Title: Death Sits Next to You

Rating: T

Summary: The White Council asks Emily to interfere with an X File about a monster attacking children in their classrooms. Her parents aren't happy. Crossover of the Dresden Files and sequel to Why the Sixth Law of Magic Exists.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Jim Butcher's or Chris Carter's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 2

Oh why did it have to be a damn ghoul? Out of all the nasties that could ever come from the Winter Court the ghoul has got to be on the top of my list of things that I never want to face wake or asleep. Ghouls can become invisible or visible. They eat up to sixty pounds of raw meat, mostly human, and they smell like the bottom of a trash can that you haven't thrown out in fifty years. I had been given a thoroughly education on Ghouls when I had been an apprentice to Harry Dresden.

He should know plenty about them. He's the damn Winter Knight.


"Creatures of the Nevernever," I told them. "The Nevernever is a place that's separate from our world, but part of our world. Ghouls eat up to sixty pounds of meat, usually are in large groups, and smell like the bottom of a trash can. The thing is that they can become invisible if they don't want you to know that their going to attack. If one ghoul attacked that child, you can bet your next check that it's either the same one or a pack of them. They are allied with the Winter Court, one of the two courts of the fae, and they answer to only one woman: Titania, the Winter Queen."

"Wait a minute, are you telling us that this Winter Queen sent these things to kill children."

"To destroy potential," I said. "Those children were on a list, complied by the White Council, to keep track of them as they grew up. They are then handed over to Wardens who train them on not only control over their abilities but on how to fight the nasties that come out of the Nevernever and the items that normal humans can come in contact with. The Hand of Glory is one of those items that I had to read up about. Ghouls don't even do things on their own, they have to be given orders."

I walked away from then and added, "The world is larger than you think, guys, and even if you don't want to be part of it you are. It's more than just alien abductions, and government cover ups. Monsters do live under beds and right now a monster is killing children with the gift. I wish you luck, without my help."

And I got into my car and drove off.

I might have given my parents the list but I had written down the location of the others that were still alive. I went to the Last Hope Children's Home were three of the children on the list lived at. It was dark, but that didn't mean anything. Remember back when I mentioned that my parents had gotten infected by werewolves, which happen before I was born, well I sort of gained some of the abilities of a wolf. Well, minus the changing into a large beast and eating people. And one of them was a sense of smell. The Council had used a spell to enable me to smell creatures of the Nevernever and their Queens, Ladies, Mothers, and Lords.

I was hit with the smell of a Lady.

"Hello, Maeve," I said and I turned to see the Winter Lady standing there.

It was strange to not see Molly standing there. She was dressed like a whore today, even though she wasn't one.

"Trying the call girl look tonight?"

"Shut up, wizard," she snarled.

"Oh you hurt me," I said. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Watching you," she said. "To bad you're not a man."

She purred and I said, "Cut the crap. What the hell are you doing here?"

"I told you, watching you."

"You know about the ghouls," I told her. "Did your mother send them?"

She smiled at me, showing her pointed teeth, and then, "That's enough, Maeve."

Great, the Winter Mother is here.

"Your both far away from Chicago," I told them, as Maeve went into the darkness.

"We are everywhere, child," she said. "Chicago might be where we like, but I'm a cross country type of gal."

And over the ocean, and through the mountains that we go.

"We've been watching you since we heard that you arrived due to the violation of the sixth law of magic. Do you think the White Council is ever going to send you back? They can't, it's out of their abilities to do so."

"Then how was I even brought here?"

"Fate, destiny, maybe you were sent here to bring your parents together. Things happen for a reason, though we don't know at that time what that reason might be. So what do you think about this time?"

"Less distracting," I answered.

"And less Council pain," she said to me. "This ghoul business, I don't like it. I don't believe that children should suffer for something that they were born with, thus have no control over."

"Did your daughter send the ghoul?"

"No, she didn't."

"Ghouls only answer to the Queen."

"I know that," the Winter Mother said, "But these are children. The Winter Queen's mantle prevents her from harming children."

"Because she's has had them before."

"Correct," she said. "However, I feel that someone in the Winter Court sent them. I know for sure that it wasn't my daughter."

I really hoped that she hadn't misplaced her faith in her own daughter.

"Find the person," she said. "Find the person and kill her, or him."

"I will, if it keeps another child from dying."

The next morning, I was looking at my coffee as though it solved all the problems in the universe when I sensed two people setting down. They smelled like my parents so I knew it was them.

"The Winter Mother was waiting on me at the happy children's home," I told them. "She says that it's not her daughter."

"I believe it's a normal person."

I looked at my mother and said, "Do you think that a person is normal that likes to kill people? I'm going with a ghoul and the Winter Mother says that it's a ghoul."

"She could be lying."


"The Winter Mother, along with the rest of the court, can't lie," I told him. "It's against their nature. She says that her daughter's mantle, the thing that makes her the Winter Queen, is unable to harm children. To become the Winter Queen, the mantle has to transfer to you. It has never transferred from someone else to Mab. She gives birth to the new Winter Lady, who has to remain a virgin, until Mab moves on and becomes the Winter Mother. She also told me that the Council doesn't have the power to send me home."

"They can't, or they won't."

"Can't," I answered. "I think that's why the sixth law was created. Going back in time is a one-way ticket. And the returns really suck. The Winter Mother has ordered me to go and find the person that summoned the ghoul and kill him, or her."

"If this person is a human, killing him, or her, will and you in prison."

I looked at my father and said, "I really doubt that it's a human."

Gods, I really hope that I was right about that.


A/N: No, the person doing it isn't human.