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Author's note: Written as a response to a comment on AO3.

I don't do requests but it seemed amusing and my fingers were itching to write something.

Also warning, the below fic is pure crack.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob fell out of a portal and dropped on the ground. They'd landed near the bushes, so it was safe to say that no one saw the saw the three short biped humanoid beings.

They saw the Black Dogs and White Cats in one of their usual daily scuffles.

The three of their eyes shone upon seeing the mayhem and destruction.

They decided to add to the chaos and began throwing some of the bizarre inventions they'd made and the rare artifacts they'd pilfered over the years into the fighting grounds.

Scott hit a red and white mushroom and suddenly became hercules. He roared and pounded his chest, before he started swinging away this way and that. One hit ko-ing everyone that came in his path.

Hasuki found a pair of cool red sneakers, and felt compelled to wear them for some reason. Grinning she quickly changed her black shoes for the new sneakers. She then became a blue blur, running circles around all the Cats and tripping them up. "You're too slow!" she said, giggling as everyone fell before her feet.

Romio found a curious red and white ball rolling on the ground. Scratching his head, he picked it up.


A yellow mouse emerged from the ball, with pouches of red cheeks which seemed to spark with current. "Pika?" said the mouse. Romio grinned and pet the small mouse. The mouse's brow twitched.

"Pika- Pika. Chuuuuu!" The mouse blasted electricity at all the students around it, with Romio at the center.

An electrifying experience later. A charred Romio blinked comical eyes before he fell back and collapsed, along with all his fellow victims. "Pi-Pikachu!" The mouse grinned and sat down on top of Romio, and buried it's face against his chest for a nap.

Maru yawned as he roamed the battlefield. He saw a floating golden triangle in front of him and scratched his head with confusion. He touched it and was immediately blinded by the golden light.

"Hey! Listen!"

Maru blinked as a shining blue orb of light with butterfly wings buzzed around his head.

"Hey! You're the hero of time! Let's go save hyrule! Just press the triforce on your palm!"

Maru looked at the back of his hand and saw a golden triangle. He frowned and tried to rub it off. But he suddenly shone a white and was lifted up the ground. He blinked widely wondering what was happening.

"Wow, Link! You look really different this time!" said the blue light. "Anyway, off we go!"

Maru yelled as he disappeared in a flash. No doubt to go save a princess.

Persia saw a floating stick on the ground beside some thick book. Wondering why the stick was floating she picked it up and observed it from all angles.

A tiny voice growled. "No! Don't touch it!"

The books suddenly snapped open and a deck of elaborately designed cards floated around the book, before they were scattered all over the school, blown away by a strong gust of wind.

A yellow teddybear with wings sighed and gave Persia an annoyed glare. "Here we go again. Hey! You! Spin that stick!" Persia giggled at the cute little toy and did as asked.

Cue magical girl transformation.

Persia gaped at her frilly costume.

The teddybear sat down on her head. "You're the new cardcaptor! Now git! Those cards won't catch themselves!"

Persia shrugged and jogged away. Might as well do what the cute little teddybear said. She giggled.

Char followed Persia while holding a camcorder. She grinned widely as she recorded her friend being cute as always.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob saw all this while laughing uproariously. These kids were pretty funny. Maybe one of them would be villainous enough to be their new boss.