He then began to purr when Videl gently scratched him.

'This is going to be a long night!' he sighed and went to sleep.

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