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Chapter 3: Long Time No See Sensei.

If one were to look at the face of Naruto Namikaze he would see an expression of utter horror on his face. He felt scared, he felt fear, he felt despair and every time he had felt those emotions something Cater strophic happened.

According to his brothers story This 'Kaguya Outsusuki' had put a lot of people in a Genjutsu in her time and this strange technique had turned everyone caught in it to Creatures called 'Zetsu'.

According to Documents this creatures were able to mimic a Person down to the last strand of DNA, Could last Months on end without any form of Nutrients or Vitamins without suffering Repercussions, they also fed chakra of a host and could theoretically have infinite chakra and there subconscious was built to follow orders without question. Without Question they would sacrifice themselves.

The Perfect Soldiers.

But why would she need them?




Then it clicked him, they were not made by Kaguya to fight shinobi. She made them to combat the other Outsusuki. There army verses her's, and now she didn't have that army.

The perfect time to strike them. They were already weak from the recent war and the elemental nations didn't have their Protector in the form of Kaguya and her army.

Unknowingly the shinobi world had doomed itself again.

Deciding the Info they had right now was not Nearly enough to draw any more conclusions he decided to speak up.

"These are creatures are used by a clan of Ninja of ancient times for combat. They may be rising up again I suggest we start Mobilizing our troops Hokage-Sama. We should not underestimate this enemy." He Lied in a Monotone Voice. They had barley recovered from the recent war and same was the case with all of the other Villages.

If they got to know that there enemy was the ENTIRE clan of the Monstrosity they had fought, there was a high chance that the shinobi would just leave and not fight until there death. He would do the same if he was in there shoes, what would they be able to do against the enemy who could just throw Meteors at them, send a bijudama a size of a mountain and just kill army's in a single attack.

He would have preferred to die by his family's side rather than get slaughtered senselessly.

"How do you know about this 'Ancient Clan' when we haven't even heard about this supposed enemy? You seem rather knowledgeable about them." Asked Shikamaru Nara in what could be described as a Suspicious. After hearing the Naras question everyone in the council chambers agreed with him and looked at him curiously, Even the Hokage.

"I fought one of them during the 3rd War, he almost killed me but I was able to kill him because of the intervention of a third party whom I don't know about. After that I found some information about them on his body, Because of their strength the Sage of Six Path had banished them into the Forbidden Lands of the West. At that time I thought he was the last of them because obvious reasons but apparently I was wrong" He lied again in a dull voice but if one were to listen carefully they could hear the slight fear in his voice. Of course none of them caught it, everyone other than the Hokage, but ignored it thinking it was because of the memory of the battle.

"But how did they use those 'creatures' perhaps they control them like the puppeteers of suna and is there a name to this clan perhaps." Asked Asami Uchiha.

"No these creatures are sentient beings that follow the command of the people that summon them, and before you ask No they are not an summoning animals, this clans use civilian's and shinobi and convert them in to these beings and" He said in a serious tone. Hearing this everyone in the room understood why the Sage had decided to take such harsh action against the clan.

"If they are able to that than this enemy is surely not to be underestimated, I will take actions according to the situation and I will talk to the other Kage's about this 'Clan' and I will see if I can get any information from them. Now if you have all have nothing else to ask this meeting is dismissed." Minato said in a commanding voice. To an onlooker it would have seemed to be that the council was not very concerned about the threat of this new enemy, so was the case with many of the younger members of the council. But anyone who had participated in the 3rd Great Ninja War knew how big of a statement was spoken. The enemy had almost defeated one of their strongest shinobi they had ever produced and there was a clan full of them.

If conflict broke out they knew the damage that both sides would receive would be catastrophic, they could only hope it didn't come to that.

Seeing as everyone had left he decided to leave he decided to confront his father.

"We don't have enough intel to do anything significant." He said in a matter of fact tone.

"I know." Came the clipped voice of Minato

"I can go in the portal and find some information, you know that I am the best man for the job."

"Absolutely No that place is an Unknown Terrain and we have no information what we could find there."

"That is exactly the reason I want to go there 'we have no intel'. We know almost nothing about the enemy, there way to many variables, way too many theories and no concrete solid information. Remember the first thing you taught me."

" 'Information is half the battle in a fight, if you have Information your chances to win skyrocket if you don't your chances of death do'." Finished Minato with a sigh and a frown marring his face. To be honest it wasn't that he didn't want Intel but it had I had been just a few Days after his son had returned after so many years and he wanted him to send him on an extremely dangerous mission. Seeing as there was not a way to convince his son to stop he suddenly came up with an idea.

"Ok, but it will be on my terms." Said Minato

"Whatever you say Hokage-'Sama'" said Naruto with a heavy emphasis on 'sama'. Hearing this Minato laughed.

"Now Old Man I am going to Meet Sensei, it's been so long since I met him." He said while smirking.

"That's fine, just remember to buy a new dress for the celebration that's being held tonight." Minato said with a smirk of his own. This one of the traits of his son he would never forget, he absolutely loved parties

"What celebration?" asked Naruto confused.

"It isn't every day that the Famed 'Thunder God' comes back to his village after years and the village was a dull and gloomy your Mother decided to arrange all of this." Said Minato.

"Sweet." Said Naruto before disappearing in Dark Blue Flash flash.

Chuckling Minato left the room.

(Konoha Hatake Residence)



Sighing to himself a Man in his Mid Forties opened the door, to his house. Seeing Who was on his gate he Let a smile grace his lips.

"Welcome Back Naruto."

Naruto also smiled seeing the Man in front of him, His sensei one of the very few people who could hope to match him in combat, a tactical genius. He was one of Konoha's Best shinobi. Standing before him was-

"Long time No see Sakumo-Sensei."

The White Fang Of Konoha.

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