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We All Get Our Turn

By Hika-chan

Chapter One: Where Are They Now?

            It had been Four years since Kagome could go down into the well; six since she first fell in. Despite all the hardships he now knew were involved in her journeys Souta envied his sister for the adventures she had once lived. There were times though, with the way Shippo had told stories that made him feel like he had been right there with them. Though Kagome assured him that the stories were somewhat inaccurate since the now centuries old fox was only a kit at the time. He envied her for the close friendships she now held, about a week after her final return they found her, by way of a simple accidental meeting. Kouga was now happily mated with another wolf, Shippo full grown and president of a costuming firm for everything from movies to school plays to Halloween parties, Kirara who had grown another four tails, and Inu Yasha...

            Inu Yasha the once petty, indignant and stubborn hanyou was a full blooded demon and president of a vitamins and medicinal company and also a computer company that currently rivaled his brother's. Brothers who Kagome swore up and down that they once hated each other. Apparently, as Kagome had told it, when the industrial revolution hit the brothers had found a much healthier and less violent way to compete. They would set up a time period and a type of business and the winner would be the one who could make the most money in said amount of time or run the other one out of business.

            The former Hanyou was now also mated, though not to Kagome. It had hurt his sister at first but she told him she had expected it. "I told him," the miko had said to her younger sibling not long after she first found out, tears running down to the curved smile of her lips, "That if I didn't come back I didn't want him to be lonely. I'm glad he's not alone." It was an odd thing to him though that Kagome shared a place with two youkai, one was Inu Yasha's granddaughter and the other was Shippo's youngest daughter. Though she lived mostly in the city Kagome was still the shrine's miko three days of the week, and Souta was training to take over the shrine later on.

            What the teen found even more bizarre was the fact that she was dating Sesshoumaru's son! In fact it was through their odd meeting of happenstance that the still living youkai found out about Kagome's now steady prescene in the twenty-first century.

            "Yo Souta!" The teen turned, recognizing the kitsune as he came running up the stairs. Despite the large age difference the two were amazingly close friends, it almost seemed as though the fox had been looking forward to becoming his friend as much as he had wanted to see Kagome again.

            "Hey Shippo, what's up?"

            "Aw, nothing much. Mom and Kimiko around?"

            Souta shook his head more at the "pet name" the kitsune had for his sister than to answer, "Nah they went, I dunno, shopping or something, turns out they were missing a few things for their camping trip. Some of the stuff we have is too beat up to be any use"

            The red head nodded, "Yeah a little worse for all the wear she gave in way back when ne? Aw well, wanna go catch a movie or spar or something?"

            "-Heh- I'd love to bro but I got this paper I have to finish. Most of it's done, just gotta edit it and do intro and conclusion... I hate those."

            "Oh? What's it on?" Something about the kitsune seemed like he already knew the answer and for some reason Souta could have sworn there was a flash of worry in the green eyes of his friend.

            "The industrial Revolution... but it's so hard to separate what I know happened from what I'm supposed to know happened. I mean I can't very well write two Inu Youkai half brother's began competing in the steel industry." There it was again, an almost reminiscent look. But why?

            "Yeah well one more reason I'm glad I never had to go to human high school," Shippo laughed.

            "And you know... that's why I kinda hate you," he said somberly and the two looked at each a moment before bursting into laughter.

            "Alright well I'll leave you to that, I'm gonna go hunt down your sister and my daughter."

            "You might as well just wait till they get out to where they're camping; you'll probably find them faster that way."

            The Kitsune grinned as he turned halfway to leave. "Nah that's what cell phones are for."

            "Then why didn't you just call in the first place?"

            "To see my good buddy of course!" Shippo grinned before tossing the teen something. Souta caught it and raised an brow at the beaded bracelet he had been given.

            "What's this for?"

            "For luck, think of it... as an anniversary gift."

            "Anniversary of what?"

            Green eyes twinkled with mischief, "Like I keep telling my mate, I'm five hundred and eighteen years old, be happy I remember there is an anniversary, but don't ask me what for." Souta laughed knowing full well the fox was no where near senile. "Hey quit laughin' and get to your school work!"

            After about another five minutes of 'goodbyes' Shippo finally left to tend to whatever business he had with Kagome and Kimiko and Souta headed back to the house. The Seventeen year old stopped though, noticing Kuro a black cat they had somehow adopted at some point, was scratching at the door to the well house.

            "What are you doing?" he asked the furry beast, "There's nothing in there, not really anymore anyway." He bent over and began to shoo the cat away from the door, however Kuro was always a stubborn thing. So, rather than have the cat scratching at the door all day Souta opened it and allowed the cat entrance. It walked in and looked around sniffing, with his ears turning in various directions reminding the teen very much of a younger, hanyou Inu Yasha. "See? Look. Nothing."

            He went to usher the cat out but since this was the feline's first time in this particular building his inherent curiosity had him venturing further in. Great, Souta thought, I can't just leave the door open, I have to wait for the dumb cat to get out of here or pick him up myself. Sighing the young priest-in-training went down the steps after the rebellious cat. Seeing him run under the deck Souta knelt down and stared at the black cat. "Are you coming?" He reached under for Kuro but the cat suddenly recoiled and hissed, scratching at the young man's hand. "HEY!" Souta snatched his hand back and stared indignantly at the creature before him. "What in the seven hells was that for!?" The cat made no response but to continue hissing it's fur so flared the cat looked twice its size. "Well fine stay in here th-."

            The boy stopped as he felt a shiver go down his spine as though someone ran the dull edge of a cold blade down his back. It seemed similar to what Kagome had always described to him. The beads gripped tightly in his hand in a fearful fist as he turned not sure what he should expect to see.


Hika-chan: MUWAHAHAHAHA!! Ok now I know I'm sending Souta back in time and all that but I need a reason for him to be there. (though I can probably go a chapter or two without it) I don't want it to be related to the Shikon no Tama(that was Kagome's purpose) or Naraku (he's dead) thought. Any ideas would be helpful ^_^