now i was browsing the recently updated section of fan fiction net when i came across a story called naruto the ninja reviewer. now let me tell you this story is hilarious and you should go check it out after this. i liked the story so much that i went to the authors page and read his bio. this dude honestly thinks naruto is multi planet level low balled lmao. so ima prove you wrong here buddy. the most naruto has ever destroyed is a hollowed out moon. now i already know the dumb ass response of ( some moons are bigger than planets) argument but was the moon naruto fought on as big as a planet? FUCK NO. now for the sake of argument we are gonna high ball and wank naruto up to the highest degree and say "oh hes galaxy level duhhhh" using misinterpreted statements from data books. ok so lets put this omega wanked galaxy level naruto up against the man the myth the legend son goku. now lets see how strong goku is.

goku is stronger than the master roshi that destroyed the moon in original dragon ball (damn already stronger than can naruto damn smh) so through out dragon ball hes consistently moon level to planet level if he turns into ozaruu after surpassing master roshi because in dragon ball the most we've seen someone destroy is the moon thats the cap on end of db goku multi moon level and debatably small planet level using ozaru. omega wanked naruto obviously bodies this version of goku so lets move on to the next version.

saiyan saga goku, saiyan saga goku is without a doubt multi planet level. hes way stronger than king vegeta who blew up 3 planets with just a swipe of his hand and using kaioken is stronger than vegeta who had blew up a planet with a finger beam before he arrived on earth. so without a shadow of a doubt saiyan saga goku is multi planet level. will he be able to beat omega wanked naruto? if he could use the spirit bomb then yes omega wanked naruto gets clapped now if he isnt then omega wanked naruto wins. lets move onto the namek saga goku.

now ima be real with you rn omega wanked naruto is not beating namek saga goku like at all. dudes been faster than the been of light since dragon ball and now he he has casual planet busting possibly star level of strength. dude literally punched a beam away from himself that was fired by freiza that literally destroyed a planet close to namek. HIS PUNCHES ARE PLANET LEVEL. the only way omega wanked naruto can win this is to out last him with his freak stamina because they are pretty close to each other in terms of strength here. the furthest omega wanked naruto can beat namek saga goku any goku variant after absolutely bodies him. now lets talk about hax.

narutos rasenshurikan can destroy things on a celier level now ki can destroy things on a ATOMIC level since buu and cell characters that can regen if 1 scrap is left of thier bodies have been defeated by ki blast. in short narutos rasenshurikan wont do shit to goku. now lets talk about other hacks oh wait naruto doesn't have any does he?! lol well not any offensive hax anyway well maybe 2. shadow clones is a valid argument they are equal to power to naruto too so a thousand shadow clones can overwhelm goku right? nope they can get speed blitz or goku can just destroy the planet to get rid of them. naruto is still human and while yes goku needs to breath it is confirmed that saiyans can survive the vacuum of space so it would still be a win for him.

im getting pretty sleepy so lets wrapped this up. naruto canon can only beat up to namek level goku before super saiyan using clones without clones he can only beat end of db or beginning of dbz goku now omega wanked naruto can beat ssj namek level goku with clones without them he can beat final form frieza( not 100% form)

the only characters that can possibly beat goku from naruto are itachi or the renigan users. regular genjustu wont work on goku because he doesnt have chakra( remeber chakra in naruto is unnatural because humans didnt have it before kaguya gave it to them) but ocular genjustu can work considering sasuke used a genjustu on manda a summoning animal without chakra. if he can manage to not get speed blitz right away and nab goku in a tsukoyomi then goku would lose( goku has trained to see through illusions in the final arc of dragon ball so we dont know if he could break out of it or not). now onto the renigan users they can possibly rip gokus soul out but my counter argument is that goku soul in dbz has a body the only thing ripping goku soul out is gonna do is make him more reseiliant since he doesnt have to worry about the strain on his body anymore. they can possibly teleport him to another dimension but it will only work up to cell saga goku considering other world is in a whole nother dimension and he causally goes there to train. so in short no naruto no is not beating any goku past the namek saga.

i love naruto but dbz is on a whole nother level when it comes to power and fighting. next time we are gonna debunk why goku is getting washed by golden age superman no matter how much you wank him.