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Kaoru racked a hand through her bangs, her eyes tired. You would think, after two hundred years of little to no sleep, she would be used to it.

Kenshin certainly didn't need the hours of sleep her body seemed to crave. Tossing her long braid over her shoulder, Kaoru headed to the one place she had wanted to be all day.

And it wasn't in bed, sleeping.

"Hello precious." Kaoru crooned, reaching down to scoop her three-month-old daughter in her arms. Little Miki was apple of her daddies' eye; the little princess.

Miki open wide blue-violet eyes and sucked sleepily on her thumb. She drooled appreciably at her mother, reaching up to hang onto her mother's long hair.

"Did you miss mommy?" Kaoru questioned as she moved into the nursery, throwing a grin of thanks at Megumi, and moved to sit in a rocking chair to feed her child.

Kaoru had a stern policy when it came to feeding her child. Some woman believed in three months, but Kaoru had fed Kenji until he was six months old, and she intended to do the same with all her children.

Kaoru enjoyed the act, and understood some did not. Besides, the bond it created between her Kenji, now her and Miki, was something she loved.

Kaoru smiled as she heard the sounds of her husband, followed by the sounds of six-year-old Kenji wrestling with his father.

They had been forced to go and handle a few incidents over the years, there responsibility to their race as they were considered the final voice of authority.

Besides, they had enjoyed the excuse to travel. Up until a few years ago, when Kaoru had discovered she was pregnant with Kenji, they had no desire to stay in one place.

Kenshin had shown Kaoru the world. A cruise around Italy, a week in Greece to explore the temples; a trip to Egypt to see the pyramids. Florence was gorgeous during the fall, and Kenshin had never failed to keep her on her toes.

Both had been delighted with Kaoru's pregnancy, Kenshin declaring it the first of ten –Kaoru didn't think so- and loved the little boy with there whole hearts.

Little Miki was born six years later to the happy parents delight, and Kaoru new the look in her husband's eyes well. He adored his little Princess, and the way he eyed her promised her wanted more.

"Your daddy and Kenji seem to be having fun." Kaoru whispered as she burped her little bundle. The greatest fear she had was someone attempting to use her child against them, but her husband had quickly destroyed any threat.

Very few people were crazy enough to go after the Battousai's family. To many others had been sent back in jam jars to prove his warning.

Kaoru burped Miki with a practiced hand that allowed her to concentrate on the little girl, but also allowed her mind to wander.

Tonight was the second Blood Moon of their marriage. Hiko was coming from Kyoto to watch the children while Kenshin and she disappeared into a suit of rooms they owned. Kenshin had invested in many hotels –many different names- and they would use that to there advantage tonight.

Actually, she figured that Hiko would have his hands full. Aoshi and Misao's twin boys –Akio and Mitsu- who were both eight and rambunctious.

Kaoru and Misao had decided to have their children near each other, wanting the little children to have playmates who could match each other in strength.

As it was, Tsubame and Yahiko were currently off celebrating the news of her first pregnancy. Megumi and Sano had a son who was going to turn twenty in a few days.

They also had a daughter, who had just turned fifteen and was causing her father all sorts of complications. The two youngest were nine and eleven, and Megumi spent most of her time patching them up. The two boys wrestled, boxed and destroyed everything around them in an attempt to be just like the father they adored.

Kaoru turned and headed to the living area so that Kenshin could kiss his daughter good night. He also put Miki to bed and Kaoru would wrestle Kenji into the bath.

Kenshin and Kaoru shared a loving kiss as they switched children, Kaoru scooping her miniature Kenshin into her arms.

"Lets go little dragon, time for a bath!" Kaoru told her son with a laugh as he squirmed and whined.

Half an hour later, a clean Kenji was wrestling with the mountain of man name Hiko. Kaoru pitied the man, but he seemed to have an infinite love of children and Kaoru wished him the world of luck.

Since adopting Rei as his own, Hiko has seemed to mellow out some. He and Rei were as close as any father-daughter relationship that Kaoru could remember seeing in her many years.

Was had grown into a fine young woman, her walk between both worlds pulling those around her into a series of adventures that could have given Hiko gray hair had he been human.

She was a delightful person to be around and had formed lasting bonds with them all, filling the shoes of the dearly loved Ayami and Suzume from so many years ago. She had an odd assortment of 'Aunts' and 'Uncles' and considered Kenshin and Kaoru as her brother and sister.

It had come to be a great surprise, however, when Soujiro had shown up one day and asked Hiko for permission to court the young Vampire.

Hiko had told him no. Soujiro asked every year for the last hundred, in a sort of game. Kaoru had always suspected that Hiko was waiting until Rei's two hundredth birthday before he allowed any male near her, and it seemed as if both Soujiro and Rei were willing to wait.

Kaoru and Misao had kept tabs on the possible Shura and Soujiro romance, but neither seemed to want to extend it past there friendship. So when Shura disappeared into the orient, it came as no surprise that Soujiro had never followed her.

So he had trained a replacement for himself at the Agency and simple disappeared for a few years, and then showed back up changed, and willing to make himself into the group.

Kaoru stretched tiredly and sighed into the warm night air of the busy streets of Tokyo. Warm, supply hands slid down her arms to grasp her hands, a warm body pressing against her back.

"Kenji is going to drive Hiko crazy." Kaoru informed her husband softly. Her head fell backward to rest against his shoulder.

His beloved profile as sharp in the dying light, his multi-colored gaze warming as he stared at her. "Miki is so young…" His tone was hesitant and Kaoru grasped his arms and laughed.

"Lets go worry wart before you decide to stay. We have two children…we are getting a night of free; inhibited sex and you want to back out. If anything goes wrong Rei will call us, she has the number to the room we decided on." Her voice as light, belaying her own protective tendencies.

Her husbands eyes had glazed over slightly at her words and Kaoru decided if he was going to move at all, desperate measures were going to have be taken.

Snuggling into his chest she stood on tiptoe and began planted a series of kisses up his neck, grazing his color bone with her teeth, before biting his ear tenderly. "You, me, hotel room…no kids. And sex, lots of it if you would hurry up and get…" Her words died off with laughter as he swung her up, her words getting the desired effects. His eyes were molten gold and flarring as she watched him mentally go over the fastest way to the hotel. Traffic was horrendous, so he turned and ran.

Kaoru leaned forward to whisper some very naughty things into her husband's ear that had him groaning and muttering dark things under his breath as he ran. His golden gaze promised retribution.

It only took a matter of moments to reach their hotel, to grab their keys and to loose themselves in silken skin of each other.

Misao hummed as she unbraided her long hair, whishing that her husband's warm hands were there to help. He adored her hair and would spend hours brushing it out.

Well that had been before she gave birth to twin terrors, giving them little time for more than a chaste kiss or a playful grope in a dark corner, praying that there children would sleep though there nap time.

Being mated to Aoshi had been everything that Misao had dreamed of, her happiness complete now that she had the little boys she always wanted. She supposed that most woman wanted little girls, but Misao wanted boys…she couldn't wait till they were old enough for football.

But Misao had a secret that she had been harboring for a few days now, waiting to conform it with Megumi before she informed her husband. Aoshi adored his son's, his eyes taking on a gleam each and every time they ran up to there father, huge smile plastered to there faces.

Misao knew, however, that he yearned for a little girl to spoil. Misao had been delighted with two children, and never really thought about having another until Kaoru had given birth to a girl.

The naked –or at least for her- longing on Aoshi's face as he held Kenshin's daughter for the first time had brought her up short. She had been so selfish, never asking him if he wanted another.

Misao couldn't wait to tell him she was pregnant. She knew –a mothers intuition- that she was having a girl, and it would bring that wonderful fire to her lovers eyes.

She knew he couldn't feel the child, most children didn't devolped their own Ki till the later months of pregnancy, and so her surprise would be genuine.

Misao absently began tying her knee-length hair back into its braid when a rich voice stopped her hands.

"Leave it."

Misao smiled, turning. "It will get tangled."

He moved forward, his hand straying to the thick mass of black hair that fell around her tiny form in a curtain of silk.

"I will brush it out." He reached down to kiss her persuasively and she decided that her hands had much more interesting things to handle than her unruly hair.

Misao broke the kiss, knowing that if she didn't get her news out soon, her husband would steal her breath when she attempted it later.

"Wait!" Misao begged as he picked her up, his movements towards the large bed clear in its intent.

"Yes?" His words were smoky, heated, and he continued forward and settled them both on the comfortable large bed, her in his lap.

Misao hesitated, concentrating on her husband's defined chest instead of his eyes. "Are you happy?"

He looked down at her curiously, his eyes questioning. Misao starred at him innocently, her eyes huge. Her husband didn't know of her knowledge of his wish for another child, and Misao had no intention of telling him.

"Of course. You and the boys are the reason I breathe Misao. What has brought this on?" His tone was curious; his emotions clear on his face. Misao loved it when he was like this, showing her everything about him. Only she and the boys ever saw this part of him.

"Well its just…I mean…"Misao chewed on her lip for a moment while her husband smoothed her bangs. "There is going to be a change, I just hope your okay with it!"

Aoshi frowned. "Misao…"

Misao smiled then, her brightest more brilliant smile. "I'm pregnant." He would have his revenge later for her drawing it out like this…but the way his eyes lit, and the slow smile that faced his features made it worth it.

She would have ten more children if he looked at her like that every time. His mouth met hers in a crushing force, even as his hand slipped down to her still smooth waistline, his fingers brushing the soft skin of her stomach.

No words were needed as he mentally told her how beautifully she was, how smart and precious to him she was. Misao lost herself in the safety of her husband's arms, content that her surprise had gotten her the wanted effect.

Megumi was never sure which hand of her husbands she loved more. The one that was bare to her touch and had the tendency to wander, or the smooth cloth covered knuckles that would catch the underside of her breast.

Sano kissed his wife throat in appreciation to her heady moans, and was content to simply hold her. Both were breathing hard, and hands were drawing agonizingly slow patterns against skin they knew intimately.

"How do you think the kids are?" Megumi questioned, remembering Kaoru putting all her breakables away. She had to 'Sano' proof the house before she allowed -any- horseplay in her living room.

Megumi couldn't blame her. Her youngest boys were not only active, but in a constant contest with Kenji, Aiko, and Mitsu to see who was the most 'worthy' of there beloved Hiko's attention.

More often than not, Hiko would play the dangerous and evil dragon while Rei languished away and waited for her hero's. The boys competed heavily and were a force to be reckoned with to any outside interference to their games.

Megumi knew that she was looking at the future defenders of the carefully guarded peace. It was in the dangerous way they tracked Hiko, in the bonds that they had already formed.

They didn't know it of course, but Hiko's games were to teach stealth, friendship, and teamwork to their young minds. There were also getting 'baby tactics' as Misao called it.

Her thoughts were cut off, however, when her husband's mouth began to wander along her collarbone. "If you finished brooding about our clutch, then perhaps I can occupy your thoughts with something else."

Megumi gave a soft sigh as his mouth brush the silky skin between her breasts and she was happily diverted by her husband's attention.

"Who would have thought!?" Rei teased as she collapsed onto the Kamiya's couch, her face flushed with laughter still. "We got them into bed, and its not even midnight!"

Hiko grunted, his eyes closed in bliss at the silence. "The little monsters."

Rei giggled, her head lolling back into the pillows. "To think, one day I am going to have to deal with my own!"

"Yours won't have the insane urge to tackle flying dragons, or deal death blows to mountains. I am sure they will all be completely sane, not like this crazy brood."

Rei grinned. "Miki was a doll. She was perfectly content to suck on her fist, and dropped off as soon as I put her to bed. Precious little girl that she is."

"Trouble. She is going to give my baka deshi gray hairs, and I shall delight in every moment of it."

Rei shot her father –for all purposes- a wicked grin. "Are you saying I was trouble?"

"Of the worst kind. If I may remind you, you have that scamp Soujiro beating my door down once a year, and don't think I don't see you to sneaking around."

Rei laughed outright at that. "There really is no getting around you is there?"

Hiko peaked one eye open. "No."

Rei shrugged. "Its not as if we are tyring to hard as it is. When –are- you going to give us permission to date?"

"Koneko, if you didn't have my permission then that young scamp would need more than god like speed to escape me. If you wish it, however, next time he asks, I shall give him permission to court you."

Rei sat up, surprise on her face.

"On one condition." His face was decidedly series.

"Anything." Rei breathed.

"I want lots of grandbabies. I am giving you two three years max to enjoy marital bliss, you have been scampering around each other for fifty or so years." Hiko said in all seriousness and Rei squealed and bounded over to hug her beloved father.

"Love you!" She whispered, hugging his massive frame, tears catching at her lashes.

Hiko gruffly echoed the sentiment and watched her bounce to the phone, no doubt to call her lover.

Hiko leaned back, suddenly curious as to whom fate would bring into his life next; first a baka deshi and then a daughter…

Kaoru sighed into her husbands shoulder, there bodies pressed against each other. The room smelled of sweat and sex, the combined aroma of there preferred scents.

Kaoru moved closer to her husband, the warm afterglow of there lovemaking leaving her sated and content. "Kenji's birthday is coming up." Kaoru whispered as his hands rose to play with long strands of her hair.

"Yes it is. He has been asking for a sword for two years. If you dont mind, I was thinking about giving him a shinai or bokken and starting him on the barest basics of Hiten Mitsurgui." Kenshin replied just as softly, his mind brushing hers lovingly. "I hope he will be responsible enough to start using live steel when he hits thirteen."

Kaoru tilted her head, her eyes thoughtful. "Seven…it's not to early. Maybe it will work some of that energy out of him. Both of us started our swordplay at an early age, if you think he is ready then I don't object." Her eyes were bright with the idea, anything settle her little boy down.

She suddenly wondered how Hiko had dealt with Kenshin if he had a tenth of the energy of her son.

Kenshin watched his wife muse over thoughts that were hers alone, her mouth twisting into a half smile. He loved the way she would quirk one side of her mouth upwards, her eyes darkening with laughter.

Much the way her eyes would darken right as he took her. Deciding that while her thoughts were important so was that full bottom lip of hers. Eyes flashing amber he watched her lips part in a sigh and decided waiting was a bad idea.

Lowering his head he lovingly sucked on the lower half of her mouth, contentment raising in him as he felt her arms circle his bare back, her nails scrapping slowly over his skin.

This was what he had fought for, in those endless years of battles. The naked, warm, and so giving woman in his arms and the two children in the protection of his Shishou back at his house.

Kenshin let his train of thought slid away as he concentrated on the taste and feel of his wife, content to tease the purr he loved so from the back of her throat.

Hours later the sun was rising and the two were walking hand in hand back to the home they shared. They were pausing at a stop light when the site that met there eyes topped them dead in there tracks.

A woman, beautiful in her cool beauty was walking next to a man with a small boy between them. Even though the woman was aloof there was a smile hovering in her eyes, as though she had everything she wanted.

She turned then, her eyes finding there in the crowds. She smiled, her hand rising in a silent salute, before she turned back to the boy.

"Come," Kaoru heard her call, the voice loud enough for there sensitive hearing to catch. "Enishi, we must be going if we are going to make your game."

The little boy beamed and caught her hand. "Nee-san, do you think we will win?"

"Of course." Her voice was affirmative, but held affection. "Of course."

Kenshin and Kaoru were silent as they slipped into the masses, neither making a move to go after them.

"Damn." Kaoru mused. "Wouldn't have expected that."

Kenshin wrapped his arm around her shoulders, his look thoughtful. "She seems happy. The man next to her must have been Akira. I hope they have things easier this time, since I won't be around to ruin it."

Kaoru swatted his stomach. "But think, Kenshin-anata, if you hadn't interfered as you say, you would never have found me!"

He turned her, shielding them from the eyes of those around them on reflex, his other hand cupping her jaw. "Something I think Kami-sama for every time I think of it." He lowered his head and kissed her, uncaring that they were in the middle of a busy Tokyo, that Hiko was most likely ready to hand his children back to them.

Her mouth was pressed to his, her arms around his neck, and he found that he didn't wish to be anywhere else. This was home.

The End.