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Chapter 1: Prolouge

Kumo's most secure prison Tartarus had 3 times the amount of guards it has on any regular day and not any guards they were Kumo's best jonin, it had more than 10 of The Raikage's best Anbu stationed in it right now it with both of Kumo's jinchuriki in it and the prison was on complete Lockdown. The reason.

After the 4th Great Shinobi War was over there was a peace treaty formed by the 5 Elemental Nations. It had many things that could help the building trust between the nations. The War Hero's Hikaru Namikaze and Asami Uchiha suggested the Exchange of prisoners' between the Nations.

As the treaty said any prisoner a Nation had that wasn't born in the Nation or wasn't part of the Nations Shinobi Force at any given Time was to be released to His/her Nation's envoy as per protocol. The Kage of the Nation should be present there when this exchange happened to ensure there were no complication.

So the Konoha Shinobi were here and almost all of the prisoners were released. All but one

It amazed and scared every Shinobi there knowing all of the arrangements that were in effect right now were for one person. Who was isolated from the outside world for more than 10 years. Naruto Namikaze.

This one man had the power to level armies, scale the largest mountains in seconds he also had unnatural control over Lightning and Fire he was even rumored to be able to move at the speed of lighting and to attest to that statement was the battle of 5 Elements.

Any shinobi worth his salt knew about the battle.

When the 3rd Great Shinobi War was at its end. The combined forces of Kiri, Kumo, Iwa, and Suna tried to invade Konoha where they fought against Naruto Namikaze the son of Konoha's Greatest Hero the Odds were all in favor of the 4Nation alliance.

They had sent a force of 10,000 Shinobi from all of the nations to attack Konoha as a distraction so a colossal army of 50,000 Shinobi could attack it from the front where the defense force was only a mere 100 Guards who were only chunin ninja from Uchiha clan. When the massive force was only a day away from the Border were they called back to Konoha and One man was sent to protect Konoha.

At that Day History was created


The Raikage was at the front of the Colossal Army of 50,000 Shinobi with The Mizukage Yagura at his side both of them were going to lead the charge against the Konoha from the front and by the looks of it the Konoha Shinobi had abandoned there post and had chosen to retreat. Now they had a simple march ahead of them.

They kept on walking forward until they saw it. The border between Suna and Konoha it was there a few more hours and they would be at Konoha's doorstep ready to conquer it.

But then he saw it a lone figure in the Horizon.

Quickly calling for a pair of binoculars he put them before his eyes to see a boy he had Spiky Blond hair he was wearing the traditional Konoha Jonin vest on his sleeves he had a red spiral he also wore traditional Shinobi sandal and Pants and he also had fingerless gloves with a metal plate on it(just check out kakashi outfit)

From one glance at the boy he could tell he was a experienced shinobi he looked completely relaxed yet alert at the same time.

Moving closer to the border he hears Yagura say

"The boy is the Namikaze's Son. He is dangerous" completely ignoring the young Kage he ordered the army to move as he got closer to the border he suddenly heard.

"Surrender now Raikage and your men will be spared otherwise it will be the last time they see the Morning Sun" As he saw the young bow point towards the setting sun he grinned the boy sure had guts.

"Boy" he said in a deep voice

"Behind me is the largest army the shinobi world has ever seen why do you think you could even challenge me" The third Raikage asked him.

The boy just smiled a little and took a step back. Seeing this as an opportunity to motivate his army the Raikage gathered chakra in his throat and yelled.


"BY THE END OF THE HOUR THE BOY WILL BE DEAD." Everyone in the army cheered at this so the Raikage continued.


"AND BY TOMMOROW MORNING KONOHA WILL BE OURS" he yelled as his army roared.

"Nice speech" replied the Mizukage he just grinned.

If one had paid enough attention they would have heard the boy say "Liar"

(End Flashback)

What followed after that was a slaughter that would be never forgotten by history. After that battle The young Namikaze was given his Moniker The Thunder God.

Suddenly all of the alarms in the prison went off. All of them stiffened as they knew what was about to come.

(With Naruto)

Lying on his bed Naruto was reading a Novel he had managed to smuggle in. As he heard a pair of footsteps nearing his room he smirked. He was dressed in traditional clothes every prisoner wore a pair of orange shirt and pants.

With a silent clink the door to his cell opened. He stood up and walked towards it. There stood a Kumo jonin who was shaking and muttered a quite "Follow me"

Motioning him to move he followed the guards toward a room where he would be dressed. As he entered the room he was handed his clothing which he previously owned quickly changing into his clothes he traditionally wore he was handed a scroll in which were all of his possession's he quickly pocketed it before following the guard once again as he was about to reach a massive gate he suddenly heard all of the sirens in the prison go off.

As he stood in front of a massive 10 meter long gate, it began to slide open. As he walked through the gate he was in a corridor full of Kumo jonin he was suddenly joined by Jiraya.

"Finally out of the Hellhole, Huh don't do anything even remotely suspicious they are way to many eyes on you and you have barely walked out of your cell" whispered Jiraya. A small smirk was the only response he received.

"They were looking for you for more than 7 ye-"he was interrupted by a Shu from the boy as he looked towards him with a finger on his lips. Suddenly he pointed towards the exit and walked off

(Outside the Prison)

It was an open area with a concrete floor and some chairs and a table between it at one side sat Ay The fourth Raikage with Killerbee and Yugito Nii on his sides Darui flocking his back and Mabui his assistant at his side. One the other side Sat Minato Namikaze The fourth Hokage with his wife by his side and Jiraya and Kakashi flocking his Back.

Walking to the table in the middle of the area he spared the Kumo shinobi a glance as he walked past them. Jerking his towards the Hokage's position he asked


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