It's a Charmed Life. Sort of.

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"So wait, we're just going to hang out till they do the spell and hope for the best?" Willow asked.

"If I remember correctly, this is the episode where Leo gets poisoned by the Darklighter and they swap powers so Piper can heal him." Xander explained. "Its like a Freaky Friday ep with their powers."

"Yeah, I get that. But we're just going to be outside their door waiting and hoping one of us gets their powers? And why isn't Faith here? We could use a slayer if that Darklitter shows up." Cordeila said with a frown.

"Darklighter. And the powers swap without any plaining, randomly. Which is why Faith couldn't come. As soon as we get the powers, we hightail it out of here till the episode ends and we go back to the real world."

"Oh! If one of the sister's gets Faith's slayer powers, we don't want to leave the episode without them." Willow exclaimed.

"Exactly. The goal here is the grab up the Charmed Ones witch powers, and hide out till the eps over. Then we'll have them in the real world. Faith here means we might lose her powers in the process." Xander pointed out.

"I can't believe that Rayne guy magic'd a VCR last Halloween and just left it behind." Cordy said while peering through the Manor's front window.

"Yep. Apparently follow through wasn't his strong point." Xander said while looking at his watch and trying to remember how long into the episode it was before the magic spell happened.

"And there they go." Cordeila informed them as shouts came from the attic and the sisters ran up the stairs.

"Can't be much longer now." Willow was looking around at the lawn, the streets behind them. "Its super freaky that this is like…a pocket dimension. Just put in the tape of a movie or tv show and hop right in."

"Its magic. Freaky is its natural state." But Xander agreed.

Looking around with her, it was like a real world instead an episode. They could wait here, or go to one of the other places/sets and hang out. Super freaky.

"So wait, what happens if we don't get the powers? Or if we get Tits McGee's stupid premonitions? Lame." Cordeila said out loud.

Willow just looked at the cheerleaders lowcut shirt and ample bust while raising her eyebrow at Xander and mouthing 'Tits McGee? Really?'

Xander shared her amusement at the irony, but wasn't going to point that out in ear shout of his girlfriend or her ample tits. That way lies madness, and lonely Friday nights restricted from said tits.

"Well, if we don't catch the powers we want they'll be another swap in a graveyard later in the episode. If we miss that too, we can just wait till the episode's over and put it in again."

"Or if we catch powers we don't like, then we'll just introduce ourselves and pretend we don't know whats going on. They'll swap them back so that normal bystanders don't know anything about it." Xander explained. He'd put a lot of thought into this idea over the last week.

"They have that much impromptu control over things? Not just stuck following the storyline?" Willow questioned, rolling the ideas around in her head.

"Yep. I've introduced myself a few times, ordered food at Piper's restaurant. Once you change the storyline it just keeps going in new ways. But everything goes back to factory settings when the episode ends."

"Aaaaaaaand we're busted." Cordeila said right before the front door opened.

"What, why are you on my doorstep?" Prue asked, irritated that a bunch of teenagers were lurking on her stoop while her sister's boyfriend/Whiteligher was bleeding to death in her attic.

The Scoobies just looked at one another for a few moments before Xander spoke, "….Would you like a subscription to The Watchtower?"

"I can't believe she cursed like that. I thought this show was PG-13." Willow complained as they walked down the street away from the Manor.

"Like I said, once you start messing with the storyline they will react in ways their characters would outside of it. And the show is PG-13, but you've seen them cut away right as one of the characters is about to curse or they cover that persons mouth before they can say it."

"So the episode stays pretty after school special, but since we're in the episode then there aren't any cut too scenes." Xander explained. "But yeah, I wasn't expecting Prue Halliwell to tell us to fuck off."

"So what, we're going to just sit on the side of the road till the episode ends? I wanted to freeze things with my hands." Cordeila said with a pout.

"Yeah, no, I'd forgotten that Prue goes to see Andy to rescue that would be Whitelighter chick. So they'll do that, then she'll return and Piper will do the spell."

"Unless meeting us on her porch changes things." Willow poked holes in Xander's plan.

"It shouldn't. We didn't really change anything."

But Willow had a point. He'd watched the episode when it first came out on tv, and got the first two seasons when he found the magic VCR. But Xander hadn't re-watched closely enough.

Maybe it had thrown things off and it would mess up the rest of the storyline, sending it in a new and different direction?

"So, we wait till Miss Potty mouth returns and sneak into the living room as they do they spell?" The red haired hacker questioned.

"Yeah, I guess. We don't want to get caught though. They could always call the cops on us, and we'd spend the rest of the episode in a cell. And we don't want to meet the Darklighter guy. If I remember right his hands are killer."

"Wait. We can get hurt in here?" Cordeila exclaimed.

"Yeah, like Willow said…its like a pocket dimension. We can get hurt, maybe killed depending, we can eat and when the episode ends we're still hurt or our belly is still filled with food."

"That's where I got the idea. If its in us, then it returns to the real world with us. Not just pizza. But the Charmed One's powers." Xander explained to them.

"Xander, you didn't say we could get hurt in here." Willow told him with a frown.

"We won't. We'll wait till Prue comes back, hide in the living room then skedaddle. The episode will end, and we're home free. Hopefully with all their powers."

"Oh," Willow said, her frown lessening, "I guess it's safer then patrolling. And with their powers we'd be a lot safer with the real problems. Vampires wouldn't be a lot of trouble if I freeze them and we stake them while they're standing there."

"Hey! I called dibs on freezing." Cordeila told her indignantly.

"But won't they notice some of their powers are gone? What happens if they see us? We're just going to hide from them till the ep ends?" Willow continued, ignoring Cordeila.

"Yeah, but they won't hurt us. And if we're in public, they can't do the Freaky Friday spell." Genius, Xander thought.

"But they can still call Andy, Pure's boyfriend the cop. And lock us up and do the spell at police headquarters or he could make us go back to the Manor and then they'll do the spell on us."

Xander looked around a second, then pointed across the street. "Only if they can find us. We'll run off, break into that house and just wait."

"We're breaking and entering now?"

"Willow, they aren't real. We're not going to get into trouble for property damage." Cordeila told her, still irritated that the red head planned on ignoring her dibs.

Still frowning, Willow continued, "But what about Leo? Without one of them getting his healing powers…isn't he going to die?"

Xander shook his head with a sigh," You're getting to hung up on these things. Like Cordy said, they aren't real. Everything will reset once we leave. Poof, Leo alive again."

"I guess."

"Willow, Jesus. They're like Sims. You wall them up and watch them die. Or that movie with the robot cowboys." Cordeila said, tired of the argument.

"WestWorld, yeah. But wasn't the point of that movie that its morally wrong to do things to robots even if they look like people? Because they ended up having feelings, hopes, and dreams?"

"We're not walling them up and watching them die. We're going to take their powers, and use them to save people in the real world." Xander explained, trying to head off any further arguments.

Willow shook her head, "But its that like…the storyline of 90% of the bad guys on this show? Steal their powers, kill the witches, kill the witches, steal their powers?"

"Do you want to go home? Is that it? Because we can just sit here and wait for this episode to be over and then you can go home. Xander & I will just come back after you leave and get them. For fucks sake." Cordeila said with exasperation.

"Then next patrol I'll be freezing vampires, and Xander will be using his eyes to stake them. And you can just sit on the sidelines like always."

"Hey, no! That's not what I said." Willow shouted.

"Ladies…-"Xander said before being cut off.

"Stay out of this." Cordeila told her boyfriend, before turning back to the ginger. "Oh, of course. You still want the powers. You just don't want to have to do any work to get them."

"Ladies, please…-" He tried and failed to intervene.

"What's that supposed to mean? I pull my own weight!" Willow shouted over him. "I do more research then both of you combined! I have every right to cool powers!"

"Oooh, little Ms. Reads a lot, when was the last time you staked a vampire? The way I remember it, you were making Buffy's stupid puns over the summer while Xander & I did all the heavy lifting." Cordeila shouted back, starting to get into the shorter girl's face.

"Ladies!" Xander stepped between them.

"What?!" They yelled simultaneously.

"She's already gone back into the Manor. We missed the spell."

He'd spent the rest of the episode making sure neither girl scratched the other's eyes, or pulled chunks of hair out.