"I have told May and Angela that if they don't go to sleep soon, one of them will have to move in to Timothy's room'" Shelagh sighed walking down the stairs. Since Timothy had gone to boarding school that had been her go to threat and it always worked the girls were inseparable.

"Oh that's why I could suddenly hear myself think." Patrick replied placing down the Lancet on the coffee table, and extending his arm out to wrap around Shelagh when she sat down. Shelagh had gone back up, as 15 minutes after bedtime as they could still hear laughing from upstairs.

"I love them and their noise but I do relish the quiet moments'" Shelagh said positioning herself in Patrick's outstretched arm and putting her head on his shoulder.

"Does it remind you of Nonnatus house?" Patrick inquired.

"Absolutely, between Sister Evangelina and all the nurses, the only peace I got was in the great silence" Shelagh smiled thinking about the formidable Sister Evangelina. When she first came to Nonnatus house at 20 she'd been slightly taken aback, but she had quickly learnt that the sister's heart was just as big as her mouth.

"Least Angela is living up to her namesake" Patrick laughed. He and Shelagh named Angela Julienne after two of the people they held closest to their hearts. Sister Evangelina had been such a big character they decided to just use the middle bit of the name (and the end letter). Not many people actually realised but it meant a lot to them and those who remembered the Sister. At their wedding, Shelagh had decided that if her and Patrick ever had a daughter her middle name would be Julienne after her dear friend, confidant, and surrogate mother Sister Julienne, she had lost her own mother Mabel at 4 years old and didn't remember much about her so relished the bond between herself and Sister Julienne. Shelagh had forgotten to express this want to Patrick, but as observant to her as ever he'd actually suggested Julienne himself too.

"Now that we've been given the all clear to adopt May, I want to give her a middle name to fit with Timothy, Angela and Teddy, I don't want her to feel left out". Shelagh said seriously. Timothy David and been named after the grandfathers of Patrick's first wife. Whereas Edward "Teddy" Patrick was named after Shelagh's dad, although he usually went by Ed, and Patrick.

"Of course what are you thinking Bernadette or Mabel?" Patrick asked.

" Oh Patrick, as much as I adored my mother, we can't call May - May Mabel they sound far too similar" Shelagh laughed smiling, it was a lovely coincidence, May's name sounded so much like her mothers, she was very emotional at first but she and Patrick had decided it was fate, and a sign that Mabel was not annoyed that her name wasn't part of their oldest daughters names. "and if I was still Sister Bernadette I wouldn't have you or the children".

"You'd still have my heart and Timothy's. He was a besotted with you as I was after you took part in the 3-leggeded race with him" They both laughed. She had briefly worried about Timothy being upset that his dad had married someone else, but took it in his stride. She had become a Turner the day she realised Timothy loved too. Like Angela and May had become a Turner the day the family set eyes upon her. Angela had decided May would be her best friend before Shelagh and Patrick had had chance to explain that May was now her sister. She loved their close relationship, the girls were so smart and so mischievous, as evidenced by bedtime. which reminded Shelagh, who need to be honoured in the middle name spot.

"May Monica Joan" She declared smiling at Patrick. They'd honoured Sister Julienne and Sister Evangelina but Sister Monica Joan had been a part of both of their lives for the same amount of time, and had been equally important. Shelagh had heard the children try to explain to other children about their extended family once.

"Why do you call you aunties, sisters your family makes no sense?" Lizzie, a girl from their school asked.

"Yes it does they are called sisters because they are nuns, and the nurses well are nurses" May replied.

"Sisters instead of aunties, Nuns instead of nans". Angela added saying it slowly for emphasis like she'd seen Trixie do. Shelagh had cried laughing.

"It's decided, May Monica Joan we will tell the children at breakfast tomorrow" Patrick replied.

"You know, I love you and the children" Shelagh said, suddenly bursting into tears and shuffling so her head rested on Patrick's chest.

"Of course I know, I love you too, Shelagh what's the matter" Patrick rubbed Shelagh's arm whilst hugging her into his chest. He felt his wife relax but was still very worried.

"I just ... I left the order, I still wonder if that makes me a terrible person" Shelagh sobbed, she still felt guilty over her family even though Patrick and Sister Julienne always reminded her that God moves in mysterious ways and everyone has many roles.

"Shelagh you are the furthest person from a terrible person I know, this Shelagh is a different form of you than Sister Bernadette, but still as beautiful, caring, and loving, like when God is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, all of the forms are equal." Patrick told Shelagh. "The sisters love you do not thing any less of you, and Sister Evangelina would of come right out and said it if she had". Patrick felt his wife laughing on his chest.

"You are right, they love the whole family, they are family" Shelagh smiled. Not much was said after that, they just enjoyed the feeling of absolute love coming from all around them, both felt extremely lucky.