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Little Rin Riding Hood

An Inu Yasha Fanfic By Hika-chan

Prologue: Haven't I Seen You Before?

            I remember the first time that I saw him. I was in my tenth summer or so, I remember because I recall thinking that the wind was awfully nice and cool for the season. I had been living with Sesshoumaru-sama for about two years by then. I was out picking flowers in the field outside our home to decorate the dinner table with. I can't quite remember how but I had ditched Jaken somewhere in the palace. A feeling came over me, so I looked up and there he was, balanced on the balls of his feet and crouched down in front of me. "What is a little thing like you doing out here so far from home and alone?" he asked.

            I smiled at him, to innocent to realize the potential danger I was in. But really how much danger could I be in when I knew Sesshoumaru-sama was only a minute away in terms of my own speed? I pushed his nose with one of my petite fingers, a motion I had picked up from Kagome-neechan in the brief time I had spent with her. "Silly! Ri-" I stopped still learning to get out of the habit of talking in the third person, "I am not far from home! I live there!" I pointed to the castle not far in the distance, a type of home that before Sesshoumaru-sama I would never even imagined, much less dreamed of living in.

            He stood and looked at my home and then back at me, surprised. "You live there?"

            "Uh-huh!" I nodded happily.

            "huh.. well who woulda guessed?" he grinned in a very youkai-like way. Of course I had known he was a youkai, Sesshoumaru-sama had many youkai over before, though I had only caught glimpses of most of them. But I had seen that grin before... It was too familiar. Suddenly an image flashed through my young mind, an image from a time when I was silent. An image of wolves, blood, and a glass star. This was not the first time I had seen this youkai, but the second. I stepped back the array of weeds and flowers in my hands slipping from my fingers as my young body shook. "Oy, what's wrong with you?"

            My lip trembled and I stared into the blue eyes that questioned my state of being. For a moment I thought my voice had abandoned me again but it found me before I barely realized it was missing. I turned and ran screaming my head off for Sesshoumaru-sama.


            I gotta say I wasn't expecting to see her. A little girl, a little human girl, happily collecting flowers in a field right in front of the castle of the Lord of the Western lands, miles away from any human village. In her little pink and blue yukata with some of her hair tied into a ponytail on the side. For some reason my mind expected me to see her as looking more scruffy and dirty than she was now. But I couldn't figure out why.

            I was supposed to be meeting Sesshoumaru that day, but I had some time, despite the lack of the shards in my legs I was still pretty fast. Well fast compared to anyone else. I felt like I was trudging through waist deep snow with the speed I was going at then. So I decided to see what was up with this brave, or stupid, little girl. Crouching down in front of her I waited for her to notice me, which of course didn't take very long. "What is a little thing like you doing out here so far from home and alone?"

            To my utter surprise she did not seem scared or worried. To the contrary the little runt actually smiled at me and put one of her little fingers on my nose. I was so taken back by what she did I almost missed her answer. "Silly Ri-...I am not far from home! I live there!" I looked up to Sesshoumaru's castle where she pointed, still getting over my initial surprise of her odd behavior. There had to be some kind of mistake. There was no way she could be living with that stiff uptight white dog who held tradition in such high regard.

            "You live there?" I really didn't believe her, of course it wasn't like asking the question again was going to change her answer... and of course it didn't

            "Uh-huh!" she answered as if I asked if those were really flowers she was holding.

            But as if by magic her answering a second time made me believe her. I knew she wasn't lying and know I knew she wasn't mistaken either. "Huh.. well who woulda guessed?" I had to grin at the irony of it all, Sesshoumaru the ruthless Lord of the Western Lands had a human child in his care. I looked back down at the girl, surprised to notice a change in her little face. It was a thoughtful kind of look like she was tryin' to figure me out. Then she looked scared and dropped the flowers she had. "Oy, what's wrong with you?" She seemed perfectly fine a minute ago, and somehow I knew she knew I was a youkai before now. So why the change? I didn't get much time to think about it though.

            "Sesshoumaru-sama!" She screamed, I had to put a hand to my ear and wince at the sound the child made as she ran screaming. Next thing I knew there was a hand at my throat and my back was on the ground, looking at the stoic expression and angry eyes of the Lord of the Western Lands.


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