The Chirping of birds and the soft breeze blowing across the hundreds of thousands of leaves within the forest is what filled Crimson's mind as he made his way down a dirt path found within the Lilith Valley. He couldn't help but let out a satisfied sigh as he glanced up at the clear sky, allowing the sun to cast its rays down to the planet. It made today one of the best days to spend it out and about between the cool breeze and the warm sunlight. It was one reason why he had abandoned most of his armor for a pair of blue jeans alongside one of his red shirts and a nice black open blazer. Though as well dressed as he was, it didn't stop him from keeping a dagger hidden away in an inner pocket of his blazer.

His long, arrow-like ears twitched slightly as he kept his hands firmly planted in his pockets as his eyes softly traveled up past the tree line and to the towering stone monolith that dominated the forest.

The Demon Tower

One of the deadliest places on the planet a normal person could be,

Well, it would be if I could die in actual combat…

His thoughts were broken by the sudden snap of a branch to his right, causing him to stop in place and bat an eye towards the treeline that was a few meters away from the path. What greeted him was the multiple pairs of glowing golden eyes, alongside the soft muffled growls similar to wolves.

"No…" he muttered as he took a step back as his eyes slowly widened, with his hands slowly sliding out of his pockets and into a defensive manner as he slowly moved them around. "…" he continued to mutter as multiple pitch-black wolves stepped out of the shrubs and branches and into clear view. Their fur was pitch black with various glowing and glittering spots decorated their body like the night sky as they kept their eyes locked on him.


A nervous gulp came from him as he took another step back, causing the wolves to take a step towards him. "No, no no no no…" his voice picked up as his legs softly trembled under him as the Umbras crouched down, clearly ready to run forward.

"NO! NO! NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!" he screamed in terror as he immediately swirled around and began to run as the Umbras let out their barks as they ran forth.

When comparing a Human, or elf in this case, to a quadruped like a wolf or Umbra, one was clearly faster.

Humanity had evolved from apes, which were known for their ability to climb and rose to power because of their ability to keep a constant pace. At the same time, Umbras were similar to wolves, a mammal known for its ability to hunt in packs while utilizing the speeds it could achieve to corner and guide its prey.

So...he was fucked either way.

"NO!NO! NO! NO! N-AHHH!" he squeaked out as he fell to the ground as the Umbras pounced on him, using their weight and momentum to bring him to the ground, yelling in kicking as the beasts launched their attack.

Now, for the well informed, they could easily tell you that Umbras are peaceful creatures.

"N-NO! Not the dogpile! N-Not the dogpile!"

And they would be right when saying that.

"..." She stood in silence. Behind her were the large reinforced doors that signaled the entrance to the infamous Demon Tower.

"..." She could feel her silky white dress flutter softly flutter to life as the breeze picked up a bit, with the sun hat on her staying firmly in place. Her horns comically stuck through the hat thanks to the two custom holes at the top that allowed them to easily slide through so she could provide some shade for her face.

"...where is he…" she mumbled as her eyes finally broke away from looking down the pathway, going to scan the tree line. When she failed to see anything, she sighed, of course, he would be late! Honestly, she didn't understand why he just stayed with her! That way, he couldn't be stupid and be late and force her to the way so long for him to arrive! They could even share a bed!

She blushed a bit with her head drooping a bit as she rethinks her words and softly shook her head, curse him...curse him, and the stupid thoughts he put in her head.


She lightly tensed up as she heard the door behind her slowly creak open and didn't dare look back and expose the blush on her face to whoever dare interrupt her.

"...she's still waiting" she heard the familiar voice of Kana from behind her.

"Still!" she then heard Saori growl out, "Why does she put up with that human!"

"Because she's in love~!" Ohime piped up, "and love can make you do so many things~."

"Well, it's stupid! And she could do so much better!" Sasori barked back

Orleia sighed before gently flicking her wrist, with it being followed up by a sudden slam of the doors behind her, cutting off their conversation from her. A shaky breath exited her mouth as her eyes clenched shut while she lightly shook her head to try and remove the embarrassment on her face.

Why did they have to be so protective of her? She was their Queen! She was immortal and all-powerful!

"You're no're an Angel."

Her blush deepened as his words echoed in her head, causing her embarrassment to double and made her begin to shuffle in place, "I-idiot…" she mumbled as her eyes opened again.


Still nothing!

Treeline, nothing!

Pathway, nothing but Crimson and…



She took a deep inhale as she finally saw him near, behind him were the smaller forms of Umbras, a whole pack of them! Yet out of all of them, one remained at his side, gently brushing against him as he walked, with Crimson's own hand drifting through its fur.

Her blush slowly disappeared, with her composure returning with each step he took; she needed to be calm, she needed to smile, she needed to be perfect. She kept his eyes locked on him as he neared. It didn't take Crimson long not to notice and return her smile as he locked eyes with hers, causing her heart to flutter.

"Hey…" he began with a smirk as he looked her up and down, causing her to shuffle and threaten to make her blush resurface lightly.

"H-hello…" she stuttered out before coughing and clearing her throat. "Hello! I-I mean...hello," she fumbled out as she internally winced.

"Hehehehe…" he chuckled out as he shrugged. "I know...I know...I look like shit," he said in a joking manner as he gestured to himself. His clothing, which she had assumed was much cleaner, was covered in dirt and muddy paw prints. She couldn't help but lightly giggle at his joke and raised her arm and aimed her palm at him. "Here, let me help~," she said as Crimson looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"What are you-" he began, only to be cut off by a torrent of water, spraying him off his feet and onto his back; his furry companions were quick enough to get out of the way and watched him fall. He coughed and spurted as he scrambled onto all fours, "W-what the he-" "Oh, I missed a spot," she interrupted with a smile as she resprayed him, pushing him further down the dirt path, which was slowly turning to mud under him.

"I-I'm sorry-" he cried out again but was resprayed. Meanwhile, the Umbras circled and sat by her as she smiled and prepared another spray.

He sighed as water dripped down his body and into the ground below, "Ya didn't need to that…" he mumbled as he walked by, a small annoyed look on his face. A complete opposite to Orelia, who had a small skip in her walk as she smiled away while continuing to walk down the path.


Crimson sighed as he looked down at the Umbra by his side after it gave a small lick to his wet hand. He sighed and rolled his eyes, and looked back up, letting the beast lick his hand.

"I know~ but you were the one who promised to be on time~," Orleia said in a teasing manner as she glanced back at Crimson, causing the young man to blush and look away.

"Not my fault…" he muttered as he glanced at the various Umbras surrounding the two, with one brushing up against Orelia, leaving behind a glittering effect to her silk dress. The various wolves seemed to beam and move their heads up and down as if they were chuckling at the elf.

"Mhhhh," he angrily hummed out as he felt another lick to his hand, causing him to sigh and move his hand around to pet the wolf.

"I'm sorry…" he reluctantly grumbled out as he rolled his eyes, earning a soft chuckle from Orleia, another victory for the Demon queen. She gave him another glance before she slowed down and gently reached over and took his hand into hers, earning a small blush on both of their faces as their fingers tightly interlocked.

"I love you…" he said as he softly smiled and looked over at Orleia, "I love you too…" she responded with a soft smile as she locked eyes with him. A silence filled the area as they slowly leaned into each other, their lips locking as they stopped their strides.

He slowly turned over to her as his other hand went to her side to bring her closer to him, causing Orelia to gasp into the kiss with her hands latching onto his chest. His tongue slowly prodded its way into her mouth and slowly wrapped along with hers, earning a soft moan from her as their blush deepened. The kiss went on for a few seconds before they finally separated, a small trail of saliva left in their wake as they took deep breaths.

Crimson's face was a deep red as well as he gave her side a small squeeze, earning another gasp from her. He couldn't help but smirk and chuckle. "S-shut up…" Orleia muttered as she looked away from him, only making his smirk grow before he leaned forward and placed a small pack on her cheek.

A small smile graced her face as he kissed her cheek, thus earning her another kiss from Crimson, "S-stop it!" she squealed out, her smile growing even more as he began to kiss her cheek repeatedly.

"Bark!" He was mid-kiss when he heard the bark; he looked down and over to Umbra at his side and chuckled as it shook its head, its ears flat against its head. "Fiiiinnnneeeee…" he said as he gave one final kiss to Orleia, who had a large smile on her face and quietly giggled as she watched Crimson take a step away from her but kept his grip on her hand. He gave Orelia a glance and a wink as they resumed their walk, loving smiles accompanied by blushes on both their faces.


She watched the two from afar, her breathing deep from the 'tension' between the two that had been generated from their heated 'exchange.'

"M-mhh…" she couldn't help whimper out as her face was left red while thighs reluctantly rubbed against each other to satiate the flame that had sparked to life in her. "F-forgive me m-my lady…" she whimpered out as she floated amongst the trees and shrubs, making sure to stay as quiet as she could be.

Her Majesty, Lady Orleia, truly the greatest of leaders that had acted as a shield for all of demonkind to hide behind, had fallen in love with the one thing she vowed to destroy…

"So whatcha doing~" a voice suddenly asked, causing her to let out a yelp and jump(float) up into a branch above her, earning a whimper from her as she reached up to clutch her head.

"Hehehehehe...sorry," she heard the nervous chuckle below as she glanced down and felt a sneer grow on her face as she spotted a human girl…


The accursed human that had jumpstarted this entire scenario to occur all those years ago when she led Crimson into the tower, all the way to the top floor. It was there when he 'spoke' to her lady while showing her 'kindness' and 'respect.' Honestly, recalling the events left a sour taste in her mouth as she floated down back to a normal level, "You…" she growled out.

"Me~" Kikio responded with a cheeky smile as she leaned to the side look out past the tree. "Heh~ still spying on Crimson," she chuckled. Her response earned a growl out of Iris as she glared down at her. "Of course I am! It is the duty of one of Lady Orleia's servants to keep her safe and secure of all pests!" the succubus growled out as she pressed a finger against Kikio's forehead.

"I don't awfully sounds like stalking…." Sasori mumbled out a few feet away, earning a choked breath from Iris as her head snapped to the floor demon.

"S-Sasori! W-what are you-" she tried to speak out as Fern fell out of a tree with a yelp before the heads of Kana and Ichi peaked out from the leaves.

"I kinda agree. You've been watching him all the time, even in the bathroom," Kana said, causing her sister to nod while Iris blushed a bit. "I-I'm not a stalker!" she cried out before Ichi opened her mouth and said, "Well then, why do you look through all of his stuff? Even steal some of it?".

"T-to make sure h-he isn't stealing anything, o-or even bringing something in t-that could be d-dangerous t-to Lady Orleia!".

"Excuses," Sasori said as he glanced over to Iris.



"Should we tell them that we know they are there…?" Orleia asked with a raised eyebrow as she and Crimson looked towards the treeline.

" is better…." Crimson mumbled back to her.