"Black? Red? Help me, yo." Faith said while modeling one dress, then another, in front of the duo.

"Relax. Both look great." Though Xander wasn't really much help, Cordeila had already picked out his outfit for him. Not that he was wrong. Faith always looked good.

The black velvet dress was skin tight, low cut & shoulderless. The red had shoulder straps, but a plunging neckline to really show off the cleavage, and a hem so short she might get in trouble for sitting.

"Go with the black. Can't go wrong there." Queen C said, while looking over her own blue dress. Expensive, but not too much. This wasn't prom after all.

Tomorrow the campaigning would begin.

She already had the posters printed out, she'd hit all the usual spots, make sure no one missed her winning smile. If she needed to pull out the big guns, there were deserts and coffee as well.

That crown was in the bag.

"So, its just you and Michelle Blake running?" Xander said while helping Faith into the black dress.

"Yep. After promising Holly a magical carpet ride over Sunnydale, she dropped out."

"Cor, you do know she didn't think you meant an actual flight?"

Holly Charleston was new, cute, a petite Asian with soft brown hair. No real threat, spending most of her time studying with few close friends.
All it took was Cordeila's promise for a flight that got her to drop out.

"I don't screw for votes, I'm not JFK." Faith was irked never the less. Sure, she got the first flight and it was cool as hell.

But the lone slayer didn't miss that Holly got all bright eyed when Cordy carried her bridle style through the air. She didn't mind sharing with Xander, as Faith liked stick as much as snatch.

But cute Asians in love with head cheerleaders were for porn, not competition.

"Just another victim of that Chase charm." Xander said, not the least bit bothered.

"So, we'll take the yearbook reshoots, then Faith will come help with the campaigning in the library. Willow said she'd have your strengths/weaknesses for Michelle. Then you can 'not so subtly' point out that you have two dates to get things buzzing."

Cordy nodded at her boyfriend's words, while admiring Faith in the black dress. "Come here," she gestured to the Boston born slayer.
Reaching around Faith, she pinned the shorter girl's hair up in her hands. "Yes, we'll do this for the dance. You look amazing, right goof?"

Xander smiled at them both, "beautiful. You two are going to knock them dead."

Grinning so fully her dimples came out, Faith beamed at them both. "Ah, thanks X. You're looking pretty spiffy yourself. Those high school boys are gonna be hella jealous."

"Of course! Name two women hotter than us?"

"Can't Cor, you two are in a league of your own." Now trying to get back on topic, "So Michelle is your only competition. We worried?"

Sighing, the beautiful cheerleader thought it threw. "Sadly, she does take after JFK. I'm going to have to bribe Harmony into counter blowing every guy in a lettermen jacket Michelle gets too."

Snorting, Faith started undressing. They'd leave the dresses and suit here tonight, so they wouldn't get wrinkled. "Your blond second in command's handing out blowys now?"

"Oh, she always was. But I'll sell it to her as helping me take the crown. She wants back into my good graces after her failed little coup."

"Or we could….not pimp out Harmony? Maybe just combat it with cupcakes? I mean, if Michelle's sucking off the football team couldn't you just run a smear campaign?"

Cordeila just shook her head," that's the problem with smear campaigns. Telling everyone she wears granny panties and doesn't wash her legs is one thing, letting everyone know she's getting lockjaw from sucking off boys for votes is counterproductive."

"Yo, this this is cut throat. I'd hate to see what you have planned for prom."

Smirking at the brunette duo, Queen C reached up and slid her thumbs over both Faith & Xander's lips. "We'll keep all options open." Before grabbing up their outfits and heading up the stairs out of the basement.

Slayer & Scooby shared a look.

"Dude, I'm not sucking off guys so she can be prom queen."

"I'm not sucking off guys at all! Why is my mouth even on the menu?!" Xander exclaimed.

All the while Cordy was laughing at ass off behind the basement door upstairs.


"I don't speak to traitors." Cordeila interrupted Willow.

"But, but, she's saved my life! A lot." The red haired witch tried to argue. "All she wanted was a little help with Michelle's bio."

"Uh huh." Xander said with a frown, not having expected to walk in on a meeting for Buffy's campaign in the library. "Weaknesses = Xander? Really?"

Looking flustered now, Willow continued, "not weaknesses as in 'bad'. Its just, you've never been super popular with the in crowd."

"So, its 'my' relationships we have to worry about? New flash Willow, Queen Buffy's current boyfriend is using her as a beard and her last one tried to EAT US."

"That's not fair. It wasn't her fault." Willow defended.

"Who's fault is it? Sure, my boyfriend is slightly color blind—"


Cordeila continued, "but Xander never ate anyone. Even when he was all grrr and possessed by a freakin hyena. While Buffy's bf used to eat babies."

"That's not, that's….you're twisting things because of a stupid campaign. Oz! Back me up here, Angel has helped us loads." Willow exclaimed.

Rolling his eyes, Xander just pointed out, "pretty sure Oz only met deadboy once before the curse broke. Then he spent four months slaughtering toddlers & computer teachers."

"That is, before he tried to suck the world into a demon's mouth." Cordeila backed her boyfriend up with actual history.

Red faced, Willow growled out, "Buffy & Angel's relationship isn't the point! The point is your being a bitca over Buffy running against you!"

Snorting, Cordeila countered, "as if. If Queen Buffy wants to embarrass herself in front of the whole school with her lame last minute attempt at reliving her 'glory days' of popularity, I'm fine with that. We all know who's going to be wearing that crown."

Having had enough, Xander tugged on his girlfriends hand, "Come on Cor, we have a race to run." Before the pair left the library to a fuming red head and her silent boyfriend.

The crowded gym, full of teenagers looked on in envy & respect as Cordeila chased exited the limo with a boy & a girl on each arm. Her own blue dress went very well with Faith's own black one.

While Xander's tux was good for any occasion, while his tie & pocket square were chosen to match the ladies dresses.

"Now that's going to be a hard act to follow." One of the nameless jocks said.

Michelle Blake just grinded her teeth in agreement. Her only real competition having brought her A game.

"Where's Buffy? Their going to start counting the votes soon." Willow asked while looking around for her blond friend.

Oz just shrugged, not really seeing the point.

It really was just a two person contest, Buffy was pretty much the green party at this point. Sure, she might take away votes from one or the other which might sway the whole deal.

But actually win?

Well, it was a hellmouth. The lone werewolf suspected anything was possible.

Three days later, Buffy was still pissed. Not only did she get less then 10% of the votes, but her dress was ruined by a yellowed skinned dino looking demon, and Trick's 'slayerfest.'

And what made it worse was that Cordeila won.

As if her head wasn't inflated enough as it was, Buffy was surprised she could even wear a crown on that massive dome.

And what the hell was she doing taking Faith & Xander to the dance?

It was clearly a last minute campaign trick to steal the race from her. Southern Cal was as liberal as it got, how could a throuple not win?

She'd stolen the race. Not to mention whatever it was she'd done to Holly. Sure, the new girl hadn't really been a threat. But dropping out of the race last minute only to start campaigning 'for' Cordeila Chase?

Buffy smelled a rat.

Maybe the new girl had been a sleeper agent the whole time? Getting out the vote, only to all but hand them to the cheerleader right before the vote.

That kind of underhanded cheating had to be against the rules. But fat chance trying to convince Snyder of that.

It was a damned conspiracy.

"And what's this about a magic carpet ride?!"

The End. For now.