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Hermione stood in the Room of Requirement staring at the door, she could hear everyone talking behind her, discussing where the Ravenclaw item could be. While they talked, all she could think about was that the moment they left this room the Final Battle would begin, and the children of Hogwarts would evacuate or fight. It was inevitable that they would lose a lot of people and everyone would die if they didn't win.

They had to win; they couldn't afford to lose.

She was removed from her daze by someone placing their

hand on her shoulder, looking up she saw the mossy green eyes of her old Defence professor, Remus Lupin. His eyes made her feel so safe; they had become very good friends ever since her third year and she felt a deep caring connection for the man before her. It wasn't romantic in any way, he was more like a father figure to her, discussing theories with her and standing with her in the prejudice they both faced. He gave her advice and a shoulder to cry on when the bigotry became too much, and she reminded him that he was not a monster but a caring and kind man.

"Hi Remus, I'm sorry I'm a bit frazzled and exhausted at the moment, trying to pull all my Gryffindor courage, you know" she laughed awkwardly.

What do you say before you're about to fight to your possible death?

He didn't laugh but a tight smile appeared on his handsome scarred face. He looked tired but there was a fierceness in his eyes that showed he was ready to fight in this war and bring an end to the darkness. Ready to fight for his family and avenge his lost friends.

"Hermione, I need you to listen to me," he pulled her over to the side of the room away from everyone. She looked at him with a frown, "If the worst happens, read this, this letter will explain what I cannot. Nothing happened how it should have. So much went wrong before that Halloween night. Peter's betrayal was much deeper than what we all thought.

"Looking back to everything that happened from our last year at school to that Halloween night, there would have been so much more love without him. More happiness, before James and L-Lily, had Harry and lost their lives. Listen to me, do not let anything happen how it was supposed to. Meddle. You are the brightest witch of your age, only one other can compare and she..." He shook his head as a small smile appeared on his face, "you need to change it. Stop it. Do it again but differently, don't listen to those romanticized stories of the past. Stop him from ruining all our lives"

Hermione looked into his eyes trying to understand, nothing he said made sense!

'What was he talking about? Peter died and killed himself with his own hand. Meddle with what?' she thought, staring at the unopened letter in her hands.

"Remus, I don't understand-"

"You will, or you won't have to. Take this letter. Keep it with you, do not lose it! I'm serious Hermione, listen to my words right now; if the worst happens, meddle. Stop him," with that Remus walked away and Harry and Ron ran over to her.

The Final Battle was about to begin.


It was hours later, and the worst had happened.


The Weasleys, Remus, Snape, Tonks, Hagrid, Neville, Luna,

Lavender, Colin, Parvati, Draco, all of them.



Hermione was standing alone in the Great Hall, covered in blood and dirt. She was looking around at everyone around her, all dead.

Lifeless eyes staring above.

The worst had happened.

How could this have happened? They were the Light! They were supposed to win. Voldemort was dead for fuck's sake!

She heard the laughter before the footsteps. They were coming for her.

Bellatrix and Greyback had become obsessed ever since Malfoy Manor, desperate to be the ones to play with her and end her.

While she was lying on the floor, she watched Bellatrix and Greyback walk out the doors turning over every female body to see if it was her. She heard them laughing about what they wanted to do. Once they had left the hall, she had stood up to try and find a way out.

Every other Death Eater had left, gone to celebrate the death of Harry Potter or mourn the death of their master. She needed to leave the grounds before either of them found her, she would not experience a quick death if they did. Bellatrix wanted to play with the Mudblood, she hadn't had enough fun at Malfoy Manor, and she wanted to make sure Hermione knew she did not belong in the Wizarding world. Fenrir Greyback had become obsessed, he had scented her at Malfoy Manor and had become transfixed by the thoughts of playing with her. However, she had escaped before he had the chance and he had been left unsatisfied. An unsatisfied and excited werewolf, that was proud to be more monster than man, was a more terrifying fate for her than what Bellatrix had planned.

Hermione had to run; wizarding Britain was no longer safe for her. She needed to get out. She took a single step when a body to her right caught her eye.


Hermione ran to him and looked down at the man she thought of as a father, seeing him laying there like he was asleep covered in his scars broke something inside of her. She fell over his chest, tears running down her cheeks, mixing with the dirt and blood covering her. She sobbed over his body quietly, trying not to draw the hunters to her. She cried for everyone she lost, everyone she loved that would no longer be in her life. Everyone was gone and she was alone. She needed to find a way to safety. She leaned over and kissed Remus' cheek one last time when she remembered his words

"If the worst happens, read this letter," she whispered to herself. Remus could not have meant anything differently, they had lost the war, and the worst had happened.


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