The Progenitor of Dragons Ch. 1

On top of her stone throne, Daenerys looked down at the subjects with abject boredom although her expression betrayed none of it.

"Bring in the next petitioner," she spoke commandingly and soon heard the heavy footsteps of her Unsullied men bringing in the next supplicant. The man came in and she thought him to be a mystical fairy at first. The green hair was unlike any shade she has seen before. Yes, the Targaryens had regal white hair that seemed mystical as well, but green was a first. Then she noticed his black clothes and armor that looked to be much too hot for the weather of Meereen. He looked to be about twenty-five name-days with a pale, handsome white face that is very rare for people living in the Free Cities. He has a holster at his hip that was definitely for a weapon such as a sword. Her soldiers must have confiscated it from him before coming into the Great Pyramid.

"Thank you for your time, Your Grace."

"State your name to the Queen with a bow," Grey Worm said with a biting tone and narrowed eyes.

The green-haired man's brows rose as if he was amused by the Unsullied's order. "My name is Byleth Eisner," he graced the Targaryen with a bow. "I am a mercenary traveling around Essos."

"A mercenary? Why have you come in front of me?" she asked. It at least answered her question about if he was a citizen of the Free Cities

"I have heard the tales of the dragons being reborn. I wanted to see if it was true for myself."

"They are not show animals, mercenary. They are my children. If I showed them to every man who wants to see them, I would be a circus master instead of a queen."

She could barely see the man's eyes narrowing at those words but ignored it for now.

"What do I have to do in order for me to see them?" he asked

"They are not open for showing; if you truly wish to see them, you would see them when they become your executioner."

The mercenary looked like he was pondering for a second.

Then he smiled.

He disappeared from the stop he was at and Daenerys' eyes flicked toward where she saw green—right behind Grey Worm, holding a knife to his throat.

"Is this, then, enough for me to see the dragons?"


She didn't really want to open the catacombs where she imprisoned her children for this idiotic mercenary. But if he wanted to see Rhaegar and Viserion so much as to welcome his own death, she would give this arrogant man his wish.

This arrogant man was shackled and thoroughly searched before he was led to the dragons along with the Queen, Sir Barristan, Grey Worm, Daario Naharis, and two other Unsullied men.

The soldiers opened the stone doors with a little difficulty while Barristan and Daario lit their torches before leading the group into the catacombs. However, it was almost unneeded as plumes of fire escaped the two dragons' nostrils.

They were angry, and Daenerys knew it.

But then they stopped as soon as the green-haired mercenary stepped into the darkened room toward the dragons. He seemed to be mesmerized, rather than afraid of the strength of their dragons and the pain of being burned alive.

Byleth stepped closer and closer toward Rhaegar and Viserion. "Oh…" the mercenary cried out, moaning with anguish when he saw the dragons in their chains. "How… how dare you imprison them like this!" He turned his face toward the Queen and her subjects with an expression of great fury. "I've seen this before; I know exactly what happened. You tried to tame them, but you haven't been able to. Know this, Targaryen Queen—you can never tame these dragons because you are not their mother." His cold words pierced her heart like arrows. Those were the exact same words that Jorah said to her before but coming from this stranger, anger bubbled up within her.

"How dare you say such a thing. I am their mother."

"Give her the proper respect as your queen," Grey Worm's face displayed him barely holding back impaling the man with his spear. "Else you will be killed where you stand."

"She is not my queen." He looked straight into Daenerys' eyes.

"Yet you are in my walls," Daenerys said scathingly. "And with my dragons. Your arrogance has cost you your life, mercenary. You wanted to see them, and now you have as your executioner." She looked toward her children. "Dracarys," she ordered.

But the dragons did not burn the man.

Rather, the mercenary broke apart the chains that shackled his hands behind his back as if they were made of parchment. "It is not arrogance, Queen Daenerys. And these are not your dragons. They are not your children. They are my children."

The two dragons grumbled while the humans stood in silence.

"That is the most absurd lie that I have ever heard," Barristan finally moved to take out his sword from his hip. "My Queen, please step back." There was no way a man could just break away from those shackles with brute strength. He had to be cautious.

"It is not a lie," the mercenary said and he reached for a nonexistent sword at his hip, mirroring Barristan's movements. Yet as if it was magic, an ivory sword manifested in his hand and he unsheathed it from his hip.

Daario and Grey Worm pushed their queen behind them while they took out their weapons as well.

However, the green-haired mercenary turned his back to them, ignoring the most important rule of fighting—to not turn your back on your enemies. Yet he did anyways and swung his sword. The ivory sword separated itself into pieces as if it were a whip. The blade broke the chains that tied down the dragons in this room just as if it was made out of hay instead of metal.

Daario used this chance to throw a small knife at the man's back. When the blade hit him, however, he didn't even seem to flinch when it dug into his lungs and turned back to the small crowd of onlookers.

Shock could be seen in all the men's eyes and Daenerys looked at the dragons—her children, as she convinced herself—with uncertainty. Due to this shock, they didn't even move as the dragons came closer to their supposed father and started nudging at the man as if they were cats trying to get their heads scratched by their owners.

"I wouldn't recommend fighting me with my children having my back," the mercenary said as he pulled the knife from his back and dropped it on the ground. Blood spilled onto the ground but it didn't seem to faze the man at all. "We will leave with or without you stopping us."

The two dragons opened their jaws to screech and cry, and the man looked behind him once again.

"Really? You two really want to stay here with this woman who imprisoned you? I know that you are angry. Furthermore, she is not even your mother." The mercenary now seemed to be speaking to the dragons as if it could fully understand human speech.

The dragons seemed to respond back with a screech.

The man looked at the two dragons with a hint of annoyance with their supposed response but then put back his sword in his holster and the sword disappeared as magically as it appeared.

"It seems that my children want to stay with you, even with the terrible way you have treated them." The man sounded annoyed and angry, but mostly exasperated. "However, know this—I can force them to leave if you try anything that will harm them, even if they don't want to. You are not their real mother after all."

"How can you prove that they are your children? That in it of itself is absurd."

"Let us get them out of this prison and then we will talk."


"Yes, they are my children," Byleth said nonchalantly while sitting calmly in an uncomfortable wooden chair, not even resisting against the binds that held him down in front of Daenerys on top of her throne just like how they first met. However, seeing how the man broke through metal cuffs that bound his arms before, she doubted that these metal chains would fare any better.

"Again, how can you prove that?" Daenerys asked with strong skepticism and narrowed eyes to the man claiming to be the father of the dragons. How is that even possible biologically? It is impossible for a human to mate with a dragon, never mind that the eggs that her three children hatched from were ancient enough to turn into stone.

"What is better than seeing for yourself?"

"Wha—" and the scenery suddenly changed in front of her, the orange limestones of the Great Pyramid being replaced her overlooking a city with grey cobblestone architecture. The city was so pristine, clean, and geometrical. Its architecture was somewhat familiar yet at the same time, foreign to the Targaryen queen.

"This is Valyria. Before The Doom, of course."

Daenerys was shocked to hear the man's voice coming from right beside her. He was standing to the right of her, overlooking the city with a bittersweet smile.

"This is Valyria? How is this possible?"

"It is just from my memories. Do you see over there?" The mercenary pointed to a high tower with stained glass decorating large windows. "Let me get you closer to it."

As soon as he said those words, the two were inside a room now, the stained glass windows decorating their surroundings.

"This is Seiros, the mother of my children—my wife." He looked fondly at the green-haired woman who cradled a baby dragon in one arm and a human child in the other. She was relaxing against her chair and smiled softly at the two babies in her arms. "She had a human form, but she could also transform into a dragon. When she was pregnant, she could be giving birth to either a human-looking child or a dragon egg. Although I cannot turn myself into a dragon, our children could be either a dragon or a human-looking child."

"This… this is absurd. How is this possible?"

"You saw me communicating with the dragons, haven't you? My dragon children could only understand your words through High Valyrian, yet if my blood ran through you thicker, you would be able to understand their words in return."

"Your… blood?" The Targaryen queen asked with disbelief.

"Yes, the Targaryens, as well as all the dragon-riding families of Valyria are my descendants. They intermarried with these families over many centuries. Why do you think that only descendants of Valyria are able to communicate and ride dragons? How do you think that I am sharing my memories with you?"

Daenerys stood speechless for a moment. She looked back at Seiros with her children in both arms with a conflicted look. "Is that the truth? How old does that even make you?"

"Older than you could imagine. Older than The Doom, which killed almost all of my children and descendants… and Seiros."

"If The Doom killed your wife, how are you still alive? How did The Doom even happen?"

"I am immortal. I do not age. There is a goddess whose name is Sothis. She was killed due to the greed of humans, but gods never truly die. She was reborn within me and I was able to gain immortality. There used to be a way to kill me, but those powers disappeared a long time ago so now, I could be said to be a god myself."

The Targaryen Queen's eyes widened at the 'god's' response.

The scenery changed once again to them overlooking the city as they did last time, but the pristine land was being destroyed by fire and meteors. Daenerys' eyes widened at the sight of the destruction, as well as the dead bodies littered throughout the city.

"The Doom… was caused by Azor Ahai. That vile god thought that I would be killed in this annihilation yet he couldn't," the man said bitterly. "But he was pleased with just killing my wife and children because they were powerful. "

"None of the other forty dragonlords in Valyria survived that day…" Daenerys said, looking both shocked and confused. "The Targaryens were only able to survive due to the prophetic dreams of Aenar's daughters. How is there no record of you, your wife, and the fact that we are your descendants in our books?"

"Aenar and the Targaryens who went with him were angry at me since Azor Ahai caused the Doom because he fears me and my blood. Once I met with them at Dragonstone, they vowed to never have anything to do with me ever again and erased me from their history books. They made me leave my remaining children, the five dragons, with them and never see them again.

Ah—that is not the correct way to describe it. They tried to force me, but in reality, they cannot. However, I relented because I did not have the ability to care for five dragons at that time. I had to get everything I could recover from Valyria...

Although Aenar cut his ties to me, the custom of intermarriage of Targaryens continues because that was the only way for Targaryens to continue communicating with dragons. Of course, there were still occasional marriages outside the Targaryen family that diluted my blood even further. But even when dragons disappeared from existence, this tradition continued. There are still human descendants of mine in Essos and Westeros, whether it is from Valyrian Houses or their bastards, but their blood has been mixed with various other families which causes my blood to be very weak in them compared to you and your family. They would not able to communicate with the dragons."

The Targaryen queen looked pensively at the man, the man who was apparently a god and her ancestor. Disbelief still edged at her mind but the things that this man-made sense, in a way.


The ruins of Valyria disappeared and they were back to their respective chairs and thrones. Not even a minute has passed and Byleth lifted his arms to tear the binds that were holding him down.

He stepped closer to the Queen's throne, causing her men to hold up their weapons against him but Daenerys raised her hand to let the mercenary come closer.

"My children are smart. My children are wise. They are powerful and dangerous, but I cannot condone shackling them like slaves."

"I didn't want to chain them up either… I didn't want to chain them up while I broke the shackles of all the slaves in Meereen," Daenerys said while she covered her face with her hands, trying to manually hold back her tears. "You are right. I am not their mother. I will never be able to be their mother especially since I cannot understand them."

Byleth stood still for a moment and then knelt down to look up at Daenerys' covered face. "You are not their biological mother. However, you took the responsibility of being their mother after they are hatched. I… I was wrong to say those biting words earlier," he said softly and put his hand on her shoulder.

She didn't jump or move to escape from the touch even though her servants visibly flinched at it. She merely looked up to peer into his blue eyes. "But how will I be able to continue being their mother when I will be unable to communicate with them? How do I keep them from burning innocent people? Will I never be able to tame them because your blood became diluted like so?"

"No, you still have my blood; you are still my descendent. What you have to do is think like a dragon. They are wise, cunning, yet still animalistic. You have to command their respect and lead them like humans but also know that their first instinct will be to use their body and powers to destroy rather than to reason. Do not despair, Daenerys Targaryen. I will teach you."


Author's Note:

It was going to be a oneshot but it became too long lol. It has been a while since I have watched season 4 and season 5 so I will need to get back into it. A user kept writing reviews on almost all my works asking for a FE3HxGOT crossover so here ya go. It's tiring though. Please don't request anymore because I only have bouts of creativity and writing is difficult TT^TT

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