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Summary: The end is nearing.

Gohan the kuroi neko

Chapter seven: Gohan the not so kuroi neko

Gohan lurked around the park trying to find the one named Videl Satan. The park was huge, and he didn't even have a clue where she would be…unless…

When he was with her, she took him to the park. 'I love the lake…my mother use to take me there before my parents divorced. It's so beautiful and serene.'

'Ah ha! She must be there!' Gohan thought smugly. He finally knew where she was, but one problem…how to get there. He looked both ways trying to remember where she led him.

'I remember a tree that had a carving in it, but where is it?' he thought. As smart as Gohan is, he still didn't notice that he was under that particular tree.  The neko turned around and sighed, 'I think me being a cat isn't working out.'

He started walking along the path to the right and passed a huge fountain. Videl had also taken him there and threw a coin to make a wish. He did a cat like smile and kept walking towards the lake. Finally, he noticed that there was a girl sitting in a swing, by the lake, staring into the azure.

Gohan knew immediately it was Videl lightened up. He crept across the grass, ever so quietly so not to be noticed… Then, he climbed upon the tree that held the swing stable. He didn't notice until now that she was mumbling something.

"I wonder if that cat was Gohan's," she asked herself. "He did say he lived in the 439 mountain range, and lived in the middle of no where. But he would have been there when everyone came out."

"It's so bizarre! I even think that was Bulma Briefs at the house, but why? This world is getting crazier everyday." She sighed. Videl kept swinging lightly, back and forth…which made it harder to grab a hair.

He reached his little claw down and almost got a hair but…out of the blue Videl stood up and walked away, which resulted in Gohan hitting the ground with a thump. "Ow yow," he whined. Gohan immediately covered up his mouth with his tiny paws and scampered around the tree.

Videl turned around because she thought she heard something. "Oh great, now I am hearing the cat." She smiled as she thought of the sweet cat she rescued. She then turned back around and started to walk away.

'NO! She can't leave! School is tomorrow and I need to change back ASAP!' Gohan thought in worry.

'Shut up boy! Don't worry I'll stop her, and you get the hair…I want to go back on vacation!' Baba growled.

'Uh…sorry?' Gohan thought.

Out of nowhere, Baba appeared floating upon her crystal ball in front of Videl. The young teenage girl was taken aback and stumbled. "W-what?"

"I am the fortune teller Baba. I can tell you where missing items are and what you seek," the old woman croaked.

Gohan fell back in shock seeing Baba appear. 'Oh good distraction!' he thought sarcastically.

Videl straightened up and scowled, "This is just a cheap imitation, get out of my way you hag."

"Hag!?" Baba growled. "I'll have you know that I can turn you into a little fly and swat you!"

"Oh bring it on you witch!" Videl growled.

Neko Gohan had his eyes wide and ran towards the fighting girls. He sprang up and pounced on Videl's shoulders and plucked a hair out of her head. 'Baba don't try anything, just change me back!'

"As you wish," she said and worked her powers.

"Once a person, now a cat. With the request I must change him back. Reverse the spell from black fur to hair, make this Saiyan have no fear. Restore the power that was once within, transform the cat into the half bred Saiyan!" With a flick of the wrist and the incantation, Gohan jumped off Videl's shoulders and stood there.

In an instant, Gohan turned back into a human, but a little slowly. Videl turned around and was stunned to see her classmate not a cat anymore. "How…what…oh kami," was all she said before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fainted.

Gohan looked around, opened and closed his hands and smiled. "I'm human again!" He cheered, but then looked at Videl. "Uh oh…"

"Well I'm done, now good bye, and be careful what you wish for next time Gohan," Baba said and disappeared.

Gohan stared at Videl and sighed, "Guess I should get you home before you wake up."

He picked the fainted girl up and flew off into the air. He flew towards the Satan mansion and to Videl's balcony. Gohan then opened the door to her room and set her softly on the queen-sized bed. "Hopefully you'll forget all this Videl. Thanks and have a good rest," he whispered and kissed the top of her forehead.

She moved a bit, and Gohan jumped back and flew out of the window in and instant to the Kame house. He swirled around in circles, high and low, and cheered. "It feels good to be back!" The ocean came into view, and he skidded towards the waters edge smiling. The small island appeared and he hovered down and ran inside the little house.

He opened to the door and smiled, "I'm back!"

Goten snapped his head into Gohan's direction and flew to him in the speed of light. "Gohan, Gohan, Gohan, Gohan, Gohan, Gohan, Gohan…you have a tail."

"What?" Gohan turned around, and there was his blackish brown tail behind him. Everyone stared at Gohan with shock, and Vegeta growled.

"How in the hell did you get a tail?"

"I guess Baba's spell gave it back to me," Gohan grinned.

"Cool! Dad I want a tail!" Trunks said.

"Me too! Gohan can I have one?" Goten asked.

"Join the club," Vegeta mumbled. "You must be a bit stronger with a tail, I want a spar now!"

"No thanks Vegeta, maybe later," Gohan said then smirked, "I think you got enough for today, I see my scratches left a mark."

"That's what those scratched were?" 18 laughed.

"Shut up you bucket of bolts," Vegeta sneered.

"I wouldn't be talking Baka no Ouji."

Vegeta turned red, "I am not he prince of all idiots, its Saiyan's!"

"I beg to differ," 18 scoffed.

Gohan grabbed Goten and flew out of the Kame house. Both flew out towards there home once again, and Goten still wouldn't let go of Gohan. "Nichan, I was so scared, I searched everywhere for you!"

"I'm alright Goten, and it wasn't that bad being a cat. You know Hercule right?" Gohan asked.

"Vegeta calls him the asshole you took all the credit for the Cell games," Goten said innocently. "What's an asshole?"

Gohan smacked his hand over Goten's mouth, "Never repeat that word again. If you do on accident, it's Vegeta's fault."

"But I'm right aren't I?" Goten asked.

"Yes, that's Hercule. Well I didn't know he was allergic to cats until now, so at night I went around the house spreading my cat hair." Gohan smiled.

Goten laughed and cheered, "Sugoi Gohan!"

"Very, now let's get home, I have school tomorrow."

When Gohan made it home with Goten, Chichi was relieved that her 'baby boy' was back to normal. She fainted when she saw his tail, but out of the kindness in her heart, she let Gohan keep it. Both boys were sent to bed, and Gohan couldn't wait for school tomorrow. Nightfall soon came over the small house, and everyone had a nice peaceful sleep…


"GOHAN WAKE UP!" Something's never change.

Gohan got up and grumbled. He went to pick out his clothes and took a nice shower. He ate his usual breakfast and went out a little earlier than usual. Gohan just wanted to clear his head so he went over to the park…to the lake…

He stood at the waters edge and looked down upon the lake and sighed. "This was the longest two days of my life."

Little did her know, that another was thinking the same thing. The girl with black hair and violet blue eyes came down the path and was shocked to see Son Gohan there looking into the azure lake.

"Gohan?" Videl asked.

He snapped his head in Videl's direction and turned a bit red. "Um hey Videl."

"What are you doing here?" she asked while she kept walking.


"Really? I come here to think too."

Both sighed and looked at each other. Videl smiled and spoke, "I'm sorry I was so mean to you Gohan."

Gohan smiled and stared into her depths, "It's ok, not your fault."

"Yes it is…I shouldn't have been so mean to a new student and…well…you're not that bad Gohan. I thought you were going to be another one of those jerks at school…"

"Take a risk Videl, not everyone is like that," he replied. "What changed your mind?"

 "Some strange things happened over the weekend…"

"Tell me about it," he mumbled.

"And I realized that I shouldn't be so bitter anymore…I hope you can forgive me."

Gohan grinned, "Let me think about that. Ok, I forgive you."

Videl's face lightened up, "Really!? Thanks Gohan!"

"No problem."

Right then, a bonded friendship was born, and this would be one for life…

Satan mansion

There was a knock at the door of Hercule Satan's house, and he grumbled and sneezed. He opened the door and sighed. "Hello Erasa."

The bubbly blond haired teen smiled, "Like hi Mr. Satan, is Videl home?"

"No, she went to the park and then she was going to school," he replied.

"Oh…I was suppose to walk with her today and discuss my birthday party," she said.

That reminded Hercule of something, "You know Erasa, next time when you get Videl a birthday present, try not to get her a realistic stuffed cat please."

Erasa stood there confused and stared at Hercule, "Cat? I never got Videl a cat…"

                                                            THE END


Kat: Hahaha! Finally finished the story…I am the first one! YAY.

Gohan: At least I'm not a cat anymore.

Videl: Stupid me! Now Erasa and dad are questioning me about the cat…