Chapter 1: Tragedy Struck

"Runaway, go!" The young man shouted, meeting the eyes of a young girl and boy before his Nichiren sword effectively sliced straight across the savage demon's torso, finishing the demon with his first form water surface slash. The attack pulverizing it into a burning ash just moments away from reaching the young boy and girl.

Her eyes were shot with terror witnessing the horrid sight. While the boy was petrified by the glimpse of scarlet red blood spilling the forest floor. Both of them panicked as they ran into the darkness of the woods away from their homes.

"Don't look back!" Those were the last words Mayami and Kibru heard from the demon slayer As they tirelessly hurried through the trees, their hearts pounding within the cold mist.

The pitch dark sky engulfed through the thick forest and canopy of trees and branches. Making it quite hard for the human eye to see through the dark forest.

Almost out of breath, the children continued to run from the impending danger.

Kibru was confused and scared by the monsters he just imagined moments ago. He then falls on his knees to take a breather, until he eventually collapses into a sleeping state as sweat rundowns his forehead.

Mayami couldn't process anything that just happened and in a split second, she stumbled, tripping on her kimono landing face down, knocking her unconscious.

Later they both awaken slowly, blinking their eyes a little. A sparrow suddenly flutters off before they can fully open their eyes. They both could see the sun shining on their heads.

The girl was sore and fatigued from all the running she'd done before. The boy offered his hand to lift her off the ground, insuring that if she was well and able to continue moving.

It was the dawn of a new day with a promise that things would never be the same again. Kibru looked to the south, where he might find help and sanctuary.

He and Mayami may have found refuge, the nightmare wouldn't be going away any time soon. He'll never forget the night, where the monsters massacred his loving parents and ate their corpses as he hid in his own closet for safety and later made his daring escape through the back window.

The mirror image of watching such a traumatizing event made him cry a stream of tears, as the droplet fell to the ground.

The memory of running away that very evening, made him feel ashamed and cowardly for never being able to avenge his parent's death and watch as his village burned to ashes.

I swear, every single one of these monsters will die and those who orchestrated this invasion on my village and killed my parents, will also pay the consequences of their actions Kibru thought with blazing fury and anger in his eyes. Mayami stood looking north in the direction of her home. The confused girl dusted herself and that's when it happened.

The very touch of the kimono triggered an unbearable pain in her that she could not even describe. Causing her eyes to well up and memories that were still fresh in her memory to sink in. She held the hem of her black Kimono littered with pink roses.

In her fist the blood that stained it was now dried. Mayami broke into tears, sobbing as she saw the faces of her two loving parents in her mind that she'd never see again being eaten by a demon.

She dropped to her knees, she felt helpless for the first time in her life, putting aside the fact that she grew up an only child and was too shy to make many friends in the town where her grandparents lived.

Kibru and Mayami never felt as useless as they did now. The rain began to pour. Mayami wiped her tears with the back of her hand looking up into the cloudy sky…

Kibru then responded to her and said "Mayami we need to keep moving, we can't just let our parents' sacrifice be in vain." It was with a heavy heart and mind for Kibru to say. Especially with depressing moments such as these, with a gloomy gray sky over their head.

She didn't say a single word. Instead, she laid on her back spreading her arms wishing the earth would just swallow her whole. She closed her eyes as the raindrops slowly began picking up caressing her face where her eyes were still moist from crying. In her thoughts, she promised she'd become stronger and brave like the demon slayer that saved her life. The demon slayer she would later learn was Giyu Tomiyoka of the Twelve hashira.

The rain continued steadily throughout the woods, the sun hiding behind a grey sky.

"Get up." A familiar voice demanded. Mayami arched herself up looking over to the tall young man. Before standing nervously, taking a few steps back. While Kibru stared at Giyu, wondering whether he is a friend or foe?

"I'm not going to hurt any of you." The demon slayer assured the children, as he stood with an emotionless expression releasing the hilt of his sword dressed in the standard demon slayer uniform.

Mayami's eyes were still wet from all the crying that would probably be pretty much unnoticeable due to the light rain, not to mention her choppy bangs started clinging to her face too. Making her feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Kibru felt helpless and pathetic. But also grateful that someone will protect them from any unknown danger.

Mayami was terrified and felt alone. At the same time shock still covered her face. This guy saved her life and she couldn't even look him in the eye.

she could never forget the precise intensity in his dark blue eyes as he struck against that demon that ate her parents.

She couldn't look at them a second time, she was too weak so she stared at the ground instead of holding her hands.

"Thank you…For saving us both." She said forcefully with one small shaky breath as she bowed her head. "T-Thank you for saving us from that monster earlier. Without you, we would probably be dead meat, that very night." Kibru said firmly, feeling most grateful to their savior.

"You don't have to thank me, both your parents are dead, I was too late to save them." It became silent for a moment.

"All you can do now is move forward." He said looking off to the distant forest.

"There's a town not too far from here. I'll lead you the way there."

Mayami knew the town he was talking about, it was where her grandparents lived. It was a hike away from her home, she hadn't realized she'd run so far out. It was probably just a few miles ahead now. Kibru felt like this was their only chance to regroup with the other escaped villagers. Who traveled to the village of Shiraoi after the village of Tomakomai was destroyed.

"Who are you?" Mayami asked.

The demon slayer responded. "I am Giyu Tomiyoka of the twelfth hashira."

Giyu told them because he felt they deserved to know the truth, even though demons were not fully recognized as a threat until now. Just by looking in the eyes of these kids, he could see they had a fighting chance and that they wouldn't go on to live normal lives.

Then suddenly the small sparrow from before, landed on Mayami's shoulder gently pecking at her kimono. It was cute being the animal lover she was. Mayami forgot all about her troubles for a second looking over at the bird gently caressing under the little creature's chin, bringing her joy. She smiled asking its name.

Although Mayami and Kibru's life felt like it reached the end; it was only the beginning.

Though their pain has traumatized them both, they continue to endure and find the strength to become stronger for their parents and anyone else who suffered the same experience. Soon Kibru and Mayami will have to show a lot of determination for the next several months ahead. They'll both have to train and do whatever it takes to become demon slayers and avenge their loved ones.