Hika-chan: Okies decided on the POV(a while ago now.. but whatever)... both! Some chapters (probably all of them) will start off with a brief First person interlude, before going on into the chapter.
Also this story begins about two years after Sesshoumaru adopts Rin, so the two have changed a bit due to the time they have spent together. As far as he is concerned Rin is his daughter, even though he doesn't act like a typical human father (duh). This is also after Naraku's defeated and the shards completed (whoa a rhyme) and all that. Though that has little to do with the story b/c I don't currently intend on any other IY chars showing up... but you never know...

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Little Rin Riding Hood
An InuYasha Fanfiction By Hika-chan
Chap 2: Bye to the Boogie-Man

I can't say I was surprised when Sesshoumaru said we could stay. I knew he was way too practical to refuse us just because of the girl.... It's strange though, I don't really remember her, even though I know it was my fault she was hurt. Her scent had the briefest familiarity to it though I could not truly place how. When I returned to Sesshoumaru's castle I asked him about her. I had noticed the little girl, Rin was her name, peeking in the room behind me. I didn't see the runt, but I could smell her and her fear. Lord Iceman told me where he met her and where he found her. Thinkin' back I figured I "met" the kid not long before I met Kagome and Inukoro. I swear fate is really messed up sometimes. Then again so is Sesshoumaru, I asked him what he wished of us. He said to protect the lands and howl as much as we like... What the f-


In terms of helping Rin, allowing the wolves to stay in his lands was likely one of the best things Sesshoumaru could have done, and one of the hardest. At first it was very hard for her as he tried to get her to not sleep beside him. The wolves were far enough away from the castle to cause Rin little worry but once a month, and sometimes for several nights in a row, when their howls could be heard in celebration or ritual. So to wean her off Sesshoumaru had a futon put into his room, allowing her to sleep there, but not in his bed. Those nights he did not expect to sleep as he was constantly picking the girl up and laying her back on the futon when she would try to crawl up to him. Then he moved the futon to the other side of the room, causing Rin to fitfully toss and turn before she would, occasionally, fall asleep from exhaustion.

Of course while the upsides had their merits, his conscience was currently torturing him with the consequences of teaching Rin to face her fears...alone. He had told her last week that she would no longer be allowed to come into his room when dreams and the wolves plagued her and now she sat outside his bedroom door this night, hands over her ears and slight whimpers escaping her lips. She really sounds like a pup, he found himself musing as the howls continued to echo. Sesshoumaru stared at the ceiling as he lay in bed; he had been teaching her how to fight, starting with hand-to-hand before going into the weapons she chose. Her strength and agility were improving greatly, but the confidence he had been teaching her often wavered on these nights, as was made obvious by the frightful child sitting outside his bedroom door. He sighed and stood, grabbing a night robe on his way to the door. He opened it revealing his tired and frightened ward. She gave an odd combination of a whimper and a happy noise as she wrapped her arms around his leg.

The youkai lord felt a slight twinge of guilt in his heart for the pain he was putting her through, but it was a necessity. He knelt down and picked her up. "Are you going to stay with me tonight Sesshoumaru-sama?"

Sesshoumaru shook his head as he opened the door to her room. "No Rin."



"..hai.." she said in a small voice as he put her down on her bed.

He tucked her in, feeling somewhat out of place in doing so, then sat on the edge of the bed. "Rin, where are you?"

"In my room."

"And where is that?"

"In Sesshoumaru-sama's castle."

"Do you not feel safe in your own home?"

"I do but... Ri- I am scared," she said pulling the covers closer to her.

"I am more than close enough to keep you safe. Do not fear the noises of those that are so far off. Oyasumi Rin."

Rin smiled and jumped up, hugging the taiyoukai around the neck and giving him a peck on the cheek, "Oyasumi Sesshoumaru-sama!"

Sesshoumaru blinked in surprise at the gesture but said nothing feeling all the more strange as he tucked the girl in again. Closing her door and heading back into his room he tried to think of other ways to help the girl loose her fear. Perhaps some meditations, he thought, She does well enough at them already, she is extremely patient for a human child. Of course he knew she was, at least when it came to him, Rin had always waited faithfully for him when he left her with Aun and Jaken.

Sesshoumaru added visualizations to the child's training the very next day, he had a particular exercise in mind for her, but getting her to that point took some preparation. She learned quickly and eagerly, often practicing her fighting (and occasionally her meditations) even after the youkai dismissed her. Within a month she could sense the imbalance in her chakras, by the next she could balance them for the most part. In another three she could generate a weak charge of her ki. Not enough to do any damage, but enough for him to sense it and teach her to focus it, to use it to protect herself as a shield. She could also see some things that other humans would only register as a chill or a feeling. It was at this point he would teach her a new lesson.

"Sit here," he instructed. The child did so, confused as to why she was sitting in the dojo this late at night, she should be getting ready for bed.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, what are we doing? Am I not supposed to be getting ready for bed?"

"This is a special lesson tonight Rin. Tonight you will learn to control your fear."

"How Sesshoumaru-sensei?" She asked, the honorific fitting to his tone.

"Remember those visualization techniques I taught you?" The girl nodded. "You will meditate here, alone, hands open, without putting a protection around yourself, and you will focus on those things you most fear. I will return in an hour. Do not move till I return." With that the Lord turned and left, leaving the dojo door open.

He left her? To face her fears alone? At least he had said he was coming back but.. She could just say she did the exercise, but he would know, and she never lied to Sesshoumaru. Reluctantly she got into position. Sitting on her heels, one hand upon the other palms up and open in a position that welcomed anything that would come. Rin closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

It wasn't as calming as it usually was.

Ok try again, in with good, out with bad, in with good, out with bad. In with courage, out with fear.... wait. She shook her head resisting the urge to focus her ki into a positive aura around herself. Sesshoumaru-sensei said not to do a protection. Now what do I do? She did not need to think very long, her lessons from the past five months very fresh in her mind. 'Clear your thoughts,' her mentor's voice could be heard in her head. And so she began to do just that. She was about to reach that spot, that moment of peacefulness, it was almost within her grasp...

Then the wolves began to howl.

Her eyes burst open, her concentration shattered as fear gripped her heart. How could she have forgotten!? It was a full moon and the wolves always howled on the full moon! Her eyes eagerly darted over to the open doorway. If one walked by they would see her there, meditating and likely helpless. Who knew what they would do then. 'You anticipate too much.' The memory of Sesshoumaru told her. Though the comment had been directed to her fighting at the time the fact that it came to her now must have meant something. Maybe she could get up and close the door...

But Sesshoumaru-sensei told her not to move.

While Sesshoumaru-sama could be very forgiving and may try to make it up to her later, Sesshoumaru-sensei was not so nice. Oh he would never hurt her, but something along the lines of a hundred pushups or running laps in place of a lesson was not so far fetched. She did not like it but she did not hate Sesshoumaru-sensei either... after all Sesshoumaru-sama had told her he was only so hard on her because he wanted her to be strong. And she wanted to be strong. She wanted to be just like her father, just like Sesshoumaru.

So once again the girl reluctantly closed her eyes but with new resolve. She tried to reach that calm before going into it, but somehow trying to block out the howls while inviting in her fears seemed counter-productive. Ok, she told herself, basics first right Sesshoumaru-sensei? That decided she would go into her calm state first, then she would visualize her fears like Sesshoumaru-sensei had told her. With the howling outside it took her a little longer to reach her calm, but she managed it after a little while. She took one more deep breath to ready herself, and then it would be time to plunge headfirst into the lake of fear.

Sesshoumaru sighed from where he sat across the garden well outside the range of her sixth sense watching her. He wondered if he was pushing her too soon. Was he just doing it for his own convenience? So that she would not whine and keep him up at night? Or was she really ready for this? The girl was perhaps only nine or ten, and she was human… but a human who had seen much for her short life. The youkai lord was very confident in her potential, and had no doubt that she could eventually do this… But could she do this now?

From where he sat, concealed by the garden between them, he watched. He was not going to interfere, not unless she truly was in danger. No matter how much she cried, or whined, or screamed he would not move. The he saw it, saw her relaxed shoulders stiffened slightly. Now the hard part was about to begin, for both of them.


The first thing she heard under the howls was padded feet on dirt behind her, always behind her, slowly getting closer and closer. Then growls, and the foliage falling around their path as they kicked up the dirt and debris. Breathing, their breath, and hers, fast paced, in anticipation, in fear. She could feel their hunger, their bloodlust, they were coming for her! She almost screamed out when she stopped herself. No, she thought, I'm not in the woods. I'm in the dojo. There is nothing chasing me, and I am not running. She took a moment trying to calm herself before she felt a presence nearby. It was not Jaken nor Sesshoumaru-sama… nor anyone else familiar. Next there was a nearly silent footstep, it was outside the door. It was coming for her. One of the howls seemed closer than before. She heard the steps coming closer, wolf steps, then another set joined the last.

They were close, very close, she could hear their breathing. She could almost see them, their tongues hungrily lolling outside their mouths, saliva thick and dripping from their fangs. Fangs, sharp, sharp teeth that wanted to rend the flesh from her bones. Just like last time, just like before. They were going to do it again, and again. She felt the hot breath on the back of her neck and in her face, she gulped slightly and the first of her tears started rolling down from her eyes. But she wasn't going to move, she was told to meditate on her fears and that's what she was going to do!

… That's what she was already doing.


"Rin. You can stop now." Slowly the girl's eyes opened and she turned to her mentor and father. She bit her lip and he noted the tear tracks down her face. Another pang of guilt struck him, but he was also very proud of her. He could smell the fear in the air, all of which had come from her, but she had remained and fought through it all. "You stayed here the whole time Rin, which was very of you." He knelt beside her and placed his hand atop her head. "I am very proud of you."

She wanted to smile, knowing this was her father talking more than her mentor, but she just felt so exhausted. "Sesshoumaru-sama," she whined slightly before throwing herself against him crying.

"Shh…" he said picking her up (another act that he found unfamiliar) "Come along now, it is time you got ready for bed."


By the time the youkai lord got her to her room the child was already asleep. Gently he placed her in the bed and covered her in the fur he usually had wrapped around his arm. She sighed contentedly in her exhausted sleep and curled up deep within it. Rest well Rin, you have earned it. He stopped at the door then, realizing he could still hear some of the wolves howling in the distance, turning back again he noticed that the child did not display any forms of fear or discomfort. "You did very well tonight indeed," he said quietly as he closed the door behind him leaving the girl to dream.

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