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Announcements, Shenanigans, and basic Tavish.

[Tavish POV]

Looking up at the crowd of faceless readers, I lean back in my lounge chair.

"Sup everyone! I'm pretty sure you're all wondering why I called you here today."

"Wellllll, the author needed to update you guys on the next story, but he's busy writing another chapter at the moment. Personally, I think he was too lazy to do it himself, so he pushed that responsibility on to yours truly."

"First things first, yes, I can in fact break the fourth wall on occasion. But I'm just doing this for the sake of announcements. Don't want to get too meta now do we?" He finished, before scratching his chin thoughtfully.

"Man . . . Meta. Imagine sinking billions of dollars into a whole universe only for it to be used by like, fifty people? Old Mark is still about eighteen billion in the hole for that entire fiasco . . ." Tavish mused.

"Shit, got sidetracked. Sorry 'bout that."

"Anyway. He thought about the title, and decided on "Tavish Byrne: Reloaded!" as the official name for the next story! You can find it on the authors page, right next to his only other story!"

Tavish stood up and stretched before walking down the beach slightly; "Now, a common question asked is "Why split the story into multiple books?". Well, the truth is, The Slayer Gamer is a fucking long story at 312,912 words for just the portion that contains story."

"Its often easier for people to digest if split into more books. And if someone prefers certain portions of an adventure, its easier to sort through thirty some chapters versus a hundred or more!"

"Anywho, I'll leave you guys and gals to go find that story, I still have the rest of my vacation here to enjoy!" Tavish finished abruptly, before very pointedly turning his back on the watchful eyes and starts building a sandcastle.