"And that's the goal of our group," Selma finished what she had to say with a simple nod of her head. "We've all been through it, in different ways I'm sure, but each of us has our own story about these relationships that we- well we didn't see them coming."

Selma looked around at the group. Each of the women sitting there with her were relatively new to the station. It was -for lack of a better expression- a mining town. Though it contained a large amount of workers, there weren't that many humans this far out at the edge of Federation space. Each of them had, for their own reasons, learned to become guarded and keep to themselves. None of them would venture to speak first.

Selma was on the tall, thin side with light brown skin, brown eyes, and dark very close-cut tightly coiled hair. She was determined to make some connections today. "Let's start with our names. I'm Selma Parker. I'm originally from Earth. And no, I'm not from 'Selma', and no, I don't know why my parents named me that," she laughed, but no one else was laughing.

"Mm, tough crowd," she said seemingly to herself. "I started this group so that we could have someplace to just talk, and commiserate, you know? Soooo, I'm married to a Vulcan," she said as she tried to figure out what else to say. She exhaled heavily and shook her head. Well, I tried...

"So am I," said an almost quiet voice as another woman raised her hand quickly and then lowered it. "Married to a Vulcan, I mean." She smiled. "I'm kind of passing through on my way to give a series of lectures and I saw you were having this meeting. I'll be here for a little while. I figured I could maybe lend some support of my own since we've been married for such a long time."

Selma smiled at the other woman. Anytime she met another person, human or not, married to a Vulcan she automatically knew details others might not even consider. This other woman was quite petite, but her short-sleeved shirt betrayed arms that were muscular and a physique that probably matched. She had long curly hair and dark brown skin with an almost reddish hue. "What's your name?" asked Selma.

"Sorry," said the other woman with a brief smile. "My name is Maya and my husband's name is Sokam. He's back on Vulcan and I'm here for now waiting for him to come and meet up with me and then we'll move onto my lecture series."

Selma smiled, impressed. "Okay!" She looked around at the other three women. "Anyone else? Does anyone at least want to share their name?"

One other woman with olive skin and very long black hair she kept in a french braid tied up in a bun at the back of her head answered, almost out of nowhere, "I'll go. I'm Yomaira. My parents had me on Earth but I was raised on the colony world Selix V. We had an exchange program with some scientists from all over the Federation and Cardassia and Qo'nos and long story short, I married a Klingon." She smiled as she looked down, as if mulling something over. "That thing you said about relationships you didn't see coming? I didn't see that coming."

The last two women in the group who had yet to speak both went to say something at the same time. They both halted their words, looked at and smiled almost shyly at one another, and the redhead gestured to the other woman. "Go ahead. I'll go after."

The other woman, still smiling, gave off a nervous exhale. She had shoulder-length dark brown hair and medium brown eyes. She was strikingly beautiful. "I'm Sue Tanaka and my husband is actually half human and half Orion. I didn't know if I should come today," she admitted with some hesitation, openly unsure of her place among them.

"Well I'm sure your relationship has had it's obstacles," Selma said immediately, wanting Sue to feel welcome to remain.

Sue sighed. "Yes, he was born among the Orion and was not raised around humans so- he sees himself as an Orion and… we had some issues when we first got married. Things are better now but there are still some things..." She just shook her head and didn't say anything else. She looked at the last woman in the group who hadn't yet spoken.

The last woman was a redhead with a smattering of freckles on her face, but concentrated mostly across the bridge of her nose. "I'm Carol McLaughlin and I married a Romulan years ago. It was the biggest mistake of my life. So what did I do? Turnt around and married another Romulan!"

Finally, the group had thawed enough to laugh out loud. It was a nervous laughter borne of horror and fascination at her confession.

"I brought a cake!" Yomaira said out of nowhere as she went into her bag.

"Oh, well I brought some home fried donuts and mozzarella sticks," Carol also started digging into her bag.

"Anyone want any rum?" Maya looked around the room, askance. "Real rum? Not synthehol."

"Oh, hell yeah!" Selma exclaimed, a little too eagerly. They all looked at her at first and she exclaimed, "Look, it's been a rough ass week, okay!" and they all started to laugh.

Maya poured Selma a shot of Jamaican rum and asked her. "How did you meet your husband?"

Selma gave off a deep sigh as Carol put a fried cheese stick into her hand. Selma took a sip of the rum and then a bite of the mozzarella stick. "OMG, I haven't eaten anything like this in so long. What kind of cake do you-"

"Tres leche," Yomaira said before Selma finished her question. She was putting the cake on the table and pulling out a few plates.

"Oh, it's on," laughed Selma. And then she nodded. "I don't actually fully understand how he and I got together. I mean, I KNOW, but-"

"So you didn't see it coming?" asked Yomaira as she started cutting up the cake.

"Nope. It was 'dislike at first sight'," clarified Selma, "from his end." And then she started to laugh. "I think it happened because I just didn't give a damn, and I let him know I didn't give a damn what he thought of me."

"Now you have to tell us the whole story," said Yomaira as she doled out cake to each woman and took a mozzarella stick for herself and began to nibble on it as if it were the best thing she had ever eaten. "Ah, real mozzarella! It's been so long! Okay now, spill it, Selma! You're not off the hook!"

Selma laughed as her mind went into the past.