In a rundown coastal town in an area the locals just call the docks a teenage girl wanders. Around her the local insect population swells unnoticed, as she makes her way through the back alleys. The girl draws herself up against a building when she spots a flicker of orange in the street ahead. The orange was the flame of a lighter and she was able to make out several faces around it. Some were wearing hoodies, others headbands or long sleeved shirts but all had the same colors; red and green.

'Azn Bad Boys', ABB for short, a local gang made up of Brockton Bay's Asian population; primarily Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese forcibly recruited from the Bay's high schools and lower class neighborhoods.

The street was unlit but the moon was bright so visibility was barely an issue. More gang members were coming out of a two story building and they didn't have the atmosphere of people who were just hanging out either. The girl spotted their boss as the gang pulled away from the door of the building. A little over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and not wearing a shirt despite the chill. His lack of shirt showcased the numerous tattoos covering him from the neck down depicting dragons from Eastern myth.

Lung, a parahuman who had successfully gone toe to toe with whole teams of heroes and managed to remain free despite their efforts, as evidenced by his presence here. His powers, from what I could scrounge up online from dubious sources, say that he can gradually transform. Perhaps based on adrenaline, his emotional state or something else; whatever it was it made his powers more potent the longer he was in a fight. He healed faster, got stronger, tougher, bigger, and he grew armor plating complete with blades at each fingertip.

The girl couldn't make out his voice as he began issuing orders so she attempted to sneak around and try to get closer. Her attempt paid off, halfway down an alley she found a fire escape leading up the back of the building Lung and his men were camped in front of. Her costume suitably soft soled, she managed to make it onto the roof via the fire escape without notice. Sneaking closer to the edge she could just make out Lung's words as she crept along the edge on her stomach.

Lung was snarling, "… the children, just shoot. Doesnt matter your aim, just shoot. You see one lying on the ground? Shoot the little bitch twice more to be sure. We give them no chanced to be clever or lucky, understand?"

Unnoticed by anyone, space rippled on the roof of a building a street over, an almost child shaped shadowy blur falling out as the ripples calm. Rubbing its head as the figure sits up, the moonlight is just bright enough to render the figure visible.

A small girl, around four foot five, with long black hair and gray slit pupiled eyes, clad in a white frilled purplish black dress, with a purple ribbon tied at her back. Looking around blankly, blinking in conusion she slowly gets to her feet. In the distance a shimmering blue glow catches her attention before a semi-familiar sounding roar echoes through the streets.

"Ooh!" the girl exclaims as she bounds over to the edge of the roof looking around and bouncing on her tip toes.

Up and down the streets she can hear and smell the sounds of people freaking out near silently, cowering against the wall across the house from the roars.

"Yoisha!" the girl cutely grunts as she hops across the gap between rooftops as a flaming scaled man pulls himself onto the roof. Across from her a figure that smells like a young female wearing clothing made of beetle chitin and spider silk. Taking a few steps closer to the figure, a finger tapping her chin she is surprised when the girl cries out in surprise.

"Watch ou-! Out?" she yells, lurching forward toward her only to stop, frozen in surprise.

The girl tilts her head slightly before abruptly suddenly feels something pressing against her head from behind. Turning her head to look behind her she sees a flaming fist lodged against the back of her head, said fist attached to an incredibly angry but surprised man.

"Itai…" the girl murmurs, her voice monotone. The girl slowly raises a hand and lightly smacks the man with an open hand in the chest. The world seems to pause; as though holding its breath as the stars and moon seem to shine brighter and an ominous breeze starts to kick up.

The girl can only stare in shock and silent awe as the girl who completely ignored being attacked by Lung, slaps him in the chest. Suddenly as though in slow motion she can see Lung's eyes bulge in their sockets and his back arches as spit flies from his mouth and he shoots off into the distance as a sharp crack echoes and she can feel a pressure wave wash over her body, ruffling her costume. Jaw dropped she hears an explosion off in the distance as she turns to the girl who is staring at her hand.

"Hiyah…" the girl slaps the air again causing another sharp crack and a larger pressure wave to wash over her body forcing her to brace herself against the wind. Staring at the girl who has now started punching the air and making kung fu noises causing stronger and stronger pressure waves seemingly forgetting about her also being on the roof.

"What… the fuck."