"Absolutely not."

Junior made an offended sound, crossing his arms. "Hey! I'm the older one in the first place, you know. You could treat me like it every once in a while!"

"Well, you sure don't act like the older one enough to warrant that kind of treatment. You'll have to try harder than that." Gaignun preened the cuffs of his suit jacket, a thin, wry smirk dimly illuminating his face. "What is it you always say? 'Try again in ten years'?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

Junior grumbled something dirty under his breath, and Gaignun pretended not to hear, turning toward the windowpane to hide his amused smile. "This is the third time you've asked this week. Aren't you getting tired of me saying no?"

"Well, I thought maybe you'd say yes this time. I mean, we've done pretty much everything else, so why not this?"

Gaignun studied Junior's reflection in the window. He'd perched himself right on the edge of the pool table like always, and he swung his legs idly, admiring Gaignun from behind. Gaignun's eyes traveled up Junior's ankles to his thighs, and he savored the view for a moment before turning his attention back to the Foundation below. "I don't understand why it's such a big deal to you. You've never been interested in being on top in the past, so why now?"

"What, is it against Federation law to want to try something new every once in a while? The last time we did anything where I got to really be in charge was when we were kids!" He kicked his shoes off, leisurely fingering the hem of his shirt. "Look, it's okay if you really don't want to. I'd never want you to feel like I don't care about the way you feel. I just want to see how it feels to be in your place because I want us to do everything together." His mood grew pensive, almost lonely. "The Elsa needs me again, too, and it's not like I can say no. If I have to go, I want to be closer to you before I do, that's all."

Gaignun shook his head. "It's not that I'm entirely against it," he said, "you're just missing the point. Like I already told you, you're just going to have to try a little harder than that if you really want to do this. I didn't say I'm not giving it up to you, I said I'm not giving it up to you for free."

"Well…" Junior stalled for a moment as if deciding whether or not to go on. "Why don't we make a bet or something? The casino's always open. If I win, you have to do whatever I tell you to for the rest of tonight. I get to be on top and, you know," he glanced at his feet with a faint, sheepish grin on his face, "play with you like how you play with me. Just for tonight."

Gaignun turned to face Junior, raising an eyebrow. "That again? I don't think I need to remind you that you lose every single time we do this. Did you see it in some old movie again?"

Junior pretended to be insulted, rolling his eyes as high to the ceiling as he could. "Come on! If I'm such a loser then it won't be any problem for you to beat me again. Humor me a little, Gaignun! It's boring spending all that time out in Federation space without you." He reclined back, shifting the center of his weight onto the flats of his palms. "And it was a book this time, not a movie. I just want to try it! What's so weird about that?"

Gaignun couldn't help but laugh, shaking his head with a warm smile. What am I going to do with you, Junior? He stepped over to the pool table and folded his arms around Junior, face pressing into his soft neck. "Alright. Let's do it." He planted a gentle kiss against Junior's cheek as he held him, lowering him to the floor to stand. "Got your balance?"

"Hey. If I win, I get to make all the rules this time."

"Yes. And when you lose, you're going to dress up for me and wait on me for today and tomorrow. With no complaints."

Junior smirked. "Fine, then. It's a deal."

"Alright." Gaignun knelt down to kiss Junior again, this time on the lips. "Get your shoes back on, then, 'Little Master'. Let's go settle this."

"Hahaha! Wow!" Junior couldn't suppress a big, bellowing laugh at Gaignun's expense. "Oh, man, you look REALLY unhappy! You know," he snickered, "this look kinda suits you. I think you should dress like this more often."

"Not a chance." Gaignun kneaded his brow with the tips of his fingers, pressing his knees as close together as he could. "I really can't believe the way you act sometimes. You planned this. I bet you were counting cards back there."

"Hey!" Junior feigned a pout. "I resent that. Besides, what fun is it to cheat your way into a reward? You just can't handle the fact that I beat you for once!"

Gaignun sighed. "I'll admit that you won the bet, for better or for worse, but is this really how you want me to dress? Did I raise you this poorly?"

Junior rolled his eyes. "Alright, A, I raised you for the first half of our lives, and B, you're the one who has the big hard-on for dressing me up in weird outfits like this. I think you're the pervert here."

"Really? That's not how I remember it."


"Alright, alright." Gaignun shook his head. "You won, Junior. It's your choice what you want to do. I suppose I just," he took another look at himself in the reflection of their bedroom window, "didn't think you'd take it in this direction."

"Well, I did. Consider it payback for all the times you've done it to me. Oh, that reminds me," he popped up, "I forgot the most important part."

Gaignun flushed red as Junior bounded away to fish through the closet. He was quite the sorry picture of himself; the dim lighting in the room did little to hide him from himself, in part due to his self-conscious attitude. After Gaignun's loss at the casino, Junior had insisted they go right home – this had, of course, been a red flag for Gaignun immediately – where the Little Master wasted no time fishing a skimpy outfit out from his side of the closet. Gaignun went completely rouge in the face the first time he saw it, saying there was no way he'd ever wear it, but Junior reminded him of his honor and he relented. Against his better judgment, he dressed the way Junior wanted him – in a frilly lingerie set with garters and latex stockings.

"Hey, Gaignun," Junior emerged from the closet, still rooting through his bag. "I need you to put these on. If I could just…"

"Junior, you'll trip if you don't look where you're walking in here."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen, I want you to do a cute pose or something for me."


"Don't think so hard about it, alright? Just do it! And put these on," he said, passing Gaignun a headband with big bunny ears attached.

Gaignun accepted the ears from Junior with a raised brow. "…I'm not following you here, Junior."

"Haven't you ever seen those photos from the Lost Jerusalem era? The girls in the casinos back then dressed up like this all the time! It's perfect! I mean, think about where we just were!"

Gaignun gave him a look, then stared at the rabbit ears in his hands. "Am I correct in understanding that you made this bet with me," he raised an eyebrow, "so you could dress me up like a five-thousand-year-old woman?"

"Well, if you wanted to make it sound as silly as possible, then yeah, that's what I did. And you look great! Stop complaining already, I want to see you in the whole getup."

At that, Gaignun realized he was pushing back a bit too much, so he slipped the ears on. Junior reached over and adjusted them to his liking, bending one of them into a lop before stepping back and pulling something else out of his bag. Gaignun blinked, then looked back to Junior, making no effort to hide his disbelief. "I don't think I need to tell you what my answer to this is."

"What? Come on! It's my treat for winning!" He waggled the object in his hands around madly, as if emphasizing his point. "I just want a few pictures to commemorate tonight, what's the big deal?"

"Junior, are you crazy? What if someone else sees them?!" He covered himself with his hands. "Think about the Foundation!"

"No, it's fine! Look, this is old equipment, nothing digital. It's a repro from the Lost Jerusalem era, so it uses film and there's only so much of it before you have to throw it out. You develop the pictures from the film. No one will ever see it except me! I know how to do it myself, too! I told you about this stuff a few years ago, remember?"

"I remember, yes, but you've been keeping that one in the closet for this? I can't imagine why else you'd keep it back there."

"Yep!" Junior replied simply, checking to see if the film was wound properly. "I've wanted to do this for a while, so I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for when I finally got to."

"…If you get to have pictures like that of me," Gaignun's tone was careful, "then I get to take some of you next time. It's only fair."

"Great!" Junior seemed more than happy with that – a bit too happy, from Gaignun's point of view. "So it's settled. Now come on, I want you to do a pose, like I said. Just do something cute."

Gaignun sighed, but brought forth no further objections. "Cute how? Be a little more specific."

"Like…" Junior pondered the question for a moment, eyes roving over Gaignun's exposed body. "Like something you'd want a cute girl to do if she was posing for you. Just pick something that would make you excited. I know I'll like it if you do that."

Gaignun contemplated asking Junior further questions, but he opted instead to oblige Junior's request. "I have to get on the floor to do what you want me to do. Is that alright?"

"Alright? That's even better!"

Gaignun's face flushed hot, but he picked himself up off the bed as he promised. He stood up straight for a moment before lowering himself to his knees, wincing for a moment before settling into his chosen position. Junior came close, camera in hand, but made no move to snap a picture.

"Well? Aren't you gonna do something more fun than that?"

Gaignun bit his lower lip and raised his arms, putting his fingers next to his face in 'V' shapes and avoiding eye contact with Junior. "Is this what you had in mind?"

"Spread your knees out just a little wider, then… Yeah… There, that's perfect!" Junior leaned back and crouched down to get the perfect angle, then took the shot. "Let me get a few…" He admired Gaignun's figure through the viewfinder, focusing in on whatever best caught his attention. He stood up straight next, doing his best to immortalize the image of Gaignun on his knees. "Woah, we're almost the same height now. I can't believe it." He rose up on the balls of his feet and tried taking a few more pictures, but was met with no reward. "Damn it, all out of film… That was the last of it, huh…" Junior passed Gaignun the camera and laughed. "I've had that one for a while. It's too bad we couldn't get a shot of me from your perspective. Here, put that away somewhere while I go find the lube."

Gaignun accepted the camera and stood up, doing as Junior asked and brushing at his knees before settling back onto the edge of the bed. "How long have you been hoarding this silly costume, exactly?"

"Well, Mary and Shelley know your measurements, so I asked them." Junior returned from the other side of the room, bottle in hand. "I mean, I didn't tell them what I was getting for you, so they probably thought it was a new undershirt for your uniform… you know, something boring like that." He tipped his head to the side. "I think it was maybe… five or six weeks ago? Whenever I started asking you the first couple times."

Gaignun shook his head in disbelief. The biggest surprise in this is that he's stayed interested in the same costume for this long… Though I suppose he comes by it honestly. He buried his face in his hands. "I really don't have a choice then," he mumbled, "do I?"

"Hey, you made it this far! What's one more hour or so? Besides," he grinned, "if you're acting like you hate it so much, how come you're half-hard already?"

Gaignun made no effort to counter Junior's words, but his legs remained closed, face pink with blush. "You know why."

"You know," Junior teased with a smug tone, "you look way better than I thought you would. I think you could rock this look pretty hard on your next call with Helmer."

"Junior, you harassing me was not part of this deal."

"Sure it was!" Junior climbed up on the bed beside Gaignun and sprawled himself out, stretching wide and reclining with a smug look on his face. "You and I both agreed before we sat down at that table that, if I won, I got to do and say anything I wanted to you. Besides," he tittered under his breath, "you're pretty cute when you're act all embarrassed like this."

"I hope you're happy," Gaignun grumbled, shifting on the bed.

"Trust me," Junior said, sliding closer to Gaignun, "I am." Their waists connected, Junior's right hip and thigh against Gaignun's left. Junior leaned in and reached over to pet Gaignun's midriff, splaying his fingers out with a satisfied air about him. "You look so big and tough in that uniform of yours, but this is really something else." He traced an absentminded circle into Gaignun's skin, savoring its texture. "Seems like a lot of work to me, putting on that mask every day… Don't you get tired of acting like that all the time?"

"It's my job to project a certain image," Gaignun mumbled, "for the sake of the Foundation."

"You mean for the Federation."

"…Well, yes," he muttered, looking away. "Is that a problem?"

"No way," Junior smiled. "We both do what we have to for survival, just like always… But right now, you're projecting a different image. For me. And I'm the only one who gets to see it."

For all his embarrassment, Gaignun found himself roused into a strange sense of affection for this hitherto-unseen side of Junior. "And…? What do you think of what you see?"

"Well," Junior was silent for a moment, but his hands continued to wander with great interest over Gaignun's body. "I think you're pretty. You look kind of… dainty, you know, but not in a weak way. I don't really know how to explain it. It just makes me like you a lot more." It was his turn to blush. "Not that I didn't really, really like you before, I mean." Junior looked at his feet as if growing self-conscious in his own right. "If you really don't like it, you can take it off, you know. I hate thinking about making you uncomfortable, and—"

Breaking from his designated role for a moment, Gaignun leaned over and pressed a firm kiss into Junior's lips. Junior seemed surprised, but Gaignun's touch was familiar to him and offered him great comfort. He sighed, letting his body go a bit slack, and returned Gaignun's affection with a hint of tongue. He brought his hands up to caress the sides of Gaignun's face, reveling in the smoothness of his cheekbones and in the way he smelled.

Gaignun finally pulled back; gently, as always, so as not to disturb Junior's calm demeanor. "You shouldn't second-guess yourself, 'Little Master'. It doesn't suit you." He paused for a moment before continuing. "It's… nice. It's nice to be wanted like this."

Junior sighed, resting his brow against Gaignun's forehead. "So I can keep going?"

"By all means. You earned it."

Junior basked in Gaignun's acknowledgement happily for a moment, tugging at the garters holding Gaignun's stockings up. "You think these'll hold?"

"If you're asking me if I think you can break them, then no, I'm not sure if you can."

"What, is that supposed to be some kind of challenge?! What makes you think I can't do it that hard?"

"For one thing, you're half my size," Gaignun allowed himself a thin smile despite his circumstances. "And you aren't exactly experienced in this. Maybe in taking it… but certainly not in giving."

"Man," Junior laughed, shaking his head. "Even in your position, you can't help yourself from taking a shot at me, can you? You just love to show off." He grinned. "But it looks like you forgot that I'm the one making the rules for the night, Representative Gaignun."

"What are you—Ah!"

Junior scrambled into Gaignun's lap and shoved him down by his shoulders without warning. Gaignun's back hit the bed with a dull sound, and he felt all the air go from his chest. Junior descended upon him quickly, first with his lips, then with his teeth against Gaignun's warm neck. He slid his hands from Gaignun's shoulders down his bare arms until he reached Gaignun's wrists, wrapping his fingers around them and pushing them up beside Gaignun's head. Junior suckled at the junction between Gaignun's neck and shoulders, eyes sliding shut in pleasure at the taste of him.

"Ah…" Gaignun reared his head back into the mattress despite himself. He felt something hot twist inside his stomach, melting down into the center of him and flushing out to his extremities. Junior's teeth painted faint grooves into his flesh as he sucked, sending a low, shuddering moan from deep in Gaignun's chest. "Junior…"

Junior pulled back and admired the dark mark he'd left on Gaignun's pale flesh, letting slip a pleased sound at the sight. "Yeah?" Junior braced his palms against Gaignun's exposed waist, crushing a thick, warm sigh from Gaignun's fluttering lips. Junior traced slow, short lines into Gaignun's hips with his fingers, admiring his prize. "Hmm… I like this," he said, hooking a finger into the strap of Gaignun's thong. He drew his arm back, letting the strap snap back and bite into Gaignun's hip. "I like it a lot."

"I'm glad," Gaignun murmured, slipping into a daze. Junior's hands snuck their way under the top half of Gaignun's outfit to find his nipples, pressing a thumb into each one. He stroked them with care, applying just the right amount of force as he straddled Gaignun's waist.

"Yeah," he smirked, "you're really hard now, aren't you?" He gazed down at Gaignun's entranced face. "I can feel it."

"Mnh…" Gaignun shifted under Junior's weight, fingers digging into the sheets. He rolled his hips up into Junior's ass, hissing as his lingerie stroked his cock under the pressure. Gaignun seized Junior's waist with desperate hands, holding him steady and rocking up against Junior's warm body. His fingertips dug deeper with each push; Junior contemplated scolding Gaignun for acting out of turn, but he let it go, enjoying the familiar warmth of Gaignun's dick instead. He shifted his position, bearing his hips down to grind against Gaignun. His breath grew fat and hot with arousal, hips moving with greater insistence each time. Gaignun sighed and clenched his teeth, reeling at the burgeoning heat in his cock. "Ah…"

Junior slowed his movements, shoulders sagging as he stopped. His dick ached in his pants. Gaignun's old habits compelled him to reach for Junior's groin, petting his cock through the fabric; thick as it was, he could almost feel Junior's pulse. He traced a thin line into Junior with his thumb, lashes fluttering as he absorbed the sensation.

"Quit teasing me," Junior grumbled, fingers stumbling to free himself from his pants. He jerked his zipper down, and Gaignun reached into Junior's clothes to pull his cock out. He slid his fingers down to the base, taking his time to appreciate the way it felt in his hand. His other hand moved to fondle Junior's balls, massaging them with a gentle touch as he stroked the shaft.

After a few moments, Junior tapped his wrists as if to stop his ministrations. Gaignun looked up from Junior's cock to meet his eyes. "Something wrong?"

"No…" Junior shook his head. "Let me in, Gaignun. I want to feel you on the inside."

Gaignun nodded, reaching for the lube and pooling some into his hand. He massaged it into Junior's cock, privately taking delight in the sound Junior made on contact. Junior's flesh was warm and smooth to the touch, but heavy from arousal. Gaignun handled it with care, dawdling as he spread the lube to cover the shaft. "Already close?"

Junior didn't respond, and Gaignun smiled, gesturing to Junior to lift his hips up. He pulled his panties to the side and laid Junior's cock to rest against his entrance, steadying it with his fingertips. "Here, Junior," he affirmed, "Whenever you're ready."

Junior nodded and took a deep breath, settling in close. After some hesitation, he eased himself into Gaignun's body with one slow, unyielding thrust. The sensation drained Gaignun's mind instantly, sucking it away with ease and banishing it somewhere distant. His muscles slackened as Junior pushed himself deeper, body becoming malleable and soft beneath Junior's earnest touch. Junior held himself well, but Gaignun could feel Junior's arms trembling, as if his body could hardly stand to swallow so much of Gaignun's energy at once.

"Tight," he gasped, "Gaignun, you're so tight…"

Gaignun's chest heaved, breath ragged and harsh. He twined his arms around Junior and over Junior's back, drawing him in closer. "Can you move?" His voice was hoarse, needy.

Junior nodded. "Yeah," he groaned, face flushed, "just a second…" He shifted his body, putting more of his weight into his hips and knees and less into his arms. The motion pushed him deeper inside Gaignun, and he leaned in as close as he could, Gaignun's flesh joining with his. "Ahh," he whined, "Gaignun…" He pulled back, breath hissing in through his teeth as he went, then pressed his hips back against Gaignun's body once more. He struggled to maintain control of himself in the intensity of the moment, but he endured, relishing Gaignun's steady, tense warmth wrapped around his shaft. "How does it feel?"

"Good," Gaignun panted, clinging to Junior and nodding through shaky breaths. "Really good. Don't pull out. Keep going."

Junior nodded, breath wavering in his throat as he drew back from Gaignun's flesh again. He was careful not to slip out, but it took a great deal of control. Junior knew he had to resist the urge to recklessly fuck into Gaignun, so he did what he could to remain composed, but each thrust made remaining in control increasingly difficult. The pleasure they both felt mounted as time went on, and Gaignun was tighter than Junior had imagined he would be; the sensation he felt on his cock was much more extreme than he expected, and he found it hard to manage. Gaignun's blood thickened with pleasure, breath rich with mindless need as he squeezed Junior's dick inside him.

"Feels good," Gaignun moaned, a thin veneer of sweat decorating his brow. His shoulders clenched, twisting the sheets as Junior fucked him. He gasped, tensing up at a particularly good thrust. "Ah—!"

"Yeah," Junior wheeled his hips into Gaignun with greater force, ignoring everything to chase the release Gaignun could give him. "I was thinking the same thing."

"Junior," Gaignun growled, barely articulate, "I'm close." He dug his fingers into Junior's skin, ankles hooking together to squeeze against the small of Junior's back. "Just like that. Don't stop."

Junior couldn't muster a verbal reply, so he reached out to Gaignun through their mental link. I won't stop. Don't worry. He rolled his hips into Gaignun's with all the vigor he had in his body, lingering in Gaignun's mental field as he did. He could feel Gaignun's erection with the same intensity as his own, like it was visiting his body from a distance. Gaignun moaned, pressing his face into Junior's neck. Gaignun, Junior whined, huffing as his dick twitched inside Gaignun. Do it… Come on…

Gaignun didn't need much encouragement to let go; the telepathic channel they shared enhanced their bond, girdling each word with subtle eroticism. Gaignun's cock jumped, straining against his panties. Blush crowded into Gaignun's cheeks and forehead, bathing his expression in deep pink. The orgasm itself was sudden, more so than Gaignun was used to. He let slip an ardent cry as he came, clenching like a vise around Junior as his cum swelled forth to fill the space between them both. He crumbled into the bed with a moan, legs unfolding for Junior despite himself.

Seeing Gaignun's face was enough to push Junior past his own threshold. "Gaignun, I'm gonna—!"

Let it out, Gaignun maintained the link, still reeling from his own orgasm. He focused his energy into it, directing his will into Junior's mind. Let it out inside. It's okay.

"Ahh, Gaignun!" Junior wailed Gaignun's name as his orgasm peaked, letting it wash over him and crush away the pressure left in his body. He clung to Gaignun's spent form, and Gaignun squeezed him close to his chest, clenching and gasping around Junior as he finished inside. Gaignun's eyelashes fluttered as Junior unloaded inside him, and he twitched around Junior's girth, dizzy and panting. Junior's breath came hard, almost raising a cough in his chest, and his fingers twitched against the bedspread. He slid out of Gaignun with an enraptured sound, collapsing onto Gaignun's chest with a mesmerized expression on his face.

Neither man stirred for some time; Junior couldn't bring himself to move from Gaignun's body, nor could he bear to break the link. He did his best to recover himself, but he was completely exhausted, finding it difficult to move at all. It was Gaignun who made the first move, hands caressing Junior's sides and back for a moment before shifting him off to the side. Junior allowed it, rolling onto his back and staring up at the ceiling through heavy eyelids.

"Now," Gaignun wheezed, still catching his breath, "what do we do with these silly clothes…?"

"You can… take them off…" Junior panted, body melting into the sheets. "Don't want you uncomfortable…"

Gaignun fumbled to undo the garters, but stopped for a moment when he realized one of them had already come undone. He flushed red again. "Stupid cheap buckles…"

"Hey," Junior griped, turning to peer at Gaignun through sleepy eyes. "That getup's a lot of things, but cheap isn't one of them…"

Gaignun gave up and tugged the blankets up from the foot of the bed to cover them both. He sighed and turned to bury his face in Junior's neck, folding his arms around Junior's exhausted, trembling shoulders.

"Hey," Junior complained halfheartedly, voice weak, "it's my night to be on top. I should be the one holding you."

"Oh, be quiet," Gaignun grumbled affectionately, tossing his fingers through Junior's hair. "Are you still trying to put on that tough attitude? You and I both know you'd start whining and crying for me to hold you in the middle of the night if I didn't keep you right here until you fell asleep."

"Yeah, well…" Junior mumbled something indistinct as he turned weakly onto his side, but he made no effort to push Gaignun away. "I'll let you have it if you want it that bad…"

Gaignun smiled, kissing the back of Junior's head with a contented sigh.

"Thank you, Junior," he whispered, pulling him closer. "I'd like that very much."

"Oh, Mary! Hey! If you're headed down to the city, could you take this with you?"

"Sure thing, Little Master! What is it, one of those old cameras of yours again?"

Gaignun jerked his head up from what he was reading and looked over at Junior in horror.

"Sure is! I've had this one for ages now, so it's all out of film. I totally forgot about it. Found it under the bed this morning, though. I'd develop them myself, but I really don't feel like going through all that today."


"Huh?" He stopped what he was doing to meet Gaignun's panicked expression, then blanched, quickly withdrawing from Mary. "Ah, uh, wait, I—"

"Heheh," Mary giggled, a knowing smile creasing her eyes, "Changed your mind, Little Master?"

"As a matter of fact, yeah," he blushed, "I did. I'll do them myself later." He gave Gaignun a guilty smile and clutched the camera close to his chest. "I'm gonna go put this on my nightstand… See ya, Mary! Sorry about that!"

Mary giggled, turning her attention to Gaignun, who had long buried his face in his hands. "You two are so cute. You act like an old married couple sometimes. I love it." She turned to leave. "I'm off to the Foundation, 'kay? See you later!"

She closed the door behind her, and Gaignun turned to the bedroom doorway. Junior watched him with a sheepish look on his face, rocking back and forth on his feet. "Sorry about that… It was so long ago that it totally slipped my mind." He skipped over to Gaignun and hugged him from behind his chair. "I'll make sure no one else is around when I develop them. Not even a droid! And I won't do it at all if you're really worried." He nuzzled Gaignun like a cat, searching for some sign of approval. "Deal?"

"Honestly…" Gaignun shook his head, hiding a dry smile from view, "what am I going to do with you, Junior…?"